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so if i put it in a tiny tiny sealed stuffed box, maybe i can push it up 20Hz
ima do one of those linkwitz transform subs i think
down to DC
(1Hz, k not like, DC fureal)
64px display
good enough for 5% work, i guess
i wonder if it has decent cursors

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like, i think itd be neat if i could bench test the curiously strong audio stuff while there
have two rms DMM to get speaker power
but i want a scope to get the max power value
stu: actually chiken is weird
but veggie lasagna can be good
how much are they?
oh cool
ok if i get refund from school, im def getting it
god i hope i paid for those semesters in cash
theyre gonna do some recredit your acct bullshit if i paid with my bank card
gonna take all sorts of days
stu: look at the Fs impedance peak
like 40Hz, right

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my irssi uptime sucks its only 40 days =(
er, s/his/the
okay one img export
then some backup work
then sleepytime
ha its taken me like an hour to export 4 images =\
i think ive undone like half the changes i made
yeah yours is much fresher
Windows Vista. Always Fresh.
so has anyone really tried vista?
like, for work
didnt he format over that shit with xp after a week?
or he has a new one
i might get a handheld scope, for audio
stu: any chinky handhelds?
i just wanna do 80% of visual clipping tests

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or i guess no with the filter
k macegrs way is better
might have to upgrade AVR
we really need that NUKE button
oh, but then in the uC you use the amplitude of the hpf and lpf channels to determine a color schema

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wait no that doesnt work without some ninja dsp or fast compares
okay so 5 lines, filters to shottkey fully wave rectifiers
to the adc
and the 5th adc you use a half VCC divider
to mirror the half VCC input bias/virtual ground
then you subtract virtual ground from the rectified input
with a LPF so dont have to average in the uC
rectified Vpk attenuated .707 of input so you track peaks and get rms

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so three amps, 4 with a good buffer, stereo
fuckit, 3 amps buffered
dont need sharp filters, because mixing is good
rail to rail
same supply as the avr
teknique: old
03:34 < timecop> lol animu
okay you can actually do with with 3 adc inputs
2 if you wanna trust your V rails
or do bit more compare/addition/subtration
so you do high and low filters, centered at the middle octaves
then you rectify the high filter high side
and the inverted low filter low side

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im not so into tv, but those big panels are pretty sweet
hmm, pc monitors?
thatd be awesome
ok neat
oh thats nice
theyre 1024 or 1280 horizontal res?
whatever thats like, mad CAD
thats nice
i like working at 1280, multi monitor
i have two CRT 17"
its ridiculous, rly
how much were each monitor?
oh wow, that must look clean in person
timecop: 4 active filters, 2 iverters, 4 schottky, 5 ADC inputs

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its just a stand?
im sry =(
timecop: i can make one of those led toy drivers
lots of amps, tho
you need 2 active filters per channel
this is a big tv, tho?

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but yeah, octave EQ, with subsonic and hypersonic octaves, #1
if i get that refund from school, im going to buy some poontang mega xmax
and im put it in the smallest sealed enclosure i can fit it into
then im put one of the mega amp tins on them
and one of those low end EQ circuits
run it below Fs
so i guess i should get the smallest one because it prob has highest Fs

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between the input buffer LPF and the preamp and eq treble controls and the triamp volumes, i can pretty much keep the $2 tweeter low and keep everything sounding 'warm' and 'bright'
i should get timecop to write a marketing blurb for it
okok so light bulb:
rab made of fun of the graphic (constant Q filters) EQ because it has knobs
so new idea is to put an altoids on it side
magnets on the front of the tin so it stands up
then mill slots into the top (now the front) of the tin
for slide pots
i can maybe fit more, too
so i can do 6 and 6 hopefully
so ive knocked out the independent headphone amp and one of the EQ sections maybe, with more functionality \o/

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and you know its dB 1Vrms
i always test/sim response with 1Vrms
thats 3V peak to peak, that gets you above most noise
if you rin 2x or 4x internal signal, your like above anything
unless you got switchers running low freq right next to the audio
my thing has a bunch of series buffers too
because split into tins
so like every one has a integrated LPF
so if i set all of them at 20KHz, by the end its like an 8 pole active filter
im prob gonna filter at 17.5KHz
fuck the last octave i hate that shit

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but i dont think so because i wanna be like lower noise
but i want least 12dB boost/cut
naw its 1.414Vpk, 2.828Vpp, 1Vrms
but its kinda whatever
especially in a closed system
yeah for like a 600R load at something watts
maybe 1Wrms
or 1mW
its really old
tube era shit, current sense VU needles
now everything is usually 20K input impedance or above
i can set like +3dB as amp clipping at like 150% power
ok usually on a good chart, itll say 0dbV

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go classic, (-24db) green x 6 (-6dB) yellow (-3db) amber (0db) red x2 (3dB)
haha funny
well not that
but its green and green
colors so far
green and grey
maybe cyan green yellow amber red
so good = cyan, green, yellow tips
if you see amber or red, youre fucking up
oh hmm
maybe white at -3
my shit just doesnt clip
its 15V bipolar rails
maybe 2Vrms or 3Vrms will be 0dB
maybe 1Vrms

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its like 20K input inpedance too i think
im maybe totally wrong about that tho
so yeah ima do a buffer circuit
couple audio rail to rails
with schottky bridge out for full wavge
and RMS corrected
so *.707 attenuation
fu =(
ima just avr it
do a panel with 3mm LED

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i should put a LM3916 VU IC in the xover tin
because it doesnt have anything on the front =(
or maybe i just use the avr circuit im using for shifty VU
some sort of buffer/inverter with schottky bridge
LM3917 are so fucking big =(
it makes sense if you look at the internal schema
they dont even make an soic
least natsemi doesnt last i looked
no it has a half wave rectifier input and tons of current sinks and comparators
oh yeah, i guess it does
but i dont remember if it was amps or discrete in the diagram
i think its all transistors
besides the input rectifier amp

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yay, erc, drc, ratsnest clear

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then the heatsinks and heat insulating front are def critical
theres a shop here
up the street
i wanna try and get them to put an led setup in their window
tri rail
thats as complicated as it gets
for each color to match Vf, to minimize power loss

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if i supply the metal and plastic stock, already cut up
and i can offer to write the code too
and a setup script
i can, im going to for prototypes
like yours im likely gonna do
i have alot of 1" acrylic
haha like hundreds of $ worth, just kinda fell into my lap
for production thinks, im prob gonna do like, aluminum and polycarbonate stackups
like, 2 layers of .25" aluminum, layer of .375 acrylic, layer of polycabonate
reza_: exgf's bro had it left over from a job
it was in their back yard
i got alot of computers too, but all their hdd and psu were thrashed
only critical SMART errors on POST ive ever seen
these are like 2" by 4.5" i think
final ones will be 2.5x4.5 i think
i wanna do a 40W array

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plus im always worried a fet will shift if something blows on it too hard
appliance SMPS, digital signals, EMP from nuke
for what?
the arrays?
i think i might do fast ons
sorry im thinking about preamp thing
im bit on cruise mode, not thinking so hard
you know those fast pcb mount fast on terminals?
er, fast-on
but yeah maybe pcb terminal blocks
theyre like stamped metal
fast-on is like speaker terminals
yeah i wanna put connectors on the back
and drop the white led switch
so nothing obstructs the led paths
i wanna get quotes from machine shops about acrylic chassis and heatsink back panels
see if i can get $5 a unit for like runs of 20

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i can do 40W for $60 i bet
shipping deal for multi unit buy, from china
90W dissipated, is the UFO product
so im like, 30-80W output
depending how retarded their design tech was
not complex at all
but im using current sinks for all strings
to defeat chinese Vf
youll prob be okay without it, little fan
but dude its a .20 part
yeah pc fans are actually really neat
theyre brushless, with like a hall sensor for position feedback and a 2 transistor half bridge thing
yeah thats fine but a diode makes it alot more trustworthy
thats better actually
darlington is doubleplus
logic fets are good too but theyre way expensive
you can make a darlington with two $.04 transistors, do like 100mA
pull microamps on the input

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like 5W for the pair
competitive with 6W $170 shit
i can scale it easy
i should do 10W, for $20 arrays?
it needs more white leds too
to be useful, also to drop more voltage
like the white leds turn like 2 leaves on the habaneros kinda green
i have to ventilate the CFL box
i think its baking the plants
bigger box, no reflectors
i can do bunch of holes on top and on the side
nono, no reflectors
well, yeah
but im saying this test cycle
its just like, CFL vs LED
14W vs 5W
yeah they get expensive
2 years
thats when i think itll be worth it, money wise
i can maybe come up like 20% and still kill competition
but the 40W arrays would compete with $600 shit
that doesnt even work great
im going to do a pwm module with 8x2 char display interface

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old shit is the best shit
ICs cheap as capacitors
which shit?
his IC setup?
i wonder if charles wants these or like, serious LED arrays
he wanted to try the plant leds
but i was thinking of doing a 4x 5W array
or 4x 10W
try and get mr sure or mr topbrite to cut me a deal

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and she lives in a little place far from the city and she dont care
haha hippie dork
no dude
thats a movie thats forest gump
you were on drugs =\
the speakers are going to be full acrylic i think
did you see drawing?
yeah for the altoids
man that shit pissed me off
so it was like 2" too big for my mill
after cutting out the wood at gf's parents house and getting home
im like
jezus fuck thats like 40 setups
40 fucking setups!?
so yeah i have that wood and the amps and the heatsinks
but im prob gonna put the amps on my fischer cabinets
old 10" 3 way
timecop: link me to datasheet
dude i think this aleve shit makes me groggy
or its aleve + this weed + ginseng citrus green tea
plus closing on 20 hours awake
i post this shit
and im crashing

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the eq and preamp will have switch to monitor input and output
jezus fuck i really cant believe you can fit all this in an altoids tin
soic/0805 #1
i know =\
most the boards i can do on the machine tho
jezus fuck ya
im like wtf am i thinking
but its like senior semester and ive finished 2 degrees already
so i think im entitled to fuckoff and learn more interesting shit
sexy sociology teacher will understand
omg she wore this knit sweater dress
and like thats it, some shoes i didnt notice
hehe she got little julie winters tummy
kids, ohno!
no but im going to make her an art PCB
julie winters is girl from the maxx
she had little pot belly
she has a young kid and an aetheist 2nd husband
but i dont think that young, shes prob older than i think, like english teacher
english teacher is 45!
she looks 35 acts 25
shes like my role model =D
she just teaches and writes, because she like both

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omg light bulb
okay neat
hey if i have boards by wed to chinapcb, can the finish by may 1
i will pay more $$$
no assembly, and i will do paneling
but you might have to help me fix a program
because we know you do that
tomorrow i will msn them or email or phone them or whatever
haha can you phone?
if i get my all shit by tomorrow, i can have order in monday morning
than i can sleep!
ok rly im going to do the xover then crash
im totally gonna force dude in welding class to buy one
because he said he would buy
i dont think he believed me i think he thought i was stoned
okay so...
preamp, eqs, amps will have headphone outs

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wait not yet
he starts going nuts
you can tell he practices in the shower
2:40 is some more wtf
ima paste to those metal pricks in guitars

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unit41: no!
mexicans make ever type of electric fender
Fender (r) Jazz Bass (tm) Made is Mexico #[serial number]
thats why it sucks my neck is fucked up
because you cant just replace it, thats where the ID is
have you seen while my ukulele gently weeps?
this is fureal now, this is like amazing shit
better than i ever seen on a guitar
he starts strumming that shit like its a huge bassy acoustic
and it works im like WTF

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i found the 4 tiny ratwires
thats like fucked up 1986 style =(
i might try and build some of those effects circuits onto the back of audio pots
spaced for a J bass at first
pirat big muff pi for my mexican fender, aaaaw jeah
i need to take that thing to a guitar tech, drop $80 on his bench
and get the fuck out before he starts talking shit about how FUCKED UP the neck is

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4 ratwires left

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ok no i didnt say that
then have a bit of standoff between the vertical side panels
for ventillation
maybe buy a square of polycarbonate for this
if this thing only fails halfway its gonna be so neat

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macegr: hey hey
hey im fat ren
ok no rly
i can do magnetic stacking
so we dont really need a cabinet
also with a cabinet its hard to pop them open to show off boards
so we can just focus on shifty VU (you seem to have that covered)
and triamp speakers (few minor details to figure out but mostly worked out)
oh and if you can laser me a box for the psu tons and toroid
that laser thing looks pretty neat
im pretty sure it can do snap fit IEC
tho i might just buy an acrylic display box
and make a base with the 1"
i can make tops and bottoms with 1"
and then slide in straight sections into slots

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kevtris: fs h4x0r

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yeah dx^
okay rly
i have to lib this capacitor
k it happened

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if theyre cheaper its prob by like a couple pennies
16:00 * tehspam ? np: Ruffride - United Junglist Union (rating: 10.00/listeners: 175) **LIVE SHOW** ???sec remaining
16:00 * tehspam ? on LIVE 2007 TUNE IN! -> http://www.dnbradio.com/hi.pls
look i spammed you
thats efnet ppls, btw
oh dont click that if you have tiny cheesy pc speakers itll prob permanently fuck them up if theyre not HPFed =(
the dj are all so abusive with the bass knob, is neat
my lunch is audibly vibrating

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mostly vfd tubes, syslinux for eee, wwvb, transistor circuits
oh also stunt road/sadle peak bunker
thats neat @ checkout
i used it for a couple things
i paid for NIN i think, with not blog
bye ima do more boards
oh no good shirts
oh no no good shirts
i kinda gotta go sry =\
damn sucks that all the really tiny electrolytics SMT come in 0805 anyway
like sry, ur really cute but i cant buy you

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shift psu cable from supply to controller
yeah im shielding to ground at inputs
well, outputs
but itll be shielded to the inputs
ty prof
yeah just outputs
none in this
signal ground straight thru to the amps
dc caps to power ground on the signal power bipolar stuff
back to the psu thru the minidin 8
my site is secrets
but google knows
people come anyway
its not like, double secret
not not front page linked
ill do the store and the gallery
not the notblog/notes page
a news page too i guess
but google knows about notblog, people find it

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macegr: 6V is good?
higher is good, no good?
just a bit, so i can use normal vregs
or i guess i could parallel them
ok hmm
not that high tho
i might just do avr at 4V
or 3.5V, whatevers
or buy an ldo
i should just buy an ldo
okay actually i can just 317 it
in parallel
because its gonna be a big drop, but no load
pullups and digital IO and a 50K pot
not for VU led
MC34063, coil, diode, cap
dude i have 160VAC coil coming
we dont need anymore transformers for anything, heh

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i have rice and bean burrito \o/
mm, steak
i need to download smt fc datasheet
they totally forgot the sour cream

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i can maybe do with my 1" acrylic
cut blocks and do two passes with the mill
to do circles, with 3/8" endmill
thats shit is so neat i have so much
i dont have a lathe
i dont wanna jack it into the spindle
taig is just 80 lbs
hmm maybe
im done with machine and electronics programs
so id have to find them in a good mood with no one else using machines
tool room guy might let me
that will fit in a 4 jaw chuck im sure
reallt if i was using school shit
id be like fuck a latch and throw it on the minimill
cnc things are pretty good at circles
have it cut bolt hole, inner ring, reclamp, do outer ring
i should get back to that guy about LA techshop
did anything happen?
like, if he can get money people, im willing to work for pretty much nothing
thats a sexy intern type job

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i have like 12" X
spec is 11.5" but itll go more
is that bad for laser?
the smoke
then ill maybe buy some nice wood
nice wood is not so much
and you wont have to finish it
dunno soon
i have to get boards out
then i start fabbing shit i guess
i have everything libbed except a little fucking smt electrolytic
they sent me a mail like BE OUR LABOR YAY RANDY M
thats why i do my initial in forms
you can tell when its just a computer gen msg easy, heh
oh duh

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since machine screws for speaker mounting, you mount a ring to the back of the panel
same OD as cardboard and/or pcv or acrylic or whatever
maybe wood whatever
and just slide the tubething on
yeah pretty much
because the screws are like 5" spaced im pretty sure
yeah speaker is gonna be mounted to outside
friction fit, maybe tape it to fit
for the ring height?
hmm depends on length
i would do least half inch, 1" would be cool
maybe i can do some shit outta plywood
like double stackup
yeah and cheap and avalable
MDF even
it would be a nice sliding fit
its too big for my machine tho
well no i could do two pass
my Y is 5.5"
its the taigs weakness

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i hope you find some 4ft shit, ha
i wouldnt even stuff that
hehe ya
so i figure like 8-12"
12" would be neat because its be kinda square, side profile
i was thinking just usde the tube as the dimensions
whatever its OD is, you use that + 2* acrylic side thickness for unit total width
whatever i dont care
we can cross it out with sharpies and write our own shit
it wont just eat the pvc?
a little bit prob wont hurt
not like its structural
okay another idea

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dimentia is odd
you dont really believe anything you say
you just dont care
subtle diff
macegr: yeah but it cant be crunchy foam
has to be squishy foam
or itll disintegrate
supposed to look weird
people do 18" sonotubes with 15" drivers
and just stand it up
oh, no elbows
just straight tube, stuffed
itll be good, trust
haha id totally do 24"
you dont even need stuffing really, that just kinda increases effective length (with negligible phase fuck at base freq, i guess)
im down to be like whatever you find, cut in half if its over 18"

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they dont expand at all, i guess
if you can glue pvc easier tho, thats cool too
yeah i think they make the cardboard in alot of dimensions
hahaha i wonder how much acrylic is
6" ID is fine
thats perfect actually
itll fit around mounting holes
haha i can tune it
like, sealed, unsealed
itd be neat if its was threaded =\
no shit?
chop in 4
save 2
or 6 save 4
longer is better
we could just cut it in half
haha, id do a foot, itd make it sqr
at least a foot
else stuffing will just fall out
i think round tube was good
prob get some big cell foam circles
or make them, whatevers
and stack in the tube thing

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see the vicodin make it not hurt, but its still there
valium fixes it
but zombies me
omg they got rab
ive done it
but i was on some 2 week insomnia trip
i think only tazer would have dropped me
like 6" side
if i can do it
i have to cad it out in solidworks
like 5" deep, 7" wide, 12" tall
i think thats doable
yeah okay, neat
is cad files or dpi specific image files better to send?
they need tht thing man
its supposed to be pretty good for like extending effective volume
dx^: glass tubes, fere
whatever works
and prob better, yeah

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i might be able to do it on my mill
but itd be close and take awhile
okay then its profile shit i havent poked at
pro is more space for $?
did you see pic?
oh neat
oh neato
seepic seepic?
ima try and make it compatible with my mill
if i wanna make more
is that your new muscle relaxer?
is soma less hardcore than valium?
ima cad it out tho when i get the speaker
ima try and keep it within the limits of my machine XY
if not ima check out like two local places
if i can get some polarized finished stuff, tinted, ima try and score a big sheet
can do whatever
i can make a logo i guess
happy diode wtf diode
well the speaker is like 5"
so i figure like 12" tall
yeah will it fuck me over less tho?
half a valium takes me out for a day

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macegr http://www.flickr.com/photos/25328466@N03/2410913169/in/set-72157604411625937/
macegr: how come i have random numbers and shit and you have like, macetech
did you pay them money or are you ninja at flickr or wut
its too fat
but besides that i think that design should be cool
so 5 panels, 2 identical (sides)
only the sides and front need laser cutting
bottom and middle are just rectangles
because he has it

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blackmoon: dust puffs
one blow on the lens omg
done with preamp schema
have everything libed except the small smt electrolytics
47uF 25V 6.3mm
dx^: kill it with fire?

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dx^: yes foolio
dx^: doing mad board design to get an ourpcb order out
track ball maintenance is a bitch
wtf no shit genius
optical maintenance = zero

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glucosamine chrondroitin works

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dude i ran out of glucosamine and chrondroitin and now i hopwalk =(
one week wtf
so am i broken?
dx^: it went away after like two weeks
jfur says i should stretch too
she all doing yoga and shit
man her bf is so lucky
she gained like 20 lbs of boobs and hips since we did it =(
yeah fureal
no fucking way
body is that precision?
fuck that
omg it hurts now =( =( =(
dx^: i ordered more already
i ordered fishy pills and gingo pills and gluco/chrondoitin/msm pills

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you havent been getting excercise and you irc too much
= bad neck
yeah but it wont get better
dude cmon i know, im running a 500VA psu for 9VA out without fuses
okay but it is right below a smoke detector
dx^: just thing after you get thru this ur body will have healing capabilities like wolverine
practice, yo
i put a TQFP pkg on my pot so the symbol would show up

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cmon stu, resistors
then buffers
really you know what belongs in a car?
balanced XLR
like jezus fuck drop the RCA already
fuckers spending $10K on amps like they think its gonnamake a diff
yeah if its digital source, pipe the bits straight into the amp
and have an onboard dac
just dac to linear
like, if its more than a couple chips its not really worth it
but i think stuff like that you can usually find single or two chip solutions with compatible comm
noise killer
you just gotta be smart about the digital and analog io grounding
yeah altoids is that
but i want something small and good for my desktop
serious i rock like 10" 3 way bgans on top or under my desk
its ridiculous
also getting two of the circuits into altoids tins is pretty nuts
bgans wtf
i think that was cabs
fuck wetwires you have enough probs
you need direct RF brain comm

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oh haha
im all procrastinating cuz i dont wanna make a pot symbol
i already have one made exactly like i wanted =\
stu: omg fear
stu: most of my mp3 are distributed across cd and dormant hdd partitions =(
im pretty much just listen to net radio now
oh neat
i made a bunch of cd of my mp3
when i had the sony cdrw diskman and alpine cdrw mp3 head
192 is pretty okay
it gets rid of the weird wishy washy high end sound
and the total lack of distortion tone coherency
distort bass and guitars at 128 = sad
the deq or the other thing?
gave up on deq?
oh sweet
yeah its more a home thing
what freq?
anything else doesnt matter so much
just everywhere?

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haha rotating an amp symbol is so funny!

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theyre going to drop pilots
and drone them
hehe cool
yeah any JPL/Skunker guy is
blackmoon: its gonna happen
someones gonna do it
so everyone has to do it
the limitation of fighter jets is biological at this point
dx^: next week we go thru avreth schema and triple check pinouts and mill teh board thing?

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dude your air force is like 5 planes and 20 pilots
yeah you totally make this symbolic push in every american war except vietnam
blackmoon: you guys are dumb
should have spent the extra money and got custom F16 from lockheed
like the japanese
i think theirs are scaled up models
like the super hornets
those things are funny its like they took a 3d file of the hornet and went select all, scale 1.25
i dunno man
youd would just have to rework the engine and cockpit =)
all the avionics mounts
well yeah in reality
but have you seen them?
theyre just big hornets
its the same plane, biggy sized
kinda yeah
its like F14/F15 replacement
the F35 are gonna be F16/FA18 replacement
but i dont think theyll ever replace either of those planes
cheap, dont always need stealth
not broken

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also, we created true merc culture
like, we hooked up the crazies with the corps and gave it all the okay then dumped billion of dollars into it
whatever your reps let it happen
so did clinton
get over it
you didnt do enough
and you failed
4 times
4 fucking elections of fail
fuck you america
cali uber alles, you guys are trash, politically
you guys are bitching about abortion
and immigrants
and teaching creationism in school?
sure now
too little too late
dudes gone
and even your dem congress wont touch the wannabe illuminatis
fuck that im gone
im unaffiliated

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everything is olod 70s tech
except the f35/f22
stfu tomahawk isnt supersonic?
f35 is 90s
late 90s even
my best friends dad worked on it =)
f22 is prob like mid late 80s
when they really got some usefull shit happening
is he arguing iraq was a good idea or something?
or splashing terrorists is a good idea?
dude we killed 1M people
5 years, in iraq
estimates are like 700K-1M people
dude its like, how can you say you saved a people when millions are homeless, and $1M died
for a optional war
blackmoon: 3K
weve lost 4K at least in the war
like ton wounded
we fucked soldier over with health insurance and pay
not to mention were using national gauard and reserves as primary forces now

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oh wtf
cruise missile for $1M is a steal
shit is a nuclear weapons delivery drone
and clinton almost used them all up!
we straight up ran out of tomohawks on our boats
like damn
thats what theyre for
haha asprin
well yeah
but it was that or send in troops
and he a vietnam era kid
naw thats troops
thats like a minor war action
tomahawks is kinda weird
like that was basically the first unmanned war
that was american drones kamikaze style
thats worth it, for $1M a pop
whatever its good tek
i dont care how he used them
he used to many
who cares its ours
we should have run out
tomahawk hits shit
it was developed to carry nukes

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well, part of it
so we pay $1200 for 2 bedroom right
get this, if you start renting NOW
its like $1500 for 2 bedroom
my friend and her bf need a 1 bedroom, they cant find lower than $1200 =(
LA market is so, so, so fixed
its like a huge scam
theyre trying to push people who cant afford away
then theyre gonna bulldoze
and build shit with commercial on the bottom and residential on top
like east coast
(LA zoning got relegislated)
theyre not paying for material
theyre paying for gauranteed spec
simple = better
i really dont think we pay $1M for each jdam, module

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Curiously Strong Power Supply, Regulators, Selector, Preamp, Headphone Amp, Equalizer, Equalizer, Equalizer, Crossover, Mega Amp, Tiny Amp, Tiny Amp
how many is that
haha 12 altoids tin audio system
yeah even in america
no because im gonna to put a single pole 18KHz filter on every signal section!
can you feel it?
they might try and jack my disability
im like, bitches you owe me money
give it up
haha that place is closed down
along with practically every system facility i was stored at
i missed a drs appointment
because i had a test then i came home and fell onto my beed instead of biking to dr
well when people bitch that im taking their tax money, i tell them why are they cool with tax money being used to fun abusive environments for kids?
like, kids booty raping kids, they ok
ren going to school, WTF GIMME MY MONEY BACK
ya rly
$100K on a guided bomb assembly, they can afford to send me to school and pay my moms rent

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he prob doing autowank for SL
dude why do you think i <3 lunix
mount /dev/sda1
umount /dev/sda1
thats fun
kevtris: you doing writeup on that part? (plspls)
the jobs pay for school alot

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i might get a job instead of going to school =\
im going to call them up and say if its cool if i defer enrollment for a year or two
and then try and get a lab tech job
or do the mil contractor thing
oh shit, i can do that i guess
hahaha ren@.gov, ph33r
already interviewed, the only thing we both had a prob with was that i was going to do my BSEE
oh huh
thats true id have to change that
im not gonna do $80 boards routed for them, fuck that
but yeah that job is wrong side of the country

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so it could be like, 0mA to 1.2A or anywhere else
so i dont wanna use resistors really
haha thats prob look all funny on a scope, poor 317
i think i have to use a real dpak or to220 317, too
you know what fuckit
ill do smps in the main psu
and then just run it down a shifty vu connection from psu to controller
vreg that with an ldo for the uC

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just to drop input voltage, share dissipation
cuz like, 6Vout 2A max and maybe 15V in
yeah but itll keep the zener on, right?
lik i wont be boot strapping the regulator everytime i want a bit of juice from it
it should stay on, yeah?
er fuckit i can put a 100K resistor on the output
okay nm
actually i need to check fat zener knee current anyway
blackmoon: leaky diode is good
blackmoon: what like 1-10mA leaky?
oh huh
well zener prob cheaper than 317
maybe, have to check
but yeah its the LED rail

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haha now i know what that option does
that usually how i find shit out in eagle
something bad happens, i wanna kill it, but then it turns out to be some wtf named option
without the little pic helpers in DRC, eagle would be 1000x harder to config
theyre practically essential
i couldnt keep track of that shit =(
blackmoon: LM317/337 prob pull enough idle current keep a zener on, no?

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what what
i think mine is set to 20mil
wtf is that?
autosnapping length?
ok its prob like the lengths from the center of the pad
that it will grab your shit and autoroute
i wonder if i can set that down in dicktrace
its like 2x too big

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i set 5% but it prob just needed like 15 or 20%
just pissed me off because it was a lib part
you can actually do a ton to change lib parts with the DRC, change pin ones and shit
i <3 rounding off my SMD, you get tiny bit of play for DRC
plus looks sexy
oh youre like messaging me or something
naw that shit is was off the end of my irsdsi if you didnt msg me something months ago at least

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that doesnt sound like DRC
that shit that pissed me off other day was a DRC min drill/pad diamater ratio
i needed to set it lower than 25% default

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yeah i think mine might be close to smalles size
haha h4x
oh weird like as soon as you open it?
and no
this on a new board or one you been working on?
wow fuck that some setting i havent seen in forever
or im imagining it, but yeah i maybe remember that happening long time ago
options > set.. > misc tab
theres two checkboxes on the bottom, maybe those

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okay but partition info stuff yeh
so not bootloader, MBR or something
they boot like hdd/fd
hmm weird
but yeah i was getting them to boot from usb with typical iso stuff copies over and some ISOLINUX or dos format h4x
they have all the same stuff as fd/hdd
dx^: kk ill send monday
dx^: you transformer is bigger than mine, yeah?
its not 2.3VA
mine doesnt fit in your holes =(
but they came in three or four sizes i think
theres a couple things that have made me wanna shattert mycrt tube

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it couldnt do the thermal pads with the fail conical
dx^: mayb should go more isolation or unpoly the input side of the transformer
is like half mm gaps maybe
but yeah came out pretty ok
i just eyeballed the holes when i flipped with the conical tip
how many of those did you want?
its neat they mill out pretty quick
is lower padding or where they keep config?
dude its the boot loader section
theyre like gian floppies

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if you wanna do electronics for real, it means you gotta be doing that shit on your ownm time, all the time
because if youre in BSEE, you shouldnt have any free time
pomona has an electronics/computer engineering tech program
i could be done in a coupl years or less because all my CC credits transfer
like if i dont wanna do engineering
i can still get a tech BS
which would make me kinda ninja, as far as education and most techs
im already above avg
i dont think i know anyone with multiple tech AS
yeh my hip is ow
dx^: i ordered glucosamines
i think its maybe close to same price
because mine was triple strength
but next time ill do the buy two get 3 i bet thats better
quaal: boost smps
put an IC on that shit
tho jewell theif is kinda that, but minimalized
try perf board?
i think its some kinda oscillator
might drive yourself nuts with a breadboad
ok good lucks
you board is finished did you see?
i think twingy sent the endmills, too

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damn, *dipshit
haha i got my confirmation letters for my tech degrees
AS Electronics and AS Numerical Controller Programming
incubus[]: myy CC is the shit
by the valley used to be mad tech industry
aerospace, mil, car factory
yeah they give a shit more usually
they tend to be younger, also, for gen ed stuff
because its a BS degree or better
ive done 5 years of school already
bu i have 3 two year degrees
if i finish intro to business this semester
not really
if you wanted to, you could pick up alot from an engineering program
especially if you already know practical aspects
its just like tech shit, you do it on your own time, or you will be fail compared to the guy that did
if you want it bad enough, teachers shouldnt matter that much
better for the ones that do
EE can do some major math and book cramming
ooooooooo (whatever)
its not a waste
but its gonna get you as much as you put in

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jezus fuck what american kid doesnt learn righty tighty left loosy
who cares
they prob dont even get phase if its not on a piece of paper
yeah math good but solid foundation in concepts and PARACTICAL THEORY is better
my opamp class is prob deeper than most uni classes =\
shit teacher, only engineer intructor in the program
i was the only one who got shit from his class, because i already knew about opamps
yeah, lab and lecture
dc, ac, semiconductors, 3 projects, one schema drafting class is core, then we have a linear/opamps option, a digital/processors option, and a RF circuits/transmission line option
you do everything and some gen ed, you get an electronics AS
we on DMM from day one
scopes from first day of AC lab
im at a community college

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haha at kevtris being an EE
incubus[]: no kevtris actually knows how to do stuff
i dont even know if kevtris knows how to do math
yeah i figred that out like first project
burny side = wrong side yo
was that some kind of joke/
kevtris: =O =O =O

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