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maybe its dalnet shit and theyre so lame they dont even know about dramatica

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its psu or mobo
i might have a psu, i dont have mobo
yeah i have to unbury the computer, etc etc
also fuck knows which psu i actually good
i dunno put your arts closer tyogether, trim all your leads
bring ground to on point, etc
pulse width modulation
ok bbl
ha your breadboards is all battleship style
kinda, yeah

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they have full byte ports and lots of peripherals tho
so theyre neat to learn on
i just use an r2r dac and an opamp buffer
maybe im kinda having an emotional moment right now
no idea
those are neat
man sucks i dont just have extra computers

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oh its a 28dip
i thought it was a gimper 40 dip
avr asm is better than 8051
i think i have 88s or something
those dont go fast enough
xmegas will go faster too \o/
doitle: can you really program 8051?
it shouldnt take more than a week to pick up if you know programming concepts and asm principles
just a proc, spins like normal
if you just wanna play, consider getting one of the 40dip things
yeah theyre super cheap more than anyhing else
16 and 32
just get a 40dip avr
at least 16MHz

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now its xmega
you can use the programming ports for shit if youre not dumb about it
mega8 might have 4 full bye ports
seperate reset and xtal
think so
if its like the 16/32

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fuckin cnc computer is dead
w t f
not rly in the mood to go psu hunting
you can filter pwm, its analog
the pwm avr have dacs
i think xmega might too
oh you dont know about xmega?
Fast 12-bit ADC and DAC
crypto peripheral
wtf why is the computer dead
it tries to kick on if i press the button alot
then it just shuts down
not even a reset its just like, later yo
whats its just the next mega stuff

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heh, i wanna try and make analog circuit with water stuff
pistons, turbines, screens
i dunno how to do a diode
i think the spring makes it a regulator of sorts
it need to drop the pressure a certain amount
then you can make a transistor somehow
hah yeah
but yeah, easiest hing to test:
you get a pump thing, that squirts out pressure
like a bellows type pump or valve and piston
then you put a turbine in front of it
and a sprung piston after
and see if the pressure is levels out from the pump pulse
high pass filter =D
no wait low pass

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timecop: ya rly
i used a 555 once
it was at the end of dc class, when they were like 'and this will be what you will be doing in the future'
capacitors were big shit in dc class
test33: membranes, pistons, ass to ass baloons, metal bulkheads
so use a fucking resistor or diodes or some shit
timecop: pistons and membranes is better
pistons on springs

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i need to hax up a double sided current source layout with sot23 and sot223
or maybe dpaks
i can like up dpaks on the topside and try and route the resistors and sot23 underneath
i think that is a plan
maybe i can have 25W array by make

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wtf at our topic
like how did that statement happen

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no what you dont realize is that is actually has a tiny microchip in the plastic stick, right
so a tiny chip embedded *inside* the pbc transmits thru a trace antenna to the really very tiny chip inside the antenna
which has a 5 year batter to work the actual antenna
hmm, i was gonna use the stick in dirt and water method

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i wanna do 200Hz pwm to simulate sun movement and day/night stuff
no red and blue
did you see pics?
d0gzpaw: i dont think so, i can test i guess
but i doubt my results would be any better than the .edu writeup
its for plants
ill post more pics in a bit
yeah but people say its better
than continuous light
and i highly doubt you can get a plant to sync up its photon processing cycles to your pwn period
yeah this is for little things
im basically doing a bonsai grow
its only 5W
im testing vs CFL this time
so im just gonna do 100% duty all day
turn it off while i sleep
whats current mode pwm?
and my led strings are current locked
wait those are the same
man flikr urls are confusing

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and it looks like their test results range was still sometimes not as good as the continuous light control
because the fat line is averages i think
and at longer pulses, it was just not good
also the faster you pwm, the higher your losses will be
so like, fast pwm = lossy in the electronics, slow pwm = not great for plants
oh hes back
youre basically trying to get every cell in the plant to do a photosynthesis cycle in sync
so you pulse, and then shutdown while they process the light
no i think its bad for them

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seravitae: look at the graph on page 6
of the thing macegr linked to
you dont have to pay to read his btw
i wanna do this with 100mA LEDs now
i need bigger transistors
oh my bad
seravitae: plenty of references at the end
it doesnt really work
pwm is less efficient electronically, period
no thats good
because they have test data and analysis by smart people
if you look at the graph, it only spikes above continuous twice

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youre saying higher energy pulses at lower duty
yeah 20:27 < renesis> which is harder on everything and requires more $$$ in parts
at least two
i already told you i could test it with this system
per cell photon bursts
you put an led on a nano and have a nano patrol a set of maybe 20 cells and it basically does rounds and injects them with light

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and thats like, 95% efficient in the led string
because if you just bombard it it prob uses most of it anyway
id have to buy your paper
anyway, it wouldnt be an issue to do it
it still doesnt make that shit efficient
i saw a schema
its like 1 or 2 led strings and a uln array
so it drops as much voltage as my string, but not current regulation
no i said its a total non issue
my contral system can prob do that
you would also have to calc how much light for a plant
if youre trying to dose it every 50ns or whatever
how do you know when to do that
else youre wasting more energy to get those high pulses the system prob needs
which is harder on everything and requires more $$$ in parts

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if they dont sync then you just wanna bombard it
also if you sync them the process might take longer
just a guess but it makes sense to me
everything doing shit all at once isnt how that system was really meaqnt to work
macegr: i almost have total parts list for curiously strong thing
macegr: im going to have 3 amps, mega amp, little amp, headphone amps
and for the little amps, i wanna use minidin8 for speaker connectors
like, 4 + and 4 - and run a shield
because those cables looked neat
that joke with one in series on a uln?
yeah but does it make a diff
anyway my shit can pwm no prob
and how is like one led in series with a resistor off a gio count a highly efficient?
my shit drops 1V in a current sink for like 20V of LED, and i dont think thats very efficient =(

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i have to make the 2nd array they only got 2.5W =( =(
the white LED at 1/2 power kinda make the habaneros look green
rab: im doing all mine bonsai pretty much
link fool
less hope more aichthteeteepee
seravitae: cmon theyre not al synced
every cell isnt accepted light in synchronicity
do eeet
macegr had link for a school paper
their conclusion made sense
i highly doubt you can make a plant sync every cell in photosynthesis

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macegr: kk i got led grow box setup going
i need to make the other panel
at some point i have to jack the working leds (most of them) from the fail board
i dont have a hot air dun im a lamer =(
i should buy one soon
yeah i use a lighter for heatshrink
carbon marks add character
i got a $20 one it broke
the ceramic insulator cracked up
im using 5W worth
im testing vs 14W cfl
normal cfl, tho (they work, i dont little plants inside desk drawers before)
im still trying to make it nastier in my head
oh he meant my comment i guess
macgyver0: is little plants

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macegr: k i made pinout
macegr: i routed a dady in/out thing too
er, daisy

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macegr: beep
my growbox is almost done
clear tape reinforced with trashbag lining
trashbag is held on with those paper clamps
timecop naw
you cant fuck with the power handling capability of coat hanger

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