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haha k no rly they fixed that by now im sure

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teknique: haha, toolmarks?
thatd be neat, i like looking at tool markings
yeah from the endmills
see how you can see patterns in the metal?
you can tell what size tool, maybe even approx chip load from those
theyre everywhere but yeah you can see them good on top of the clamp on the left
you can make out 3 distinct passes at least (i was def using the 3/8" endmill)
you can see it on alot of plastic parts too, from the mold
like, alot of times they wont finish the inside surfaces
so you can actually see the toolmarkings in the metal cast into the plastic
omg dont click
you prob got a jpeg virus!

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omg buy them a bottle of acetone
timecop: hahaha wtf
i wonder if theyre all like that
like is it one dude who grinds the chips, or do they have a little chip grinding team
heh cool

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they prob got a 100ipm routing machine
haha stu, thats not really a teacher question
thats a smoking bowls with einstein and bohr question
yes thats prob how the convo would start

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wait so when you said they charge to panelize
they charge you to do it for you? or for actually cutting out the boards
meh, i email or msg them tomorrow and ask about my shit i guess
i can figure out how many boards it is now
kk ima crash out nite
fuckit im staying
oh nice

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if i get a car soon i wanna try and do that
you can hear them tho, all the time
theres power lines in oxnard by an old power station that arc
you can actually see the arcs at night around the ceramic insulation
timecop: iunno man its like, 4 on a panel to cut out with your cnc?
oxnard = nardcore punkers
they have some nice beaches in ventura county
theyre not all tourist fucked like half of ours
what sim
timecop: im pretty sure you want 'supply individually'
thats sounds like chinky for seperate boards
oh right

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so the scaries EM weapon thing i read was something that would drop so much energy, it would actually fuck ground potentials locally
so like, shit would burn off just from random currents
*burn up
damn thats cheap
how much was the rush?
fuck thats cheap
im getting the altoid amp boards from them
yeah dont spread your legs
if its just a few dozen volts, you prob be okay
i always wanna jump when im thinking about that shit
just like hop out on one foot
but then you fall and put your arm out in front of you and arc thru your heart and die
power lines and towers are pretty hardcore, tho
like, i seen tons of poles hanging on lines
the valley has lots
i wanna take pics of the distribution stations at sunset and sunrise

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e field is voltage, h field is current
electronic fields and magnetic fields are different
electronic fields are voltage related, magnetic fields are current related
most systems will have both components
but magnetic fields wrap around the current flow
and e fields kinda radiate out from voltage potentials
theyre perpendicular
incubus[]: they are
just like voltage and current are seperate entities
theyre related, but theyre not the same thing
likely does
yeah i wonder how that shit charges up
there would be a massive electron beam
prob like a no power beam, tho

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lots of oscillators depend on devices reacting to broken maths
doesnt matter
opamp oscillators do a divide by zero when you do the non ideal maths
some amps will latch, some will just freak out, some oscillate
earth ground is like youre uber safe ground
k i gotta crash
doesnt matter
it has electrons
magnetic field just indicates massive electron flow
thats electronic field

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if you use really good parts, it wont work
incubus[]: those circuit depend on the transistors being unmatched
hwich usually works because transistors are rarely matched that great
but yeah, we pope out 50nm procs like nothing now
prob pretty easy to get transistors dead on
yeah theyre weird circuits
prob wont sim anyway
i wanna try routing soic/0402
analog shit
yeah i think thats where the big metal stick is located
incubus[]: because its a weird circuit
theyre known to like, totally crash or stabilize

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ho fucking cares
sim the shit
if voltage goes backwards, you fail
oscillators depend on some horrible divide by zero situation
those circuits are so finnicky

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ground up stem tastes kinda like corn tortillas

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mine are like 40pF or something
prob reflections in the probe leads
is weird transmission line shit at high speed

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91K =D

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says on the scope
100V peak i think
hard to see at that res
or 400V i guess
mine says 1M/20pF/400V
no hes talking about typical usage
i dont really see why you would use a 1:10 probe for normal stuff, but whatevers
yeah but 1M isnt gonna affect most circuits
unless theres like Mohm resistances in it
which isnt super common for signal paths
if youre measuring in parallel with 100K
yeah and itll be like 95K or so

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how is eagle a scam
ok how is 5 days earlier a scam
of course not

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man she add such a big ass
tits too

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i design with digikey search
if shit isnt in mad stock, fuckit
TI and fairchild
fairchild is like cheapest for almost everything, and they make almost everything generic
they dont have alot of cool specific IC
but theyre usually who i hit up for generic semiconductor datasheets
i boffed a thick nurse named fairchild
she went bitch and then turned into a robot
it was awkward
then try to justify not calling me back for like a month because her dad died a year earlier
yeah the robot thing was kinda wtf
also the 'i accidentally deleted my myspace' thing
how do you accidentally do that shit it makes you confirm like 3 times

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oh neat
it has a bookmark system for the catalog
not like, real bookmarks
but an on site one
because their url are like 1000 char long
you have to pop out the frame
ya rly
its what makes the site dumb
the catalog and search interface is actually pretty good
its prob because the catalog code generate ridiculous url
theyre just hiding them
check this out
thats a short mcmaster url

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blackmoon: what did you want from mcmaster?
just so i know in case i do some impulse buy thing
seems to happen enough
oh chain link thing, no?
ha, blank
fuck their site
ISO #081 Connecting Link for Steel Metric Roller Chain

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what makes you think my panties are in a bunch everytime i bitch at you
again see youre doing it again!
you should write a note in perm ink on your monitor so you dont forget
of course i care and take it seriously
not youre bullshit
the channel
wtf why are you gonna kick it someplace as much as you do and not give a shit
cmon dude now youre projecting
i discuss shit all day with tons of people that has nothing to do with insulting
you on the other hand...
i dunno its up to you avrfreak3

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yes because you are the electronics expert among us
haha fuck those rc networks are tiny
okay well then criticize
cmon, say something with content
omg i didnt get your joke?
damn how much of your existance is dependont on these weird baseless assumptions you make
okay ST makes 5W+5W bridged output mega soic, too
ill do 10W+10W for the poontangs, and 5W for the tweeters and mids
hehe the 20W soic has a heatsink pad on top

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chimp on minibike was better
okaay i ordered new cnc compy
fuckin shit prob more powerful than my socket a desktop
seravitae: LM4780

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okay i have 15 days for the jetway to fail

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okay ima buy that shit and crash out
oh wait no
i should pick a lower power chipamp
some of the bridged output sex

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my dso board is an ocean of dips
like 10x14" wall to wall dips
i pulled the board out, looked at it, slid it back in and just went fuck
and it started working again
i bought the service manual on cd and everything
it acts funny sometimes
every once in awhile it acts straight broken
usually fixes itself, it is prob dust or old caps some shit
maybe a clipped pin flew into it, i dunno
dont remember what we use
sounds high, heh
808W continuous
sounds sane

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yeah basically
i guess old autorangers were shit
dude it had odometer type display
rolling numbers and shit
yeah it was old strange thing
no it was some DC bridge thing you can use to test voltages
weirdo thing
i think it was an input but im not sure
yeh probably
nuh uh
ha neat
yeah i seen crazy shit like that in catalogs
im like who the fuck buys that shit
there were old tek curve tracers at school with some sort of matric character display
shit was like 70s old
and the light looked incadescent
my shit has vector overlay
and the DSO mode is all vector

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okay ima do it ima buy that shit
fuck the extra psu im running this compy into the ground anyway
nice, $140 shipped and taxed
cpu, mobo, ram, psu
damn id get a case but $20 shit ends up $40 because of shipping
true rms, biatch
haha no im lying i got the 111 not the 112 =\
dunno i <3 my flukes
autoranging #1
haha, the old man tech at my old job felt the need to hook it up to his DC bridge thing to test its accuracy
it was like dead on, and he put the shit down like it had a disease or something

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thats sane, right?
someone smart answer
yeah about $100 for a system core
mobo has old ata so i dont have to buy a new hdd
ha yeah
parport, timecop
because it was $2 more

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i dont think the mobo and cpu will work
i need htt 1600MHz
is ddr2 800 same as ht1600
well whatevers mobo doesnt do it

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my cnc compy is gonna be more powerful than my main compy wtf =\
main computer needs replacing too
but i want some new shit for the cnc

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i need the parport!
thas basically all the computer is for
and prob 2x512 of ddr2 800
for like $23
its cheap
timecop this is to drive a parport
a 2500+ is doing it
if there was a cheaper solution id do it
this also has nvidia graphics
total winn0r for the lunix
the cheapest intel is like $45+ cpu and $30 mobo
theyre open box mobos

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almost got an AM2 mobo for $20
but no parport

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timecop: that mouse is so gay
the whole shell is button one
the only place to grip it is button 2
so what happens when you need to like hold a button down and lift the mouse up...
no i used it, i complained, sandi cried
dude once she was like 'my family got that computer for me!'
i was like 'you should have been like "lets take it back and get a real computer!"'
she made sadfaces =(
its an art project

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nice, lots of open box mobo
wow this one has a parport and everything

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so socket 939 doesnt exist now or what
no mobo
some leftover server shit

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aw, bitches didnt include a heatsink
should i drop an extra $5 for the 3200+...
wai its a newer core

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wtf intel cpu names are worse than amd now
celeron D is neat because it reminds me of vampire hunter D
no wait i gotta check amd cheap shit
gee thanks cpn obvious\
anyway celeron arent trash
theyre just less good
ive had a bunch of useful celeron things
um, it spins
wtf is a via dude
serious stop wasting time!
via is like a list of bug fixes in the linux kernel
amd just whupped intel and dirt cheap
bitches, i need some strawberry lemonade

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i dont really believe in rebates
i know all the cpu/mobo combos are sis
or via
i wanted something intel or nvidia
cpu type: via c7, via c3, amd geode, a64/sempron, celeron
hmm, ati?
who let them make chipsets
okay so this plan is fail
i guess i buy the cheapest intel or nv mobo and find the cheapest proc that fits
sadly itll prob be better than my workstation/game pc

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timecop: hmm, shipping didnt double when i put two
man i need some newegg promocodes
dx^: where to find web coupons?
seems like a dx thing to know
sempron 3000+ on SiS for $50
damn theyre all sis
did they fail hard at chipsets or are they just doing everything now?

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he was few hours ago
wow wrapped cables and everything
I pulled the PS and took it apart to see if I could discern the problem and maybe fix it. I was not impressed with the quality of the internal construction. Looks nice on the outside, but IMO is cheap and ugly on the inside.
wtf its a power supply
theyre all pretty ugly'
they still single side wave solder alot of psu

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hmmm no
i wonder what makes them stallions
yeah they make dual 80mm too
but some are stallion and some are not, both fan styles
alright then stallion it is
$9 shipping wtf
that stuff to be like $5 shipped
doesnt matter, everything went up =(
used to be like $4 flat or free, cases were like $8
i think that is winn0r
yeh, def better than the china shit in the case deals

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it says its done
haha i showed my best girlbuddy gnaakids
she isntantly started trying to make justifications for it too
hehe, its that cool a pic
kk bye
ty for sending stuff back
1125 radio!
k im going to get a pair of 400W rosewill stallions
stallion = 120mm fan

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good things or bad things timecop
yeah doesnt look like shit
comes in 400W
should be enough for the CNC thing
its gonna be integrated everything
and a hard drive and card reader
yeah prob not
but i want overhead because psu suck at life

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wtf at newegg shipping
shit is like 2x now
i didnt notice
i might just buy a cheapo psu
shipping on the cases kinda screws it
$15 wtf
and its not just the cases
everything is more no
maybe ill get a case for main pc and psu for cnc compy
is old chieftech/alienware style box (formally a russian mmo gamer's)
shouldnt have trouble fitting shit in it
do logisys blow up?
eacgle tech, thats new
*eagle tech
bad things?
dude i have a usb thing from rosewill
i think its DOA
i didnt care enough to check hard i plugged it into the mobo header and like nothing

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the rear io panel doesnt look like a breakout
i think that one
Cons: The power supply blew up immediately. do not buy this case based on power supply. when I opened the bag everything went flying, leaving me with missing pieces, careful when you open it. : [

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wtf case inflation or something
okay $40 shipped
$45 taxedm for 430W
hmm no intake fan mount
wtf poor seagates

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hahaha trudat
SD cards
in like 20 card 1/0 arrays
stus idea, i liked it
at least 480W
and 3 120mm fans
lets see what happens
looking like $55 shipped each
trying two
naw just water
i might make my own heat blocks
or something
damn its the psu

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okay im buying two cases with 500W+ psu and 120mm fans
im sick of this computers on fire shit
whatever if cheapest i dont care if that shit looks all hello cyberkitty
its been there practically
this cpu been to 60C several times
1000W and 1200W are in the list w t f
quad sli or something
hard drives dont eat that much power
and hard drives eat alot of power
gfx is some wtf shit
graphics cards did global warming

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i stopped using the autovias at the end
sometimes they work ok, sometime they throw up weird errors
like i routed to an autovia, and it put another autovia
that took a bit to figure out

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okay so i guess i gotta figure out what is fair use of the autovias
i think its just okay for mid trace placement
has to be that shit is ridiculous
soic size vias and shit
ok cool
fuckin stupid cnc computer
ima unplus everything maybe i spilled water in the keyboard or something
fuckin shit is bricked

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timecop: i hate the ratwires on the ground planes
i never feel like that shit is done
they dont want to anymore
anyway, it checks out
with a low pass filter
timecop: check ur emails
o, have not checked
yes is there, ty

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you forgot the whole eeprom?
timecop: k doing checks a last time and packing up to send
oh wtf
you need a whole eeprom just to hold an id string?

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oh shit
timecop: i think im done
lemme go thru and see if i left anything retarded but electrically sound
also, it doesnt thermal pad autovias to ground

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timecop: its something about the autovias
it freaks when you connect them to a gnd planes, among other thingsa
double via issues too
like, i think maybe its bad to end a trace with an autovia
yeah is my theory
wow you know how to measure current?
so failboard is working?

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even scarier

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you dont want engineers running society

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timecop: k down to just ground connectivity
omg it will feel so good to defeat this board after that bullshit this afternoon

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or calc
i dont even know if im gonna pass trig =D
serious i havent opened the book
math without puspose is so meh
like ive done most this shit before for cnc or electronics
but like, actually used the shit

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yeah you gotta tell me what to change tho
but yeah ill make that board work for my setup with the broke endmill
oh is it still smt?
oh ok neat
you wanted to change the avr to smt i think
timecop: neato
kk careful done melt a hole to deep into it
timecop failed calc
thats all i know
i guess

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okay so what happens if you put smt passives upside down?
obvious answer is, nothing, works fine
but i mean hat do they explode, emit radiation out the bottom, what
yeah i dunno no one does it
but if you wanted to make a circuit harder to RE, that would be fun
at least make them desolder all the passives
timecop: taking awhile, hitting drc like a junkie =\
cool, connect check is still sane

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dicktrace board for timecop
also usps didnt jack me and dx
they just like, held onto it for no reason and gave it back on the wrong side of the country

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oh anyway, my best friend girl who im all in love with for 10 years or whatever
she said i was cute with my dreads cut of. this a big relief because i cut off all the parts she did
k i just thought id blog about that
do you have special wetwire into moos brain for irc?
dx hahaha hardcore
joemoose: oh hai
anyway fuck this wetwire shit
its gonna be like robotech
youre just gonna wear something on your head and you can talk to it with EM fields from your brain energy
maybe you have another client up?
sometimes i cant resize my irssi its because i have two putty connected =\
maybe someone jacked you =(
oh neat nico in the topic
k, hi

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that board was fun
yeah kinda
my second board was like...
i unno
some shit i CNCed after designing in audocad
was maybe my second board
the bg image
maybe like my 4th tho
oh hmm
no i think theyre axial ceramics
and the big drops are polypropylene
1% panasonic
when i bench tested it with school shit, it was like it was a math based sim
i was all checking for seams in the matrix
because you really know the math
you would basically be our dsp ninja, heh
girl + dsp = penis in pussy
make it happen!
even better!
dude girls get a letter grade boost automatically

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oh man nixie clock board should be easy now compared to dx and tc boards
i think i really just needed to put the buzzer on it
yeah i def took more time on your board =D
haha @ 1206 @ 1210
you can mug people with 1210
hit themn in the head with it like a brick
well, it doesnt exist yet...
so technically...
yeah all my shit
that way when it doesnt work, you are right
and if it works, fuckit cool to be rong
is a win win outlook
was that the one i did or before?
russia and chinas

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if they do, money goes into the general fund, and prob doesnt go back to the department
keeps them from getting newer shit than they need
timecop: yay
dude i eat croutons like its jesuz

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theyre so good =D
mmmm, crunchy bread, oils, seasonings
i should start looking into ham shit
i wanna do something rf in the summer
depends on school =(
haha my school they wont let teachers sell shit

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timecop: video overlay
the RF injection circuit is so simple its almost a non circuit
id try and build that part into a male-male RF adapter or something
so yeah either the code is bork
or hes rolling RF over his circuit with his tall RA headers, and hitting the reset line or circuit in the uC
okay twingy said hes try and get the endmills out by friday
ill solder in the via things for you
timecop: i think it might end up better now that that shit is ripped up
maybe dicktrace was just like FU DO BETTER

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hes cool
hes got cancer =(
so hes a bit tired sometimes
hes like my fav person ever
yeah since a kid
he used to take shit apart and play with RF things
i think theres too much everywhere
like, waves mix and sum and shit
high freq audio kinda does this thing...
like, if you have two tweeter sources, the sopund wavelengths are such that you creates hot spots
and then attenuated regions
but like, randomly, and alternating patches
like, if you had enough RF energy, i dont see why you could get weird random RF hot spots
prob not with standard tubes
tho you can get tubes same size will do RF fine
not when theyre working right, they dont have that much response
superware: looks more proper
dunno tho man

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we cant get it to work, i dont think we totally get it
dude the guy in the shop who *really* kinows RF is like genius status
not like, gets it or understand concepts well, like has a mastery of it
dude is straight merlin
okay yeah but making shit work and totally understanding are two diff things
timecop makes shit work
maybe one day hell get it, hes sure as fuck didnt get it at all before
dunno man, over my head
and i got paper saying im ok to tech this shit
who real RF people?
my RF instructor does consulting for JPL, i think if itd been anyone else, i would have been totally lost
superware: yes

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and the cable signal gets thru fine
youre not putting signals on copper
youre firing down insulators
the shield and the center lead or the pair of wires in twin lead setup a EM field
and you put your signal down the EM field
at light speed
not very much less at all
burn yourself or what?
yeah i was gonna ask if im putting passives too close or what
i keep a gap between the silks, i figure thats why theyre so fat
travellar: yes with the dialectric value of the insulator
wtf is RN
they do tricks
like with ceramic and synthetic, to actually change wevelength
like, prism type shit
its alchemy
theyre fucking with shit thats barely understood
no i think alot of the little smt antenna now are made from weird shit
RF is not well known

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i think hes rolling signal across the top of his passives to his uC
also the RF engine is right by his reset if im not mistaken
the 8dip is a TV signal generator
ac-130u: prob way easy
fureal, the reason why board shit we do is hard is because we use two layers
like timecops boards would be very hard with 4 layer
ac-130u: you adjust in DRC
i dont
but you can
its a fucked up syntax
i just leave the inside layers and ignore them
but you can delete them usually
superware: yeah but its connected to your RF shit
anyway, youre transmission lines are fucked
because youre not using shielded connectors
youre spraying signal everywhere
its by chance your shit works, im guessing
you want like, shielded BNC or F type connectors
because they will couple your EM signal to the electronic trace without signal loss
signal loss = RF sprayed all over your circuit
series it dont just follow the metal traces
i can do this on my cable system:
two f connector plugs, .5" apart, pointed at each other
so like, no electrical conduction

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because you can get circular currents around the RF shit, which provides ways to couple to other parts of the circuit
its loading
ac-130u: omg you havent tried it yet?
its not that bad
if you can use autocad from the command line, then eagle makes more sense
superware: yeah thats not really a great way to connect up RF shit
like, its not an antenna like for long range
but basically you have a bunch of shitty short range antenna things for connectors
well, kinda
multisim is kinda overkill for capture
superware: but yo7ur prob is at the board

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i guess it works, and i guess i understand, but it seems way to simple
did you post the pcb layout
yeah but youre injecting signal into a transmission line
just weird, i didnt think you could do it that simple
im not saying its wrong, i just dont really get it
or more specifically, i dont believe, or dont want to
no i understand the application
okay my suggestion
route the input to the output perfectly straight
100% straight
basically, do the input and the output connector, a striaght line, and then put your cap and pot nodes right on the line
and route around that
perferably to one side
im saying route it first
and route around it
because every bend and loopback and distance to ground and other signals matter at that speed
i dont know where input and output is
and no i mean unobstructed, open
with ground planes or fingers
like, a trace thats only connected to ground on one side
you dont want to have loops in your ground plane

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man i totally feel like its playing with me why would that work
man i have some brain damage where i cant like just let go and not understand
k hooked 1.8V back up, no errors
i think its working again
i swear timecop i was gonna punch the monitor
fuck 8 year old style
i dont understand how the RF section works
also did you answer my suggestion about the output enable pin?
sorry, microwave section
and thats almost my point
theres some sort of like current injection circuit
and theres a .1uF coupling cap
and no buffering or whatever

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i had raid0 system for a couple years
timecop: ow dude
itll heat up faster than the pins
pointy dental pics, prob like $10 for a cheap set or $3/ea retail style
not like real dental shit, like pakistan shit
thatll work
or itll melt plastic to your fingers
bu yeah better than a needle =\
timecop: okay i think i found it
i did a static via and it worked

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i got it to do the 5V/3.3V merge drc bullshit again
trying to isolate
superware: i dont understand your circuit
omg eternally dropping, cmon
i want like quad 250 or some shit
next box
maybe quad 500
raid 1/0 that shit
timecop: =(
timecop: dental pics!
or i dunno turn the fucking air down
softraid works
least lunix kernel softraid

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timecop: sweet, errors gone

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does it spray again?
when you reroute
if it lets you route again without bitching i can prob redo it pretty quick
did the clearance erro go away?
wonder wtf i did
its worth a try
okay send back i see how fast i can get it back together
man its late already
i totally thought i got enough sleep, i come hom, hit my bed, gone for like 3 hours
it cant be the aids, i got tested for that

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did you update?
yeah its doing weird shit
yeah man that shit looks nuts to me
heh, i expected a buffer or something
why did he leave output enable open
do something with output enable
that shouldnt just be open in an RC system
er, RF system
superware: maybe but like i said at this speed you can fuck shit too like that

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basically RF transmissions lines, so your output will show up in random places in the circuit
because you basically made a waveguide
dianora used to talk about doing benchwork on boards like that
timecop: select net with shove tool active
"via properties..."
theres prob somewhere to change the dfeault via size
that shit pisses me off, i usually dont change till later, and do a bunch of them
kk neat
superware: its not on the transmitter wire really
no in coax or twinlead or a waveguide
you dont use the electrical conductor to transmit signal
because electrons are fucked slow compared to light
so you just use the conductor and the shield or the twinlead to set up electromagnetic fields
play then im guessing youre doing something wrong with the transmission line
and getting reflections
which are driving your circuit nuts
timecop: wai?

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yeah sounds like an EMI fuckup
thats a 159Hz filter, heh
if its just happening with bright pics, its prob a EMI issue
it doesnt reset?
def an EMI issue, also serves as an example of how weird that shit is
like, its light
itll reflect and be absorbed the same
materials its reactive with are diff because of wavelengths
so yeah, you can put something right up on something, and like a 'shadow' from some object blocking the EMI path will have it running okay
but you move it farther, trying to improve things, you maybe moved it out of the shadow
fucking things
RF and is voodoo
er, - and
but i was gonna say RF and grounding are voodoo
like, for GHz systems you really have to get both right
and certain things you cant just best guess
like, a ground plane can actually make things worse
it can create pseudo-striplines

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okay new board old schema is tons of same errors
i loaded new schema into a backup of old board
no errors
so its prob something i did on the board
superware: why do you think its resetting?
write some code into it and see if you can get it to hold a gio high for a sec and then low
timecop: what did i do?
also the speakercon error was doing that since i put it there

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yeah my backup is no DRC errors when i relate to old schema
i need a cnc compy or plants only have 2.5W of light =(
they been in their little box for two nights i think
weird, no?
or i can use the board i drilled for the toner transfer
rev2, without the drop resistors and topside grounding clear of the connector
and just cludge it

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earlier today
your time all offset wrong
heheh, maine
i wonder if he talks all northeastern like
i checked the net properties too
in that little drc error patch, they were blank, i think i tried setting a few to like 8mil or something to see if that would kill it
maybe something with the new schema

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yeah, im just saying thats pretty much it
and the wtf drc shit by the buttons and led and pwm
kk sec
zipping up
yeah schema save is dimmed so i didnt bork that
haha dx put 8 istead of 3 in my addy
he got my shit back, they didnt eat it

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wtf is juice
it says like, 3.3V and 1.8V are merged
thats the dot in the top
and the one on your speaker con are board dimension errors
wtf that shit is like .08" from the edge or soemthing
it bitches about the led/button shit
no wait
thats drc
i think its mostly ground and power
1.8 and gnd are merged
3.3 and gnd are merged
3.3 and 1.8 are merged
vcc 1.8 broken two places
the new one
i copied the old board file to a new file, and then loaded new schema into new file
think $180
yeah double last time + 20 for the audio thing
okay i think you meant me send to you
oh ampon needs to be routed but thats not so hard
i think a via jump does it

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2.4GHz is still a pretty big wavelength
it dont get real nuts till 5+ GHz
then wavelengths are like 10cm, 3cm, shit like that
its weird because it kind is
anything GHz is very human
i believe it goes
so what .000000001*300000000
i said 3
no it goes light speed
light is just EM radiation
radiowaves and microwaves are same shit but way bigger
for 2.4GHz according to the calc
timecop: check pics?
serious that shit is fucking pissing me off i wanna hit my monitor

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you can put a .1uF cap from reset to ground
thise will form an RC filter from your VCC to reset
the only real drawback if you cant use debugwire
but i doubt youre planning on doing that if they device even supports it
RC filter for any interference a bit about f=1/(2piRC)
youre not using it probably
i guess it filters out the debugwire signal
other ISP modes, reset is just pulled low i think so its not an issue
*a bit above
why not
parts is parts man

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which means less noise/interference
gpf_1: k good lucks
superware: undefinable
GHz is voodoo, i have about 6 months in labs and lectures and its still nuts to me
oh hait sry
check the reset line
nuh uh
superware: you have a reset pullup?
test33: im guessiing spicing up the truth
superware: what do you mean tried, just leave it
and put a .1uF from reset to ground
what im saying is why they would do it
and why is it just kicking it on her desk
superware: if your reset isnt disabled, you need a pullup R
10K is suggested value and the one that has always worked for me

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the xtals wont do anything if the chips are dead or not using them
i guess so
swap out with known good shit
ill even get it off piece of mail
im not sure if this post office calls us tarzana or reseda
i think we got changed or something
gpf_1: yeah but maybe an xternal digital line
instead of an osc
is what i was thinking, but the half rail biasing makes me thing maybe you did fuck your xtal
i dunno tho
superware: no
well, or yes
its a black art
i tend to like doing grounding in like branches
or star topology
so you take ground pots together, then take the grouped grounds together, until you take everything to your system ground point
sometimes this isnt super convienient
typically, you want at least seperate digital and analog grounds
that return independently to a point
rounded traces have less inductance

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im fucking angry
just like, stop spinning one day?
do they have clock options?
sounds like the chip is dead cuz its not pushing the xtal
maybe its set to internal or non xtal clocking

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nice job

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i can use the broke conical on it, too fat
no twingy prob get them towards end of the week =\
but i didnt wanna spend like $45 on 3 endmills and shipping
shit i have to paypal him for that
hes on drugs?
dui is lame
'hey man why are you here in prison?'
'i dunno i cant remember'
man small g nicks make me so paranoid

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tarzana or reseda?
hmm, lame
paste the addy in a msg to me
no paste the addy on the box
like read with eyes, type it with your fingers
i get paste is a bad word to use
yeh, heh
dicktrace is making me wanna stab
if these are real errors, its helping like zero
dx^: yeah, im doing a board for him
and now its throwing up stupid errors that dont make sense
superware: yes
its done i just need to mill it

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fuck easy
you want easy find a job that uses microsoft office
like, its throwing up a board clearance error for a speaker connector
shit is .06" away from the edge
more, i stopped measuring after that
.1pF isnt even a cap
its like, two wires 2mm apart in an epoxy dot

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its coupling to your reset line
put a cap on it if youre not using debugwire
timecop: personal status = about to stop wasting time with this diptrace joke
DRC is just wrong
im not trying to waste my time fixing phantom bullshit
if the shit is merged it needs to tell me where, not just throw up a circle where it feels like it
this is beyond gay
and its throwing up clearance errors for shit father than DRC gap

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and DRC is like 'hi im retarded, how are you?
superware: ground planes, signal shields, and metal boxes

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oh and it does shoving better
because your breadboarding is shit
did you trim all the wires and do something sane with grounds and move chips closer together and etc etc etc?
breadboard is basically random capacitor bank
yeah i think you posted link to something earlier
yeah =\
i was pretty distracted yesterday
my cnc computer decided to die
yes my cnc computer is dead
i was gonna finish this shit for timecop and get a mobo and cpu with the moneys
but now its throwing completely stupid errors

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omg DRC in dicktrace is pissing me off
its like 'big circle, something wrong here'
... no
3.3V and 1.8V nets overlapping
at the circle, theyre like .2" apart
im straight up just about to say fuckit
its ratswiring is also jacked up
like, i dont wanna see 100 ratwires for shit thats connected
its not my project
i do use eagle, why do you have any questions about it?
its not mine
hello ive posted like 20 boards from eagle in here in the last couple months
not rly
its not like paying myself to do work is very progressive
all dicktrace has going for it is its easy and gui based

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rab: dont think so
maybe sample distros, they get shit sooner
ooo i think my clothes are dry \o/
timecop: shit mostly routed
ty stu i am glad you are making an effort to be more positive
dx got my parts back!
thats means usps didnt jack us!
maybe dx forgot the apt number

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timecop: speaker throwing weirdo error
speaker con
pin one is like board dimension error in drc
shit is like .1" away from board edge
well you will see, probably

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i think eagle is faster
but you had to have used eagle for like 2 or 3 years before that happens
it does alot of things better, its def a gui native ui
at some point i figured out that eagle was actually gui'ed console cad
and then it all suddenly made sense
not easier
at all
just faster
im down with that, because i try and use autocad console style if im doing big projects
but yeah if you dont do cad, like for fun or work or whatever, itd suck, heh
bos_: the menu help is total shit =\
its just the console cmds basically
like, itd prob help me now
but only because i know the app almost intimately at this point
like library management is 100x easier with console commands
maybe new eagle is better

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fuck wine and winex
they fail at fallout[2]
cant do fallout = not adequate windows
will it dick with the trial stuff if you do that?
you cant just use a reg patch?
didnt see
i need to get a real mouse and a small computer desk with no room for mess
suycks tho because like mousepad is by definition room for a mess

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damn my cheapshit integrated cnc computer prob gonna be better than my mainbox
your net port interface
i think it fixes diptrace secret reg haxing
omg trackball is so high maintenance
like the bearings get little dust/hand sweat pads on them
you have to be popping the ball out, wiping in your shirt, and touching the bearings with your fingers

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my gf made a golden glazed crowd of teeth and gums
like, teeth up, full set but like jaw wrapped around so teeth are continuous
er exgf
omg and giant teeth in like translucent pink latex gums

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tc thats prob too much gain
well fuckit its a resistor you can change later
because its like headphone, small speaker amp style, so they do more gain then they need and you usually adjust it
but yeah looks ok
prob have to adjust the c and r values for the filters (cuz 2 poles dropped), but layout doesnt change
okay neat i will see if it fits in lower right corner
oh, you usually adjus it, meanining user person, vol knob
hmm i need cofee or something

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timecop: its two pins of the sam7 no?
those look easy to get to the bottom corner
pwm and an enable, yeah?
im looking at the ratwires like brainrouting it
nm lemme look at schema
new, and its pretty much done
it needs shoved around and an audio thing
i think it already DRC and connect checks
sec ill check that shit im being like morning dumb
im not sure but i think maybe i like how schema capture works in diptrace
more than eagle
kinda yeah
if you dont have schema and board open in eagle while youre working, very bad things happen

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oh nice
haha qfn no way they can call it that
pob another circuit board on it
timecop: the big thing has an antenna inside or something?
is it an open module or something plastic packaged?
like a stamped folded metal shield or like heatspreader on a cpu?

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o hai
so maybe i should go to frys and get some integrated everything mobo + cpu combo
and a psu
man fuck i didnt wanna be building a dumb computer right now
well fuck that ill try a psu
then when it fails i can feel ultramega distraught again
i pulled two psu from random boxes last night
one didnt have the 4p aux connector
the other was blacks inside connector wtf
fuck people giving me their 1995 shit wtf
mike.ru gave me a socket a, wtf is this blacks in the middle shit
yeah i was going to do that today
and really i can afford it now but then i will have like less amazing excess resources
haha my financial aid status went from payment:MAR to payment:APR
shit is worse than fedex tracking

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