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so the hardest thing about toner transfer is making the stupid magazine paper trip the sensor for manual feed
i was thinking abut doing that actually
ooh, hmm

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<1uA doesnt exist to me
you can blow on shit and prob make nA happen
thats like wires 10" apart in a glass box 6' cubed

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kevtris: fets are confusing because like 5 kinds
jfets and like 3 kind of common mosfet
compared to bjt, jes
they dont make one kind tho
and another kind is more rare/$ i think
kevtris: do they make pch depletion?
i think thats the one they dont make really
but maybe what i read doesnt matter anymore, old docs
yeah jfets are neat
kevtris: E fields!

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and a 10 pin io connector, gnd x 5, collet open/close, changer solenoids engage, spindle on, pwm/analog speed and direction control, rpm pulse output
oh neat
but its gonna be like a 20V motor i think
so yeah, prob do it with $.50 fets
then i want to do a controller with spi/rs232/analog input, with switch ui and relay breakouts
rev3 im gonna put schottky on the led rails

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auto tool changer
20K 35mm brush dc motor
geared up with sprockets to 60K rpm
three solenoids for a collet compression ring actuator
motor also coupled to a set of fans
one to suck, one to blow, intake in a ring around the spindle, exhaust a ring around that
two h bridged, one for the solenoids, one for the DC motor

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awkward situation =\
i wonder how much shipping is for macegr monitor
stfu wtf
pls2join #lame_questions_about_owning_computer_machine_hardware

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there are girls on the internet
i have put my penis in their vaginas
no on efnet!
no u bbl!
i slept last night
i had a cat named stimpy
yeah maybe someday
you just forgot because he drugged you

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blackmoon: usually it takes a line
and responds in a line
and omg its not so funny

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blackmoon, teknique, kevtris, joellama, are ops
i dont have problems with them
i dunno you should be if youre not
its hardly because hes an op
yeah stu
that covers just about everyone
yeah there are surprisingly little trolls joining
i think timecop put up a force field
timecop: ty
this aint a help chan
and newbies get helped if they know how to act
shit weve like done peoples projects for them
racism is so fuckin cliche
!quote 50
!quote 30
!quote 35
!quote 32
!quote 31
!quote 29
dude seaching quotes is hard

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timecop: almost none
sry drilling
timecop: to init you set the period
timecop: then you just update duty
so its a register load
i wont use that shit it scared me

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and you want 10b resolution
thats 40MHz
okay you fail
he has specialized peripheral just for pwm
because his chip is hella erotic
has 3 or 4 channels
4 i think
lots of other timers
one just for long system tick futy

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just loading a pointer and output to a dac from ram
1024 preset values, high sampling with a rolling avg, no user will know its digital
you targer for bar refresh is 200Hz
then youre a pimp
i dont think so, no
its not signal path
less parts = ninja
timecop: get a chipamp
you want it to sound good?
or just beep and buzz
beep and buzz id do a class-B driver
okay you want it to sound good then
get a headphone amp
a big one, like 500mA, prob soic
no theyre cheap
$1 for power and minimal parts
if you need to ask, yes
yes they are
you put pwm through a low pass filter, and it pops out an average value
so you can make waves
say 40KHz

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stu: old
macegr yesterday i think
well knowing is half the battle
go joe, etc
i know
i dunno its pretty impressive
current sinks for bar nixies was the subject
solution was naw for analog filtering and then log conversion, thats not alot
thats like, normal
solution was the opamp current sink in the natsemi opamps circuit datasheet
you can do it with a big avr, soft pwm, and a log conversion table
not hard
haha at timecop and transistors
wtf is voodoo math?
and why would you do it in core
make a conversion table in a spreadsheet and just do a lookup with the linear value
no voodoo

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tracking is some torture

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maybe ceramic
but not at that price, noway

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check that shit out
abec-7, mufucker
63K rpm
$16, i need two
haha i thought they were gonna be like $30 each!
caviar, bishnieah

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stop being a dork
go read articles

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im just noting reality of heat and silicon
if its for a bench supply, youll have variable current available depending on voltage
unless you put mad parallel transistors on the LM317 output
thats kinda sexy

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depends on current and output voltage

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wtf im just like burn
yeah ill burn while doing compression

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usb is jacked up or something
is a shitbox

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thank you for being specific
yeah rly
wtf is this NO MORE DATA shit
oh shit
timecop: omg wai
no this is not corrent
imgburn is supposed to be useful
i want to keep a cd with my gcode file archives

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files are prepared
i will surface clean two boards with copper coil scrubbies
drill two boards, cut out one, then mill top while i toner etch a board
yeah i bet they rinse it in abrasive
or something with the extruder
yeah it takes of almost no copper
i think steel wool might be too harsh
if i could get copper scrubbies with the density of steel wool, id be so happy
yeah its prob ok
oh huh
timecop: i dunno havent looked super close
looked sane
ill check it out will im doing placement
but yeah if you just ganked olimex schema, it prob fine
timecop: how do i burn without finalizing in imgburn

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haha my buttons value is WHT_ON
thats just sounds so bad
haha rly
rev3 = wht_en
whats $20/100?
oh duh .20
$10 in leds, $1.50 in switches and connectors
i dont think so

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timecop: how much do you think for like 5 panels at chinapcb?
okay rough estimate
oh wtf msn
can i msn from gmail?
i think maybe now
do they respond to email?

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if you were in a big big city youd prob hfind more weirdo radio/network geekers like you
lots of geeks are like you
internet is good for them
dx^: thats why i dont like kids
they are all stupid and impressionable
i am like wai is my computer slow
i had gtr2 running in the background =\
stupid games

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like, i have no tact, tho
kinda but choice, but its habit
i dont have asbergers
im actually like textbook bipolar
apperently i even fit profile as a kid
like, i have no issues talking =\
bipolar for me: to much thinking, nothing to do
cmon stu
you are always like omg irc is a mental ward
im not arguing aything
ccfl man doesnt wanna be anxiety disorder person
he wants to be aspergers
hes arguing
yeah ccfl_man
youre just a geeker with no local geeker buddies

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i think i slipped missy frederick an A once
see it pays off to amuse yourself with lab equipment instead of listening to lecture, teachers will et you run shit
sucks she was telling me stuff we did together for that class and i dont remember
d0gzpaw: yeah schools should be setup more like tech schools
kids should be able to do what they want
like, by 18 they should be able to do a skill if they want, instead of college prep
i used to ditch class and kick it with assistant principal of attendance
she was my head couselor at another school
couselors like me, as i present a challenge and am fun at conversations
thats kinda mostly what im good at i think =\

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d0gzpaw: =D
i have two tech AS and prob have an AA soon from the best public college in LA
fuck a diploma
high school is for lames
haha my friend reminded me last night how i was running this chem teacher class
she told me how i figured out that resistance of metal was based on distance as well as material
thats why everyones answer was diff
haha i didnt know shit about electronics then
but yeah, i used to make the tests, grade the tests, then enter the test grades into the rule book

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history and economics
something like that
if i finish those two classes i et a diploma
but the system school with my records got them all water damaged
and now that facility is closed
ccfl_man: i think you are very smart at old phones
very smarter than me

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on maybe 40 scoresd over 8 years, i only scored below 90 a couple times
i score like 135+ on IQ tests
i got a 1350 on SAT wacked the fuck out on psychotropic meds
its all bullshit
im a high school dropout
im not that smart
if i was smart, id be making $$$
i hung out with stoners/slackers/punks/thugs/etc
and sometimes nerds and geekers

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i got an eee for irc
i am very social!
when im not in here
which is like not very often
most people at school are boffins
all my friends are moving away =(
i tested into GATE
but i wouldnt let them put me in gifted programs or schools
i made C average from As and Fs
truly gifted do well on tests
very well
thats it
there are smarter people who suck at tests
i didnt want to be a nerd
i was weird enough
i was an awesome standardized test taker
i got straight 99 percentile on cali standards tests for 5 years

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pcb gcode does polys and traces i think
thats why its always ratsnesting

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dont talk about beds
[charles comment]
man im am too lazy to even come up with pointed wit
cnc h4x bai
i feel justified to troll him forever because he has consistently acted like a little ass in context of me
weak or no
rockshox too
but no fureal, <3 rockshox

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mobilestu: ladyada std status
macegr: ^
i still think random ctrl/alt is score
but damaging
they will sue you
pain and suffering, etc
they all gonna have PTS

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omg woot right now is a tricky one
naw lots of stuff is good
mobilestu: did you see my led stuff?
it is for blinding children
they no new design
50 led of ph33r
okay i make gcodes
wtf is boc
wtf rockshox i dont hang out on woot community i just buy shit

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yeah is like .5"
i have .525" space left

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anyne kno offhand how wide thiose standard eth jacks are?

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teh new style
DRC capability: mexico
srs, monkey with a razor blade could do this shitr
you seen that money on the motorcycle?\
one of those script languages with witty names
perl or python or ruby or gibson or whatever

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you sound like greycz trying to sound like a kid
greycz: is that you in there? stoppit!

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thats like saying black people dont matter in basketball

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almost ready to bust the cnc mission
omg have you guys seen rambo 4?
it was actually kinda good
if you understand, tests arent hard
they failed to make you understand or you just failed to understand
if youre learning for tests fuckit, dropout and just get an office job, youll prob make more in 10 years if you start now
well then youre just a slacker
wtf does that have to do with schools capability or understanding

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so will organic flux eat copper?
i dont think so either

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Ratsnest: Nothing to do!
but it lies
because i have to bring all the grounds to the top
eagle should have a no THP mode

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haha at autocompletes

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oh neat
no pullup
prob like .375 board space
hehe at tall soic

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timecop: awesome mechanical drawing
aaaw damn
qfp too big?
i flip the switch lib and im done
midi is like an opto and some resistors, no?

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macegr: hahaha
they dont make mlf or something?
they need to make tqfp 8
my sisters girlcat is nuts
its like a year old
my cat is 10
it had to kung fu the little cat a few times

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macegr: led array take two tonight
etch vs mill
im doing each array diff method
mexican technology pcb
20mil DRC =D
still have all the sot23 and 0805 backside
omg fine ill look at your schema
timecop: COOL

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i didnt
blackmoons pics were shit

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you dont get shorts
google half round single flute cutter
the cutting profile is a cone
instead of a cylinder
omg it so failed me =(
i will find and replace from now on
that shit is so, so, so fucking fail
i bitched on the yahoo group
its hard to excuse blatant ignoring of non ambiguous config parameters
to me Z feed rate means Z feed rates
because the shit says, Z feed rate
WTf IS G1 Z-.005 F8.?
no dude
fuck that rockshox
thats not a bug
thats a total fuckup
thats like, im coding a program to do a purpose
pluging the tool is like 60% is the issue for success to happen
hole shit
its a 4 chamber rotary

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cobalt is weird
i straight i watched a cobalt cutter hog thru deep Al at an angle
the spinning keeping it straight in the slot
for like an hour
bending like a finger
bend bend bend, cut, bend bend bend, cut
fuck cobalt
oviously the tungsten is really important
hacked``: cnc, small radius tools
or stamping
hacked``: hehe i seen it, its fucked up shit
hacked``: pay me $20 and cover all the shipping
hai hai
im going to buy a conical
also im doing a chinapcb panel
no i can
but etching is fail tech for homebrew at this point
i cant be fucking around doing continuity checks all the time
milled boards work
you either take off to much or it works

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dude carbide flies thru it at 10K
i use a TiN coasted carbide 1/6" to route and mill big holes
the fr4 is like WTF IS THAT
TiN carbide ftw
i need to find a 10 pack of those and 1/8"
coating goes away real quick at the tips
at which point HSS becomes useless
i wont ever buy hss for a machine tool for standard milling again
its a waste of money
also hss wears down
carbide chips
itll still cut
finish will just be shit
hss will wear down and get shit hot and fuck up finish and then snap
im like, fuck that in anything cnc

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rab: k i posted a warning
rab: i was like !!! warning !!!
on the hackaday in the comments
because pcb-gcode has some major WTF WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING HEAD YOU ARE FAILURE NINJA issues
this window is active it doesnt like up
you dont think my shit actually beeps do you
i have that disabled in my properties
i think you are a fed
but yeah, device manager, system beep = X
you could feed that gerber files
converted maybe
really its prob better to use focused light and UV etching

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its neat the come in tubes with pipe ends, like normal
but then they also have pipe end type rubber cap on the 30d tool
so you dont like stab your eye out or put it thru your hand or something
no seperate
because its a pair
but im going to do identical boards
so im doing the isolation plane manually
thats how real pimps do, because then you control the planes, not pcb gcode
stupid pcb gcode
we need to make twingy make a gerber editor
we can pay him and shit
or fuckit
timecop: learn gcode and make a gerber editor

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mexican tech board almost done
im gonna order from all tonight i think
oh i didnt check
as long as you didnt stub the fuck outta it like dx
dude wtf at sd pinout
91234 what?
or something weird
the numbering of the sd pins is weird
okay check this out
im going to mill this boatrd
and etch it
standard available 60d conical
non ninja 30d shit
i have to ask twingy where he bought those
i forgot i didnt buy them, he found them from some toolmakers site

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rockshox: shh its nicebox
kevtris: are these the people who paid him money to inline asm code?
yeah for real shit you gotta put all sorts of extra shit
its like calcing for the lowest possible decoupling cap
and then wondering why it only works sometimes
like, omg spend the extra $.005
D= D= D=
fuck the train light
he could sell out on his train transpoonder thing
gps it, some sort of proximity sensor
it was the smartest shit he had
but he was in some zigbee phase
and it had to be magnmet spring power
im like, these train fuckers have a million dollars
they will pay motherfuckers to do nothing but change 5 years batteries every 3 years
k yeah

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sub mini switched are huge!
tho like, fist size parts were normal
if we went back in time, wed pwn so hard
buy some new ones
theyre very cheap
just get a multi rail power transformer and an output transformer or two
oh for nixies
look at the mess he made in #nop
we had that shit all organized in lines and lines of unbroken join/parts
its a cool box!
but then like it ends too soon
his web design has improved
hes like, web design level: greycz

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my mexican level technology board is coming out quite nice
20mil, ph33r the precisioness
xbox360 is a total loss product
i bet they still dont turn a profit
they dont care

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my phone is almost awesome
if the firmware was rox0rz its be awesome
to do it
5 layer would be awesome for audio
bipolar layers, ground plane
yeah 6 would be better
bipolar center
then ground shields both sides
and you tap power for both rails at the same point
heh, that should be close to perfect balanced power
the precision on that shit is kinda nuts
thats smart
you control the signal environment
yeah RF you could prob do some cool stipline shit

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ac-130u: dead people all over the pavement?
um, okay
maybe you like thinking about that...
im like, sign says stop when blinking or die

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im thinking its the mine current it actually knows whats going on
so dont be putting no 4.7M on there
sounds good to me
do maths, whats the current
like 50uA
i need to go find an aquarium pump
hydro shop
.A is uA?
where is that from?
could be mA
which is almost as fucked up as 500A in a signal/digital environment =\
translated: more than 2v will blow out the pin internally. shit will be fine, itll just leak.

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hey guys guys
if if put more acid powder in the water for etching
will it etch faster?
do you think they told me the max soluble amount?
and really i dont care about undercutting as much as clearing away as much as possible
because the planes lag everything
if those went quicker i think maybe id get less undercut
okay yeah
ok and
is it a min value or what
youve never seen uA?
its either a minimum sense value
or its maximum sourcing value
like itll drop voltage to maintain that current thru whatever resistor but prob not

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my sister got on local news drunk at dogder stadium
why the fuck is the dogers news
did they like win two games in a row or something impossible like that

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yay, challenging
oh thats sexy

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did you see dx board?
its software from like 1874
kevtris: that company still exist?
do you have extra software?
i wouldnt mind trying virtualized
i really dont hate dos apps
3000 stocked, rararararar

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timecop: when did you need that by?
i dunno whatever was 2x y/n/m
yeah i can prob do that
yeah but im busy for couple days at least
back to school crunch, some shit i should have taken care of during break, etc
yeh yeh
okay but yeah if like that, email
maybe i have something by weekend
diptrace is kinda fun like ultiboard
i dunno where dx parts are
hopefully today
the board im doing DRCs at 20mil
i should try etching this one
kevtris: yeah i usually work 8/8
but this shit is pissing me off

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it made me go nuts on a personal symbol lib
naw lemme check
okay yeah youre right
thats jacked up
in pcb editor, you can enter any angle
theres a good cadsoft tutorial and manual
menu help is almost useless
did you buy the autorouter?
that shit is sad
youd have to anyway, after seeing what it does
i dont think it routes by selection
like, busses on big things
autorouted one at a time, makes sense
yeah sometimes its goofy, so its good for ideas

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is rab here?
diptrace is better than eagle at top/bottom display
kevtris: nice doom
its same color scheme
top and bottom
it dims the non working side
yeah theyre empty under there usually
smt connectors and some mount peg holes
like i have a top layer ground plane
and the red when i ratnest is hurting my eyes
youre still using that?
have you done libs yet?
yeh you prob been using that shit like 300 years fuck
dos is scary yo
yeah i bet
it runs on NT based pc fine?
eagle is quick like that
if you want you can do it without a schema
ratsnest in the pcb editor
yeah i can make schema look however in eagle

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oh shit i should add the drop resistors for the white led string too
haha, the only real fail part of the design worked fine irl =(
im using smart resistors, yo
the resistors are just to take dissipation away from the mmbt3906
so i can run the led 20mA without hurting little thing
two bjt, current set resistor, Vbe bias resistor
that part of the circuit is awesome
it scoffs at chinese Vf
so i need to add drop resistors and mirror pins on the switch

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my mom will kick all your asses at solitaire
i wish eagle would keep group tool active after a selection
or at least switch to a useful tool instead of doing nothing

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the thing the slice up is a boule?

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macegr: it was so bright
macegr: 130 focus lens omg
thing is like a light blob
whats that
oh those are 98% crap
1% of non crap is actually so crappy it becomes good because its funny
thast leaves like 1% actual good horror titles =(
okay so doing this boule sided is cake
er, double, wtf is boule

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ha watch ima do the array double sided
shit prob routes itself
<3 china

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for who
in general?
make your think hold alt and control keys
tho that could totaly cause damage, hahaha
as legit as the design they produce for a brand company during the day
2 shifts contracted, 1 shift personal =D
oh yeah i seen those
weve joked about the 'mean well' branding
like, sorry we 'mean well' but we dont know how to do this that great
or like, 'we are mean, we eat out meat well'
like its a manly thing
totally failed

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so my best friend person didnt get into grad school =(
sucks because the department told sandi
yeah thats so messed up
like wtf 'we are sorry to inform you' '...no its cool, i know'
chico is a shitty scene tho
good school, semi-fucked small town
rednecks and chico students who didnt escape
macegr: ha, some prof is going on some tour of europe, and sandi scored a free house for a year or something
i guess this is how it pays off to be ridiculous trusting and kind
i want a free house
or fuck that i want a free shop

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yeah huh
greyhound too
not that big a deal
wonder how much for shipping to here
the 99 isnt so bad
its the 5 that is stinky
brown an white cow oceans
yeah all kinda
theres ones on the central valley side of the grapevine
like, 5 cows
big fenced area
thats like the rich cows, heh
that sucks, dude =(
take the 99 to sac
99 has cows, but not like that
lots of smaller farms with diff plants, too
fields of random

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but yeah just up the coast a bit isnt even far
shit thats like a couple movies, 5 or 6 albums
its prob pretty close
also i can cab it if its far
i doubt itd be, tho
they have most medium cities covered
and alot of small places
fucking bus north stops in Weed, CA
ive smoked weed in weed
its like 100mi N of redding, maybe
how far is that?
do we still float that failure shit amtrack?
amtrak in san jose
i havent done a real train since i was like 12
yeah i want to go someplace on a train
ive done it every other way last few years
how close is airport?
i wonder if monitor is too big for stowed baggage

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read only ram?
thatd be as frustrating as write only
n phase change memory chips, a tiny laser heats up a microscopic bit on a substrate to between 150 degrees and 600 degrees Celsius. The substrate is made of the same stuff as CD disks. The heat melts the bit, which when cooled solidifies into one of two crystalline structures, depending on how fast the cooling takes place. The two different crystalline structures exhibit different levels of resistance to electrical current, and those levels of resistance
okay ill bus it
hell its been years
dude i did LA to WA like every summer for years
they might make you pay as shipment
but prob not
also if you cool with them, they dont give a shit
greyhound is like southwest, they stay in business because they never fuck customers
ive had whole lines canceled a week after i prepaid them
you show up 'oh that line doesnt exist for two weeks'
just get on that bus and ask them when you get there
and you do what they say and you always get there
maybe late
but the benefit is that when you are late, it doesnt matter
they will honor your ticket

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but yeah i have a 500VA 25VCT toroid
it screams bench supply
used mil spec, dont ask
macegr: think im going to try and do chinapcb order by end of the week
were you doing on?
maybe we can throw together and get a deal
im doing this shit double sided

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macegr: kinda
i did a bunch of electrical testing and fixes
tiny bridges because its all ground plane
red strings sailed failboat
something shorted out a rail i think
or a wire sparked when i wasnt looking
new its blown out
red destroyed it
blue and white were perfect
my switch lib is mirrored because im lame and i always do that
no it has 25V rails
i think it fucked some leds, like rail to LED is fail
well it doesnt matter
i have a 25V supply
the psu im making will be 24V
naw its cool i got gainclone supplies with like 10A rails
25V and 35V bipolar
tho i need a bench supply
because im not 100% sure i just did spark it with my hax0r test setup
serious its like, toroid and psu circuit onsome MDF with some screw terminals
yeah i want to try a cheap smps switcher with massive parallel output

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thank god eagle doesnt number drc errors
id prob totally be discouraged
okay nm now i have no idea if what i did actually did anything

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man now you guys make me wanna make a battery charger
timecop: beep
is he like sleep or some lame shit
hehe cheater boards
man i had this newmark pro audio cd player
shit was like 5 diff boards tacked together inside
boards not even same technology
thats not including psu and panel shit
then it broke and i sent it back and it took like 6 months to send it back to me
i wonder if their dsp turntables as ghetto like that inside

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its current regulation then voltage regulation, no?
well typically
they all seem diff
TI has an avr app note?
ima try and mill the prototype array
if it dont come out nice ima just have all the boards made
the protos helped me catch bad switch lib so i guess they did something right
man i always do that
i should design connectors on the bottom side and flip
omg time, sad
delta-V and temp seem cool, with timed failsafe
temp can be tricked by random shit
so yeah i guess time is good as failsafe

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wonder what kinda dissipation it can do before i dies
can use opamp and some transistors for precision sink/source
oh you want like smps with current control
yeah i wonder if the led drivers would work for battery
yeah i think they usually have set resistors
maybe just adjust that
yeah i dunno lots about battery charging =\

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but now suddently it doesnt seem like much time
because etching is like 10x the work
cnc setup isnt work to me, its like taking a shit or eating or smoking as bowl
i can setup a cnc to .001 while sexing a girl, probably
damn i want try that
exexgf been calling up wtf
she tried to come over with some random friend to pick up some herbs
im like wtf random friend thank god im out aside from personals
damn that shit hurt so bad
like 24 blue led, blinding
and then i did the reds all at once instead of string at a time
power on red rail, blues turn on too and some of the leds blow out
stupid fucking etch pcb
ima just chinapcb this shit
maybe dx board too
i wonder how big a panel they do

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haha i asked him for a rack unit chassis
and hes like 'dude those are expensive. how about a shelf?'
i think even his wholesale price is fucked up
yeah they make rack shelves
they make rack everything
like, rack panel, $30
wtf its a painted piece of metal with 4 holes
thats not really a horrible idea
srs, would sell to audio studios
because they dont have space for no random fridge
shit most studio are tiny and dont have space for the people
you did it once since like 3 weeks ago how does that make you expert
not my design, stupid etched board
so yeah i dont care as thats all learning
like, im trying hard to feel like i wasted a few days doing this shit
its hard
yeah i know but it hurt =(
like, i dont have to electrical test any of my cnc boards
kevtris: the cnc ones are cool but tooling is expensive
and it takes time

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heh, tube boss's dad (who was both employee of his son and founder of the company, heh wtf) is the guy with the huge wooden handle soldering iron
like, marty fired his dad once and his mom (secretary) made him rehire him
because his dad would just stay home and take all her shit apart
cuz bored
its weird they only knew tube electronics
like they can totally explain tube analog stuff, but anything else they gotta thing really, really hard
but apperently this is okay as tube people apperently dont design as much as rip off vintage circuits
like, long tail pair and i guess bridged tube output
i brought it my bridged LM4780 amp
its like 2 50W amps on a 2x4" board
they looked at it funny
held it like it had germs
yeah basically

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i hate that
all electronics is like 8 miles biking or $2.50 worth of MTA
so $7 shipping doesnt seem like a very big deal
$4 to be lazy
hmm, maybe
well, i usually cant help it
so yeah prob not so long, ill let you know
rab: its just like, bins and bins and random
haha ive asked for a job theyre always like NO
hehe they mess with me while i shop and they always joke whith me when i checkout
OMG $200!
ok no rly, $22.50 pls
rab: probably
all is old
my tube boss marty used to play with all electronics owner's kid way back

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no stu time for non conductive pen (xacto)
omg =(
but yeah, im maybe gonna try and mill it today
try and drc it to 15mil and use the old shallow non sexy conical
shit broke
a) pcb-gcode is retarded
b) i was stupid enough to trust machinist software
i set Z feed rate to 2ipm
which is too fast but somewhat sane
it plunged at 8ipm, the XY feed rate parameter
$35 tool gone, first plunge
G01 Z-.005 F8.
yeah probably
for what?
torch blowback or what
yeah probably

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macegr: white and blue strings worked
then something happened with the red rail or while i was working on it
i think maybe i missed a bridged trace/pad from etching
that never happens with milled boards (

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