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im not super down with reflectors
heh, the focus on most LED is such it almost have to be a reflective tube to do much better focusing
thise are hella wide, for led, and i get the coverage i want
itd be neat to try
but they already have reflectors inside the lens
but yeah if you fire them right at the reflector, it might be cool
but typical shit with reflectors on the side will hardly do anything
so i have like a 1W spread
3W at max Vf
oh i was wrong its not $20 in led its $10
so $20 for pair, if i do the $40 of led in the same pkg per pair, i quadruple competitions power
but then i gotta design some fureal shit

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okay today i do grow led rev 3
haha i forgot to via the connector ground to the topside ground plane
had to cludge it

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horn drivers like that are prob the best way to get clean power
you get unobstructed sound waves
omg youre scrapping the deq?
wai better
its made for car?
just go buy a decent omnidirectional one
i only glanced
im calculating, ph33r

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theyre so bright
and theyre only 20mA each
no im saying mine
i finished my array, is 50 LED
so like about 2.5W i think
$10 worth of red and blue, 2 white
dude thats like 30W of led
i have RB its almost white light
i thought itd be more purple

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sounds like a fun job
esd_zap: can you get us die design software

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yeah, so i wanna use it for something
hehe, get some little sot23 warm
sot223 stuff is neat
the little tabbed ones
hehe i think they look neat
dpak is bigger, no?
yeah i just think they look neat mostly
okay i gotta finish up soldering my led array
fpga current load is dependent on gates being used, yes?

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dont remember power, amazing specs tho
i think 100mW maybe
soic, neat
okay so one of those, quad rail to rail amp
hehe did you see my 3.3v AB driver for timecop?
thru ab_out4.png
hehe, like $.20 not including caps
but yeah, prob just use an ic for his
i can try that in a headphone amp or something
probably, thats like 5mA idle
i can prob get it lower with 1% resistor values
but it gets nasty crossover distortion wise around 1mA
yeah he wants to do battery
do if it were me, id put the ab things rail on a fet
haha i was amazed i could get 1.8V thru it without clipping

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and theyre $4
still dunno wtf those are
300mA output...
that can prob push a little speaker
this one $1.63
yeah thats the original plan
headphone size amp
like few hundred mW
how much?
94 pennies!
but yeah thats cheap
i was getting a headphone chip like $1.50

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no not yet
i woke up at like 4am and just started routing it
yeah should be okay
oh, need the filters, too
lemme see if i can find some audio rail to rail shit
you can do 4 poles with a single dual opamp or 8 poles with two opamps
yeah or a quad
octal opamps
16 poles, damn
the video amps i got dont even come in quad
they come in single, dual, and triple wtf
1KHz gain bandwidth product

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timecop: chk msg
yeah kinda messy still
oh damn i need to update the pour for the smps stuff
thats why it was saying vcc1.8 and gnd are merged
okay neat so i think i just have a bunch of gnd drc things
heh, i figure theres enough space to put a buzzer driver, dunno if you want the speaker on the board or a breakout tho

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timecop: okay is mostly routed
just vcc and gnd errors and i know where most them are

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that way you cant like plug shift vu into the psu =( =( =(

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dx^: ok
i think usps jacked us
or some fuckhead neighbor
timecop: beep
macegr: hai
ima go test the good led board
macegr: i need 4 lines to control shift vu, yes?
shifty vu
hai hai
yeah i was mad busy doing gov paperworks and errands and checking usps and etc etc etc
then i had to sleep
i didnt think i had too, but i guess 24 hours no sleep and like 10 miles biking does that
so 3 lines
and itll have its own power?
ill put shifty VU on a minidin6
and then psu on minidin 4

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