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stu: eh?
just hondas and toyotas
american cars dont last 20 years, neither do brit import
hehe, volvos too, they go a long time
didnt ford eat them?
oh gm, cool

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i dont have that
w t f
there it is for schema
yeah looks like your pick, working fine
put it in the center
restarted, works now

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timecop: beep
hey guys howcome the find objects in in diptrace doesnt do anything
it doesnt pop anything up?
the little inductors, its just messy still
i dont get a dialog
like, i click it, nothing
no menu and then ctrl f
neither does anything
omg wtf
i turned all toolbars on
i dunno just trying because i get nothing
stu stfu
i already said no dialog
man go find some kiddies to punk
nope not here

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its the brush
yeah dust toom, thats nasty tho
grease into mud
no brushes?
maybe brushed flew out

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masters is like another 2 or 3 years usually
most people are working by now besides school
and once you get your masters, might as well do the shit for a phd
i mean fuckit, you gone this far
then people gotta call you dr

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ill prob try and work during my BS
so ill have some experience
yeah but ive killed 2 years of gen ed
in the 5 years doing the three degrees i have
also, if i dont like the engineering program, calpoly pomona has tech BS
and thats take me only a year or two
because my electronics AS credits directly transfer
engineering, im starting from scratch, basically
but everyone has said im stupid if i dont do that
i wanted to go to recording school and then get a job doing audio hax
everything said wtf thats dumb and that i was lame
because i already knew that shit, even if i didnt know the specific gear
so yeah i can be done be 30, and be a tech with a BS, which is kinda rare
most techs are AS or trade certs
but engineering will take between 3 and 6 years for me
depending how fast i kill gen ed, and if i decide to try and milk it for two degrees
because i got the gov to pay for three degrees by doing them in parallel and only delcaring one
no reason i couldnt do that with electrical and mechanical engineering, but with a quarter system that might be kinda insane
take prob 5 or 6 years realistically

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like i have all the education to be some sort of elite electrician
our dep was first certified by the state
but i cant just go be an electrician
id have to do years training on the job
and then id have to take cert tests
so its not really a degree, but in a sense its on the same level
its like, tradesman, technician, engineer
tradesman being totally hands on training, engineering being almost 100% theoretical in comparison
tech is like somewhere in between
you can kinda go both ways, but you need to do more work
i dont have degrees?
i have 2, i dont have the paper for one
and im one class from another
and theyre from a public school
not some trade school self certified shit
and then i start a BS in fall
BS is like standard college, 4 years
or 2 years if you do an AA in a community public college first
prob around 31 or 32
unless i get my masters
but itd be worth it for my masters
and its not uncommon for people that age to be working for masters and phd

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timecop: buttons too?
wtf kind of a question is that
dude you dont know me sober
wtf is 'getting' high?
no i was kidding =\
how will you press them =\
headers too, no?
are you like doing this with jumpers or cables?
teknique: cuz he prob cant sit there long enough to do work without it
i know web designers who cant work without weed
it would drive them insane to do that shit for 10 hours straight
i was like top of my class in AS electronics
i did ever lab stoned
haha dep head new of my troubles with LAPD and herbs
associates in science, typically 2-3 years
then bachelors, then masters
yes i have two, almost three associates
i need to finish intro to business
to get my lib arts AA (general ed, non specific)
its trade skill

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weve been over this, ive made my points, you never had issue with any of them
im not doing this every day for you
serious, stop being an avrfreak
i dont care, give it a few days, we did this yesterday
you wont get your shit done =D
well dont ask me shit then
i dont like talking to you because youre a fuckin ass
and dont be like, only i think so or something retarded
timecop: yeah and?
er teknique
my windows clock is prob off =)
timecop: my tweezers do that thats how i flip them
weird maybe a conductivity thing

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why are you talking about shit, go find more sites
oh cmon ac-130u
like m$ gets it right a ton
like 30 people in here arent using openssh
also think about the crapass software available for windows
man extremism is lame
digs not dying
digs had spikes
tc you need to learn to analyze graphs better thats why you suck at datasheets
stu stfu
why is the first thing you talk about me
thats so 10min ago
try and like merge into the convo or something
see youve broken it =(
(obviously the answer is no, ren is never finished commenting on stu as long as stu isnt finish commenting on ren)
where is charles, someone needs to handle the trolls

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ive been to slashdot like 4 times
digg is neato
is not!
well, you have no internet video powers
well youre doing it wrong or something
thats how i find alot of like 0day political news stuff
also weird science links
thats the fastest loading site on the net
see i dont look at comments on farm sites
because im like, wtf are you guys doing

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stu: exactly
and youre here quite alot
which goes back to my your main purpose here is to troll
no you actually dont really troll so much here
relative to like, the troll you actually are
also you are like, open with it
stu tries to pose like he cares about the general wellbeing of the channel

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so you can stick any opamp on it and get 1.8V analog thru
but a big opamp will likely do it
but big opamps are prob hard to find in suitable rail to rail
but i havent looked super hard and there may have been ridiculous package shit i ignored looking before
i dunno my computer is fine at web
it aint my memory making shit go slow
naw its good
its just not integrated
like, my ff usually doesnt start acting up til i have about 30 tabs open
my experience with ie is that it starts acting up in the same situation
also ie is generally annoying to configure
and i dont consider it usable default
also i like that ff can tab and new window, lots of working plugins that arent some for of almost-free queerware
you have to ask swish
how about your own words?
you know you have more in common with avrfreak than anyone else in here
including your obsession with me

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i did a perfect board with a broken endmill
and its almost no work besides setup which is hella quick for me now
etching is like almost manual labor
yeah but theres mad space
okay this is the plan
find some rail to rail amps that will work with 1.8v in
i know of some video amps that are true rail to rail, but thats sucks because theyre $2
so maybe i can find some audio shit thats rail to rail enough
thats for the active filtering for pwm
thats actually what you posted, the 3 ic circuit
for pwm yeah thats just an output section
so it replaces the headphone amp
you need filters, if theyre unbuffered they will suck up your power
well, current
its just to drive the speaker with an analog wave
okay well yeah if the opamp can deal
i would do a dual opamp with 4 poles filtering and see if that could drive a speaker
but most 3v amps prob not super happy sourcing alot of power
like you def want more than 10mA output
thats what my circuit is for basically

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haha i got an 8x2 char lcd
like $5 or 7 shipped or something
i think its backlit, it has KA pins
havent tested, wanna use for grow led controller
so i totally slept thru trig
but i handled official gov paperwork yesterday and made it to early class
so i guess im doing good
cuz gov hates when i skip out on them for class
hellol, thats what next month is
also its not like this is super new tech stu
im not pioneering anything
i wasnt answering you
you can stfu youre interrupting my blog
fuckin troll
omg, get fucked or go have some ice cream or something
go find that wife that youre gonna leave irc for
iunno something
kk back to stupif dicktrace
check swish logs
search stu
anyway, bbl
yes we shall continue this later
no, your shit obviously
i think ima about to be like fuck etching

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timecop: haha i was thinking of converting an oven
toaster convection oven, the ones with the internal fan
basically gut the control and steal the chassis and elements and fan
and throw in a thermocouple or 4 for feedback
digital vaporizer
i done this already =D
just use a stick
timecop: wooden chopsticks
do it
well find some nice ivory chopsticks or something
timecop: they got nice flowcharts
ha cornell did it in c

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timecop: yeah wai?
oh neat
i wanted to make it better =(
timecop: its weird it works perfect at 3.3v
timecop: yeah class AB =\
but it doesnt suck much idle
also, you can put its rail on a fet
and just turn the circuit on to do samples
and then it wont suck the 3 or 5 mA idle power
i can prob make it less with 1% resistor values
timecop: throw the screwdriver at concrete
anything hard
like bounce it off the tip
thats the only tool you can really do it on and not ruin it =(
the 100uH?
youre doing like no current tho

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blackmoon: wont that magnetize shit too?
also shock will do it
just throw that shit at the concrete
works with screwdrivers =D
omg hai
so i owe someone $60 and he calls like ima come over in like half an hour to get it im like k
so i dunno he took forever and i fell asleep and now theres like 10 missed calls
blackmoon: where is the coil usually?
i know what degaussing does
i just didnt know where they stuck all the shit
mine are always 60Hz
thats how they do 1280x1024
macegr: beep
i wanna tell him i want to fly and to just ship the monitor down
i dont remember if its lcd or crt anymore
i think crt
whatever, refresh buffy
timecop: dip metal ones in handle rubber
or similar

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oh foster grant isnt so much
google shopping has them for like $20
stupid mail
stupid upsex
fuck all of them
i need to strat my own business just so i can fuckin get my packages

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oh the glasses?
yeah wtf mine are like $7
but theyre reflective bronze finish
i thought the bronze had come off or faded into gunmetal or something

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omg so much biking
glucosamine/chondroitin #1
fuck im dumb i should have bought more im almost out
dx^: i went to usps, no pkg for me =(
i got an aquarium pump, tho
also a bong i ordered like 2 months ago and paid half down
also i dunno wtf happened but i thought i grabbed my sun glasses but they turned out to be someones similar but overpriced designer glasses
where are my venice beach sun glasses =(

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um, proper current regulation = $.10

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that taping mag paper to printer paper thing works great
now i dont spend 20min trying to get the mag paper to trip the autofeed switch

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promo style, to keep on their counters
ha, flower shops too
because these should be perfect power for little shit like that
mobilestu: omg shipping
i was thinking about using reflective acrylic
the tinted shit
and then you put reflective side inside the box
but youd be able to see in
without blinding yourself
then they cant open the box and fuck people up
mobilestu: the competive unit costs like $60
no parts in one qty
thy retail for $170
actually less i thinki
each array is $10...
so $20 for arrays
and psu is like $10 i think
say $15 on chassis and stuff
because i dunno i end up doing it totally wrong and it ends up costing that much
thats 45 to compete with $170
or $65 to quadruple their power
okay $75 to quadruple
ill need more transformer =(
he is so negative
okay ima do this etching shit

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vintage 8051
wow so i can use same pcb and do 25W systems
omg i can undercut competition and quadruple their output
<3 topbrite
you need to put it on wheels and drivre it around intimidating people
it wont double the cost stu
website, walk into hydro shops and nursurys and wow them
you could almost hand out little display boxes

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grrrrawrararar, etcetc
do you have link for 6p smt rgb led?
were those .3" square like the thru hole ones?
oh shit
those were .2"?
jezus fuck
do you know how many i ccan fit on a board?
for like 50?
are the less than 1/2?
okay but i can do like the superflux ones drop in replacement
i think thats like 12W
yeah i could build the smt ones into 1/4" acrylic or polycarbonate

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like $1, BOM for AB driver
$.44 SMT FC 220uF, two $.20 0805 10uF X5R, three $.04 transistors
$.66 of that you would still need with a chipamp solution
which would prob be $1, but likely save you $.02 in resistors
so yeah fu stu
if you go 'i dont see the point' again its obviously over your head
i have more led than you i think
oh, no you have more elements and i think you got 400
yeah =(
i only have 300 minus burn ones
okay bitch
stop wasting my time i have to etch some board

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okay ima looks for audio rail to rail amps with enough input spread
my cat went to sleep and my sisters girlcat is walking around with a face like she has no purpose in life
reseda and victory is bad for kittehs
we keep harold indoors now
he used to be mad alley cat, and he was found in a gutter or something when he was too little
4 weeks or some shit
we have prob extended his life indefinitely by not letting him outside anymore

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