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i cant find were its like DOVE SWITCH
whatever works
steampunker VU?
ha even fender uses TL072
okay i gotta make lib i guess

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okay cool
knob button button button
up down nuke brightness
maybe up down brightness nuke
just so like you know its something crazy
like, oooo why is that button over there, BOOM
oh thats why
haha like fender Automatic GT amp
it has dove, cowboy hat, volcano, working man
these were pop in exclusive switches
but there was also a latching pushbutton for atomic
you could add atomic to any mode

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yeah the byte port is all adc
oh neat just send it a packet for brightness?
thats pretty cool
4 pins shifty, 3 pins audio adc, 1 pot brightness adc
thats the byte port
3 pins left
preset up, preset down, WTFBOOM button
alternating with FFFFFF
its like a nintendo powerup item
haha @ flash dump

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reset is nice, no external clk
i guess 4 pins for interface
4 buttons is cool?
i can do an encoder to
yeah but i dunno make a shifty power button and a brightness control
or i could put a pwm led on the front panel
you can do a mac style led throb during standby
i think its adc every pin...

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macegr: tiny44?
thats what i have on the list
iunno sec
yeah 256
you have those, right?
4 pins for shifty, 3 pins adc (r, l, vcc/2 virtual ground)

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k check this out
i installed vlc
but its playing in mplayer now
wow thats cool
gut it

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why did it fill in the holes on one of them
ust do not deal with the pinouts?
you are lazy
but somehow completely not
sucks i hate waiting
okay ima do the board i guess
wait no
is it the one from last night?

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macegr: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2254/2409088449_fb420ec7ef_b.jpg
hows that?
the center pins fuck it up
its not like those upside down chips =(
dude the upside down chip board is a literal mirror
it almost felt dirty routing it
did turn out to be two boards one layout
if you pay for it
ill make you one
damn quick i was just on second one
yeah i checked alot while doing it
fuckin 3 diff pinouts

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wrapped in some tiny clear plastic cord

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i can do them side by side
in an altoids tin at the bottom
and you can wire up, then bring it back down
hmm, inside altoids?
i can bolt shit to the bottom and add weight
you can buy ceramic tubes
coolest loom i seen is in my old p2p soldered tek scope
parts on racks, and wire loom with everything perfect length

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electric blankets scare me
k lets wrap myself in something electric that will make me sweat
i have blankets with holes
macegr: okay so you want to cap the things with altoids tins?
they were like 1.5 or 2", no?
k how
well, how do you want the mount screws on the breakout
right now i have 4 holes for 4-40, 0.5x1" located
i dont need to nibble i can tiny endmill it

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at her 16th bday party, like half the older people i was there with got arrested
including my sister
they almost arrested the pregnant chick
haha h4x
so yeah, ms brown is a total trouble maker, but she done alot of shit for me, and she doing pretty okay considering where she lives
she just not allowed to come over anymore

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frightening, but enlightening too
shes kinda like everyones little sister in a legally challenged group of people i know
yeah i think what you said is happening to me know but im not sure
anyway she didnt say anything that surprising, considering her background
her house is like tweaker/crack/smack house from way back
appeprently LAPD been knowing about that house since the 70s
she has this grandma who is like in her mid 80s
smartest woman over 60 i ever met, fuckin got no time to be old and senile
shes all like 'hahaha, when i die theyre all gonna be so screwed!'
<3 rose
i seen that woman talk so much shit at LAPD

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well, maybe if i was gonna put my penis in her
but yeah apperently that happened alot
dude the first time we got her stoned
she like side kicked a jab bag
that was mounted to high
like it was nothing
hopping around being stupid kid
BAM kick the bag smacking around on its mount wtf
like, she can kick people taller than her 6ft ogre ass in the head
those little speed bags, punching bag
but yeah, 6' lookin 18 at 13, telling people she 18, wtf
also she was my transportation for a couple years, so i became like her diary person

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only ninja sluts
i know a girl did like maybe 50 guys when she was like 15-17
she was mostly just tripping how she could fuck any guy she wanted
giving it up in the name of social research, yo
also stuff
ha no, shes pretty like wtf about it now
im glad neither of us drinks, i spend to much time around her
she brought one of her dipshit no life friends over and moneys gone
so yeah she wont be coming over again in ever
shes a nurses assistant at a hospital
shes in the RN program at my school
21 i guess
shes 6 years younger than me
she used to be my sisters friend, when i met her she was 13
like 5'11"
if she had told me she was 18, i wouldnt have really questioned

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have you read the gibson?
um, you just need to go outside and look around and make some girlbuddies
heres the secret: girls wanna fuck too
k $5
i dont just mean like slutty girls
they fuck all the time, they prob dont even wanna fuck but its like, oh gotta scratch that itch
oops i how did i fall onto a penis again [another sip of rum]
no man shes a slut
she prob got stuff

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most good sex is pretty cam unfriendly
i feel bad for those huge guys its like, haha you cant stick it all the way in without pissing them off
all hanging half out of it
best sex = repressed geeker/plain chicks
wtf duh
no we have we have some fuckey pattern recognition circuit in our brain
just get your balls chopped off
like those heavens gate mofos
they all had matching cortez when they commit suicide
thats so LA, yo

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stu: bleached out, bad glasses
generic, meh
if i saw her in chatsworth of van nuys id instantly assume pr0n
not that theres anything wrong with that
unless like, you wanna do her, or something
dunno pr0n star sex would be annoying, its all about casual whatever sex

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i dunno anyone who isnt i dont think

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vlc plays it
macegr: how do you program the laser?
oh neat
just plotter style?

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shes prob a bot
where is she from before LA
thats fine where is she from before LA
its more likely than not
wmp does like it either
er doesnt
doesnt wannha play
and i need VLC anyway
wtf is cccp

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stupid all shit, i have to wait so i can make libs for the relays
okay i have to make tiny smt cap lib and then im pretty much done with the equalizer board
then all the libs made and shit i can do the xover board and the preamp board
my player showed no vid
looks like a girl, stu
my montreal friends dad found some brazilian on orkut
yeah cuz everyone telling her how great it is

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i gotta order boards like monday
like, if i have to i can make the panel boards myself
ima see if i can get refund moneys from school on monday
like a couple panels
thats nice
can they have my shit to me in 15 days or less if i ask nice?
yeah its pissing me off
he responds now
for how much
for what
macegr: wow is the laser cutting all the way through?
okay ill prob call them too

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but yeah i guess that doesnt work because then both channels would be the same
but i can change it
but i did like input and output connected
and then the lines broken outy
but then the VU vars would be mirrored i think =(
so i need to make one input and one output
oh i did the pinout
the center 2 are the same, yeah?
theyre not quite centered, but it didnt seem appriate to flip
so yeah on the input one, they line up like the shiftbrite pinout
then the output one, its almost flipped
go so two input breakouts, two output breakouts
k neat thats easier anyway i think
basically psu -> shifty controller -> output con -> shifty vu input breakout -> leds -> shifty vu output breakout -> shifty vu input breakout -> leds

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macegr: beeeep
i finished daisy connect boards for shift vu
its setup so like if leds are facing foward, input side down, with the connector facing back
@ vid
macegr: thats how the pins are lined up
pinout is same as yours but flipped, like if leds were forward and the connector facing backwards
i also made it no thru plating compatible
for the minidin 8cables
why would you give me connector im buying a ton
oh i thought same on both sides
no stu you dont get to tell us what to do
no i made mistake i guess
i made it so its like a connector daisy

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nope busy

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dx^: hai
your board is done

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guys guys
the headphone amp is finished

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try and find something with comparable ripple to the polypropylene
im pretty sure they make those things out of mylar and polyester and other shit
yeah its big just for line filtering
unless its a huge transformer
assuming this is across a transformer
polypropylene is precision shit, its big and expensive
hmm, tho i guess if it was power factor shit youd want a somewhat accurate cap
more than -20+80%
if you gave a shit or were trying to get it lab certified
i dont think it matters a ton for cryptic_
draw it
ha wtf terminals

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its diff now?
since yesterday?
i like the new way
im there like everyday =\
so i dont notice changes sometimes
for what?
oh polypropylene?
yeah its huge
theyre like nF caps
even low uF theyre huge
like twice as big as the ones in my pic at least
in a little box?
across mains?
just find any mains rated cap
same value voltage
yeah thats pretty big tho
make sure the cap ratings are in rms or vac

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yay i got grad office confirmation for my two AS degrees
my mom is gonna make me grad on stage wtf =\
like 6th grade all over again
i should have said no =(
i dont do that shit
i dropped out of high school to avoid it
okay not rly, but kinda ya
those come in 1%
big epoxy drop packages
^ 1% polypropylene
you might have to turn your monitor brightness up to see them
vishays are orange, panasonics are brick red
they non stocked something on you?
macegr noticed that too

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you got it already?

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um, pass labs i think has a writeup on some 12" thing they built in a place with cabin cielings
im pretty sure its pass labs
its 4 subs firing outwards, mounted in a cube, with 12' or something of sonotube coming out the top
stuffed with something to increase the effective distance
its mostly for low stuff
mid/high stuff is so directional i dont think it makes a huge diff

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macegr: neat
haha 0-day chair
i have to look for casting tubes for my 5" speakers
yeah smaller ones are mostly for casting plaster or synthetics
big ones are for concrete
you can use them was waveguides
for speakers
so the speaker makes a nice clean wave before dumping it out the back
i was thinking maybe 12 or 18" for a 5" speaker
kinda like those bazooka subs
the casting tubes are neat because theyre made from very dense cardboard, so its got that nice inert paper sound, but its durable as fuck
well, little ports and shit
bass waves are huge
like they def dont fit in any car
theres alot

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dx^: done
ha not bad for a broken cutter
yeah fuck toner etching fureal
that shit is like an arts and crafts projects
ends up taking me as long as CNC'ing it, and like i dont have to do anything besides setup and waiting with the cnc
kevtris: is the burning one 1.0 or HD?
er, HC

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because iron is like ferrous metal defined
dx^: beep
why do you even need a legit key

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dx^: omg i havent taken glucosamine for a week and my hip thing is back
=( =( =(
just uninstall it?
why are trying to fix things
just reinstall windows
done in 30min
drivers and mains amps in 90 minutes

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mmm chocolate miiiiiiilk

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k watch out

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dx^: yeah im doing your board now
omg gone
well when he comes back someone tell him
09:45 -!- ^DX^ [DX@dialup-] has quit []
dx^: hai
wtf timecop no one gonna read thru all my blog to get to the important stuff
rly important shit is on notblog anyway

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macegr: i bought squishy grey buttons
when they get here i know what way i gotta put the pots
er, grey knobs
those + green altoids tins
hello, cheap small metal shielded box
comes with mints

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the little red buds on the tea bushes are opening up
thats better than dying, leds are working!
lemme check
prob burning or something, heh
ill post day3 pics after i startup cnc
i could use flash
its okay as long as its the only light src
when led and fluoro is in the pic, it gets mad weird on the led side
like it wont catch any red and the blue is oversaturated
i have tripod
i cant really time lapse it proper because id trip over the tripod and kill it
i need to find the big stupid ratshit cam adapter
thats by far their most awesome adjustable wart
like 3A or something

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yeah the bearings will prob still shift
and the head my not swing around the same
thats funny how you put it back and all your sideways data corrupted
hard drives are going to die
its too much work for too little speed
like, the precision is fucked up, thats gotta be hard on production lines
hahaha funny
nothing hear
is that some xorg shit?
okay i gotta do work bai
guys guys

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and everyone was like \o/\o/o/o/o\/\o/o\/o\o/\o/\o/\/\
now its like whatevers
damn that drive gotta be like almost 5 years old or something
seagates and 24/7 duty, #1
like, i have a 5 and a 7 year old drive, theyre the only shit not fucked up on this compy at some point
new psus, new mobos, new ram, new cpus, opticals, everything, etc
just the big steal case and seagates survive
charles: i dunno man people give me their desktop computers and their hdd are esploded
im like wtf did you leave this thing outside or what
fucking running your pc upside down or some shit
i dont trust hard drives not running flat
spindle gotta be some ninja bearing for anything to work right
im not trying to make its life harder
yeah, bearings
floppy totally
hard drive chassis are built to compensate

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naw theyre fine
and theyre way faster at random file access
asus did good
timecop: 1024x800
oh huh
normal is under 800
man 1024x768 is so 6 years ago for me
just dont do it here
so did he buy the 5 100gb drives?
he ought the wrong interface drives with his money?
100GB exactly yeah actually
theyre usually 80 120 or 160
you can still get them
80gb is forever like $40
blackmoon: naw man i think its 500 now
since tb hit
was 350gb for a long time
yeah itd def be a dumb buy
yeah 120gb last hdd i bought for myself
when i bought the last seagate, it was $1/gb

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timecop likes random things its weird
i tripped when he found audiophile marketing
he was junkiejunkie on that shit for a week
i think it was they troll at least as well as him but prob make even more money doing less
macegr: did you see i bought stuff
like everything except the digikey order
and the digikey order is less harsh on wallet without the tip jacks and plugs
just using mad minidin8 interconnects
i bought 8 cables too
you have the cables to go from shift VU to avr thing?
no im going to make
maybe actually
it might just be some panel mount thing with a wiretail
but yeah im going to get #4 button head hex screws
for mounting the heatsink/amp assembly
so i can make something that bolots to the bottom

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so they dont mess with him, 15 years later, and they dont mess with me, cuz im with him
but yeah random non brown person walk in there and act stupid, prob get knifed
this is like 30 yards from suburban houses (other side of steel gate)
its the only place to score crack in the valley consistent
if youre on probation and a cop finds you there, even by yourself, you go to jail
but yeah, im not afriad for my safety there
but when a cop roll by im like wow if hes in a bad mood i end up getting strip searched and showing with 100 guys
fucked up
timecop: sense resistor
just like a current meter
you get a high presision low value resistor
like .1R or .5R
and you measure the voltage across it
you put in series with your load, sorry should have said that
wai no
but then you need to know whats up in the circuit i think
to do V to I

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dont be telling the truth on intake
no he wasnt really looking
he didnt care, it was 20 of us in a line
he tried to piss me off and i didnt work so he found someone else who he could beat up
took about 5min
haha someone talked shit to a girlcop
so they took dude in back and let girlcop beat him up while they assisted
kevtris: ha yeah weird
soundscard linear stuff is prob pretty random
LAPD is the biggest gang in LA
im not afriad of baldies and thugs downtown
and i dont look that brown
im afriad of the cops
because they fuck with me
most thungs/gangsters dunno what to make of me
i look pretty stonerish so they know whats up
but i dont look like a stupid white kid either
yeah they have more respect sometimes
theres only one real gang in the valley
well two now i guess, cuz canoga
but bryant street is by the projects
used to be a police camera zone, before people complained to the state reps
my friend lived in those projects since he was a kid, so he knew all the baldies
he most used to trade for the RPG nintendo carts and soc them when they were being dumb

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serious i show up hella late and get thru fine
i just have them on my head
tatoos dont trip sensors, yay
i couldnt take mine out
i dont know how
you need special inverted pliers
mines not threaded shit
segment rings #1
yeah those too
i have 12ga rings, i cant open them
i got two of those thru my cartilage
same side
sheriff was once like TAKE THOSE OFF
im like i cant hes like DO YOU WANNA GO TO MEDICAL?
im like lets do it hes like GRRRRRAWRARWRARWRARARARARA
i had mine in for 5 days in jail downtown
i was supposed to be there overnight =\

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haha its pretty neat i can design with panasonic values and then just buy the chemicon cap
they also come in bigger SMT cans per family, but maybe panasonic covers that with another family of caps dunno
you have it already?
didnt you do that shit like 12 hours ago?
yeah because all caps were blowing up 6 years ago
so im guessing panasonic is just selling their name
and maybe longer lifes, i didnt compare
haha yeah
espionage FAIL
so i figure theyre not as good
but theyre prob to spec
they prob bin them to match panasonic spec
yeah i have nippon chemi-con caps from maybe the 80s
from an amp a ripped apart on vacation
i brought the bigass 10KuF caps and the AB drivers and heatsinks on the plane
TSA rubbed them with pads and feds the pads to the sniffers and accused me of being a musician
took like 3minutes
am i like the only one has had zero problems with TSA?

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i kinda want a macro lens cam
i dont care about vid so much im not trying to spend $800 on a decent camera =\
but yeah super close zoom lens cam would be sweeeet
kevtris: you ever heard anything bad about chemi-con caps?
they are like mostly mirrors of panasonic spec for like 1/2 price or less
none of mine have blown up yet...
all their badass ESR stuff is cheaper than pansonic standard high ESR stuff (FM)
er FC
but yeah FM level caps are cheaper than FC if you get the chemi-cons
okay im get a bunch then

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whats battery like?
prob dont have onboard chargers
hahahaha wtfwtf
oh neat
i would have guessed is little shrinkwrapped block with a wire tail
i kinda want one now
my kodak is .mov, and 30sec limit
at like 1890s resolution
shit is like 2x2" on my screen
theres pretty good docs up on the net?
its usb mass storage?
oh its locked but there is a program
thats pretty sweet
if the dongle hax works for you i think ill go get one

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dude im a bad candidate
my and my sister used to stare into the sun
like, alot
we also used to pop flash cam bulbs into our eyeballs at point blank
we both have 20/20 vision all our lives
i was like 20/10 tested a couple times
tho i think it was lucky guess on the letter shapes, heh
coincidentally my mom just got catact surgury
she says that eye is way better than the other one now
she prob didnt look into the sun and pop flash bulbs into her eyes as a kid
the aiptek ones?
the CVS ones
jezus fuck thats prob gonna be one sitting for you to turn to your bitch
haha thats so cool thats its xvid
i hate stupid small device formats
its flash?

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Get The Fuck Out
see, he dont wanna contribute
no one wants to contribute
like fucking n00bs and leds
dude break it finding out, its a $.02 part
why the fuck would you only buy one
tho i could make it for free...
i have pen, switch, and IR LEDs
i might even have a resistor or two
i dont have a wii, sadly
those things look fun
ha neat
time to water plants and take pics
oh IR stuff

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fus10nx: why is the resistor on the outside of the pen?
i mean fuckit why even use the pen if youre not gonna put shit inside
trust, we know
well the schema is like right there
and its 3 parts
dude its like youre asking us for the definition of 'definition'
we dont get it, rly
ya rly youre not burning $30 chips, who cares
fus10nx: your circuit critically fails math
you tell us what happens, or gtfo

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