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so its the toolrest?
oh so when it wobbles whole machines prob wants to dance
maybe try ballast weight on the other side?
a similar plate on the opposite side
make it more hardcore then

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ok ima go to all today and buy knobs
i want those grey ones
they really need to do pics of the back so you know what position the dshaft is relative to pointer
macegr: omg this board is so sexy
posting in a minute
i can sell this shit with heatsinks i think
its $10 cost for 10W+10W stereo output
i can do heatsinks with $1 in Al
what are you guys mind h4xing?
kay im not going to sociology
but im am going to make an art pcb for sexy teacher like sorry i suck
oh the ginder still
is it the bearings or did you already decide no?
the vibration
not that bad
i thought it was some blackmoon .125" tolerance stuff
bm spec

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okay fuck the poontang megaxmax

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ST got enrish
Standard-By Attenuation vs Vpin. 9
blackmoon: omg i post this pcb soon this chips pinout is awesome
you will see
you will be like daaaayu,
you need to get a real bench gringer
stop buying this harbor freight level shit

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i dunno
its machine screw sizes
yeah but those a M3 M5 etc
#4, #10 is some made up american thing
yep one of those
i dont have to remember it says in the bible
yeah that was cool

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thats what i want to use
no way to strip the heatsink threads with a 1/16 hex
im almost done with board
its flat on bottom, just star ground

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see i can route a board for like 2 hours in eagle, hit drc, no errors
diptrace is not so much the same yet
so this chip routes awesome
and then the other chip is like the same shit mirrored
so like, im going to make a heatsink with two SMT FC cap size holes
and then 4 threaded holes in the corner
its like same Y dimension as board, longer X
so you drill four holes in the bottom of altoid can
then put the heatsink over the board placed in between the hole
and bolt in from underneat
im going to use #4-40 cap screws
hex socket with rounded headed
im going to via the fuck outta the planes and silicon goo the bottom of the board
its like um...
library, eh

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omg these little amps route so nice

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13, yells too much, maybe broke alot of shit
put him in a room next to a 17 year old, 13 year old gets booty raped
prob consentually
but wtf
also lots of staff fucking around with kids
mostly guy staff and girls
its weird because its like you take kids from a fucked situation, and put them into a lord of the flies survival drugged up situation
ya rly
they need to integrate it with the school system
instead of probation and mental health
childrens services, mental health, and probation are like the same system
blackmoon: haha @ scam

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they jack up your meds hardcore there
all those psychotropes are crazy head shit
so yeah, ive done alot of weird drugs
acid and shrooms and shit aint that hardcore, you can still hold a train of thought unless youre peaking hard
this was back when it wasnt normal to be on psych meds
yeah its like zero efficient
staff get paid
no they dont care
its for the money
my friend wouldnt take the drugs
he was never going home, there til he was 18
so they had nothing to hold on him, since he wasnt probation
he was a skater and did alot of spots in LA so if they moved him, he would just leave
and go back
they wrote him up as taking drugs every day
even tho he refused
its for the insurance money
haha damn
blackmoon: it just sucks because its like, physical and sexual child abuse between clients and staff and clients all the time
like, omg kid gets taken from his home for almost nothing

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prob more than anyone
stu: the first time i did acid, everything in my family was basically nuts
like a week later i didnt sleep for a week
and then two weeks later i was in the system
spring break
at which point i was drugged mad crazy for years
if you dont take drygs 'you arent following your program' and they will boot you from a placement
if no beds are open in another placement, which is usually the case, you go to a holding tank facility
if you bitch at any point, you are likely to earn a 2 week stay in a psych hospital, once per month, because that is the month insurance allotment per kid

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oh then so
southwest and ATA mostly
and jetblue
yeah you guys all connected up
i want to go to europe at some point
i wanna go to russia too but its too scary
wont do it
if im hit ocean, i wanna die
i dont like the ocean
i <3 beaches
there are monsters in there yo
they exist, they all live there
freshwater is less scary
dunno not much really
more likely sleep deprivation
note lik now like hardcore shit a decade ago
naw its personal
i do shrooms now and my whole trip is 'just dont freak out, dont be stupid'
and im fine
acid is not so diff really
i never had visuals or vivid hallucinations
when i did, i would open my eyes because i had nodded off
i dont trip really

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like hes had some cool business ideas, but you need to have a chunk at once and convince a bank shit
thats too much
if i wante fast id get an F5 daytona and something GM
and spend a summer building and setting it up
those things are so neat they got the original chassis designer to design the new one
i have to put a chevy in it to be a bitch
then get a 550 spyder!
and put like a club racing roll bar on it
dont die =(
may 5
i got like a week to do board order
they do it every year ill go again if its fun
like 350mi
not that far
like 6 hours maybe
no not at all
i havent done the amtrak since i was a kid
i usually bus it or fly
you can go one way to SF area like $50
from burbank usually, but LAX too almost as cheap
flying got cheap after 911 and never went back up
i flew the nov right after and shit was like $200 round trip to seattle
i think so
we have virgin

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creative people arent happy with shit
okay that statement was extreme, but its like shot in the right direction
ok yeah thats def creative thing
you have vision but you cant deal with non perfect end results
serious i know art students this is like basically their hell
no its not, its motivation for some people
you learn alot
learning is good
you would spend money on other bullshit
$90K car or something
yeah thats good
my brest friend is leaving for i dont wanna say why or where
but hes like, i need to get a real job and humble myself
he spent all his money partying and shit
like 8 years

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omg cooooold
stu: i have neato chipamp board maybe finished tonight
is only 20W
is neat im doing io all modchip board style, and its flat on bottom so i can do some sexy heatsinking shit
you can reinvent electronic everybody did everything and had it named after them already =(
because gainclones are clean
itd be worth it even with smps if you can deal with the loss
personally id run half power and cleaner sound anyday
that is true tho, that statement
building shit is never cheaper
unless its one off no research perfect ghetto h4x
like, in most areas, you have to do something similar, but better in some aspect
cars are $$$
haha thats neat tho
because you are creative thats good, fool
means you arent drone status

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like, 2nd level to 10 year old harold back, front paws first
and then she kinda balled up on impact and bounced off the ground unrolled and sped away
my cat is like w t f

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my sisters one year old girlcat is insane
a) tabby, to the point of wrapping her tail around her feet when she sits
b) ninja moves
harold has kung fu its like whatever but wtf shes annoying
they would ignore it and play with the milk top just to fuck with you
i bought 4 steppers to make a little tank bot
2 for tank motion, and maybe cam on A/C axis turret
haha no
mine was gonna be like 3"
path0s: yeah they will do that sometimes
we have a 3 level cat tower
its maybe 8ft tall
she just like climbed up it in two lunges
my cat was walking by and she sraight WWF'ed his back
i almost choked on my drink laughing

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wtf books why would you buy an avr book
hello, datasheets, appnotes, avrstudio help

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clear potting, audio cubes
just add connectors
prob extensive
im guessing at least 3 sizes
i mean wtf else you gonna have besides cones balls and blocks
yeah maybe better
chop em in half
just wittle them outta blocks
make a lathe with a broom handle and a countertop tool holder
use a steak knife
by countertop crossslide tool holder, i mean your hand
i have to lib barrel jacks

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this is as cool as wavy sine
i wanna try and get the boards done by sunday
well saturday
and then doublecheck the fuck outta the layouts
okay im do power amp
since i have like a thousand preamp sections ima do this shit all super minimal gainclone style
i wonder if potted audio sections would sell
with wire tails

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or fuckit you can just put a steel block inside
with a tube size hole
that shit aint going anywhere
altoids is like 2x3x.75
sounds neat
oh, weird
the screen should diffuse it enough
get cool color transistions too i bet
i dont even think you would need seperators to make cells
why 140
reflector cones if you still wanna do it
no like up
metalic paint
i would test
lathe into the led?
dont can prob buy some type of cheap cone
then paint or wrap in silver mylar or foil

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whats projector tubes
oh sexy
ok neat
how thick?
the walls
like 1/16 or 1/8?
okay neat\
they are clear or diffuse?
very nice
yeah some screen would be cool
if you cant find anything local i can mcmaster it
okay neat
you can do cabinet and speakers with laser time
haha yeah
theyre about that size if they go over fl tubes
like, you can put a wood block inside
with a diameter hole like the tubes
and some lead or steel inside
hehe, can do altoids both sides
silver tops with metal screen prob pretty cool tho

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then if i dismantle curiously strong audio for some jacked up reason, or redo psu, i have a 160VA power donut
macegr: i selected tiny24
i can change if you dont have, if you wanna do firmware (appreciated, ty)
just lemme know what you wanna do it on ill stick it on the board
soic or qfp
dont be doing that qfn mlf shit to me
okay i can put a tiny44 soic on it
i dont want to go less than 0805 or soic because i wanna be able to kit this shit
for intermediate ninjas
ill put a RA box on the back so we can jack into it

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okay yeah, so 6V 2A sounds good?
i think im try some some of those $.70 TI switchers with fat NPN dpak output switch
they have app schemas for it, should be no brainer
the psu might be a double stack
rectifier on top with diode protection, rail fuse
and then the smps units on the bottom tin
since its enclosed i can just use grommets and wires
fastons for the IEC and an ouput board for the connectors
because fuckit if youre gonna do home audio for DIY'ers, gotta do it fureal
i will have a 160VA power donut, no one can discredit me
plus i wanna put the amps to 11 at some point
i dont want the psu to be the thing that pussies out thats so lame

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half Vref of like 3V
or 3.3V
or actually
make conversion to voltages in the uC easy
then you decide what the center of the wave is
either constant or realtime
and then you moving average (slow, human visual time)
yeah i wanted to have peak and then average info available
so you could like do light to peaks
and color gradients from top and bottom to average
sometimes youd drop out the average
yeah something like that is cool
anything that works is cool actually
even just normal peak and fade with color schemes
well, for ninja color levels
but yeah thatd be cool
you could do multipliers as flash constants
but yeah this is all details shit
i can test my eee serial dongle and we can even fuck with it there
hehe, ill get a RA 10p box for the back so we can pug into it =D
oh right you mentioned that

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because most the shit is coming from digikey
speakers and toroid from parts express
i was gonna do an soic thing
p-ch mosfet
NMOS is complimentary
i was prob gonna use a vref
either precision or current source and resistor
no TI thing or some bjr and 3 resistors
well clipping is 1VRMS
yeah but we can make it so FF is clip/max
1.414VP rectified
which is an option
its easier on the code
well like what i was gonna do
was center the voltage swing

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no you are getting whatever you want at whatever current
im buying a LM317 progably
audio going into a buffer
then to avr on other side of board
then i have the signal and power to two minidin 8
then at the psu, a minidin 8 with signal unconnected
thats neater for user, worse for noise to your thing
i can also do dedicated lines without shift rails back to psu
i need one to shift bar and one to psu
because im using the cable for power from the psu
thats why i need 5
you need 2
imdoing dedicated grounds to shiftu stuff and then shield on system ground to psu
naw im buying those
because thats why i switched to those for the little amps
theyre very nice connectors for about 2A
i could do all he amps with it i guess
because 8A capable in parallel
i have on selected already
one for the selector altoid relays and buttons
sec ill see what i put in the parts list
do you use digikey parts list?
the user login thing
its kinda neat i think you can load it wih nonsense and itll hold it with an error
so i want to put the all electronics pars there too

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funny shit
same chip, flipped for extra heatsink pad access
this should be a super simple routing
dont think im even going to buffer
yeah fuck that id need some rail to rail shit
dont trust
user contributed
hell yeah it is @ in lib to blank following characters in schema
if you use it measure it
but yeah do you want me to mill up some io thinger for shifty VU?
the thing i boarded quick is like .1" spaced, holes same spacing like .5" back from edge, another hole between i think .25" back
i made so if you want you can do some holes in the bottom, or counterbores with laser

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okay see how one is in series with the resistor?
whose bot is that anyway
macegr: oh
yeah i dont mess with it much, dunno details
but yeah, when gio goes low, and the cap is charges, then current dumps thru the resistor
so you get your time
macegr: i think its called cream or some shit
okay neat
cream is like extra space between the mask and the pad
set to like .004 default or something, i guess so the mask fits nice
we are somewhat weak at dsp
dx will learn soon
hopefully he gets some dsp pussy too
okay thats good
itll be black
i seen that on boards btw

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but im guessing its like around .7
thats maybe when your logic flips
its a reverse log curve i guess?
i starts going up steep but it levels out
but it never actual;ly get to VCC
every time constant, you raise by the remaining voltage to VCC multiplied by the ratio
so i think 2 time constants is like .85*VCC or something
then it gets above .9
i think maybe
its hard to tell without the gates drawn in
and i would wanna trace all that shit out, its kinda like traces variables thru code, its not super fun
yeah you can time shit
if you have a high impedance input, say a gio or opamp, you can use a resistor and cap to time things
the resistor regulates the current into the cap, so it takes time to charge up
bigger the resistor value, the more time it takes
and as it charges, theres less voltage across the resistor
so less current
charges less fast
do this for infiniti
macegr: check drc
i think there is a setting for mask overlap

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the number is a time
find the time constant ratio
if you put say 1V on the RC, at R*C seconds, itll be .65V
or .63V, or .68, you need t find that number
its between .6 and .8
is a uF
but its not gonna be vcc
its gonna be a ratio of it
then you take the remaining voltage
and in another time constant, you raise by the difference times the ratio
you never actually get to VCC ever
you just get close
but your input go high at lower than VCC
so his shit might be close to dead on
depending on logic family
wtf is an mc or hrst
youre right
yeah the cap is drained out
well it gets a percentage of the way to VCC

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i dunno lets say high
yeah its pulled down
sends the other shit low
now the cap is dumping...
omg wtf timecop
the cap dumps thru the 100K
i dunno its crazy shit maybe
okay shit is disabled
2 is high
dumps into the cap instant
3 is high
6 is low
cap dumps into 100K
now 13 is low
man thats some crazy shit
oh what
his shit isnt in order
1 2 3 6 13 10 9
im just trying to figure out a steady state
but he tricked me
multiply them
product, ohms, farads, you know this shit

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fark loads instant
i havent been there in years
oh fuck
k loads fine now
dude its an inverter and some hax with 10ms time constant
if that shit works thats awesome
your to slow ill get the datasheet myself
you should tell him to draw the gates on the schema so we get a clear idea of this wtf shit
adjacent io in same direction
pin 1 input
gate 1 input pin 1 output pin 2, g2 i3 o4
so you send the first...

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like, multilayer boards you could get all into signal routing without so many compromises
some solder epoxy i think
and a drill mask
squeeqee it on and put thru the oven after tin plating, shrug
im pretty sure they dont press in tubes
i really dont see that technology lasting very long
timecop: cap?
what resistor
multiply them and say
math it
fuckit ill math it
sec fool
well, kinda, but maybe yeah
thats a 10mS time constant
time constant is like .65 or some shit
google RC time constant
you multiply them
dude your shit is lagged

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is usb on laptops gonna die all of a sudden because that would kinda mess me up
check the lower ugly layers
its like a setting in DRC, too
you can maybe set the mask positive or nagative from the via pad edge
wtf the soldermask doesnt go in the holes
the solder does
its in DRC
you can set where the mask starts
it depends, they can do both
small vias are usually filled
but they can justdo tiny plated holes too
big corp boards usually have filled vias
like multi-multilayer shit
yeah double sided is just plated holes alot but i seen both
yeah wtf
you put a via halfway!? NO
but they do =\
like it makes sense when you think about the process of making individual layers
but the boards still trip me out

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timecop: omg they are letting you loose on internal PC adapters?
is it less suck?
the popout lever on those things was by far the coolest tech
and wtf dont put a popout lever on my shit just make it work
like this big fucking debris sucking hole in the side of the laptop
parallel or either?
i mean does it have both in every slot
ok thats neat
that sounds sane and useful even
yeah if you can use both and it works off a slide in adapter, thats kinda ninja
thats so fucking stupid people will buy it
wont they usually have usb slots like right next to them?

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if you send me a layout and depths, i can write you some gcode to do pockets in the thing
and a setup script
that way you can do on any cnc machine
yeah whatever you want, its doable pretty much
like, cutting out might be not so great for the last 10mil
but i can keep that localized and finish with a few hits from an emery board
delrin is neat because its like, smooth yet flat
like the black shit is reflective but its not super glossy style
i really <3 that stuff
im not sure if you mean a positive negative groove for a shim
also with the cnc, you can make it fit the boards
like it would be a tad larger, with a lip that fits over the sides of the board
give it like .005-.01" on both sides
okay like long wide U channel
oh ok
so one end is the usb jack
and the viewable side is the IR thinger on its side
all in black
hehe blask mask bottom would be sexy

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im doing the speaker outputs on my board all modechip style
like .2" sqr smt pads
er, modchip
on the big amp, little amp is minidin8 pair
4+ 4- and shield
yeah they lie, its like lumber
fuck them
mmm, abs
greycz did some pretty cool shit with vacuumed abs
i still have that little useless pc thing he abs wrapped
ill mill them for you if you want
charge you for the tool, i dont have 1/32 flat
that size shit is pretty much what my machine excels at
big shit its like 'wtf yo'
hole is kinda ghetto
anyway, delrin is clean on a mill
yeah black i sexy

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oh i found the diagram on top
it has an amp so maybe its pretty good
its filtered so i guess as long as theres no noise or interference, prob can pick out the highs/lows
like, that was prob bench tested in a very dark faraday cage
i remember IR stuff being surprisingly high but i dunno really
it seems like it could get 35m if the amp was good
the amp is prob just comparator style, outputs on rails to the NPN out
yeah see AGC
if their AGC is pimp (and they are vishay) then it should be able to pick up almost nothing and turn it into demodded pulses
yeah sounds neat
this has internal pullup

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oh shit
i thought that was one layout
thats neat its 2 detectors probably
or is it rx/tx?
okay cool so it can get around cables and shit more
timecop just named your device
too late!
rly its a dong sucker
but like you can say its a statement about the duality of ICs
remember that game blaster master?
that shit was awesome, that level designer hated kids or something
yeah with a IR cannon
at what power transmission/focus levels?

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if yes, hax some normal ones into RA
china assemblers will prob be like: wut
oh i need to make to92 vreg libs
then first altoid thing is 95% finished
oh also FC/KZE libs
theyre RA
yeah but theyre made to do on their sides
i dont think they would have your back if they failed like that
but you are 1 person they prob dont care anyway
yeah thats what im saying

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that way they can contract out the work without giving out a spec for the machine
so um
my crt has a hairline fracture
should i be worried?
i cant even feel it
maybe its just a fine scratch
i dont even know where this viewsonic came from
dude stfu
i used to have nighmares when i was n00b
is that common?
no timecop im too big im like 230lbs or 250lbs or something
its suck up the weed on my keyboard bezel
prob cant even pick up my lighter
its like a foot of vacuum how bad can it be...
oh hai is that in english at the bottom or what?
macegr: sexy block diagram
are these personal build?

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for the sparkfun component?
oh you mean stock i thought maybe you meant pennies
i dunno about remotes
lower is less power usually
is not a coil, heh
are universal remotes fixed?
for 1000 i would let the chinese enjoy it
keep secret from sam, tho
was not aware of one
prob wasnt a tv was prob something with tv remote style comm

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haha fucker
change it on the fly and shit
make it type shit out onto peoples screen
ooooh, huh
you are like always thinky
this is your HID code, no?
oooh, resourceful
digikey some smt IR shit
prob like something for $1
an ra smt something
yeah those prob not $1 as often
no put it inside the board macegr
do it!
but yeah some of those 0603/0805 things have really wide radiation patterns

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for power from the mini amps to the tweeters and mids
oh neat
i need 5
i need one from psu to controller
and 4 for speakers
the yeah i didnt decide till after
yeah but then you showed links and i was like wow
im making my own minidin3 power daisy and stereo audio jumpers
and power daisy for miniamp barrels
and a jumper for the megamp barrel
macegr: does ebay have lots?
mac serial cable you said?
thats 8 + shield?
wtf at apple calling something with 8 pins serial
my fuckin WWVB IC is like that
its serial control, with 9 fuckin lines to the uC
no its serial comm with a bunch of control and enable and status lines
its actually pretty neat, but its kinda frusrating
they could have done it all in software with like a d-flop reg and a couple gates more than they had on there

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i have paper and pencil and TI calc and powertor calc and spreadsheets and notepads
dis how we roll
but yeah i should gank one of these math apps
maybe it will get interesting enough ill actually be excited about stupid fucking pointless non applied math classes
macegr: thats okay tho, if i make the minidin8 things and send to you?
because im getting all the connectors anyway
and i used the pinout on your shifty VU sketchup images for the minidin8 pinout so you can just run some ribbon out of the adapter to the led thingers
most of the math used for design is basic algebra
analysis you can do im sim
but yeah im sure those apps are neat for anything
not just specific stuff
macegr: how many?
i want like um...

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this just does data analysis and graphs and shit?
wkr4k4r is like eggsalad status in my chan
wkr4k4r: wai are you still there
omg thats some deep geek shit
math analysis program add-ons wtfwtf
i cant believe my best friend is moving away
haha he got some 22 year old cutey, hes moving someplace nice

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delrin #1
is it cheap there?
2x2' of .25" delrin for $122
not bad
macegr: i can get you within .002 probably
well, dead on if i feel like MDI'ing it and measuring
oh neat
did you wanna do both sides?
or is it all one side
its maybe 1.6 finished
if its 1.5 board that sounds right, maybe even low
hahaha @ $200 for a student edition
try popular to juarez edition

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some staff get the joke
test33: ou cant hide that shit
they put the kids in there because they dont know
when it was a kids boarding school, thats prob where they put the bad girls
and the new intakes if they were from 'troubled homes'
magnetic locks
those things are wicked, i seen people ram them and get them open enough almost to get thru
then they slam the fuck shut
prob take off fingers
yeah the small ones are like 3" square by like 8"
big ones were like door size, i think
maybe 30"
mclaren hall had that shit too
im pretty sure they closed that place down
was like a holding tank for system kids who werent probation
if you probation they can always just throw you into juvenile hall
not really
almost all of those people are passive
they will act out, but rarely physically
violent people go to jail and prison

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quadrature, sometimes pwm chopped
microstepping is pwm chopping
like, im prob not getting more accuracy
but the steppers sound waaay smoother
omg stfu or youre gonna start sounding like a loon
weird, no?
i dont give a fuck, he ignores half the chan and then convos get weird
tho i can talk shit about him without it wasting 3 or 4 minutes
thats kinda neat
test33: its just a hospital but the beds are normal
also there would be a room with 5 point restraint bed
also there would likely be an L or U shaped hallway
with a nurses station at the curve
theyre all the same
haha, exgf took me to an art school at a art school used to be a girls boarding school
we went to this room in the back, for the bathroom
it was where they taught the little little kids
the classrooms were in a psych ward =\
L shape hall, worn down doors, wired glass panes
not really
just kinda wicked
haha, ive asked for pepsis in kids psych hospitals before

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my best bro is going away
everyone is going away
least i get to visit someplace cool i guess
prof braggin about all his shit again?
macegr: beep
ok i can make the minidin8 input for your thingies and send?
i matched up the pinout with your shifty rgb things
my TI solar scientific calc is fine
ac-130u: sure
the logic to drive the pulses is not so hard
you can use the rest of the fpga do do feedback
else its kinda a waste

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its such a complicated name for a grounded box
they were making from crazy faraday shit in a chiba jp uni
for studying biological electromagnetics
oddly i read about that within a couple years of first reading neuromancer =\

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fuck apple, i want hardware from a tech company not a marketing company
neat, ETA 45min to rendezvous with ja <3

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sec ill test in a minute
im pretty sure ive done it before for project specific libs
haha wtf
are they like 3mm tall or something?

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fuck i wanna play with quartus soon
do some big table lookup synth shit
@ is the hidden pin label char, no?
in eagle
blackmoon: nono
theres a char that wont show stuff after in schema
so you can do NC@1, NC@2, NC@3
and in the schema they just show up as NC NC NC
yeah i think its @ or #
haha h4x

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whats LeMons
LeMans 24 is basically pinnacle of production relavent racing
haha nice
block entry
hes dumb, any spice app does that
in fact thats how complicated models like opamps are built
theyre just sub-circuit descriptions
believe so, in ltspice
i dont use it
and i believe you can do that in diptrace with the pattern stuff
i thought patterns were libs but theyre higher level
i tried to pattern something on one of your boards but i undid it because when i unpatterned it like dropped all the ref des stuff
maybe would have fixed if i updated, dunno

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dip trace is easy
haha 'the crack'
okay so slug down is normal
slug up is backwards
theyre the same chip family
the same pinout
they didnt fuck up
slug up is literally upside down with the pins formed the other way
yes the normal slug down heatsink is like that
im usually like, bottom left when horizontal
but whatevers, the slug down is standard
the 20W soic20 with the heatsink pad up is the same chip, flipped, pins pressed the other way
think that kills my 2amps1layout plan
okay even the cut corner is opposite side
they didnt fuck it up, they flipped the chip for more heatsinking like hax0rs
you seen any scary shit in it?
wkr4k4r: open src wtf?

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like, milling captive balls and multiface puzzles and shit
that shit is useless
but its def the coolest machined shit ive seen, some a technical and fixture making standpoint
who the fuck cares about quantum theory
relativity is pretty useless to me for design
im not busting e=mc^2 for much in my designs
omg =(
hello why are we here?
try observation of the real world
quantum physics isnt real world
im sorry but thats just a bunch of theoretical shit thats maybe useful to researchers
i dont know quantum mechanics other than real base concepts
i do electronics and mechanical design pretty ok, imo
meh, diptrace is slow and DRC has issues
just take 2 years to learn eagle like a real ninja
i will check it out next time you send me a board to do
did you archive them?

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this pinout starts at 1 on top left
20 on top right
slug up soic 20
i have slug down soic 20 chip too ima check that...
no i think they did the chip upside down
so like you can heatsink fureal
well maybe ima check
okay slug down
why not
i dont see them as exclusive
usefulness is in the eye of the beholder
also homebrew tech is typically minimalist
im saying it doesnt matter much to me
people building shit is good
even if it sucks
blinking can be cool
throbbing is neater
hehe neat
yeah see theres machinist toys

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people have told me i should silkscreen my pcb designs onto tshirts
i guess to them it looks like some crazy abstract shit
whats batik
okay ill look into it
maybe sandi knows how already
i wanted to do masks and screen style
hehe cool

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id prob go with vented goggles or clip on RX that go behind the lens (do they make those?) if i had to wear glasses
because you want them around all the time
so youll use them else sometimes you just wont because youre in a hurry
thats why i have like 10 pairs
get some vented lab goggles then
theyre cheap, too, maybe $5 a pair
yeah but you dont want it to heal over shit
cats fuck themselves up like that
they heal too quick, dont bleed enough, so they get infections alot
yeah that shit scares me
my montreal buddy scratched her eyes up doing stained glass
no one wore glasses there i was totally like WTF FUCK THEM GET SAFETY GLASSES
oh nice
did you get it?
tight like neat or tight like small

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wear safety glasses mofo
get some stylish polarized ones so you look all cool
yeah those arent very good because shit will fly around them and get onto your face below your eyebrows and shit =\
meh, just go to home depot and get $5 safety glasses
get like 3 pair
yellow is nice for low light
i dont even have to look for them because i have so many at home and at school and usually in my backpack
just wear your glasses underneath, shrug
safety glasses get fucked up
if you cant make the normal ones work just get goggles
googles are prob best protection anyway
absolute best is goggles that fit against your skin with seperate eye sections
that way if something shatter the lens its just one eyeball fucked up
er, goggles, not googles
like RX ones are prob great but they prob cost closer to $100 if its custom RX and theyre gonna get scratched up
like if you loose them youre fucked

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do you want it to fire straight razors or what?
hr giger did something for a movie like that
i bet they make art books big so they dont fit into scanners
dx^: vacuum even rocks for floors
hey where is timecop?
was today the day he had to drive people like 1000mi?

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so ST managed to score all the chipamp positions
$7 for a soic thats 10W + 10W bridged (floating) capless output
$4 for a soic thats 5W + 5W bridged (floating) capless output
and $1.50 for an soic 100mW headphone amp thasts like .1%THD at power
i thought you meant the chipamp
i was like wtf are you talking about
yeah theyre spring loaded
with a good safety latch
you just have to keep the main screw tightened
you cant just toque it down all the way because itll lock up the latch and the blade goes all slow
the painted ones are worse, but they got unfinished Al handle ones
blackmoon: if i go downtown anytime soon ill pick up a bunch
theyre like $2 or $2.50 or something

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haha that pic is so classic
wtf dr said 'yeah thats fine'
ya rly
i <3 my china switchblade
do you guys want some, i can get them for like $3
theyre aluminum handle
dont worry when i say i can get them for $3, what that really means is how much im going to sell them to you for

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lots of people do that shit
you trip out
MAOI stuff, or something

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what about ghozer
def works
acupuncture #1
whiskey makes you sick

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americans dont build honest cars
theyre made to last like 5 years and die
dude just do your ownpads
shit is easy and fast
o ya sry
ok no more lazy time to download datasheets and do libs like i was milla jovovitch
i thought they were manipulating your chi
youre gonna break your chi, man
hello, mappable human EM fields

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so yeah youre not gonna get less than one
yes you can
dx^: you almost just never see lamborghinis
ive seen maybe a dozen
but mostly in hollywood and that doesnt totally count
i saw a countach once getting on the 101 when i was in hollywood
thats still the sexiest lambo ever
efverything since is just trying to be the countach with ford taurus edges
tho the little lambo is kinda cool
then you dont want uncompromised sport
get an RX8 or 911 or something lame
its two narrow V 8cyl engines
then get a honda
my 86 honda gets 50mpg stock
those are good too
honda and toyota rawk, nissan are too big
big cars, so big engines
yeah all 3 companies cars go long time
american shit like like 200K if youre lucky
honda is like 200K not even trying hard

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comparing a new vetter to an old vetter in terms of performance is stupid
because they have good suspension and about as much power now
and perfect distribution
and real aerodynamics not just a best guess and some awesome wheel arches
and real suspension
dude its basically the only real american sports car
yeah i dunno maybe youre not into cars and just need penis extenders
yeah they suck
mustang is a joke
an american car besides the vette is something you have to drop like $10K into just to make decent
a viper isnt really a street thing and the street ones arent the best for a track
again, you dont seem to understand the concept of uncomprimised sport vehicles for the purpose of driving
well then wtf at vette with a trailer hitch
only inverting
or non inverting or voltage follower with input attenuation
yes only in inverting config
non inverting is R1/R2+1

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haha fuck a bmw
unless its like a 91 8 series
besides that theyre just fucking box cars
id almost rather have a raced out volvo
serious BMW is neat headlights and a failure rear decklid
unless they killed that stupid shit
besides that they might as well be a mitsubishi lancer
if you want something to *drive* get something uncompromised
dont get a rear drive family car with a big engine
do it
wtf is a GTX
classic muscle is lame
who the fuck cares about straight lines
what kind of gay racing goes in straight lines for 1/4 mi?
fuck that
RX7, vette
youre dumb
serious thats just a dumb thing to say
vette is amkerican uncomprimised sport
viper is a fuckin beast
styling is used up
no shit
anyway, a vette is race inspired sport

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theyll be like 'naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, cmon rly'
i was gonna route some shit today
serious MIG is boring
im going to tell him on thurs that i been working and that MIG is boring and if i can trade up for a TIG booth
i told him at the beginning i could just go out and buy a MIG
hes like 'WITH WHAT MONEY'
apperently he doesnt know i have like $3000 worth of CNC gear and like $1000 in electronics shit
ya rly
when i want a MIG, its like less than one months excess gov cash
bently is grand touring car
rolls is a luxury car
serious man, im not making this shit up
if you want to drive it, and not be driven, you buy a bentley
if you want to make money driving people around, get a rolls
um, everyone owns mercedes
serious my friend works at costco and has a late model mercedes

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porsche actually raced several things with flat8, was basically two flat4 blocks
they also made like six 916
wich were hardtop 914 with six or 8 cylinders
was dr's porsches personal driver for awhile, and a few other porsche family members
they could have won more races with race bred 914 configurations than 911
thats why they killed the 914
911 is a porsche pet car, because its basiclly a megabeetle
germans <3 bugs
and fuck a rolls
if you gonna blow the money get a bently
rolls is for being driven, bentley is for driving
i think its like the same company now anyway
i dunno if i wanna go to welding
fuckit ill go on thursday and tell them i was working

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when theyd top speed test cars, the cars would lurch at top speed because of the intermittent fuel cutoff
most my cars use the cars weight as a rev limiter, heh
well, not the datsun i guess
but i wouldnt drive that shit over 60mph
was more fun in the canyons anyway
i so miss that engine
straight 6 aw jeah
shit purred, almost no vibration
it was like a mega vacuum cleaner
i6, 60d v12, and f4
are supposedly perfectly balanced configuration on some important set of axises
so yeah datsun z, older ferrari, and V/Wporsche
blackmoon: something about the way the pistons sync up in the other configs
flat6 is just a VW engine + 2

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some answers arent common sense
because their answers are retarded
put it in neutral
fuck that
let the engine blow up
you fail for having a sticky throttle
that is your reward
off can lock the steering wheel
lock isnt always a diff positition
lock is sometimes just off
you put the shit into neutral
and park
if you engine blows up, thats your bad for having a bad car
well, depends
but i wouldnt rely on it
and in an automatic, no
youll just burn your brakes
you put the shit in neutral and park
then you turn your shit off and go wtf
most anything new
they usually do fuel cutoff
or used too

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i left rice on the stove on low heat all night
hehe, was still steamy when i took the top off
i gotta stop cooking at 4a
billary is in comittee right now saying she thinks the war is bad
if stupid follower bitch wasnt pulling for the wrong side 6 years ago we maybe wouldnt be there

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hmm newegg lies
they said my tracking number is in my email but they didnt send anything

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okay im go fuel up and then do libs for the chipamps and pots and shit
kk bye
i might try and toner etch the other LED array instead of waiting til tomorrow
very cool pictures in flickr too... i recognized the transformer donut thing!
wow sandi knows what a toroid is

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obstructs view too much
naw you just get flexible hinge strips
like that
i think that a box slotted to slide together, with two of those strips for two doors, with magnets and handles would be simplest
look pretty neat too
the roll top thing blocks the view inside too much
but the slide into the side door idea is cool
it seems he has it coming
macegr: yeah i think im settled on what i want to build
so i know how much storage it needs
clear is the new black =D
i need foods

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so that and some slide together pieces and some magnets for a door latch
both those sizes should be fin
magnets is so consumer audio, tho, itd be amusing and cheap
friction fit?
yeah maybe
i think pockets for little button magnets would be sexy tho
bunch of strips and flexible hinges?
maybe to obstructing opticall
oh sweety
er, sweet
yeah thats neat
apperently my typing skills decrease as i become increasingly sober

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make a fake cord
with the programming pins at the end
i can prob machine that for you
that would be quick, use a .0625 or .03125 endmill
hmm, yeah maybe, probably
but i can get you dead on accuracy
if laser is good enough for close fit thats prob faster
i cant do like a whole acrylic plat at once
just like 12x4
yeah thats cool
im buy the speakers soon
and i have an ide for a shalf thing
just make it slide together with a front hinged door
er, idea for a shelf thing
oh neat
you can get plastic hinges that will glue onto acrylic tho

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shes like 26, minimum
girls lie about their age
not their kids age
dip it
make some sort of mold and drop the board in connector out and pour some potting shit in

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and time warner is my moms bitch since they were cablevision
shell like, be late for payment and tell them she wont pay for a month, and get the new customer deal, same phonecall
im like wtf
i need to perfect some sort of middle age small woman voice converter thing
i think we get phone/cable/tv for like $100/mo
i dunno why she got the phone again no one uses that shit
very shy at first which sometimes comes off as conceited.
haha dumbass
shes prob like 26 or something
very shy at first which sometimes comes off as conceited.

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aw damn
okay ima try and do an etch with the cutout led board i got
most places will let you strng them along like that for awhile
thats not so horrible
it is
my sprint acct is pretty cool, because i have $250 cash deposit
theyll let my slide a month without bitching at all

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man herbs wont be here til past 6
i hate that paypal transfer shit
oh weird
i didnt get it at first

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15:09 < d0gZpAw> <rensis> my emo scars spell out "DX^" when i put my wrists together
omg i didnt say that!
i just have a scar from when i stabbed myself with an xacto building an SR71 model when i was 8
haha i didnt even notice till there was a big puddle of blood on my lap
then my parents were like YOU NEED STITCHES and i was like NONONONONO
so i locked myself in their bathroom and put a butterfly bandaid on it and kept that shit locked until it stopped bleeding
like .25x.125" scar now, heh
15:13 < Shieeet> oo everyone for the 2000ma adapter.. im not worried about frying anything except starting fire

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k boxes are done

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yellow metal report clips
you know the ones you clip on to the edge of fat stacks of paper like binding
okay i got grow box setup
im debating weather to foil line the CFL box
because like that shit is 15W compared to my 5W
i dont think it really needs extra help
naw i just have a CFL centered on top
and the led arrays will be low and firing at angles towards the plants
i have the led array hanging on wire so i can reel them up as they grow
if they grow
i only have one array until the cnc compy starts working
dx^: oh yeah i cant mill your board today i have no cnc machine until newegg shit arrives
so awkward not to have an NC box in arms reach

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d0gzpaw: about $20 of LED for two array
like 5W of power
i want to do 25W pairs soon tho
i have to figure out a sex dpak or sot223 plus sot23 current source layout
double sided something so the circuit fits under the dpak or sot223
damn i might be one clip short for cfl box lining
damn no extras in my backpack
neat i found two yellows on my clipboard

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ill make you one if you pay for the parts

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okay back to taping box
prob a deer or similar then

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okay yeah
i can prob do that today
im out for like 15 hours now =(
itd be for a scrape session
you got tinybugs?
oh wtf
that sucks
yeh =\
everyone loves that shit
theres prob stuff you can spray around it to keep animals away
tons of things actually
no smally stuff
er, smelly
animals like herb =(

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mouser is better at little shit
passives and semiconductors
digikey seems to kill at IC
also mouser has vishay shit so i think that means they have everything
im not sure if digikey even has vishay
that might be the balance, digikey has panasonic and mouser has vishay
i can roll tape back in with the new dispenser
thats pretty dope, ya!
bother twingy =D
too big, .015

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NHG = small, FC = good, FM = best esr
FC come in values about 2x FM
i think KZE is chemi-con FC
if you look at the datasheets, chemi-con totally just mirrors panasonic specs
yeah they dont like them i dont think
or digikey has an exclusive contract
or both i guess, i wouldnt like them if they made a contract with digikey
i dont think digikey carries bourns or alps for pots

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the little tabs to hold the tape so it doesnt roll back are offset more
so its easier to thread and doesnt get in the way when you tape

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macegr: i selected the chipamps to use
theyre are the power soic things, bridged output so no output coupling caps, both by ST, same family
10W+10W and 5W+5W
i think maybe same pinout so maybe i can do 2amps1layout
so yeah now i just gotta lib and route furiously for a couple days
omg 3M improved the little tape dispenser

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dude dx, theres prob like 8 dems in his county
do you guys protect your abortion clinics with semi-auto rifles?
no i mean in your blue dot
i know its the opposite everywhere else =\
blackmoon: hahaha
i bet they have special screw on tips in place of the flash suppressors
nice pic

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not neccessarily
you might be impressionable and dumb
hillary isnt even personality
shes a name
she loses all the caucuses
she plays the sex card ALL THE TIME
and badly as well
obamam has NEVER made race a reason to vote for him
hillary is straight retarded
she prob lost like 10K women voters with that
BA Barackus is funnier i think
He pity the fool show up at caucuses against him

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dude hillaries dead mom and baby story is bullshit
the woman had health care and was never denied service
so hillary was basically dragging a hospital thru the mud on the word of some dude in a living room
dx^: yeh
i hope he picks a ninja senator like levin
he prob wont because theyre all too ugly
but levin is like smartest senator on mil comittees
he knows how to grill people to get them to say shit that will give them an out
like, hes neat he helps people say non stupid shit
mccain folded
mccain used to be pretty cool
but it was because he was a thorn in repub partys ass
he was like their balance
but now hes their #1, and he totall had to twist to fir their bill
repubs have lost it
they have racists on their side right now
even most hardcore repubs are gonna vote dem
they sick of blowing the money
you cant win an election on people afraid of a threat that never materialized and racists (read: middle america)

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nice i like peanut butter
we have good bread again
sliced sourdough, aaaaaaw jeeeeeah
oh our shit is like $3 i think
but the slices are fat
so i dont have to be eating two sandwiches at once
you at $5 yet?
how much ching!?
man fucked
when i stopped driving, it was like under $2
dx^: bush, war, remember?
ya rly
obama will lose
and i will move to .ca or costa rica
or N europe
maybe thailand if im like in a fuckit mood
thailand has never been occupied by infadels
thats pretty cool
brucel: hahaha

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prob follow the directions on that one...
you can OD on iron and zinc and shit, no?
not like, omg dead, but more than is good for you
omg buy 1 get one free
240 tablets for $20
im sure its prob good if you take low dose
i love the 3M Scotch packing tape dispenser rolls
i dunno i bought it at sev
with cigs
and it was $9 for both so its prob like $3.50
thats like enough to see
wtf has magnesium in it?
damn i have zero magnesium =\
oh sometimes i eat beans

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i need to find a box to tape up to do the CFL control plants
i should put the new schema up
i dont think i did
nope just rev2
dx^: sexy
dx^: i have to get some chondroitin/glucosamine stolen for me
$50 a bottle!!
i just went to CVS pharmacy
oh neat
i got fish oil for $10 at vons
omg oral vit. e wtf?
ok neat
isnt it bad for you?
i use it for topical skin stuff
itll erase scars and shit
so is weed
i have it in some clear sludge form
i used it to kill my keloids after i got my upper ear pierced
omg thats more than $180
isnt too much metals bad?

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def neat a heatsink
i want to make them sealed, because people mist their plants and get water everywhere
also one of the benefits is the distributed heat, so i wanna make the heat come off the back, light come off the front
thats mainly why im doing Al sinks for this one
besides that it looks cool, and Al is cheap
yeah im doing the psu with jumpers on pin headers
so you can just unjumper and plug in a controller
mostly for red/blue bias and solar location simulation
no, theyre just current sinks and led strings, 6 blue and 8 red
and 2 white
the white had to be run half power, i added them last and didnt think about the 15V drop on the sot23
they kinda make a tiny diff
some of the pepper plant leaves turn green
so when i get the cnc rebuilt tomorrow or thurs, ima do rev 2a board with the dropping resistors and run them 20mA
see if its worth it
maybe swap those LED out with 100mA ones (theyre button switched so its not neccessarily a power drain)
i have 2.5W one then for like 3 days now
theyre not dying or anything
but i think too soon to tell

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powerline nursury is awesome
better han powerline tree farm, its 80% small plants
the habaneros need about 10x more spacing than i gave them
i put 3 in one pot
i want to see how much a machine shop will do like 20 heatsinks and 20 acrylic chassis
if i can get them for $5-10 each i maybe do it
that bots lagged
yeah likely
these dont neccessarily, but itd help the sot23
i wanna do ones with 100mA led in the same package
so i have to rework with dpak or sot223
so thats like 12W output per array

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and hit it with an AVR when you sense power in the pc
hmm no they are somewhere
i need to go buy bins and start a db
i have like, big tupper style storage bins
like localized piles
and a logic fet is a fet that will turn full on below 3V
most std tech fets need considerably higher voltage
you can also use an opto isolator
thats likely the safest route
see if .7V turns the TV on
short thru a diode
if itll still flip it on, you can use BJT, which means almost any npn optocoupler will work
i bought more 2" clear tape
time to make the CFL grow box and water teh bonsai
im making bonsai
bonsai is just a plant grown to maturity in a pot too small
yeah theyre tea bushes
forgot from where, like indian tea bush or something
big one at nursury: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25328466@N03/2387975749/in/set-72157604383963728/

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charles is a bitch, as usual
mm, another day in #electronics
avr or pic, relay, 2 gio, done
then wire into the TV power button or use the remote input
get a case with an IR led
and point the computer at the tv
and run an init script that fires ON at the tv
thats a good idea
the alternative is hardwiring into the tv on button
which is no big deal other than taking apart the fuckin tv
which is kinda a big deal
does it turn on when you short it?
okay then put it on both sides of a logic fet

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green is the new red and RGB is the new blue
macegr: naw they reflected BEHIND the board when i put them on the edge of VFD psu
so i think that plus lighting of the surface it rests on will be enough
two close tho
need a ton of leds so it doesnt look landing strip style
yeah thats what i wanna do
ill put rubber bumpers on it
she gave me a tray thing
hmm, yeah
i didnt think of it so big but that will work
i should make one for english teacher too
but not that pic...
ya sry, teacher
ima need that back, do you want to come to my place and drop it off and meet my family?
and see 'the lab'
ok rly i gotta go =\
intro business =( =( =(
maybe the midterm is today i get just be in and out like milkmen
k bbl

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i hated that music
fuck you for making remember that tinkly 80s synth bullshit
=( =( =(
i gotta go quick
like scaled up, to a 6x4" plate
ima leave the calendar
she prob mean like, its good to get fucked on a monday night
yeah i got alot of red 0603 led
oh, thoughtful
yeah nice glow
not in my room yo

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like 1m diameter LED
wtf is an MSEP
they even have the wisker
macegr: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/b/sdermr1.png.php
ima toner transfer that and send back
fuck toner transfer for real work
but thats def some cool art project shit
i swear that shit is so much manual labor
yeah *maybe* cnc takes longer, but i can get shit done while the machine handles shit
i can do setup in less than a minute now
i know ive been many times
its like FUCK YOU MAN STFU because i always chill in new orleans sqr
becase haunted mansion, pirats of the carribean
and jazz
you know ill admit that since i have found drum n bass i almost never listen to the jazz or the blues anymore

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count how many times it spins in a minute
count fast, yo
im pretty sure hes new
kev doesnt have anime eyes in SL
he has black fool eyes
kev is a light skin blackfool with no hair, jeans, tie die shirt
tho maybe he changed his SL clothes
i was a dragon thing
i manufactured giant LEDs

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i dunno current would be the result of pushing force from voltage too, no?
this is #networking or #ccflmans_hobbies
anyway cmon stu you dont think i could figure out how to hook some shit up with eth cables and put in some numbers in boxes?
im not smart like that theyre dumb
anyway stu, dont get ass hurt cuz you got criticized after criticizing
yes you have to add a comma in your brain, stu
sladdict: failed engine, mediocre car =(
yes so anyway
you were programming avr and building analog audio systems that you understood ten years ago?
well then damn how did you forget so much
wtf formulas
audio forumas = hpf lps formumas
oh the ideal opamp shit is pretty insane but useless for most sane designs
its all maths, its a ton of concept
you dont need math to design circuits
just to fill in the part values

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voltage is negative electron pressure
amps is negative electron flow
thats how many ot those chkchkchkchkptptptptptptp sprinklers you can drive
resistance is width =)
it prob makes more sense with flkuid dynamics if you throw in some turbines and some sprung pistons
yeah sry id try to explain to you but you dont understand electronics so well =( =(
no just less of a tech
technician, technologist, pick

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mwave does $5 will call, tho
newegg is like FU DONT COME HERE MAN
i think pomona is like way closer
maybe 10mi
okay neat im moving away from the beaches but closer to the hardware
now it doesnt seem as fucked up
that was so cheap tho, i should totally upgrade my main pc
i got integrated everything mobo, 1.9HGz sempron thing, 2x512MB ddr2 800, and rosewill 400W horse psu
for $140 taxed and shipped and th mobo comes with pata so i can use old hdd \o/

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macegr: omg hai
rab: also hai
macegr: ok i killed cnc compy, but then i finished tc board, and bought new cnc compy
i dont like you remember because youre an asshole and you dont give a shit
omg its 10a and newegg hasnt shipped wtf
haha no shit?
i think it juist takes one truck to ups, one truck to my pad
fuckin ups trains
yeah like 40mi
theyre in the same area as mwave and 20 other hardware companies

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