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o rite
i used to watch movies
i have those i can do that

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man i need to connect, i hate this being wide awake shit
i did sleep
you mean again?
im trying to remember what i do for fun when im not doing electronics

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you could have went to school for electronics engineering and learned just as little
everyone i know who i decent does the shit on their own time
pretty much all the time
shit i think its closing time in china

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i thought this channel was like the cream of efnet intelligence
like, #physics fools prob just playing with calculators all day
wtf grand father
electronics IS most technology nowadays
naw cuz theres def some mechanical and chemical shit going down too
but that stuff is not possible without electronics
modern technology doesnt happen without electronics
hell modern society doesnt happen without electronics
30 years ago is fairly modern

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she had to write like a two page thesis about her show to get her masters
im like w t f
thats one more than most, foolio

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meh at medical
here, theres 4 kinda of weed
swag (shit) mids (no market or reg prices) regs (the chron) and kush
like, $200/oz or so
i was getting OG kush for like $275 for a bit
but that wasnt consistent, gone now
ha nice
food is a bit much tho
like 2 or 3 days in, its like the whole entire world got slightly weird
but i cant figure out why
pfft i have too many issues with girls to even be phased by shit like that
i dont have a prob with it if she dont
were not together
good luck on that tho, she all into me =\
litefreak: man stfu already
ha my ex is art school student
masters done, on her MFA

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i dont drink much rly but a beer or whatever is cool
dude i was like a tequila disposal unit as kid
dude its agave and it fucks you up
fuck all that, get me an oz
oz of herbs
for $200
i likely wont be traveling with any
i hope you guys dont smoke swags

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okay so forest moms specifies dimensions in Mils
er, mims
and prof is trying to say its an invalid unit
either macegrs or im getting a room
if my exgf decides to go see make, she gonna meet me there and we might split a room
and yeah drinks is fine

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im going to rework them all so i can do them on my CNC anyway

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theyre saying do one panel request for each board
Hi randy,
Sorry , it is a mess.
i wont what 'it' is
er, wont/wonder
so i ask for the same thing
but individual panels
sucks because i just wanted single units of a couple of these boards

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ugh, they dont wanna panel them
Or ,you send us one pcb's gerber file ,we paneled it to a panel ,example,2*3 ,5*5 , etc. :)
i think what theyre saying is i should get like 9 diff quotes
theyll panel single files
they wont do multiple designs one panel
i have to do that myself
they prob just have an option on their fab thing to do a matrix of the design
diff boards?
well, i think their issue i having the boards on one panel

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i have it, its very good
based on a 2 semester electronics course for grads
very practical
'good circuits' and 'bad circuits' example at end of all the chapters
tables with generic part data
math is almost pointless until you can design
like, you need to have something to put the math on, heh
its kinda weird like that
like in the beginning it was all maths
because its not like you could do your own circuits so you just could do analysis
yeah me and macegr have booth
we on the make website, good enough for me yo
im doing led grow light (lowlevel success, so far)
and an altoids audio system (amazing if it works on this schedule)

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nice burnage
dont read books
read datasheets
i should read those
everyone talks about them like they are biblical

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timecop_: submitted to china pcb
enough boards to do one cs system, the rest of the panel filled with headphone amp boards
prob like one million headphone amp boards, everything is tiny
aw the shrooms died
quick shrooms

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i dont have any pics =\
i kinda wanna try just to have the experience
but i dont see myself using them for any designs
well fuckit itd be nice to have a free license if i wanna use it
AVR platform is so friendly

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he doesnt want the answer he wants you to make his function work
and strife
dongs and strife should be a broadway musical that i dont go to
rockshox has difficulty dealing with other peoples opinions
much like the avrfreak, he tends to label anyone who disagrees with them as some form of cognitively challenged
then ironically proceeds to make himself look like said label
man that guys hates me soo much
was like, obsessive levels of hate
like, he was a better machinist than me, doesnt own a machine, better avr asm coder than me, but he still cant access mem
oh neat
thats from microchip?
or 3rd party
hehe beta testing a uC compiler is prob loads of fun

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people think learning c is a shortcut that will let them run a uC without learning the hardware
anyway, you CAN do what stu suggested
you just need to use pointer and add a constant offset
i dont think thats what you wanted to do tho

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you can use ldi and sti to access locations immediately, but without post/pre incriments
also c compilers usually do some way silly shit on interrupt entry/exit
so what should be like 4 opcodes of overhead is prob like 20, for no reason in most applications
sry 4 cycles
so yeah, fuck me because i want to learn hardware and make shit happen
instead of learning stupid details and syntax that have zero to do with digital electronics
i dont do c
PORTB = value;
fuck you, you said something stupid, and now you pay for it
youre obvious frustration or annoyance is only fuel for my fire
damn missed

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all registers are memory locations
same ith peripherals
they dont share address space
its in the datasheet
see like wtf is memset
theres 3 pointers besides stack
theyre the top 6 registers, in pairs
all you do is write the mem adress to pointer, which you already defined as a variable and data length of
and then use ld, st commands

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because youre a good programmer
and im shit
you cant even write to a port that way you want
or get data into ram
sorry you made an perfect example of yourself about why C on 8bit uC is dumb
unless you can do it in asm anyway, then maybe c is useful as shorthand for asm operations
but honestly it just seems like itd get in the way
yeah thats nice rockshox
why you keep mentioning it?>
how do you even know im talking about it?
why you afraid of what the asm hax0r is saying?
stu programs in basic
we have paper punch readers at school
in the NC lab
apperently back in the day, they taught paper program splicing
see but thats bullshit
because a) you need to do binary level c to make cool shit happen on a uC
b) i code in plain text, not binary or hex
so stfu
no ones talking to you now
you suck at uC, its ok
dont read that

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my main files usually look WAY simpler than c files
because you can use macros, so main code is like:
rjmp deathloop
write to memory = load pointer, use mem load opcode
or just use the load immediate to or from ram codes
its like 3 lines
allocating ram is a single line
my god i swear the reasons c coders come up with for not learning the asm
what if the pins change, wtf
btw there is preprocessor conditionals, too
so you can write code that works on any avr with a few lines of conditional and a AVR_PART constant
or you can dick around in c
wonder why your code got so big, why you cant write to mem, and not have any clue how the mem and register adressing it setup
you did
i think you read enough

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asm #1
you guys spend so much fucking time on stupid code syntax
and trying to make the hardware do what you want
instead of just doing it
its kinda hard to take your 'c is faster' argument seriously
you can do asm portable
all my code is with redefinitions
then change the .set or .equ line?
you guys are lame
do you think i code in raw hex or some shit?
omg im a genius, no?
yeah but youre failing
its not the hardware, its c
no datasheet gonna help you out
no im bitching about how lame this looks
my sam7 c shit works fine
and thats not libbed out
we did the lowlevel code
arm7 has insane 32b opcodes
avr has lovely opcodes
the ONLY diff, asm and c, is use of words like if, else, while, for, switch
which is all simple
in asm
if you can program for real
you guys have have compiler and syntax problems, on top of hardware problems
for no real gain

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its the hardware adress for portb
wtf at var containing it
you cant write to the variable
its a constant
you have a pointer?
why do you need the pointer
dude putting shit on port b in c is PORTB=stuff;
yeah portb is changed in the definition file

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T is lame on 7segs

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elfa is swedish?
my swedish irc people always talking about elfa
heh, i send them digikey parts every other year or so

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if you have a two channel scope, put ch2 on inverting
remember to use DC coupling
haha fuck maxim
working there in design is prob fun
bos: just use two adc, measure top and bottom of the shunk, or just the top if the shunt is grounded
if the shunt is low side, on the same ground as the uC, no really
*not really
you might want an amp too boost it for higher res
but you can drop adc ref lower too
high side you wanna use 2 adc or a diff amp

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so fuck all that
i dont rag much for C
i did alot on sam7
its almost shorthand
like on that level, its pretty clear that most thing are integer values
if you dont know electronics, you shouldnt touch a uC
oh please what
thats fine, im not trying to build overpriced less functional shit
i can
i rag on engineers too
shiftbrite isnt a uC
modules arent uC

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wtf @ sot23 -> .1"
just use a to92?
like what
soic to dip = sadness
soic isnt even harder to solder
the pi spacing is the same
when you account for holes and pads
i dont breadboard as much anymore
im like, schema/sim to PCB
breadboards are shit for noise and high speed
hai, im am your bank of random capacitive plates
i dont even know what arduino is
damn i need to do drill files

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DeathOfCMOY Amps
does it have proper DRC and capture?
does it have proper DRC and capture?
i think it had capture
hopefully you didnt do any parts upside down or something
stupid girlcat is eating a paperbag
man i feel bad for harold
stupid kids
in fact he is looking at her with that very expression right now
how is it $7
miniboards are $20
oooh, cool

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i wonder if anyone actually bench tested the amps too see how bad the opamps perform at that output
macegr did that with a big lcd and a projector bulb
hehe pics was pretty sweet
nice panel
hex head cap screws, nice

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one is bidding with 3 days left at $18
my headphone amp BOM is like $4, after altoids and connectors and pot
with 470uF output caps
ha i bet cmoy isnt even output coupled, because the dual 9V
maybe $4.50 with pot knobs
and runs fine from 4 AA batteries
er, triple AA, thats what fits
$30 big
3 days
neat and a little charger
CMOY tech pisses me off
mofo is famous for picking out feedback resistors
oooh, smart

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like, hai i dunno howto do teh reel sirkuts
atmel boards look autorouted
no pics?
my sister brought home ginger beef and won ton soup from thai place
i was like <3 <3 <3
whats that
i hate pad thai
it like some shit i would make and consider failure
oh neat
is that the gif or png based touch screen?
i remember you talking about those like a year or two ago
ha neat

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depends how much free time your running and what kinda of lookup algorithms youre using
like whats best
psi_: SD flash has an spi mode
kevtris has been fucking with them
he had spi working quick, i think he got direct paralle access working after a couple days free time
i would have added a comma and question mark
im going to get a panel and have them fill extra space with headphone amps
sell them on the ebay as NOT CMOY, BETTER
i still dont know how someone gets a datasheet opamp circuit named after them
sell headphone amps?
those little IC are awesome
also cmoy needs dual 9V battery

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the crypto shit is like DAAAAAAAAAAMN
okay so im going to do PSU and selector tins at home
tiny amp, mega amp, headphone amp, preamp, equalizer, crossover, and shifty breakin and breakout
8 with a 16bit mode i think
prob some of the peripherals
and maybe some extra opcodes
flash is $$$
not nearly as much, but its still prob the most expensive thing in it
way more flash inside than sram
*as much as it was
yeah, samples
i hack in asm, more flash = more constants
depends on your interface
you cant fuck with parallel ram for speed
for sound datarates, maybe anything is fine
rly parallel addy mem is prob way faster than the uC can push
spi interface might be slower, but if it can reduce cpu time, it might work out even better

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how was that?
whats up with xmega?
okay maybe im soon
i dont think local dud even got back to me tho
how much?
like $200?
jezus fuck, awesome
i finalized the pcbs
i had to change the miniplug, digikey non stocked on me
i swear they had hundreds
so i replaced with shit they have 8000 of
and that i seen at all (without the stupid switch pin im never going to use)
yeah people buyin em out and shit
i think they got more popular or some shit
even more, i guess
or theyre having stock issues, which is kinda lame considering who they are
yeah thats really what it looks like

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doesn't require a video card
wow is it like, remote shell based or some shit?
haha @ via bluetooth
haha ok
last game i bought, GTR2
had securerom
and wouldnt let me install
i had to crack and NoCD it
no even after i uninstalled everything
it might have been the 20 GCC environments, too
supposedly it freaks on dev/debug tools
yeah i have a legal license
i lost the fucking disc or something
i prob have it but wtf at looking for a cd envelope everytime i wanna install
s/lost/dont give a shit or need

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me too
those are neat
the app is shit
do they take real board files yet?
for the miniboards
i should check

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kk neat
everyone done

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shit was ripped in half
they wouldnt accept an envelope like that
ha no fureal if i had to blame anything, it was the manner of packaging and the usps service used
was a reg envelope, reg postage
i mail anything not paper, im like, fat paper envelope covered in clear tape with bent cardboard internal structure
dont think so

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jokes on you
envelope was prob already tirn by the time they intercepted it
talk to twingy then
anyway it wasnt torn

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blackmoon: was he like reg status or n00b status?
i wonder about all the people that die that we dont know about
this gonna get ugly
this is gonna work with the new connects
i wonder if they even aproach windows deaths
sup, life sucks, endmills are MIA and im out $33

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19:41 < Blackmoon> Hes the last dude who came on IRC and wanted to do something really stupid and did'nt heed my advice
haha did he talk to you before?
about the light?
yeah, bbgun it
haha he would have been good if his saw didnt touch the chassis
and he had insulating shoes
and when the wire frayed it magically didnt touch anything
man hes dumb
i guess was dumb

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crossover done
just the eq left
this is gonna suck

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theyll drain into each other

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ac-130u: anything bipolar
ac-130u: you have to check the amp datasheets, but i bet +/-9V is okay
then you can run a vreg for the 5V for the headphone amp
ac-130u: you can do pretty good with opamp and a half supply ref
wtf 1' gap

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for headphone board?
yeah sure
psu is kinda one off
its made to drive the main amps
you just need bipolar supply, pretty much any voltage
for the preamp
im using +/-15V but way less should be fine
depends on the amps
the headphone amp is just 5VDC
i think the crossover board is gonna be easy to rework

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ac-130u: replace the connectors on all my boards and submit to chinapcb
preamp almost done reworked
just need to do crossover and equalizer

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these connectors are better
just not right now

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Ring = Right

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at least these connectors have some space between the pins and the edge of the board

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the white thingies

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i want new soil
ill get some pete and vermiculite and sand and shit
fuck bugs

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no the soil from nursury was dirty
and now they got bugs and the cactus have shrooms
that got huge
no like it had bugs and all sort of living crap
worms and centipedes and little bugs
fuck that
whatever it had bugs and theyre putting dots all over the habaneros
and now the cactus name succulent has shrooms
they were little last night
they like blew up
next time im mixing my own soil
and no outdoor powerline nursury plants
yeah like old mulch soil from treefarm
unless they are shrooms that hurt stuff =(
i have kitties what if they eat them
ya rly
im about to abort
take some pics and trash the grow =(
its liberating
just sucks when youre done being nuts

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stereo jew
the led grow shrooms got huge overnight

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they non stocked on me
there was a few hundred before i think, heh
i dont want to do two order
tho i should check
i might get the pots from there
i dont see how ordering more is gonna save me any money
i dont care if its .24 instead of .30 a unit
more $ is more $
i got some 10dip signal ones coming from all
okay im getting the little ones
they have 8000 of those
stupid switch

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hey but now i know what SJ and MJ mean in their part numbers
i new the layout was just too awesome
dude it was like, perfect parts
3 pins, spaced even, inline
looks like i have three options
man next revisions im putting mount holes
fuck this panel mount bullshit
the 2nd are likie a standard part
even all has them
i searched SJ- and only picked threaded options
fuck i cant believe i gotta redo the fucking board
thank god i did connectors bottom and parts topside

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like, i have .008 isolation on the planes
and .008 DRC checks
they spec .004, so if it fails because of that they owe me money
wait fuck
this is mono with a switch
my life sucks

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wow this connect is so, so much nicer
timecop: thats the only way to think until its humming
DRC checks, design looks standard and okay, is all i can do, shrug

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i think the connector i was using was just a stripped out 5 pin stereo minijack, two switches
because it was too big
this thing looks 3pin specific

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okay ninja pcb redesign is now
timecop: i think ima end up trying out that 2 day rush shit
its first order so COD so maybe i dont give a fuck what it costs
i should be getting $900 grant money and then free money shows up first of the month
wtf timecop
its threaded miniplug
those things are like minor gold
this is a better pinout for pcb

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they fucking ran out of my connectors
those mother bitches
this is why miniplugs on the board are a bitch
whatever this is i think it can work
they have 3400
no it wont work
this thing has a sane pinout WTF

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hmm fuck
where did those minidin3 plugs go that i saw
oh haha
minidin is fail
mini din = winn0r
i was about to start crying =(

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uC, FET, buttons, npn drivers for fet if big

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the new 'driving' shoes i got are kinda same deal
i found out why theyre replicats and not speedcats
they have a patch on the tongue all like NOT FIREPROOF
all three of us in the pic have tatooed calfs
i fucked my backups of all the other picks i took that trip
like a dumbass
expio: no only consumer audio
check out the bigfoot package
50uH, .5" tall
5A \o/

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swimming is easy
thats me small
at like 220lbs
my friend is going away =(
the guy on the right
edgar is still here, he family people to, but john my bro from another mom =(
and like i dont really look a ton diff when im at 240lbs
some of the extra weight prob my legs from biking everyday, tho
i miss wearing those pumas
i still have them i need to get them new laces
theyre camo suede
pumas are the best
nikes are usually too narrow and too much padding, adidas too much padding and too stiff
reeboks just fall apart
yeah shoes make huge diff
new balance is good
breakdancer shoes =D
i pretty much wear shoes in their classic running shoe style

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pulse actually have a pkg called Bigfoot
so technical
im like 5'6" and 230lbs
well, 210lbs to 250lbs, depending on mood
i try and tell people im ft but theyre like, naw youre just big
which i truly am, but im fat too
i think they are in fat friend denial
tho like if a girl seen me nekkid is all like 'no ur not fat ur big!', then im cool with that anlysis
several girls, i guess
they are maybe in fat fuckbuddy denial tho
dude im rly not that big
im dense

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i know all my bios with eth onboard had options
yeah i dunno im not into expensive shit rly
gotta watch out for them

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no just use a voltage source
ac voltage source
you nead gearing
or just a brush motor and servo or brushless setup
kinda year
itll be mad hoppy
gearing down a stepper is cool
i need to get a fucking business or personal loan and just buy a fucking gerber editor wtf
does it view or edit?
wtf eth cards mac
k lemme know if you find again
so they prob want my routers mac
which i can mak whatever i want
it checks?
at runtime
haha silly
i guess thats a good ID as any
you can prob edit MAC on most NIC too now, tho

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timecop: devfs is deprecated
it worked awesome, sometimes
but it had major issues, and i guess the dev is MIA for years
now its udev
which if youre willing to learn how to write rules for, is pretty neat
it works cool
i like the realistic view of installed devices
fuck that filenode for every possible device bullshit
how is that proof
how is that him just not saying what is blatantly obvious regardless of who did it (bush and the wannabe illuminati crew)
wtf is poles/zeros
i havent used pspice since school
i like filter poles
i can get it to do ac analysis and transient analysis
and thats basically all i would use a sim for
you want to do ac analysis?
in ltspice you just set the voltage sources ac voltage value
and then you run an ac anysis sim
3600rpm ungeared is kinda fast for a stepper
theyll be too much tho
at mcmaster
theyre prob good brands, but you dunno til you get it
they dont advert branding

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i think its time for a minipizza doubleplay
cat /dev/random
do it, increases system performancer
cat /dev/input/mice; is kinda fun actually
you it feeds your sheel all sorts of weird codes
you usually have to reset the term
i hate that
dev random to audio does almost nothing
chirps more than anything

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wai no
just unclick that
and thats good
because it does everything
also 7z native is best compression
better than bz2, yo
serious, uncheck the box
winrar is bullshit
ive been using it as my archive app for years?
serious, no issues ever
unrar.exe is cli, fuck that
7z is lzma
the file manager is the same
lzma is better for most everything
i dunno how it compares with compression/unpack times
but it gets better ratios than bz2
which means its the best, except maybe shit like png and flac for specific media
flac beats bz2, thats pretty impressive
zip was almost a joke compared to both
i only use zip because anyone can open a zip

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i have twezers for it now
$10 at the beaty shop while buying clipper guards
come to a fine sharp point
i got some good tweezers for $.99 there too
chisel style, so kinda works out fair
k i gotta desigm schema and route up the psu regulator section
fuck that
thats prob like .0625W
if that
dont die fool
haha traffic, nice
ah feal ur payne
dude the only accident i got into on the street was like at 2mph
i had clutch in and lifted of the brake while reading a map or datasheet or fuck knows what
traffic is like bathroom
i rolled into the car in front of me at like 2mph
it didnt even hit it, i like stopped against it

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i might get a panel of just power amps and headphone amps
and try and sell modules
rev2 cs audio gonna be all breakouts, no connectors
too much problems with stock and routing
so make em small, optimal, with pad and wire breakouts
but so they still fit in altoids
but the amps are final, they are in that style already
yeah the headphone amp you can do in 5min dude
you prob do shit 10x more complex at work
all the amps really
maybe longer just to be extra careful about part placement
all 0805 gets tricky, heh
those are good chips
0603 is like, minimal challenge
0805 is cake
0402 sticks to the iron and no place to hold with tweezetrs
yeah but you can hold down with tweezers easy
0402 is like, hai i am your .015" resistor body

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they should do maybe half that at max power
unless i set them up for like 150% max power, which im going to do
its neat how i have degrees now i can do things like that and say its 'research'
all from smps
it gives you a reference
if it tests good i should give to ST like 'hai, this is better than ur datasheet ref board, sirs'
their shit was all huge
sup niggy
so like
10 boards, 6 days
2 being massive for the space alotted
prob tomorrow
usps came today
i got my minidin8 cables
unless he left them in the mailbox
(my key dont work, have to wait for family peoples)
i dunno
i can do it at home for free
im doing psu and then im getting a quote
but its like prob 3 or 4 day rush shit
and some expedited shipping if they got it
so prices will be bit offset, heh

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its got 470uF output caps
maybe $1 for those package
for both
but you have to buy 5
i think
r2 is input impedance
yeah basically
C5 and R5 are the low pass pole
C2 and R2 is your input hpf
well, yeah but id just do an input attenuator
to keep gain/performance consistent
i have a preamp altoid if you want volume/gain/treble/bass knob action
i gotta go do layout for psu
i wanna do 5A max rails LDO and 500mA 7815/7915 regs
2 5A max rails
one for the big amp, one for the two little amps

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fuck a cmoy, wtf kinda of signal amp abuse is that shit
non of those opamp datasheet specs are relavent when you drive an opamp like that
well thats not true, the graphs that say that amp will suck when you drive it like that are relavent
i just pasted again =\
dude like 20 lines up
you put an input miniplug, and output miniplug, and 6V max on it
thats it
so like, $3 total including batteries and altoids, im guessing
you cant really do those homebrew without some kinda hack
because of the two vias under the cap
im going to try anyway tho
its dual
easy to change gain or input bpf roloff
yeah is just an inverting amp
but they did the single supply bias inside
thy break out the bias point to a BYP pin so you can decouple it with any cap you want

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prob typical hysteresis type stuff then
the output wave voltage would look COMPLETELY fucked up
but you should get a good clean signal across a sense resistor
speaker is a transformer almost
magnetic to mehcanical
instead of magnetic to magnetic
you need transformers to boost current
because tubes cant do current
at all
like almost nothing
thats why you need HV tubes
and transformers
to turn high voltage into high current for low impedance
fuck tubes
they were good because we didnt have silicon
now theyre good because people are dumb and pay mad $$$ for them
ac-130u: so yes, no?
want one, ill make sure to order an extra headphone amp
i already pasted
its based on semiconductor corp ninjas
i even put an input bandpass on it
thats not in the datasheet yo, thats some ren special shit
its a $1.50 chip with amazing specs

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dude his designs is a datasheet opamp circuit
with some output imedance added
buur brown high speed is great for like, video processing
serious you can make good audio shit out of LM741
whats transconductance amps?
class-G or something?
current feedback audio
AB + current feedback is supposed to be like the grail of linear audio
because speakers arent voltage mode
theyre coils, magnetics, its current mode
so if you amplify the signal voltage into output current, you get like precision speaker movement
you have to use massive voltages to get the speaker ti change directions
so its not a typical voltage gain is your rails thing
you need massive headroom so the amp can hit the speaker with mad voltage to change its direction
professor: yeah but how powerful?
im talking like, single src sub duty, around 200W ideally
no you just take the audio voltage and turn it into speaker current
to change the current of a moving speaker, you dont just change voltage the other direction
you slam it full opposite rail
until the speaker corrects
then you throttle down the voltage
to minimize overshoot

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proper amp
thats like 100mW <.1% THD
for like $2
thats a big headphone amp!
cheap too!
haha k no rly jk
rab: http://teslaphone.com/images/xfmr1a.ed3.jpg
ac-130u: i send you one, either ourpcb or homebrew
for shipping and parts, like $5 maybe
then you can do your tube thing, and compare
btw that just needs like a 5V rail
yeah but cmoy is a hack
its like, hey lets abuse a signal amp
i bet none of those badass burr brown specs are relavent at 100mW into 16R

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preamp tubes are cute, tho
tube are shit for anything except nostalgia
serious, its old tech, its been surpassed
headphone amp is $2
and a bettery
.01% distortion
and some big output caps
oh noz
i didnt upload headphone amp i guess\
ac-130u: i sell you one
ac-130u: a kit
by 'sell' i mean cover shipping an parts
maybe $5 or $8
fuck that thats lame
AB solid state
15:18 < AC-130U> im not looking for "warmness" as claimed by audiophools
just filter at like 15K, single pole
theres your 'warmth'

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hows that working out?
oh neat
you pulling vids off it cool?
i think gerber editor search is fail
yeah just special cable
okay anybody have a working gerber editor?
besides me, like 3 years ago
i can become an elite cali electrician
i already finished the coursework
i just need the experience under another electrician
tubes = shit

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they just have multisim 7 on the torrent sites

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fuck i found mutlisim 7 but not ewb
man fuck where the CAD warez at
i need ancient engineering app dump
i dont need multisim
i need gerbtool
it was packaged with version 7
yeah i guess p2p would be good for this cuz its ancient
and if theyre gonna trojan an app, they prob didnt trojan the gerber editor
i would trojan the gerber editor
ok no rly i try now

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man why are gerber editors so hard to steal
fuckin dumbass for losing the ewb that included gerbtool

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yeah i want too
transfer is a bitch
actually i wanna use it for art
but for tek, fuck that
so the LED grow has bugs and tiny shrooms
prob going to abort
outdoor plants/soil is nasty, too real =(
it has tiny millpedes and worms and tiny bugs
at 5W, nothing is dying but nothing seems to be growing either (kinda expected, 14W CFL is about the same, short term, my experience)
i need to do this up with clean plants and soil

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im not about to spend 2 hours trying to hand drill .012 via holes
i wouldnt do this homebrew either, my mill is like 80 lbs and struggles to do .001"
heh, backlash is totally inconsitent because of the lack of load during cnc cycles
X is .0005, Y is .003 (the more typical Y value im assuming is because its pushing the Y, the X, and the motor assemblies
i got my minidin 8 cables
macegr said manhatten cables were cheap
but the package says Finest Quality Computer Products
professor: last couple and next few years is pretty much just quick prototyping practice
so the mill is nice

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spend as much time doing stupid bullshit
mill = 20min to 2 hour lead time
er, 3 hour, big boards
yeah i might try photo resist
my shit never needs electrical testing, tho
yes the toner shit was like, okay now that you spent 2 hurs trying to do this right
you have to test the fuck outta it to make sure
CNC i spent a couple days making a flat clamp fixture
i spend 30sec getting the zero real close with rolling paper
and thats it
i tell the machne go and i do something else
i dont have to electrical test shit
if the tool didnt break, its 100%
i can do like maybe 10 boards easy on a $15 half round conical
single flute, 30 degrees
dart cutter, heh
you have to do like around 50% overlap too
or it wont completely cut traces, sometimes itll just push them over
we just got these 'pyramid' tip cutters
tri flute conical
if the flues bite deep enough, it should be an improvement
3x the flutes, and tougher (halk the shank m,aterial isnt removed like the half-round single flute conicals)
toner etching without a CNC is useless, imho

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i think i can fit one of those and the head phone amp (even smaller) in every amp tin
ninja gnd
decapus style
so guys should i write a gerber paneling script?
wait maybe eagle has one cuz like, even i can write that
shit is just parsing and add/subtract
i have to get shit in today
and im guessing itll wither be right on time or late
i dont care so much anymore tho
i can revise all of them for non plated use with a few vias
and just mill at home for the prototype
i get .015 DRC with broke ass endmills
depends on the board
and not at all, at home
toner transfer is a joke
arts and crafts project

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so maybe a couple mA AC, the whole system
only ground loops are because multiple amps
bipolar is sexy like that
in one rail out the other
im doing the indicator LEDs from VCC to VEE, too
so power ground is pretty much just DC cap return
heh, im doing smps -> linear regs for all rails
ya rly
i think summer im going to try and fuck around with quartus for a few weeks
haha cool
thats the big power amp
the little power amp is a literal mirror because they just flipped the chip upside down for the big IC
like 30mil power traces and caps right on the lines
current flow is AC as fuck on one side of the caps, tho =\

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haha yeah i was impressed how i fit them between the pot breakout lines underneath the filters
i was pretty sure what i wanted to do was impossible
i have another design, but power snake was a bitch to maintain
its just 7 pin breakouts
for the stereo panel pots
gnd ccw gnd com gnd cw gnd
because i have seperate power and analog grounds
except at the amps
all the caps go back to power ground
hope so
hehe the tins are going to be analog ground too
because the miniplugs are panel mount
yeah this all low power
the amps have fat traces
yeah theyre bipolar
i knew itd be a bitch fitting the bias stuff in
ha, not really
just signal bleed from filters and impedance resistors

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so guys
do you think itll work?
wai D=

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