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im gonna buy a new sharp conical
etching boards is way more work
i can believe i just killed a bunch of china led somehow
stupid red leds
the blue strings worked perfect

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okay well yeah i can do that
man who was that
zauslade i think
atmel arm7
but yeah, i kinda wouldnt mind a solder mask for this shit
i wonder how many LED blew out
some dont light up now
but not whole strings
i want this to work
okay i think ima crash
least i know the source circuits are cool
stupid etched pcb

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something happened when i wired up the red strings
etched boards kinda suck for close shit
theres prob some tiny solder bridge across a gap didnt etch all thw ay
note an issue with the milled boards
that shit was so bright before it shorted and fucked itself
whats great precision
my shit was double boilered
shit is pissing me off
whatever it worked
i have no little air pump
um, sure?
wtf at drilling smt boards
i know
seravitae: wasnt it saying sourcing LED from sam7 was impossible?

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all the blue strings work!
my eyes!
the white string works
but i totally did the button bottom view instead of top view
so i had to bridge that shit for now
prototypes yay
okay now reds

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?? basics
sound.westhost is elliot sound products
smart guy, engineer i think
read the articles on transistors and basic amps

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yeah but im aware and im going to fix it =)
now 160mA dissipation =)
still high
within spec, shrug

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theyre for AC coupling to diff DC bias values
gain=10, no?
you dont know why?
because if its an AC signal, thats a class-C amp
which is useless for everything except AM modulated signal decoding
its cutting off half the wave
so yeah, i need a series resistor, fuck
its just the white rail
fuckit if it burns, i wanna see
or i guess ill just kill current by 4 on the 2 white led
hehe i wonder if it even unblacks the green

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powertoy calc is prob the coolest app m$ has
tho it needs engineering notation
20mA 20V thats like 400mW
thats bad for mmbt3906 i think

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yeh im good

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timecop: when?
if its super rush like last time ill do it for $200, cuz i got class starting up again and busy, otherwise what you said sounds cool
like i prob should be figurering out what i havent done for class that i should have

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one on the left not long enough

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i think i got two workable boards and a method now
the secret:
high heat + steam
aaaaaaw jeeeeah
steam keeos it from getting to hot, and starts breaking down the paper as you iron on the toner

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which is dumb
makes sense on a cell phone
i wonder how many are on mobos and how many on daughter boards
yeah because those always blowout

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yeah thats fucked
tomorrow ima call post office
dx shipped my box of digikey payment and usps ate it
its been 4 days tho
so theyre maybe being fuckheads
okay yeah dude
monday is sane
what time tuesday
but late or early?
sometimes late shit get taxed a day
yeah so monday i will call

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yeah really
i have tons of 1" acrylic and silicone casting experience
it says so on my resume
no rly my other friend is prosthetics guy
so he told us how to cast shapes, so i use that and art department stuff as example
clear potting compound
can you feel it?
LED bricks
totally enclosed
push in silicone eth grommet
blackmoon: they got clear stuff
mcmaster has something, i dunno if its electrically sound
but this is leds
not instrumentation probe
dx^: im doing grow led today
im do yours next
cuz you paid me
even if usps trying a jack move
so if it dont etch well, im get some sexy conical endmills, fast shipping
and find and replace the retardation in pcb-gcode files

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set time and red/grn/wht values
1W in the same package
maybe 4 of them
or 8
8 would need the heatsink rear
i want to use the same chassis with diff boards
why im thinking about more heat than 3W
log senses are nice
big wide spectrum
linear hearing would be fucked up
planes would kill people, or youd have to yell in peoples ears to speak
take pic
done like 300 holes on this drill
next revision is eth cable instead of screw clamp headers
and full waterproofing
ears spraying blood
EVERYONE screaming
which makes it worse

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well the whole point of the chassis is to transmit light forward and heat back
its 1" acrylic chassis with a .25" aluminum heatsink back panel/hardware mount
so i need insulation, because the pins are gonna be right on the Al
i was thinking that bunaN rubber
but then itll turn it into a little 3w led oven
i blackmoon macegr had awesome idea
use 6 pin RGB smt LED
so red and blue in each element
and then the greens on a switch
2x the led density
yeah but itd be an upgrade
prob for less markup
2x light emissions seems significant =D
im maybe gonna use the 2x8 hd44780 char display i got for the controller unit
time and program display, and like a daily setpoint programming mode

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are scripts just console lines?
i should look
okay hows this for heat transfer
kapton film, maybe .005
silicone heat goo both sides
that was i have electrical insulation and heat transfer from the led pins to the Al back panel

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oh the display?
in a printout it theyre not there
no guess not
yeh im looking at one right now
i think it overlays the via/holes layers
not origins =(
yeah i click non and just do copper and dimensions, via, holes
itll just print the visible layers
so i was asking about part locking in eagle
you do it with origins layer
but its not per part
also i found out lib management with the console is 1000x easier

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sandi says silicone casting is easy
and that i can do without injection molds, just like we did rendildos
no she would have mentioned
she can make more, too
theyre latex from a silicone mold, she has the negative still
theres two
the one i made is pink and green striped under clearcoat
i want some bigger steppers
havent seen him

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i know i sprayed to quick
but yeah, odd packages take long times
i think they have envelope scanners
everything else is crazy mufuckers on keypads
the usps test is nuts, all short term mem of numbers stuff
but if you use their machine or a window, you get special stamps for your box
with a dot box scancode
those prob quicker
priority is normal, no?
for boxes
sign is like 3-4 days maybe, not 4-7

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stu: parallel psu?
charles: you know you could have said 'wow it must be cool to not hurt'
stu: how many transformers does it have?
try and count transformers and diode bridges
no charles is like our age
hmm no
dx its sunday
is it like a shielded box or a flat coil winding?
those flat conductor coil transformers are weird
i seen it in some german turntable thing i took apart
dx^: dude big heavy package, usps
i dont think its official late for 7 days
4-7 is official time, no?
like, it takes a day sometimes
but i think theyre allowed a week
we are spoiled =\
youre like the size of cali
everything west coast if next day pretty much

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200 holes, .039

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from his machines

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the coolest thing ive read for doing race lines is tracing the course backwards
haha yeah totally
people race sim like that sometimes
yeah thats goofy

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thats when you start not using brakes and going fast
usually you gotta figure out brakes before shit like this makes sense tho, heh
yeah but for speed, you trace it backwards
find the best line for exist
and then do the other turns to make that line possible
because you want fast exist speed
that and later breaking is pretty much 100% of going fast
ha, just ended your car irl
well, quickest line thru anything is straight
but yeah how you drive the whole thing depends whats after the exit
like if it was a flat out straight or into another turn eventually

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F-Zero #1
that was like the fastes game ever when it came out
snes mode7 ftw
naw you were mostly doing it wrong
most turns you dont need brakes
you need to know outside-apex-outside cornering
its weird i didnt get that as a kid
until that game
in most game, you start on the inside and turn
and by end youre hopefully at the outside of the turn, but not in the dirt
that was like the first 3d style game with decent physics
you hate racing physics dont you
yeah youll die and start slowing down in f-zero
but basically you cheat the turns
and turn them into turns like twice as big

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and then run the cars unlimitted
no spectators
no track marshalls
cams on motors
yeah basically
if you wanna be about the tech and not the driver, make it possible for anyone to drive
make a sim
and then let the best sim driver compete with the real shit
the drivers are basically the technology limitation
current brake technology squish them like a fighter pilot
no g suits
no time
i guess sometimes
weight tho
they would never allow it
hahaha wtf does an F1 ejection seat look like
CF board with rucket booster butt and Al rails
thats what i think
fuckit Ti
its F1
yeah they must explode out the chute like an airbag

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yeah neato
teknique: i got a McLaren published book about the F1 street car production and race history
and my moms stupid cat pissed on it =(
but yeah, theyre doing race car fab shit for a production thing
lots of half built F1 pics
ive seen that
hes nuts
blackmoon: senna flew his car off a bump and died
suspension or steering failure probably
yeah people went to court
but yeah, cars started getting slower after that
like around 90 was peak of insanity
well, it was lame but senna dying was a really big deal
yeah really
put the drivers in remote control units

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teknique: haha OVERSTEER
blackmoon: its like 1" tube or less
blackmoon: is basically the best GT prototype ever
its prob what killed can-am
shit just never lost
final race trim was 1100hp or something ridiculous

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fuck you, you cant play with us, go away
fuck that, thats loser shit
blackmoon: read that
blackmoon: the last car at the bottom was like 1000hp
and thats not dragster shit
thats like a medium range endurance racer
it can do turns and go for more than a 1/2 mile
can-am was basically unlimitted racing, as far as i understand it
like, a few companies make some shit that won for a few years
then porsche make that
and just won everything
okay yeah
when the big rule his how much pressure to run, thats pretty unlimited
they were basically prototypes
i dont even think there was a stupid min req produced number
its tube frame

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also they could toughen suspension
haha red bull is in trouble because they suck at suspension and almost keep killing coulthard
see i think thats cool, that the FIA is like 'yo we need to look at the shit'
thats what they are supposed to do
everything gets banned
787b pwned le mans so hard they banned rotaries
which is basically banning mazda
because mazda prob dont wanna make performance piston
like, they said they took the engine apart and it was totally clean
like, broken in
yeah but it won, hard
they dont know how to make rules for it is the issue, i think
yeah its because no one bothered to dev them except mazda
chevy almost did
but thats a big deal for GM, lots of retooling
vette isnt alot of cars to them
and they can prob make it with normal tools
but yeah, rotary mazda dominated the 24h
so instead of making new rules for it, or accepting that fuck thats a damn good endurance engine type, they just banned it

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every scared, angry, in court.. so stupid rules and more chicanes
i mean F1 tech has managed to like do circles for almost 20 years
its just tech to overcome advantages of stupid rules
its not about uncompromised race engineering
which is really lame, because its F1
maybe endurance
but only for people into racing
le mans 24h isnt popular like F1, and endurance series is a ton of races besides that
yeah but as far as engineering, its about the same level
but yeah, its GT stuff, not 2 hours we stop the race because the cars work the drivers so hard styuff
because they need more reliability
you cant run an F1 for 24 hours =(
thats like a perfect row of DNF
well, im not sure about prototypes
yeah but F1 is the rules basically
and its a 2 hour limit
yeah probably

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yeah at the high rpm the extra cylinder wall makes a huge diff i guess
prob too hot to do anything, im sure if they let them rev in 5 years theyd want to go to v6 engines for the same reason
some old old race ferraris were I4 cuz of that
haha i read they made a test for a 2 cylinder engine
and that shit broke the engine racks
V8 and V6 would mean the most consumer technology direct from F1
and I4 turbo would even mean econo boxes could get F1 based engine tech
its dumb because the odd engines only benefit ferrari
honda or toyota aint gonna be making a v10 anytime soon
teknique: i think because of senna

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the big teams had huge advantage with that too
yeah i guess that was bound to happen
there will be scandals
i think they should go can-am
regulate well
not quite so bad as can-am rules
but basically do like, max liters and revs
and then let them do anything
need way less rules
like itd be cool to see a flat-12 vs an i43 turbo vs v8s and v10s
are they v8 yet?
thats like maybe 5 years with the v10s?
or maybe 10
i remember when they were going from v12 to v10 because of rpm around 2000 i think
okay that makes sense i was reading about F1 by then
thats funny tho, they ramped up cylinders to keep the parts light to get rpm
then all the friction kills it

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teknique: well FIA wont have that
dude timecop
max mosley is like basically running formula one
okay F1 = richest athletes in the world
F1 budgets = >$100M/year sometimes
and right now its shit
but its being fixed
theyre putting real tires on, theyve killed all the aids
theyre gonna race again
man thats scary
did TAG make it?
it sounds like something theyd do, if mclaren was buddy with m$
well but the box?
or they just have software for the teams
thats kinda nuts tho
oh hmm
is it realtime comm shit?
okay so its black boxes
they prob have loggers and shit if not rf comm stuff

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ok no rly i dont care
your board
or niger at a show
yeah i thought 5% was kinda lame for that
in a whorehouse or what?
if its at a race dont matter that shit is a circus
max and bernie need to retire
they need to fix the rules (they are, so they not all bad i guess)
and gtfo
theyll pussy out again when the drivers start going really fast again
i hate that fuck m schumacher but itd prob be the perfect job for him

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timecop: hahaha i was like expecting masterpiece not ratwires =(
yeah i was like DAMN THAT WAS FAST
it must be 5 parts
i has an idea
break is over, my prices have increased exponentially =\
also i wanna route curiously strong multi purpose/bypass input section
haha schema will look stupid all extra parts and shit

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now is the time in sprockets where we drill

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