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you could make a ficture that pushed off yesterdays clock and lifts up a new one
(fixtures is what real production machining is all about)
ha, neat
you could do it with some sort of film
roll on stick film, machine away with something contracting underneat
of copper clad plates
no not at all
*sticky, *or

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we have big racoons who arent scared
you try and scare them away they look at you for a second like fuck you and go back to your trash
if you kick em theyll like scratch and bite and shit
just up in the hills tho not in the city, just possums in the city
possums = wtf rats
racoons are super smart tho
smarter than smart cats i think

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okay so since im gettng the sexy connectors i dont need diodes in the tins
just sexy lookin caps no one will see because theyll be under the board
hungry coyotes
we have cougars too
also lynx
you maybe have a chance with a lynx
lynx are up in the domestic cat population now =\
kitties with stupid big paws and spikey ears and notails

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oh yeah
i think that works
if not something similar, with diff cutouts just for lighting considerations
like im prob thinking something diff for the details but the general idea sounds good
if you dont want them to be omni, i would put them in the back wall so theyd mix all cool in the mesh

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Atmel > Microchip
okay well fuck schottkys
only a jackass can put a minidin8 in backwards
er, minidin3, same diff
watch i do it to like half of them...
i think you should balance them on balls like circus style
DONT TOUCH THE WALLS (hehe berzerk)
omg look what i prob just did to lordpil.com

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someone was mentioning avr with fpga array
or maybe that was a dream
i guess is true
its not a logic engine
cpu will never be as fast as logic
because the shit is made from like at least a couple yearers of logics
er, layers
just get an fpga
why not just learn to program PIC for real
you should know how a processor works if you wanna do digital shit for much longer
yeh exactly
fuck PIC, docs are shit, i dont even wanna try them

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were big kids now, tho, i dont think were supposed to screw up so much
and then you get old and you screw everything up
then they give you a desk job thing
wtf is gal
that just sounds old
do you need paper punch machine for gal?
you prob cant fuckup connecting a minidin 8
and current delta thru a diode is gonna be v delta
wai no i can use schottkys
you can do pretty much anything with AND and OR gate arrays
no man thats a proc
they already did the logic
you just feed it what to do
then it dumps the code onto the control lines
youre not allowed to know about control lines
in a block schema of the core, they always sneak off to oblivion

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haha shitty
00:27 < macegr> Pin Out : 1-2 2-1 3-5 4-4 5-3 6-8 7-7 8-6 G-G
its mirror tho right?
i can use jack datasheet too, should be the same
im dropping the per tin linear regs
because a) more expensie b) i dont want smps ripple in the tins at power entry
ill test
but yeah straight thru the datasheet should be right
hah yeah fun

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haha, speaker switch
just $20
the datasheet?

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macegr: http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-Mac-Macintosh-6ft-Serial-Printer-Cable-Minidin8_W0QQitemZ290220278504QQihZ019QQcategoryZ42160QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
he wont charge me that much shipping for each item will he?
oh $1 extra
macegr: so you got them for like $2 after $6 for the first?

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they prob already got a patent for oxidized tape
no like thats a law or no like no ones done it?
so i need input and output pinouts?
cable to pcbpinout is so fucked it
its like 51278346

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yeah stu, not many native americans busting out great advances in aerospace or mil tech
being all drunk and bust up
can check if shield is connected both ends?
is that some tape shit?
fuck tape recording
whos bright idea to put analog info on something that stretches? =(
for someone into 1700s electronics
macegr: neat
which ebay guy?
theres prob a website for that
if not there should be

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i guess
its locked in our edge
in the middle of a technological revolution, europe destroyed its infrastructure
america gained massive industrial edge from both situations
because they wiped out theirs and we ramped up ours for war production
3 words:
stupid white people
stupid white people
stupid white people
fuck patents

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anyway ww2 was a valid war
but hawaii was just a mil base to the US back then, not even a state
its like two caps connected at the negative lead
vietnam was stupid
its usually the negative pins of two polar electrolytics
they were invading countries just cuz
someone needed to stop that shit thats fucked up
cant just be invading because youre a bujch of stupid impressionable white people
if you parallel them you double the farad value

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travellar: they were soldiers
same thing
boat soldier, whatever
you join the mil, you accept possible death
i dont think anyone was drafted when that happened
so yeah it sucks but its hardly the same as civilians being carpet bombed
so what
we have launchers all over europe
we have shit right on the russian border
we fucked up by alienating castro
haha right
mexico would be art of the us now if that happened
one is a center tap

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yeah see we dunno what real wars is like
ww2 didnt even touch us
like 20 people live in hawaii

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you guys got caught doing that shit, and not even contracted to a company, with your own soldiers
oh weird
yeah were pussy
which is major but i mean no ones crys over the 1M iraqis
we saved them!

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last few festivals i been too, some people phones just go nuts
usually by carrier
(mine always fine)
i had to move my hdd to a less desirable position so the cable maybe works
ya rly
first 9 months of a dem regime, watch
and repubs will pwn congress again 2 years after this elections
and dems will lose white house in 2012
but rly the world will end the may before the election
maybe that is the beginning of the bad new world
dude that bombing shit was weird
you guys were running a train bomb drill, and it happened
um sure
i see you youth getting blown up and doing military espionage over there just the same

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neat my buddy who is moving away is gonna come by tomorrow yayay
maybe he will bring his friendly 22 year old gf person over too
i cant tell if shes ditsy or just kinda awkward and too cute
i think its EM saturation

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okay i found some old school ghetto twisted pair round cable
i bet this was fail shit i kept for the wire
well whatever fuckit
i have peanut butter cookie
everything gonna be ok

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serious you can never take a cable from low hard drive master to secondary cdrom on top
haha this shit only has one pata channel =\ =\
unit41: not with spec cables
and im using my out of spec ide cables
you have to twist the cable fucked to do it tho
and those 80 lead cables are solid core failure things
yeah, ok
like who mounts hdd on top? rly?

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so yeah, minimalist design is less parts, and a tube almost counts as like 5 parts
ples adds a ton of psu complexity
and wtf filaments youre not getting that power back yo
im pretty confident you can get 'tube sound' with filters in the audio range or signal level preamp tubes
the ONLY reason to make tube amp imo is because people pay $$$$$ for them
tube amps = apple macs of audio
i need fuel
so im going to attemp to install emc (linuxcnc.org) from SD
because i dont have a cable to do hd and cdrom
because they put that shit on backwards

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okay for AB setups
i saw circuits like that, with push pull tubes and then like 12ax7 longtail pair input for feedback
i would build a 12AX7 preamp, but it would be IC buffered
power tubes are mostly shit
they blow up and shit
thats why matched tubes are better, its not because theyre matched
its because they blew up all the bad tubes while matching them
yeah but i can just use a $.50 opamp for low noise operation off one rail
haha yeah
tubes are goofy
some of the RF tubes made me laugh
the metal/ceramic heatsinked tubes are sexy shit

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which i believe is quite common with those little dual triode preamp tubes
um, no psrr and cmrr are amplifier specs
you can apply them to a tube amp just fine
if you want to send me one i will gladly spec if for you
ya i guess
stop calling people names, dickhead
right, we already went over that
rails go on the plates of power amps, no?
the 6V6 wouldnt budge
that was not normal for tubes at all
tube boss specifically jacked the plates waaaay the fuck up just to show me i was like wtfwtf
what goes on the plates
yeah i guess its confusing because like, tube amps need a thousand rails
and mad copper and ferrite
so wait you put the voltage on the transformer B side along with the speaker
and the the plates are floating on the A side of the transformer?

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well whatever they all suck
the older american tubes were relatively awesome
but still pretty sucky
i think it was RCA 6v6 that had amazing PSRR
i dunno if its called psrr on tubes, but thats basically what it was doing
rab: they had datasheets too
power supply rejection ratio
and im the audiophool? cmon
travellar: well then how do you design anything linear?
why not
because they suck at it so no one is man enough to spec it?
you could take voltage on the RCA 6V6 plates all over the place, and the currents out would change except when youd adjust screen/grids
its an amp spec
not cmrr
thats different
and yes it is, in an amp with long tail pair input

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tubes are a joke
hell yeah
shit i tested like 10K of them probably
i never got sick of some
hehe <3 12AX7 size envelope
also, tolerance on tubes is total complete shit
they need mad QA
because they suck, hard
transconductance tests with like a 100% spread
rab: omg so filter it
thats a company i think?
we didnt buy from them
old tesla and svetlana factories, and chinese and czek stuff
tesla/jj and wing-c svetlana
new tesla and svetlana is other companies who bought the name because russians where like trademark? eh?
but yeah i tested prob 10K tubes
if not way more, and they blow
they need mad QA

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because i think clean low distortion -1db response in the intended audio range is a good thing
because i think low noise amplifiers make tubes look silly
because i think engineers at the semicorps can do better at linear on a die than most people can do on a board
1dB isnt hard with chipamps at all, and im not talking about speaker output measured at 1m because speaker building is black art
oh also tubes and triamps and active crossovers sound ridiculous and expensive
but right im the audiophool
because id rather have an amp that can reproduce any audio freq sine perfect and slew like mad, with less parts and board space
no you guys are lames, you havent really said shit yet other than 'an amp is good when i listen to it and say so'
i didnt call you names
no cuz you just said something right now

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i can do identical heatsinks straight across, or i can do mirrored ones that come down over the blank spot by the output pads on the bottom
im prob gonna do two diff ones for these because like wtf i have a cnc machine i can do that (still trippin on that sometimes)
whats 1AD4
is it like 100mW x 2 with <.1THD?
pfft fuck that
solid state, full integrated, minimalist design
um, yes actually they kinda are
thd specs vs power output and freq
is everything
noise is kinda whatever, it happens, it dont matter when you turn that shit up
22:19 < RockShox> um actually then i gotta say you dont know shit about audio
cmon dont be a lame
um, okay fuck that
some people dont like clean audio because its cold
because theyre trained to like certain types of distortion and attenuation of highs and low ranges
i dont care about them, they can learn to work an EQ
clean sound can be measured in an objective manner
thats right, im the audiophool

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yeah thats a neat idea]
you could do a spectrum analyzer with a bunch side by side
you can always remake with acrylic tubing if you want it to be tougher
or thin polycarbonate
oh neat
okay ima do headphone amp same style, modchip pads and flat on bottom hopefully
mount on bottom and use same panel mount connectors as bigger amps
you see both chipamp boards?
theyre like identical except backwards

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fuckin dumb eagle
if you click on a file associated with eagle, it open another control panel instead of sending to new one
prob because new one would freak like THATS NOT PART OF THIS PROJECT YO
nice pipe clamps
thats cleaner looking
awesome is exactly what i was thinking
that looks almost wicked lab gear style

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im gonna do it like connectors in the back, string groing from bottom to top pointing opposite connectors
tho if theyre pointing up i guess it doesnt matter so much
but yeah i dunno if you wanna do straight strings
i think you should connect with ribbin cable and clear heatshrink chains
RGB whips
sell to crazy bdsm people in SF
make some sort of controller in the four D battery handle

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doesnt matter it was just trippy and industrial looking
and not expensive
macegr: pinout on your sketchup images in correct for input and output?
er, is correct
k hope so

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its usually not a ton cheaper for most things either if you shop hard
finish it and walk into clubes with it on batteries and a walkman or laptop
you can sell that
like, the sine bars were cool but labor intensive
well, actually yeah
even just that
but if you do a full bar thats def something you can sell to a club
definitely if you tell them youll do it for them exclosive
wtf is dmx
and most clubs dont have shit
macegr: big clubs you cant work with probably anyway cuz people who un shit wont be as accessible
but if you want into a little venue thats basically a bar and a dj booth/stage and a dance floor, they prob be into it
well yeah but if you figure out how to do it quick
but that thing was neat
neat like it makes most the light shit i seen that didnt involve lasers and computers look dumb

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yeah i wanna use my logic skills for something more than like 2 IC on a uC
that shit sounds so fun
i cant start now tho because i know ill prob like it and im already like too much shit to do right now
yeah see it almost seems easy when you dont have to think about IC cost and routing the shit
it was cool in lab because the parts room guy had anything i needed
im not about to go and buy 400 logic chips tho
yeah i havent been doing this so long, heh
also i need to like organize everything into smaller bins
i have large bins so everything basically in concentrated piles
digital IC pile, passives pile, semiconductors pile, linear IC pile, electromechanical pile
the piles have become to diverse, wastes time finding shit
worked before, sucks now
stuff like IC id never do used/NOS purchases
because so much china and bad stuff

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the usb header on the old mobo must have been blown out or something
crazy russian gamer mobo
timecop: thank you for psu tip, build finish was very nice for the money
nicer than the $110 antec i bought that blew up in the summertime
dude im next day from newegg
shit is built and spinning
their main warehouse is like 40mi from me
mwave.com is neater because for $5 will call i can just drive down there and pick it up
newegg is like fuck you dont come here fgs
software or board stuff?

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random guess but the 5W bridged amp was $4
fuckit i dont really wanna float headphones like that
if shit pops bad on turnon can maybe do bad things to very pussy headphones
i think i needed to buy 3 more caps anyway to hit 5 multiples
i gotta rebuild the CNC system software stuff
linux booted, but not all the hardware initialized right
haha, windows would prob just blue msg
almost always does with new mobo
and yeah the rosewill card reader works fine

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yeah so both us prob wont be doing many upside down libs anytime soon
just felt so lame to fuckup on a button
i should do the headphone pcb now
i should shop to see if i can find some more of those bridged amps for heaphones
the boards come out so nice without the coupling caps on output
tho i guess i could just use the 470uF caps im using for big amp dc
the headphone IC im using is standard output, amazing THD specs at 100mW
like $1 or $1.50
but yeah needs like $1 in caps
the bridged amps prob cost like $2

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i did that with my dpdt button lib
because i did it looking down at the part while i was continuity testing it
shit sucks because the common pin is at the corners =(
ir worked?
er, *it
just hitachi chip char display thing?
oh weird
maybe it wants you to latch it somehow and its waiting
hitachi makes sense
that just happens to japanese companies when they make a million of something
epson just does printers as far as i know
well, office machines
hitachi is one of those companies where you go 'damn they make that, too?'
haha h4x
is it fast setup like that?
you can stream to both chips, yeah?
man i need to finish up all this shit so i can play with quartus for a couple weeks
i want to put some dacs and analog mixing circuits and digipots on an fpga

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$20 for one sqr foot =(

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but stdby is like .7V turnon, sharp
and mute is like shallower slope, kinda linear in dB range, and half VCC turnon
so i set the RC time to like 200ms for both and i think that should work
heh, 5mil kapton

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yeah but gold is so heavy
it has to slew all that shit around
oh, just tiny film
is like pink/orange
omg my best friend is leaving in 3 weeks wtfwtfwtf
with anything?
my dmm doesnt do quantum mode
i hope my RC circuits work for turnon depop
its like do standby before when turning off, and after when turning on, with 100ms between stby and mute

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press capton into a triple roll surround shape
prob minimize the fuck outta that problem
do not trust
kapton = godfilm
the vinyl will melt
kapton is like whatever past silicon burning temps
wtf is low wattage?
im burning 20W in an inch are you mad?
i would go stiff
haha, .003
see now im all confused
but yeah, go stuff diaphram, and then press the edges into some sort of surround
or do .003 center disk with .001 spokes as a surround
for tweeters, anything except metal is supposed to be good
i guess metal rings funny, because like, its metal
i like my silk domes, but admittedly i like my highs attenuated
your mylar tweeters?

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Low-Static Polyimide Tape
Tape is 0.0026" thick (0.001" thick film with 0.0016" silicone adhesive).
Minimize electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can cause circuit board degradation. A unique coating on this film allows it to generate low ESD when unwinding from the roll (150 volts) as well as upon removal from printed circuit boards (50 volts).
speaker building is chinktek
like, actual driver construction
yeah i think we maybe still made some stuff locally 15 years ago
everyone imports from jp and taiwann now
er, i mean china not japan
rab: gold is so heavy tho

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everywhere except your n00bsh0p knows what mils is
20% of the kids in our class thought it was mm
they fail
they were corrected within minutes by 3 professional machinists
only because we had to find them
so yeah, in #electronics, corporate CAD/CAM/EDA software dev houses, production machine shops, academic machine shops, mil is .001, mm is metric
american precision dimensioning is base 1000
nice, ebay?
if mcmaster dont carry it i dont think its standard =\
rab: the .00025 adheasive backed stuff might be .001 kapton

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ron knows what mils is (cnc and industrial tech department head), paul knows what mils is (60 year old machinist broken his back 3 times, wont use GD&T because its officially a metric specification), rudy knows wehat mils is (tool crib guy in the machine aqnd welding shops, can fix your anything)
and 80% of the kids in the shop know what mils is, who also happened to be the kids who work in production machine shops
oh shit
autocad, solidworks, eagle, and diptrace know what mils are
macegr: so sexy
yeah but they general machine down to single mil spec if you ask them
yeah but you didnt know what a mil was
how many contracted things would YOU have fucked up?
well yeah because you have no justification for it now because you were wrong
mils is a standard american units for prob 60 years
i always do uF nF and pF in 0-999 value

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it should provide standoff for the heatsink goo too
mcmaster just seems to have .0025 and .0035
omg dont start that argument pls
rab: the bigger amp, 20W dissipation at the chip, is pad on top
and the smaller amps are for tweeter and mids
so theyll be turned down compared to the bass section amps
because bass is better than life
they dont seem to have 8R poontang long xmax speakers =(
gov contracted machinists is who taught me mils
the people who didnt know about mils in our shop: the n00b kids
you fuckin ignorant lame STOP IGNORING PEOPLE

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weird they seem to have removed the direct image link i did
oh nm
putty tray bug timecop denies
for your lcd?
rab: masked board
this is all ourpcb shit
also im buying kapton tape
for the 4 via holes on the bottom that arent ground
so if i wanna do home machined pcb, i can kapton tape the VCC and output rails
omg dont speak youll just start sounding nuts again
hello, mcmaster
macegr: fired up?\
macegr: cones or balls yet?
i was ghonna get a roll of .0035"x.25"x15'

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yeah they usually put the IC on the bottom when they do stuff like that
the 5W+5W is bottom
the 10W+1-W is top
because its the same pinout flipped upside down
sec illupload the smaller amp board in a minute

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yeah i cant think of anything
im prob gonna do rubber washers or something so i can torque the screws down without crushing the chip
k so im going to make a heatsink that has holes ~10mm like 1.5" apart
that slides over the FC caps
then its gonna have 4 mounting holes threaded for #4-40 screws
a little past the right and left edges of the board
button head screws with rubber washers underneath
smeare bottom of board with heatsink goo and top of IC

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omg tc stoppit i need my bandwidths
macegr: pics?
18:44 < DX^> nixie tube in your pee hole would hurt
=( =( =(
kevtris: you see any problems mounting a PCB flat on its bottom with heatsink goo?
im going to cover the 4 vias that arent ground with kapton tape
i dont think ive ever seen something mounted like that without an IC underneath
its not mounted directly

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i need to buy kapton tap
to cover the 4 via holes for stby and mute on the bottom
like $4 for 5 yards of .0025", $8 for .00035

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then the pcb is located by holes in the heatsink that match the SMT FC caps
i think so but thats like last priority really
look how sexy those tiny screws are
the bottom of the amp pcb are flat
the smaller amp pcb is identical but mirrored, heh
i think im going to get panel mount DC and miniplug jacks
like the kind you can wire into
put the amp in the middle on the bottom
and then do tip jacks or banana jacks or minidin8

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dacapus got the scalien, so its all giving decapus the double bird
prob makes more sense like that
that chip is neat, theres 5+5W and 10+10W variants
like, the 5+5W has a big heatsink pad on the bottom
the 10+10W is mirrored pinout, pin 1 top right, top view, with the heatsink pad on top
im prob getting cancer from the old cnc box dust
okay but the lane it so make a heatsink that is located by 4 screw thru the bottom of the altoid tin
er, plan

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yeah i killed a 1700+ like that
dunno i have 15 days to keep it or not
my amd socket a is messed up
the cpu or the ram
it doesnt like doing ddr400 speeds
not worth buying ddr tho
im just run this shit into the dirt maybe, try and get a new compy by fall
the rosewill stallion psu is nice
its still single sided board, but its very open inside, parts are spaced out nice, bigass fucking fan, open mesh rear panel
all the wires are wrapped in nylon mesh with heatshrink ends
ima finish tiny amp pcb and then take a nap
kevtris: did you see scalien and decapus chipamp pcb?

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new pc is spinning
its so quite omg
120mm fan psu and cpu fan throttling ftw
haha it even has a setting to throttle cpu freq when it hits a certain temp
does that link work for you guys?
its all deactivated because it was open box deal
well whatever amd was cheaper and im driving a parport
also nvidia graphics in linux is just better

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joellama: its not the same
the pc is the NC controller
its step/pulse output
not gcode over rs232
12:41 <@JoeLlama> most CNCs use RS-232
naw they still do
we have a win3.11 machine at school to do rs232 to the haas minimill
but the compy is just for gcode comm
my compy is doing all the gcode parsing and step generation
its 1.9GHz/1GB now
about 3x more than it needs
but its the cheapest i could get new =\

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joellama is a carnie tech
almost done with pc
hehe, <3 the super integrated mobos
i installed cpu, sink, ram, staed at it like wtf im done
6100 onboard
its a parport driver
cnc compy died
the shittiest am2 sempron is prob like as powerful as my socket a workstation
<$100 for mobo cpu and ram
my cnc machine stepper driver runs on parport pulses
whats paperport
o, hai
yeah i though

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guys guys
ups guy is a bitch he buzzed for like .3 seconds
i got my cnc compy parts \/o\o/\o/o/o\\\o/o\/[happy peoples]\o/\o/\o/\o\/o/\o\/o
also the cs tiny amp board is done except for silk

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the decapus is eating the scale alien
yay decapus
i left in the origins

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chipamp rawrarararra
i thought it looked like some scaly monster giving everything the finger
its got some crazy alien power bracelets
notice pin wrong is in the wrong place
er, pin1
for the powerchip in the family, they flipped the IC upside down
and formed the pins the other way
so for cs tiny amp, i just have to invert everything

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f33r curiously strong 3way drivers

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