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it apears they went bankrupt twice
so damn she was barking back in 2001 or something
hmm weird thats when she took me to that cure show
maybe it was a borders

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prove it wtf
thats a pretty safe assumption
kevtris: how did you get it hot wtf?
yeah but why =\
so theyre just kinda internally stupid
ur mom is funny
oh, tiny relays at all
like 10 dip style
.70 i think
it should be if gta sex is
haha when i was 18 i was dating this 15 year old chick
it was presecutable by one month
but i smoked weed with her mom
so i wasnt so worried
someone said they saw her working at crown curled in a ball in the back stockroom barking like a dog
that had to be forever ago, serious does crown books even exist anymore?

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looks sane, maybe eats power to qork quick
blackmoon: have to keep bottom transistor totally off
the collector resistor on the left npn gotta be big, probably

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blackmoon: i found chemi-con equivs of the nicer panasonic SMT electrolytics
MVY is like FC
but way cheaper, and MZA is like FK, but less than panasonic FC
FK is like their smt FM i guess, better than FM at ESR but lower values
also they offer larger cans with bigger values in the MVY than FC SMT
yeah i buy those
KZE is chemi-con FC i think
its FC or FM
dude its like chemi-con just photocopied the datasheet and put their name on it
for the FM/FC stuff, heh
yeah you parallel two you get way high values and esr as good or better than FM series
prob less or same money, but higher farad values
6 should be good
FC is pretty lose esr
oh nice, kW
er, *low
been nice here lately
we tget a spring this season, no winter to summer stuff

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are the caps diff values?
oh i found the lifted common base things
weird i could think they charge up same
erw ait how about the resistors?
okay so its just base decay

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haha at the NPN B drivers
buy a high side IC
driver IC or AB driver?
oh nice
yeah B driver is nice, no load on inpu side except when switching
ooh, common base...
yeah its all npn/pnp
blackmoon: on the top left, the bank of RC and NPN

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ow did you break that

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you think a massager is gonna wake people up?

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guys guys
i found the best smt caps at digikey for the $$$
electrolytic mza
search that
theyre chemicon versions of FK, which are the upgrade of the FC series
onlt they cost less than the FC series!

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22:02 <@kevtris> note: sending the wrong SPI commands to an SD card causes it to get really hot
w t f

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i havent even touched my sam7 in a couple months
well, both of us
im building something and hes doing firmware

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ha harbor frieght is scary shit
better have blackmoons luck
no i never looked
i still on the first 30 days
timecop knows about that stuff
its reg keys hidden like spyware or some shit
macegr: what speed is your avr

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hmm dunno
sounds like something you attach to a drill

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rab: hi
macegr: beep
i bought stuff
everything except digikey
speakers, toroid, submini dpdt toggle switches (yay), dc inputs, 30x 3.5mm plugs for patches and some panel jacks for amp sections
spiffy soft grey point knobs, 15A bridge, rs45 for the arrays, iec inputs for both projects
er, rj45
also 8 minidin8 cables
im going to use those for all the speaker cables
takes less space than banana or tip jacks
also is keys
too bad is white
they should ban white
blargh: router?

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its in eagle, autocad, solidworks
point is if you say mils, people know what you mean or theyre dumb
anyway, see this is what you ignored over
because you tried to say something standard was wrong
k ignore me again so we dont have to have stupid arguments over semantics because youre a bighead ass
good do it
of course
mils doesnt mean .001
inches isnt base 1000
wtf am i talking about
dude stfu
yeah ohnoz
cnc machines for $300 built
the rest markup
not for a machine with decent XY and tolerance
anyway, laters
dude you have an exlusive opinion of me
shared with avrfreak and stu when hes in a bad mood or i am
i have a quite common opinion of you

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you dont make a CNC machine with $300 and mark it up 1000%
thats not how it works
bigheaded, you, anyway put me back on ignore
omg ? are you that dim
okay you agree with ks2k
even tho you dont know the convo
see how intelligent is that?
yeah exactly
fucking bighead retard
cmon say something with content
then insult me
so its like, thrust, jab
dont just say stupid shit
of course not
no one understands =(
when did you call me one anything
im on ignore because you dont know what mils is
and because you try to say machinists dont know what mils is
im like you work with some retards
mils is in ever cad app on earth
exactly prof
thats the retarded shit you ignored me for
ks2k: hello, china, duh
youre lame
machinists know what mils are
most technical people know what mils are
no dude you try to say other shit before
like it wasnt a valiud measurement
like it wasnt gonna be in a CAD app

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and QA them and reject half
or i can buy local shit for 3 times the cost
and QA them and reject maybe 25%
china is more money to ship, but its frieght on a ship, and you are smart so your factory isnt far from a port
so its the same as the bigass american factory trucking your shit on insane american gas prices
so which do you buy
the number of QA people at $30K-$60K also needs to be taken into consideration
obviously buying from china, you need more QA guys
else youre gonna get backed up
so yeah, which do you buy ks2k
professor we make you look retarded everyday
its not even very funny anymore its like background droll
how many CNC factories have you been inside?
how many CNC machinists do you know?
not you dork
fuck you i dont care youre an ass am i back on ignore now?
that bot is so lagged
saying a cnc machine gets made for $300 is bs
dude, did you catch when i said we make you look retarded everyday?
because we do
stop being such a bihhead

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18:31 < ks2k> beleive me, a CNC machine, will cost no more than 300$ to make... TOP
for what
a desktop NC
or a real CNC
dude you know someone has to machine the metal
and finish that shit
someone had to import castings
and QA them
lets say you dont know what youre talking about
its not like you buy $300 worth of metal and the shit just happens
its not like tooling and machine time or labor or design time is free
who the fuck cares about material costs
do you know how much it costs to transport $300 worth of metal?
do you know how little $300 worth of metal is unless youre buying like tons at time?
this isnt some .010 on a lucky day after 6 months of fucking with it homebrew thing
cnc factory works like this
i can import 300 castings from china

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i havent done it yet
i have a desktop cnc machine like 4ft from me
thats one of the power sections
lower power is same thing, mirrored
bcause they literally flipped the chip so the heatsink pad was on top for the more powerful chip
ST hax0rs
$2K, $2500 tooled up
thats a steal, yo
this is precision CNC< i can get .002 parts from it like whatever
CNC mill is a useful machine
i cant make parts with a car, yo
i can just take my designs someplace else where it will cost even more moneys
not at all
a car is 10K economy
30K-60K for something nice
80K+ for top of the line
CNC is no diff
im gone youre nuts

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white/green grapjuice is yummy
your teeth would all fall out
like, more
then it wouldnt be tampico =(
okay i bought the speakers and toroid for curiously strong audio
15W + 15W = 60W dissipated, times two because ill have two other half power amps
120W dissipated
in altoids
hahaha wtf am i thinking
this is gonna rawk
ill have to bring the fire extinguisher
i have 600KB/s down
that would be less than 100meg
northern europe has pirat speed net too
macegr: beep
parts be here in 4 days
i am
custom milled aluminum

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ha which?
its sugar plus red flavor
im not sure red flavor even has a name
ks2k: is like, apple juice + grape juice (like all american juice usually has those two to cut the expensive juice)
and then its like, strawberry and cherry and peaches, or pineapple and mango and guava, or banana and kiwi or whatever
it depends on what type it is
los angeles
haha we have stuff called tampico here
i have to cut it 1:1 with water to even drink it
its like fruit punch soup, brown kids here are fueled by it
is tasty, yo
tho yeah straight juice is nice too

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its free
um, crimson or notepad++ linked to it
in their other software section

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okay i am happy with pspad as ninja text editor
ks2k: its okay, has good macro recording and playback and manager
it has a hex editor too, i guess
havent used that yet

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fiji water is the only bottled water worth the money
arrowhead is decent plastic tasting water
they all taste like plastic except fiji (tastes totally inert)
gpf_1: is that green bottles?
yeah i had that in NYC
they had it in the hotel lobby

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fuck pepsi
gimme from of that 9v battery taste
ks2k: i do the tea
in nice resteraunts too
they will free refill just iced tea

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naw almost everyone buys fake butter
ive tried to condition my mom to buy normal butter
but she buys these guge tubs of country crock spread
that lasts for months
and im not gonna go buy butter if we have like a big thing of butter-like stuff
i mean wtf who names their product Country Crock
Rural Scam
ks2k: air popped, parmesan cheese, lawrys garlic salt
zero oil
blackmoon: PAM!
butter flavor is the shit
dude use like a .005 layer wtf
like .5 calories and unmeasurable fat
you guys are tripping if you think thats worse for you than using straight oil or butter
dont eat that stuff
make you sick
no coke is the best
Coca-Cola Classic
best, ever.

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boiled wtf?
they use a nasty amount of butter
i just use like a table spoon or two, and then like 1/4cup of water maybe
ks2k: i dont use that much butter
and eggs are good for you
its basically steaming the eggs
so you cook the tops the same time as you fry the bottom
but you dont need half a stick of fucking butter wtf
i dont really like fried thin egg
so i mostly use the water and steam to cook them
come out perfect
ks2k: i hate that
i put parmesan cheese and garlic seasoning salt on mine
fuck butter
actually butter is awesome
but you dont need a ton if its real butter
ks2k: see the joke is on you my foreign friend
we dont eat ANY butter
its all vegatable oil based shotening with butter flavoring

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i has a hunger
i dont want to drop $20 tho
i think ima clean the kitchen
ya $10 pizza isnt really enough
yeah usually, last till middle of tomorrow
pizza gotta last a day, for the money
also is tasy i want lots
but yeah
i think im clean the kitchen and do some eggs on toastadas
with potatos or something
this is gonna suck =(
my sister tore that shit up it almost sucks to just stand there
prob gonna do the eggs 'basted' i think its called?

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no i get school fee waivers at school
but i was financial aid ineligible for like 3 semesters
so i paid for my own classes
but i guess that shit is retroactive when you fix it
so they owe me refund
he doing an led or something?
wtf is signal
linear, pulse, what?
3/win 17

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state pays half my moms rent
total paid $350
total owed $0
so my possible refunds put up a hold flag and now i cant look at my transcripts
stupid database
i maybe get to go to school and and get $800 credited to my bank acct
also my pell grant should be paid this month
ima fix honda or get a new honda
or maybe i should invest it
hahaha no rly ima get a honda
so i guess theres a hold because once they refund me, theyre gonna charge me for health and parking
or some bullshit
they are such jackasses why they treating me like i did something wrong

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yeah those are neat
#10 for big stuff
im getting those
to attach the heatsinks to the altoid tins
check this out
i have a hold
because i might be entitled to a refund
so i cant check my transcript
nice i paid $442
i owe zero
i really wanna see my trascript tho

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yeah you can do that to acrylic
yeah its cool stuff

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macegr: thats fine
did you see speakers?
theres mechanical drawings there
ill draw something up, i think i want to do open baffle so its prob just like 5 panels
front, bottom, sides, and then divider for bass thing
for to shove a cardboard tube into
i dont mind if its like mismatched sizes
oo, neat
yeah my inch thick stuff has its paper still
plexi = acrylic
lexan = polycarbonate

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i love these things
wonder if macegr laser thing can do 5mm hole clean in acrylic like .5" away from an edge

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okay buybuybuy

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poontang has response data for all their speakers, thats pretty awesome

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why did they do it that color its like brassy poo color

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okay next year we should make that
no some funky 3d spectrum analy\zer
because clear is the new black
okay ima buy speakers
wait no
these mids are kinda meh
to bonze

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make sure you grab your part where you wanna reference it
vref is gonna be 4.096
make what?
ti has .5% sot23 refs
i have a bunch
2.048 and 4.096
i can send =D
it doesnt matter so much it just makes maths easy
doesnt matter so much as long as it dances
but yeah i wanna make something actually capable of doing a good VU if i have the time later
i wonder if refresh on like 100 of those shifty things would be good enough

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well, two amps one chip
yeah what i mean
buffer, then the filter poles after to second amp, then long trace to digital crap
you have duals tho?
i pretty much just buy duals
yeah i dunno i would just use an opamp as a comparator
if it dont latch up, its a comparator
circuit should work with any opamp
almost DC, ha
im prob gonna use tl072 to test here
i was gonna make it so it converts the peak value to an RMS value
so you would just read peaks
and you would have an rms
so you could just store literal rms VU values, like when youre programming
so yeah, 1V peak, center bias chopped
set the alt grid to .010 or .005
and hold alt and watch the little thing in the corner

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oh, yeah i forgot about trying those circuits with wavs
okay then i can put an active filter on the opamp buffer
probably not
actually i have maxim chips somewhere
yeah like 100Hz or wherever
i only get dual chips so its be 4 poles at least
well, i guess no
2 or 6 poles
because i wanna do one hiZ buffer
im prob gonna do a big attenuator on the input
because the main preamp chips have 15V bipolar supplies for a reason
prob not good to feed a rail to rail amp at 5V a 25Vpp wave =(
still needs a buffer
okay so two chips

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that prob works pretty well with a big psu cap and a fast adc timer
okay so, peak to rms attenuator on a rail to rail or bipolar power buffer to adc, 4.096V ref, vdivider adc for bias calcs
yeah but you can software rectify pretty quick, pretty accurate with the divider input
you can just test for absolute value from center bias, and you get rectified
plus you get the full wave if you wanna do weird stuff

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and you have an rms value to compare against a VU table
you could do it more complicated too, check for bottom or top half of wave, and absolute value it, then average or peak detect with decay or whatever
you could use two adc
and have one on a voltage divider the same value as on the AC coupling circuit on the input amp
for a center bias value, then you just subtract that value or use for your absolute value calc

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macegr: 5V rail, 4.096 vref,
because i have those from TI, like .5% thingies
so its 4mA per lsb
ill prob do an attenuator so it does peak to rms conversion so the values in the uC are easier
get a bit more range from it
naw, its just divide by .707 =)
and then you can rectify it in the UC
either test or set constant a center bias value
and you subtract that from the adc value

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he had a minivan with like 1000 catalogs
poor guy, promo work is hard
thats all they have besides tqfp
ill have chinapcb assemble it
do it!
they prob dont keep them there
theres prob a big sign on the building like NO CHIPS ARE STORED AT THIS LOCATION. FGS.
okay today ima try and do dx board, design headphone amp board in similar style as power amps
and do the avr boards
i need to find little relays
i wish i had bought those little can relays on ebay forever ago

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thats gotta be a module on chip carrier
i sampled xmega
10 of each of the biggest mem chips in each size, and the cheapest one
for alt package/speed, i put any ATxmega, any speed/package
i dont care what voltage it needs i want peripherals
hopefully its the same local distributor and hes still does manic parts distribution missions
fucker called me up and handed me the chips and threw a bunch of vishay catalogs at me

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yeah do like pin one at origin, and set alt grid or main grid to like .04
its a decent cad backend for schema and pcb work
needs a gui overhaul
right click does non menu based things for almost every tool
usually a group function, but not always
cntl+right click switches from counterclockwise/clockwise turns on trace
it retains the same trace corner setting tho
shift+right click goes back in list of corner style
like, eagle is fast you just gotta learn all the stupid tool interfaces
and set the quick keys how you want
default is total shit, but its customizable
i wont even use the library
i custom make all my parts
i have a basic parts lib built up

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kinda looks like it goes under
okay i gotta go buy food or like retrash the trash
i hate bones, wtf leftover non edible rotting food
i use a .025 main grid with .005 or .00625 alt grid
if you hold alt, it switched to a finer grid
hit the grid dot button and set the big and little grid how you want
.00625 is 1/4 .025
if im doing adjustments for DRC, ill drop down to .003125/.0025

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probably, big array thing, looks like capacitive plates
man so like my sister cooked a ton of chiken and stuff and didnt clean up really and didnt take out the trash
kitchen is like a very bad place now
core is prob mess on the right?
hmm dunno
im hungry =\

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haha logo on the die because they knew people would uncap them
wonder what that is

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yeah but not with a ton else
and they might not be smaller, new cores maybe bloated the circuit
probably tho
i always assumed the core was just a little part of a uC with all the peripherals included, dunno tho really
besides the ram and program mem everything else prob pretty tiny
i wodner if `nico has secret pics of avr dies
atmel would probably get mad, bad voodoo

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arm core prob isnt that tiny
should i ask for 5 or 10 cips
fuckit 10
Please refer to your local Sales Representative for maximum sample order quantities.
i dont even know if that guy still spams me

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so i guess they have 44, 64, and 100 pin xmega
is there still 3 $20 oarts on digikey or did they get more?
arm come in tqfp
rab: avrfail
people who like avr use them for control and input more than anything else
theyre not doing mad corp level embedded processing
companies with big project teams prob already make their own arm anyway
owning a private company with an arm core license would be neat
sam7 is that

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gotta get that one
haha for alternative partt or speed im just gonna put any xmega

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ttmustang: probably

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stu: depends on the dac and what you wanna output too
opamp buffers kinda make it less an issue
yeah prob not as imporant
stu: opamps are good for setting gain and integrating precision filters
you can do both in one stage
and then they usually have pretty could sink/sourcing
compared to a digital IC
also short circuit protected
unless its something insane
im asking for them in tqfp
sam7 has it
pretty neat, it drops peripheral data in ram no cpu overhead
on the sam7 its not even in the register definitions for each peripheral because the interface is identical for all peripherals
dual buffered dual port sounds sexy
wonder how much that is discrete

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f that
TL072 #1
ok fine
waste $.20
it would attenuate spikes
instead of kill them
but it would isolate it a bit so the zener would likely always survive
unless like someone EMP'ed you
schottkys are so sexy
yeah leaky
theres is graph for voltage vs current
stu: oh ty i have to sample request all of them
bbiab \o/

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r2r, opamp
spi dac, opamp
unbuffered analog makes linear ninja baby jezus cry
hey where to i get a spectrometer?
lab supply?
haha, spangler was the name of someone on the news yesterday
i laughed
maybe a educational supply shop
they got cheapo science lab shit

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oh cute
macegr: not bad
what batteries?
was the the 1000mAH thing you said before?
yeah need a dc dongle, prob cant just put in new batteries
theyre normal and accessible?
thats pretty neat
maybe i get one for summer trips
oh w00t stuff is usually not horrible
yeah that shit trips me out
fuck the rails, we make new ones up inside the IC W T F

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missile guidance system pcb
secret, dont tell
i dont ask questions such as type of missile or payload
everyone seems to like the $2 dome tweeters
just like anywhere else
half are prob plants, third are ignorants
but its a general sense of whats blowing up
also it prob gets more credible tho opinionated reviews
alot of diyaudio board people shop there
in fact thats like diyaudio warehouse
its chink
its just not random
and dayton audio is their house brand
like best of chink
yeah but its hand selected chink
$2 mylar dome tweeter, is like, buy 4 if it pops turn the amp down and put the new ones in
jbl highs piss me off
people never set them up from the floor =(
like, fucker how do you know how it sounds up in a booth or behind the speakers

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take notes pls
okay timecops money showed up, ima buy me some poontang drivers
maybe i should spend more than $2 on each tweeter
i have silk domes but theyd be huge compared to the mid driver
they have like 2" bezels
wells fargo tried to give me some cam thing for free to join some scam
like wtf bank spam
interlaced haha =(

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no theyre are different
youre saying i didnt send a crimper and parts in a fat padded envelope to sweden for <$10?
so youre saying im lying or what
dude you brought it up and then brought it up again
charles made a comment
i was responding to him
stu: whatever i walk in and give them pkg they give me receipt
i hand them a customs slip, they hand me a receipt
its never been more than $10 for the size shit i send
which is sometimes bigger than that little cam thing
a slightly larger box would be more
because it doesnt fit in the little square on their scale

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sometimes as little as $3
i sent a bag of parts and and a crimper for $8
a cam isnt as heavy as a crimper
or as big
not really they charge more
it doesnt fit in the scanners
yawn, you brought it up
i dont think so, for usps, for the disposable
yeah without batteries thats prob less weight than the crimper and the pkg would be the same size
prob has battery pack built in tho
wtf dude i send shit, hello
maybe your post sucks
okay well so do i why are you expert
i told you, i sent baggie of parts to sweden for $3 and heavy as cimprer + parts for $8
how is something lighter the same size same distance gonna be $20 more
how is the crimp in a sealed padded envelope diff the a cam in a sealed padded envelope

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haha right
batteries gone in 20min tho
find an adapter and make little a battery pod
i bet thats the reason that shit is so cheap
not bad
people h4x those
haha xvid, cool
yeah theyre neat
CVS pharmacy
you guys have CVS?
charles: one of us could send to you cant find one local
usps to europe is maybe $5
naw it depends on size
naw i do parts to .se all the time
take like a week and a few days

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consumer products are electronics + mechanical design for mass production + art for panels + marketing
so you have money
and you can pay us to do your job for you
yeah maybe you get more camera help outta us
k food then run dx board
yes sometimes, but at least its not IE
fuck IE config
fuck IE default
and in general its annoying

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card slot, big battery, good optical zoom
ok, go
more help is a ban
no rly im not oper im just saying
do you want the racist answer?
nice: this isnt #consumer_electronics
not that you wont get help but the longer you go on about this, the more you will piss people off
go to the fucking store, pick a bunch up, ask the guy on comission some questions, and get your fucking camcorder
youll find something wrong with all of them
well thats why we are us, and you are not
look man youre gonna buy something, and within a year it will suck
because youre not buying high end
so just get it over with, k?

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hey do you know pcb-gcode ignores z feed rate paramater?
maybe just in emc mode
okay well if you didnt know, know you know
it just uses the z feed rate for drills
it plunges for etching at xy feed rate =(
dude just get something with a card slot and a big battery
and enough zoom
real zoom
ignore digital zoom, its not real
dude thats not even a new feature or something exclusive
all the tape cams ive seen have a card slot too
for years
tonsofpcs: you can carry like 100 cards in the space of one tape tho
and SD got cheap
its high definition
yeah well your concept of reality has been obsoleted

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5W makes the box alot brighter than 2.5W
and at 25W they were dying and the habanero was tilting a few deg a day towards the single array
oh neat
yeah i see yours too
im going to all today to check out buttons and jacks
maybe come home
im going to post my notes with the number of jacks and pluigs and everything i need
hahah *maybe come home with some
NEVER GO TO UR HOME (k no srs home is nice)
oh that stuff is nasty dude
i cant stand fake sugar that some shit you have to condition yourself to like
thats sounds shitty
you still doing you on/off day thing?
you dont feel tired so much anymore?

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i just want color selectivity and distributed heat
oh hmm
i thought superflux led were 100mA
theyre 100mW
is not 100mW
what bullshit
theyre like the same as mine
just need viewing angle to convert

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yeah theyre pretty bright
i did maths and they seem to be about seem efficiency as the big ones
er same

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long skinny chisel tip #1
wow the thin polycarbonate makes the metal mesh look awesome
it almost looks like its on the outside
blackmoon: you saw the pics with both arrays last night, yeah?
ooh, yeah you did i remember kinda

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xpdf is ghetto
like, thats what i use in nix
but that shit is so vanilla it can hurt
macegr: i think
rab: yeah by ghetto i mean barely functional, yes
foxit is good
if they made it for lunix id use it
okay you can highlight
but they watermark your pdf or some shit
macegr: i put up pics of grow boxes
i made the other array last night
soldering the leds topside first is kinda a bitch
you have to do it in a certain order or you fuck yourself
the first array, i had to solder a pin under the led on the far side

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um, woah
foxit has an option to change everything to a standard text font and size
yeah like it just dumped the doc into plain formatted text mode
like, courier 12pt
Tools > Text Viewer
or Alt-9
theres highlighters and red strikeouts too but you have to pay for it =(

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its maybe 4 equations

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charles: does that do non ideal maths?
i wanna do a writeup on non ideal opamp feedback affects
ok neato
oh neat
oh its TI, niiiice
nice they have a chapter just on non ideal stuff
and compensation circuits
you only need one its not very complicated
its just not obvious like the ideal math is
its basically error from feedback resistance values and open loop gain

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