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timecop: the 2nd wasnt funny
it was scary'
and dude wtf
polar bear on the decks
thats not funny thats awesome
fuck you i dont care
ill talk about stupid shit all day

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maybe 1A isnt enough

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macegr: yeah but i think they they dont even care to keep it under a normal sine V peaks
they want it to average so like over time since beats mod sine, then mod sine shoots over sine line, than crossoes over again
usually twice
but im saying their info is course and unaliased
and exceeds normal limitation
and then doesnt meat normal minimums
and then exceeds normal limitation
and then doesnt meet normal minimum
hey but maybe on the towards zero slopes, lack of slew turns it into more of a sine looking wave
but probably not
naw i dont need anymore court cases
sounds neat
like throw moma from the train

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like not a square
youre lucky if all its doing is buzzing
most UPS in the world suck, then
mod sine is cheap and easy to market
because people think mod sine is a good thing

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wtf does input filters have to do with it
youre gonna maybe over current coils and caps
the coil is making the buzzing sound
becauise youre putting square waves into it and its vibrating from the magnetics
sure both
why do you have dc on a transformer
dc on a transformer = dead
why do you care about the inside of the pc psu
uh, because youre killing it
everything is being stressed
youcould be feeding the system MHz or GHz speed deltas
depending on the quality of the output switch in the mod sine
because its more current quicker

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nothing does
square waves = harmonics to infinity
thats not an ac->ac wart
which is probably 50% to on fire at rated max current anyway, with sines
some stuff, definitely
gregorycu: yeah man its called a 'fuse'
just use DC to DC converters
for the pc psu
thats how alot of the tiny pc are doing it
i dont know
mod sine is shit
end of discussion
smps like it in principal, but anything else reactive in the psu might not

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06:51 < Lope> anyone know why my router fucks out after a few mins when its AC-DC
because its a mod sine, thats why
mod sine = square wave
you get alot of EMI and maybe burnt coils
and it prob doesnt come out totally a square wave

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sketchup isnt that bad
its in the object properties
k is that nuts or wut?

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i want to panel, have to get a gerber editor
kk guys guys
you have to tell me if this board is nuts or nut i dunno anymore
i have one more linear board left
k in 5min =\

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timecop: delivered
which is cutting it close even at two days
ERC/DRC/ratwire checks passed \o/
i just gotta fix the labels then i upload then i crash out
mobilestu: hi
yeah huh
i forgot about those even
because i can make them
you can get wire?
tinned pads
would be best no?
like make open pads around the leds
yeah but the tin outdoes white i think
thats a good idea tho
yeah i dunno either
tin is kinda dull
most rooms are white
alot are mylar too
maybe i do both to check
i have to ask for details, board size vs cost

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i get to make a regulator pcb like, MC34063 + dpak darlington, smt diode and cap, LM317 + the SAME DARLINGTON!
well not the same one
like a different one but the same kind
see if i can get some 3A linear regulated goodness

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timecop: i told them delivery before apr 30
they aim to pls, apperently
i also said gerbers by tomorrow, or the day after

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said rush is 2 to 5 days, didnt sound like an issue

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haha wtf does that mean

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i can make most of these modules CNCable with a few vias, also
why i wasnt super worried about the order being late
im gonna call all and see if they can give me exact dimensions on those relays
theyre prob 12dip
then i can finish the boards
oh i seen those in old dells and sonys

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finally done with labels
wait no bottom
oh ha
no parts on bottom
im awesome
well, the connectors
macegr: wtf
make it
parallel darlingtons and .1R emitter resistors
well same
youll need something fat and parallel for an output switch
then you need something fat to drive it
then before that part, you can maybe use a normal switcher
bring feedback back from the big parallel thingers out, past the emitter R
im always thinking hardest part would be layout
because such a long span for so many transistors
thats pretty sexy looking
maybe you can adjust it for 7V out
5 to 7, not 5 and 7

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for gain 100 use 1K and 100K
or 440ohm and 44K
they draw schemas horribly too
do a pot like on the input

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doitle: yeah post it
kinda big
rockshox: hello, put more caps on it?
you guys gotta learn to draw schemas
doitle: sec
did you want gain to be 1000?
i mean why even use feedback
rockshox: schema is a schema
oh my bad thats what it is
okay do you know what a pot is?
to make the gain less or what?

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hmm no
macegr: they got back to me
typical 10 days, rush is 2-5 days
the crossover is done aside from details
same footprint as the preamp
i brokeout all the inputs and the pre-coupling cap outputs
so its not altoids specific
if you have a bipolar supply and a soldering iron, you are good
dude thats huge
i have 2x8 =D
i want to use for the psu on the grow LEDs
macegr: yeah i think

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k i think placement is done
macegr: this is neat we can turn these into like lego audio
twingy sent the endmills
i need fudz tho =(
have you filled any?
or are you collecting them
think of kit things

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its a nasty thru hole thing
theyre gluegunned, i think
macegr: opto feedback is supposed to be good for compression effects

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ProCo Turbo Rat uses a gain adj amp driving RC in series inverse parallel leds as clip distortion
followed by an adj LPF
its funny the led are buried inside, theyre not visible from the panel when theyre being driven

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or they will die
airline suck at life right\ now

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yeah so its like the bass is rattling the chassis
10W to speaker, 5W to chassis vibrator
so like
if i get refund and/or grant money decides to arrive, im going to do QuadAmps
with some poontangs
and try that tiny sealed box to raise resonance thing
then you EQ out the speaker HPF pole
because its always relatively smooth below resonance
and you get like perfectly flat response to subsonic
cross it over like 50Hz or something

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neat im hanging with the diyaudio junkie this weekend
he found chipamps, elliot sound and pass labs, and sonotube subs for me
okay i reworked crossover with breakout pads
now its totally kitable
haha itd be funny to make 1U rack amps and preamp with little tiny boards that fit in altoids
be like, some parallel toroids in a corner, 3 or 4 tiny boards, and alot of shielded cable
and some lead weights
for true quality feel

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if she had a penis shed wanna put it in melissa too =D

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theyre uncomfortable
and she did nobra well
jezus fuck shes like 34D or something now
im like damn
dude me and those boobies been all on each other over the years
its been like 3 or 4 years i think
ok right, because you dont listen to girls
so you prob dont pay attention when they bitch about their bras, like ALL the time
yeah thats all tricky
we just dont talk about that stuff anymore and everything is cool
tho it is decidedly bad to date her friends
tho if i got into the melissa i think she couldnt blame me at all

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blackmoon: no is like my girlbuddy for 13 years
we kinda too similar, drive each other nuts support each others laziness =\
haha she wearing bras now, im like aaaw girlbuddy growing up. or something
ok i emailed ourpcb
timecop: eta to response
theyre waking up right now, right?
8:30a, w00t
they prob been working 6 hours already
because she plays with magnets?
i play with magnets
damn, dont steal blackmoons magnets

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that thing was so neat id go all the time
i can get them from all, its cool
like $1 each
lots of sized and polarity\
you want?
i can bring
they have hdd salvage
heh, besides balls and buttons
they also have squares
like little blocks, but dont get those, the plating sucks
jenny stole all my buttons =(
i have 4 blocks and 4 buttons im like 'you can have half!' because im all stupid and in love with her, so she tool all the buttons so she could roll them around like snakes
the blocks arent so fun then they all started chipping
ha ya rly =(

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if they fail, i can do these boards on the machine probably
why you think im like 2 or 3 pcb a day
im getting like two panels
yeah i want too
but i might want to change some shit
naw, everything is up to the radius
because for mounting anyway
and thats why i know magnetic stacking is easy
the button neos will fit in the radius

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i used it for greys silly boards
they have corp customers
they doing fine, probably
theyre like, you wanna buy one?
its cheasper to run like that
hence the lack of available warez
thats prob why its not in electronic workbench anymore
theyre not trying to have customers
theyre trying to have clients
i bet swervice is sweet if you buy 10 seats
take pics
i need to take a nap
macegr: crossover module 60% complete
im going contact chinapcb tonight
because its prob daytime when its nighttime
wut wut
5 day rush, w00t
not assembly

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one of you guys has to say jinx
i really like pots in mulisim, tho
yeah gerbtool is good shit
you found it?
not for editing i think just for view
it came bundled with ultiboard, like version 7
but i lost that juarez
good shit.
did you see what the demo gimp was?
i dont think you can edit or save
its just a viewer
yeah thats too new
it wasnt in 8 either
tho i wouldnt mind grabbing that at some point
ultiboard is killer pcb, but multisim is fail for capture
see if you can find 7
1000 day juarez
theres a release of 7 with gerbtool, tho

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(i say this because i like ultiboard, multisim is way bloat for either sim or capture)

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ha that was an awesome cut
gangsta voice: bitches and...
thundercats style: hoooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo hoooooooooo hooooooooo
i need to find a gerber editor like tonight
yeah its nice to have
sucks like, i can write algorithms to panelize the gcode
i dunno maybe
i want to arange multiple boards
but yeah im not about to try and code some gcode parsing thing right now
tho rs274x looks easy
because its all positive part description
instead of negative like metal removal
multisim doesnt do circuit boards

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i swear the emcee in song is like NEW YORKER OR DRED
he cant be saying that

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no man a response means a preoccupation with
dude theyre gonna die =(
rock en espanol dont fuck around
emos will like be forced into the underground
theyll have dark clubs where they do...
cmon what do they do in their dark clubs, everyone knows the answer
actually no im seeing more and more answers, and it sucks to visualize it

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you dunno what 24db/oct linkwitz-riley aligned active filters are?
how do you make your crossovers?
?? basics
ha neat he added 'Amplifiers:'
yeah try
but i like how with uC its easy to do 'features' and 'bloat'
like floating peak dot and rolling avg
omg stu had idea for like white led at -3db
he said no one does it, so im jacking him
so i think i go like, cyan green white yellow red
for the mini VU
they prob easier to find in 3mm than 0805 in cyan...
we jacked them for dnb
i mean, we invented emo i think
its pretty sad
did you see that article how ALL opposing factions of mexican rock are getting together against the emo 'rockers'?

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that was i can do a minidin 8 out, switch input tiny44 for shifty vu
and a VU meter led driver for the tins with another tiny44
that way i have reusable part
hello, ghetto
you need an input circuit anyway
that shit dances all crazy
also, its a 3916, for VU
also, i dont think they come in soic
no dips allowed
except the signal relays
so um
did i mention how sexy soic/0805 linkwitz riley routes without single supply bias parts?
its like wtf now i wanna do 16 pole salen key filters

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14:30 < macegr> so we'd put an attiny at the base of each shifty vu tube?
same setup
but like, i want a VU rectifier module
on more than one tin
so i want to do a rectifier, and then diff output drivers
like, one for the controller tin MINIDIN8
one for an array of 10 led
well attiny is minimal
er, 8pin tiny
i can do 2 or 3 adc, and 2 or 3 comm pins
or, we can just use multiple tiny44
and do some crazy crossover VU shit
7 adc, 2 or 3 comm
like, right and left channel mid, low, high
and a half VCC bias input
then send amplitude variables to the led/user interface

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haha its be like one of those tiny package audio spectrum led toys
i think thats the easiest way tho, for a very good VU avr and shifty interface

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macegr: do you have any 8pin tiny?
i think i want to make a VU avr as small as possible, with like spi/rs232/whatever tx
that way the led drivers are independent
because i think i wanna do 5 led VU for some of the modules
like the xovers dont have anything on the front panel
and thats a good place to monitor levels
then i can do a shifty VU driver dongleboard
like, connector, tiny44, pins and/or pads for comm and power input
that way you just unload your amplitude/color variables from spi buffer, and work
dual tiny44 would be ideal i guess
can do 7 adc input
and then you have direct RGB values if you want

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hes gotta bve pretty good hes been practicing for 4 years now?
yes but can he work the ram pointers?
thats what he was confused about last time i noticed him in nop
im like jezus fuck youre just poking at the same now wtfwtfw

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dude its input a value, subtract half of your full scale
now you have a full wave rectified 0 biased value
so you can do peak, or avg
the rectifier cap controls decay

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even drastic color and brightness diff?
anyway, ill check out the pinout in a bit
need min 4 adc, min 4 shifty io
i guess thats works somehow
leaves like 3 pins for ui
encoder with button
oh, sweep thing
i have some too big filters
i still think the full wave rectifier + 4 adc input is good for amplitude/freq/delay
then you can have color themes, and adjust them base on which is greater
most of it done in hardware so the firmware can just play with colors and gradients and etc
not really i can do that in a few lines of asm
its prob same if you dont suck!

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need like 2 more pins to do everything mentioned last night
at least one more
maybe i can do it actually
okay check it out
3 amps
duals, stereo setup
active filters
center octave, 2 poles
i really like NUKE tho
okok, doesnt matter
yeah me too, i can make it work
you have more tho, no?
why i was asking
you split the freq domain
shallow filters, 2 pole
then you full wave rectify thru shottkys, each filter output
so you need an inverter amp
maybe 4 amps, i have to draw it
okay but now you have high amplitude, low amplitude
you can do peak plus delay, and then use the amplitude diff to select a color
for frequency feedback on shifty VU
reza__: altoid tin autio system
that way you have lots of time and input to play with colors
like you can have a themed color fundamental, and then use the diff to adjust brightness or hue
yeah but this just two channels to produce a diff
we dont have time or money for an analyzer
but maybe we can program your array thing

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macegr: did you see preamper?
i put breakout pads on it so i can wire headphone amp in
the schema for the crossover is almost done
im scrapping the 3way xover
because i can do the same exact thing with 2x 2way crossovers
(same circuits)
then i also have xovers for two way system
holy shit
when is that?
it just says april
oh you went?
i think you said you were going someplace
link, upscroll
so check this out
we need to upgrade avr and then i make this easy for you
4 or 5 adc input
better avr
just need couple more pins

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my chain is almost gone
and its not a normal chain its like a thick custom link haro chain
like theyre not peanuts
theyre weird third rings
like, if you had a ring, flat
okok, like a washer
then you cut it 2/5" down, and rounded the points
thats what all the outer links are
inner links are standard with black oxide coating, i think
so yeah its all stretched now i have to go replace with a normal chain =(
blackmoon: theyre kinda bigger than normal links
but shaped so they dont interfere when wrapping around a little sprocket
theme of haro nyquist 24" = overbuilt

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blackmoon: did you see tiny preamp?
also email me or msg me the link #
the chain link
or a url to mcmaster
hehe tinyurl pls
im prob gonna get screws and nuts soon
omg mcmaster.com/stuff=?&98gbFVYUHJBJY(*05rEDRFC)*(56tFUTVB)*rz65SDxu(SCREWSg76fgh908563edrfG)H(*O^
but real ones are like 3x longer =(
item number?
msg or email, or ill lose it in scroll
yeah i saw
hehe they have everything!
thats the only metric shit goes out to two or three decimals
youre like wow that exact!
but rly its like 3/16
lope: probably not, even if you paid
too much going on
if you want me to route something, maybe
yeah man

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ok so today i go to business office see if they really owe me $800
if they do, im doing 4 way speakers and a linkwitz transform sub EQ
and doing 5.25" poontang long xmax at 50% power, <10Hz to 40Hz or 50Hz
16" tall, rawrarararar
like 120VAC off my 160VAC toroid, w00t

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charles: you mean my board?
isolate and DRC is 8mil, chinapcb spec is like 4mil
i should be able to do that board on my cnc
its still .008 isolation even if its exposed
i did this shit without a solder mask usually
also you can set weather the mask goes up onto the pads or not
my potatoes are done yay
if they fuckup .008 with a .004 technology spec, they owe me money

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yeah look at U1 wtf
ha i did it both sides
so i can use the power and audio jack layout for the crossover
im not gonna do 3 way tins
because i can do same thing with two two way tins

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rab: i have light bulb
slide pots on top of the tin
and magnets on the front so it stands upright
rab: 10 pots per tin
stereo pots
preamp yay
oh huh
it was very later, i need to do silk touch ups anyway

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