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cool pic
(i just put that one there)
k i go to sleep and then do dx board and buy curiously strong audio parts bye

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they were doing fine for 3 days on one led array
the leave are like that because i brought them home in my backpack =\
the setup is lower pics
i didnt upload a couple pics hmm
haha yeah i get the overkill of the year award

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wow box is alo brighter with 5W coming from both sides than with the single 2.5W array
macegr: neat

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timecop: did you remember to put the switch on the backlight led?
i think you said something about that but i dunno
you already ordered from chinapcb didnt you
k i solder up new led array and then i start led vs cfl fureal
take pics every day and shit

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macegr: any clue what gage the cable wire is?
okay well calc says its only 1.3A
im sure 4 of those wires can do 1.3A
macegr: when you get back to your DMM can you ohm test the wires?
minidin8 cables
they are for shifty VU
yeah probably
ill test
i need to make an active load

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dx^: i adjusted your board for .015 DRC
technology level: urban ghetto
i broke my 30deg conical =(
like .004 of the tip because pcb gcode ignores the z feed rate config parameter
but yeah the broke 30deg is better than the 45deg conical
er, i guess 60deg conical
so im using the broke conical
um, its gcode stu
find and replace
macegr: what what
the mounts for shift VU?
macegr: im gonna buy the speakers and toroid and soon as the paypal gets to my bank acct
maybe today
if pics of your laser stuff are sexy i will send you drawing of cutouts for speakers

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prob kevtris

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dx^: k your board is done
my board is almost finished machining
i do yours next

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i dont think theyre allowed to hook shit up and test it either
they gotta know how many electrons
so like streams done get crossed in alpha centauri

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dx^: beep
besides the pinout from wtf?
isnt there a hack spi mode?
do the other modes offer more function?
ooh just the access and shit?
yeah thats why i wont even try PICs
atmel docs are really good
oh parallel instead of serial data
it had like 4bits data, no?
same speede capability with both?
blackmoon: =(
why not say ac analysis
or it rubs and signal gen and scope onto the circuit

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dx^: cnc is working fine, making soic4 lib
did he ask a question or something?
isnt that unit41s username?

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yeah but walmarts not bigger than ur mom
because she fat, because walmart is so big
get it

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haha, RTAI linux is doing CNC and opengl screensaves like whatever
and gnome
and all its ghey associated processes

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didnt he kill himself?
thats not rule number one
or rule number two

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haha @ zanaflex

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dx^: no but i figured some emc shit out
#emc halps ren, now it should be cool
its got no net or audio or anything but it can fucking pulse a parport
(they run on stable ubuntu, i have to try installing new beta emc for ubuntu 8)

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wtf oil
in VCR its all the spinny shit and grease on the plastic sprockets
those spinning heads spin hella smooth
im sure on some devices they greased or oiled the fuck outta them
haha doh
death roll
i find it funny you left it there for an hour after that happened
oh haha

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people grow and breed plantds with red and blue led
its not like i just made this shit up
photons is photons
show me your plants or your data
ok irrelevant obviously
nature boy, real amswers please, some content

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rite, k found those links yet?
no ieee shit or similar unless you pay
ya because you say so or what?
even green?
plants are green
cmon think harder...
what color reflects back if something is green...
theyre not absorbing it if its reflected off of them
so its wasted power
unless you care how they look
okay most people do and most plant lights are FAR from full spectrum
most people use HPS or MH
yeh, all plant lights have two bands in common, red and blue
wonder why

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then ill have two arrays i can start the plant grow test fureal
like 3 or 4 days in the box with just LED and theyre not dead
thats good, right?
red and blue
because wai?
yes its usually red and blue and a bit of green/yellow
ok show me links or bai
.edu or .gov preferred kthx
i have habanero peppers, tea bush, clones of A Succulent Named Cactus

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yeah dunno, didnt wanna fuck around testing and i dont really have spares so i gotta buy shit anyway
this one has issues because its too new
emc devs use the stable releases of ubuntu
which dont support my chipset rly
but theyre beta testing a build for the new long term support buntu coming out soon (8.04)
new dr says?
dx^: soic tiny avr, yes?
and soic4 bridge
so what else besides that
i might redo it doublesided
i dont have single sided boards so id have to mill the top anyway
well i might but id have to look
why is it big deal?\
i can keep it like it is
also i can get rid of the 1/4w TH resistor for reset
tho maybe i can fix that anyway
but ok i test cnc with this bloat stupid ubuntu gnome thing
if it does my board fine i do up the soic4 lib and mill your board

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i wanna do peanut butter shakes but i got no vanilla
yeah you has flavors i got none rly
hai hai
endmills prob be here by monday
cnc computer died
but timecop paid me and i got another
about to do another grow LED array to test the temp install of emc
did a dry run with steppers dowered down fine and its been jogging cool all day
the extra GHz helps
fuck if i know
psu or mobo im guessing
i tried to use this usb card reader on its mobo usb header, and it didnt work
card reader works fine now
i think maybe that mobo was having issues
but yeah new pc is built, running, looking ok

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sell the shit you build
k go

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rab: im doing 3 rail mc34066 psu thing
with the little blue transformers
wonder if i can fit it allo on the back
rab: the eagle thing pissing me off is the restring drc tab
fixed it
lowered percentages from 25 to 5
kk bye
be sure and talk shit else they wont take you srs
you gotta be like URMOM, FEDEX, shipmypkgpls
then what will you use as a bench supply?

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restring tab, dril vs pad size ratio
like mine?
no mine!
i had bridges im sure
because i got the stuff for my smps for grow leds
macegr: hahaha
we should make them
im gonna make them
copper and ferrite mofo
welcome to the most fucked up passive in electronics
shit i can do one tonight
i wanna start doing card edge modules

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i change the pad i save its like no fuck you
macegr: waaaaaaaaaaaai
it works with the minidin8
no i should tho ill do that keep reminding me
pretty much
man fuck
i wanna stab

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the touch ic?

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omg ugly transformer alert
omg i have 10 MC34063
ty TI
no ur mom

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transformer: bad
new transformer: happy
make new transfotrmer: long time no see friends
buy new transformer: mcdonalds
any questions?

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unless your time is worth like $.25 an hour for a transformer that size
thank god its not some 100VA thing
be winding the primary for days
blackmoon: toroids at parts express are cheap
and you can get cheap coils at digikey if you hunt
he appears to have eyes maybe we can work with this one
arcs, nice

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elperdido: cmon it puts the wire on the coil
elperdido: as you unwind it, mark a sheet of paper for every turn
then count the marks
then do that many turns with the same size wires
no rly
yeah but you can fuck that up too
blackmoon: hahaha shh!
a million
macegr: transformer mcdonalds!
elperdido: hai im smart at electronics, buy a transformer, k more help is $5/min

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macegr: k im doing 3 rail design for plant lights
that way i dont waste a ton of power
yeah to float about Vf(max) for the string + 1.5V overhead
for the current drivers and half volt extra
because the white is like 2 led
so its dropping 15V
its hard on the transistors, its way out of spec at ambient temp, heh
yeah i need to do bike lights soon like now
i wanna make a ligh cycle
from tron
and an akirabike
omg rly?
older i think
okay i got 470mA 470uH coils
how convenient

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man fuck fairchild
we cant waste the server space to put the package drawings in every datasheet
its because we are like sharks
oh wtf
o i missed the zero because it was so far away from the 5
heh, its .1" spaced
oh neat

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theyll do it too
because its a relatively fixed Vf
so if they say 10A rms theyll do 10A rms
just use poly traces
both sides even
mine are 5A
oh youre are like soic8 with bno pins in the middle or what?
im not sure what i got sec ill look it up
wait no not that\
omg they ran out

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what is the bridge datasheet
hey i got soic 4 bridges
is it that?
dx^: beep
what else besides soic4 bridge?
also soic8 tiny avr?
hey those transformers are sexy huh, heheheh
the walls are so thin! its all potting and coil

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dx^: halp

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is he vertical dragging?
yeah flux is awesome

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dx^: i got teh stuff
oooo englishrussia...
unit41: cooooool
hehe the mine has glowy stripes and shit
unit41: i think ima try and make a big muff pi, from your schema thing
omg these little transformers are so, so cute

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heheh dosbox
jogging the cnc on 1.9GHz is snappy
ubuntu livecd tripped on my hardware, tho, had to run safe graphical mode
axis gui 3d display still pans and zooms quicker tho
yeah see i bet you guys didnt know i had xp on the cnc box too

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i even went to add to schema to get the replace with new lib thing
which shouldnt have been beccessary
since i updated thru control panel

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im changing pad size on a lib and updating and eagle is ignoring it
this sucks
even when i put a new one down, ignores it
even when i reconnect the lib, ignores it
i checked, yes
i even added from the lib and restarted everything
i fuckin hate programmers
i gotta go to school, sucks
also that is the only copy of the lib (i double checked)
so its just doing it wrong

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me shatters GND net shield on powersnake
omg /

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i would do audio on AM to demod boxes for long transmission, so you could do giant venues with no delay
thats not so bad an idea for morning stoner brain fallout

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for common audio stuff
its so neat how small you can make all the circuits
and then you can drop rails and ground to the other side and route however
like gainclones with passives are tiny
gainclones with smt passives prob fit in under 2" sqr
you could make them to slide onto speaker terminals
and then run shielded buffered signals and bipolar power to each
like scalable to a billion watts
hehe, open baffle speakers and cooling is like zero issue

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sometimes they dont even bother with doublesided boards wtf
and then maybe i get to figure out how to rip dsp stuff
omg classic
thats old huh
no i mean a few years
not like, 17000s electronics
yeah i seen you post that a long time ago, was neat (else i wouldnt have remembered
nice aircoil
omg selling?"
how much ching
wait nmneighbors already hate me and i only rock 100W
i want to try and build up a collection of soic/0805 layouts

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blackmoon: no i think theyre maybe saying single supply biased?
blackmoon: yeah, that happens alot =(
blackmoon: its like telephone game, the marketers say stuff enough and it changes a bit and pretty soon you have Real Audiospeak
JBL and cerwin vega both have pages with bench tech job openings
i should check those out
i think im down to get a job and fuckoff school for a year or 3
i really dont love max so much, i like actually desaigning shit
oph but i think one of the JBL jobs is researching and tearing apart competitor equipment
that sounds really, really fun
blackmoon: i dont smash i store
because maybe good parts on it
but yeah audio RE isnt super hard

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okay ima float my signal grounds all the way to the amps
connected thru the stereo cable shield
and then return all dc caps thru a bipolar power connector ground
ninja grounding
yeah people do it
they run them parallel with very low impedance parallel setups
they parallel nice
but yeah you can do it with standard gainclone boards and .5R resistors
to absorb any channel mismatch
40 Watts per channel into 8 ohms from LM3886 devices
ha its inverting
for best performance, ok
LM3886TF > *
stu: get 100W RMS drivers
and build gainclones onto them
one chip per speaker
and just put them in parallel
get some poontang 10" drivers or something

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so yeah sorry, no, im not gonna run some h4x windows just for mach3, i like axis gui better and its not even very mature
also i can tell #emc people my gripes and they listen, fix, suggest workaround, or tell me what im doing wrong
pretty much instant support from the devs
thats pretty awesome
turbo + freedos, mach + xp, emc + ubuntu. mach xp was the worst, no question
i mean cmon dos is better at this =\
i couldnt deal with dos or turbocnc tho
yeah well you guys can keep suggesting it and ill keep saying the same shit
um, its a cnc machine
on windows?
i see a blue screen at the airport almost every time i go
lots of bus terminals, same shit
pub transportation blue screens...
sculptor: LAPD cruisers run embedded systems with win 95
also the whole court system database
and its very, very networked
hopefully not to the big net directly but who knows
theyre dumb

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hmm no not yet
you sent monday late, no?
so start tue, wed thu is two days, tomorrow is 3
dx^: i built the cnc compy
im putting cnc os on it right now
$100 new computer yay
okay so the only thing wrong with this open box mobo was it was missing the plastic shrink wrap
sculptor: yeah because windows sucks at it
DOS is better
yeah sure
or i can get a better interface and any light wm i want
and it just works
serious emc on ubuntu is braindead
i can do cnc cycles while doing firefox on the web and it doesnt stall the machine
windows is like: blank monitor, OMG DWELL MACHINE 1SEC WTF?
open another app, machine dwells

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buy like a truck module, a minivan module, a luxury module, and a sporty module for your one battery chassis thing
and some sort of rotary autochanger with gates and steel mesh so it doesn eat peoples kids

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i would do 4 motors in the corners and a mechanical coupling and put batteries for the motors inside and around and above them
fuck above, keep it low
i bet thatd rock in the twisties
if a motor blows you have the coupling divert power to it and the other three can push it disconnected and limp to place to get it fixed or home
i wonder how much power the integrated battery lower chassis/suspension things have
i think it was GM doing those
they had diff passenger section tops that would like bolt onto it
modular and shit, that was neat

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lets say you can do the engine in 300lb
thats 2000lb
how much is a gallon of gas?
yeah were obviously not competitive
wow i cant believe i just did that in a cal for 10 gallons...
yeah man we can chopper drive this motor and use a high winding coil
and you can put the 1700 lbs wherever you want
so 1.5 tons, 50hp, mad torque, 100mi range
im down

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you prob only need like 50hp
mad low end torque
you dont need alot of power
my car prob had 50mph, it was 5 speed, it was fine to 95mpg, 105mph with wind at its back
110 down big hill from ventura county on the 101!
but you could do it lighter and safer now, i think, to compensate
also crash sensing terminal cutoff for batteries isnt mega brainiac shit
also, you can distribute the battery weight
and the engine prob doesnt have to be as big
also you can use more than one and distribute weight
also low end torque prob kill any gas engine
big engine fools always saying torque wins races
it does have to be blazing fast it just have to keep up with traffic
68lb * 25 batteries = 1700lbs

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fuck that
so you burn up more
and everything runs a consistent temp
whatever its dirty!
this is more a principles thing for me than a technical thing, heh
tell that to the intake side valves
not cleanliness like atmosphere
like cleanliness like the inside of my engine
im down with blowing shit up continuously in metal box
fire good, ugh, etc
im not trying to have a pressurized gas cylinder in my car, kthx
not that big at least
no one drives them yet
id go electric
with standard batteries
fuck all this dumb shit, just dump some current into coils and go
car batteries
lots, like you was on hydraulics
you prob dont need 50
i bet like 12 or 20 is enough

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i just took the cat off my datsun
also no the ecu valving, then paid to much to have the EFI serviced
er, EGR valving
the guy before me already had it fucked by some other mechanic
shit would smog and its front passenger floor had tiny rust hole
im like, that shit is so dirty why are you gonna put it into your intake omg
blackmoon: you know what egr is, no?
exhaust gas recirculation
or something, but its exhuast and positive pressure engine case fumes into your intake
but most cars will do both, both are nasty

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because theyre synonomous?
no i think he maybe just has proportions wrong
it prob depends on the ECU and feedback loop integrity if its significant or not
its not like car companies never do it wrong

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but the golden rule in cali is drive as fast as is safe based on what mood you are in
cops enforce this more than posted speed limit
because they block the exhaust path
tho alot of engines dont mind the back pressure
on little engines its good for low end torque i think
thats why they dont install 2" pipes on factory rice
yeah turbo is pressuring the whole fucking thing
and adding backpressure
crazy turbo people
i dunno i just know my honda will crapout if i take the cat off and do straight piped
the engine revved way free cat back straight pipe just without the muffler
rice is so tasty!
dude people could hear my driving away all the way into 4th gear

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im still tripping on people trippin on co2 and saying nothing about catalytic converters
limited my nuts
thats politics yo
ya rite, texes is looking pretty good for the center of the new world utopia
mobilestu: i dunno smog is kinda nasty
texas = a center of wannabe illuminati corporate culture
god doesnt have control anymore
god is staring every morning before he goes to work like 'wtf nowai'
mobilestu: thats what most normal driving is
hello freeways, 60mph blvds
well i dunno maybe not in europe none of your roads seem very wide or straight
and then when i see pics of big roads there are always people walking all over them wtf
we,, officially theyre 45mph blvds

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haha neat
i know someone was working on low cost gcode NC for paint brushes
to do repeatable artwork and to teach kids gcode
because machine tools arent safe for anyone =(
he was this dread who stopped me on my bike because i was going to fast
he was worried =(
hehe, i do like 15mph on the sidewalk and thru gas stations
(sidewalks are like car wide, i think for emergency vehicles during traffic)
fuck i have away the phone with his phone number
i wonder how is NC art is going

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