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1 - 100 of 995
i havent checked my other email in awhile =(

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what if there was 24 people doing the same thing at once
haha ya
maybe is copy paste datasheet

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and wtf cutting?
cutting is like maybe 20 lines of gcode
they denied it likely because it was tons of boards on a panel and very dense poly pours
drc is just their capabilities
it has nothng to do with how much data the machine can hold or fast it can process it
how do you know yours is the only one?
ha funny
theres no way they would do a run of 24

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stupid connectors
thats why i missed them the first day
timecop: whats shipping like?
from china pcb
do they have some fucked up rush shipping option?

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shrug, is friday
Susan made emoticons
shes like, human now
but 5min before she said she couldnt do it, she sent:
We will quote about an hour later. :)
so it looks like they normally work late
so either factory was like 'jezus fuck, were way busy' or dude actually went home
yeah i should do msn tomorrow

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oh huh thats right
youre fucking with tv compaies
im not criticizing
our factory's employee is go home now ,
we will quote you tomorrow morning.
see timecop, china works on weekends, but they still sleep

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i dunno about super, heh
def good for a prototype cludge tho
haha weird
im all like wow thats some nice routing
then im like, oh
man i been busy that shit seems like 3 months ago
did they send you docs or anything?
you paid?
i dont think they give a fuck about NDAs most places like that if you have monies
wow score

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lets see if these break the machines
maybe they just need to fit other shit on the same panels to fill all their orders
you got it spinning tho?
like haxing enable and reset
okay awesome
Hi randy,
Im waiting for you .
haha thats so awesome
thats the lines she put before the i can do you at home thing
i didnt really notice before
i should become a big company and say i want to visit their factory and take her out for a drink
you might wanna try some insulation, tc

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the first one?
you already said it was non fail
it was half fail?
okay thats neat you figured it out
i always triple check the enable/standby/etc lines
fucking that up scares the shitta outta me on digital shit
smaller boards submitted

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i need to ask
prob not alot more
curves arent hard on an NC
thats exactly why they were developed
helicopter blades with three guys on wheels
and one guy calling out numbers
and everyone working in sync
i cant imagine those blades were too pretty before being finished

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oh neat she added an order number to the subject line
man eagle control panel file management is fail
shift click, pls

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okay normal boards when i hit the cam processor, it outputs gcode in a few seconds
this takes minutes
because stu
i can do diff boards with diff technique
and its fly thru the machine
regardless of size
if you dont understand why i dunno how to explain
its alot of raw data
its within spec
um, theyre a business, its their discresion
im asking for a special service
theyre like, fitting me in
and its gonna take alot of time to do shit that big
it might be diff if i was asking for 10 ay turnaround
No problem ,I can quote it at home. please don't worry about it. :)
susan <3s me
she do me at home

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problem is prob one of the huge panels is prob hell on their photoplotter machine
with my designs
heh, i predicted it
okay well, sry
i cant explain it better than that
dead time on a machine at a job shop drives people nuts
i could have done almost the same boards, same drc
drawn with 30mil traces
not the traces
but the poly pours
thats all tons of horizontal traces and an edge
no stu
im like 2x their drc
you dont understand nc machines maybe
i said it would break their machine
and their factory said it was too hard
me and the factory are obviously wrong
i told you why
it might not have broken it, it might have just caused it to sit there forever processing a file
which to an operator is like, wtf
you feed an NC huge gcode files, sometimes they cant do it
theyre not known for being cutting edge in the digital systems department
no stu
its not because of drc
and they can probably do it
they dont want to
i dont blame them

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mobilestu: i broke chinapcb's machine =D
they are like 'factory says your panel is too hard, do smaller panels with less designs'
not really its prob hell on the photoplotter
i did planes .008 drawn
like it prob just sat there thinking for 3min and they just hir ABORT! and said make him do it smaller
its good tho because the two i made are much smaller
just enough for two cs systems and rest padded with headphone amps
maybe 30 of them
the first two were like 400x600mm and 400x300mm
no that is their max board size
i did a medium and large size boards for quotes
these are like 180x400 and 100x400

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you have .007 DRC fab?
the claim .004
but china has alot of ninjas

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nice do i bitch at him direct or go thru you?
if they dont fail on delivery, ima buy susan a personal massager

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4 boards, okay fine
no i paneled
like 9 designs, one board
prob like 120 diff boards
105 of those headphone amps
i called that tho
i said hours ago it was gonna break their machine
We think ,if you paneled 4 different boards in one panel ,they can do it. :)
even chinapcb contracts out to china =( =( =( =( =(
im am like laughing audibly in my local area
yeah wtf are they being charged
we need to find their src
for sure
but we have dollars
maybe stacy is same stacy who exploited my gmail

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total winner
12V bipolar rails
those used to be $
Sorry ,our factory check the gerber file , they didn't want to do this job .
Because ,there is too difficult to do it.
We think ,if you paneled 4 different boards in one panel ,they can do it. :)
hey susan likes me, she did =)
ima pretend likes shes not a fat chinese guy
is this like, we go home in 30min we dont want to do this today?
i dont think susan does
4 boads per panel
too difficult

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putty tray is lame
i should be able to just click on digikey part numbers and it should convert to url and send to firefox or ie
wow 0402
theyre gonna have up to 47uF in 0805 soon i bet
wait do they already?
standard, not stacked
no in 0805
theyre getting big, im guessing 22uF
i said damn about it before you linked tho
i was like, in shock
couldnt work the clicker
thats a big fuckin cap
only 6.3V tho
but yeah thats awesome
not bad
bipolar 8V rails

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black hole circle charts!
yeh significantly smaller
sot-89 looks neat

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sot23 for .45
fine now
smith charts?

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20A pill
$75 ea
if you buy 5000
for what?
how is tiny a problem
HA 40a
little army of those

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i should do something analog, 0402
just to see how small it works out
oh huh
0402 and some pill transistors

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sometimes it happens but i dont get those errors that i remember
it just timeouts for me
mines like at $119 or so for curiously strong shit
there is no fun on th web timecop
only datasheets and strife
hey wow
that made sense
tiny logic gates?
level shify things, ldos, coils and diodes
the ab driver need npn and pnp
so you need 3906 too
but youre not doing that anymore
then youre wrong and youre done
okay haha

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so like the parametric search works, but you dont get the table of parts thing?
sry i just wanted to type that out loud
haha thats like almost the same when you say it out loud
somehow your trolling has failed
are you using ie or ff?
id laugh if they broke it for ie
haha i guess i havent used this in ever
explorer is like phishing filter?
when i go to digikey
timecop: my shit just works
your net or box is fail
okay well then your box is fail or you pissed digikey off

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mobilestu: tc broke digikey were all fucked
also uni says sign up for orientation mid summer and just chill the fuck out
chico is like, spamming about everything
i should be like A SHITTY CITY, UR SCHOOL IS IN IT
youre like kidding right?
my digikey search works
yeah i think your japanese pipe is failing
dod they have a mirror for you?
117 ceramic
2 pages
your db output died?
wtf timecop
how did you do that

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possibly some sort of super precision lock washer
timecop: theres neat charges show the freq response of all the cable types
calpoly pomona is like 'we have no budget, aaaaah!'
also orientaion is when i reg for classes
so i just sign up for that and kick back until mid summer
chico is like YOU HAVE STUDENT AID

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timecop: maybe the cable type they connect too
i forgot what f connector normal coax size was
but theres like 6 of those cable types
no idea which is which anymore
yeah those are def F
thats an ugly fucking connector
as bad as monster cable
maybe that is really, really special heatshrink and gold plating

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like 250mw into 8R, 125mW into 32R
blackmoon: ltspice is supposed to optimized for that stuff
it basically sells LT opamps and smps IC

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into 8R
timecop: use 10K and 10K
you want unity gain
or 20K and 20K or 51K and 51K
heh ohnoz
i would use 20K and 20K
or 10K or 10K
whatever you have kinda around that range
ha that chip kinda worked out perfect for your 3v rail

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link to datasheet?
anyway i need to take shower soon
maybe when i get out i will have ourpcb email like 'your panel broke them machine'
sec sec
like 250mW at 3V

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yeah totally
wait which analog design
the chip or the ab output
the one on the board?
wtf is tap
yeah i think the values you had were okay
you did that shit
i think you just copied the app circuit
you prob dont want a ton of gain
youll lose resolution
whats the other resistor
connected from the feedback resistor to the input
yeah thats prob to much
5x * 1.8
no you need to make the 50K smaller
or the 10K bigger
i would make it smaller
no like they need to be almost the same resistor
its an inverting amp im pretty sure
is your gain
two 10K is safe
its 3v rail, no?
or 5v
i dont remember
the anmp might not be rail to rail

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oh haha i did ho instead of how
from Stacy
reply-toStacy <less@onlinertut.com>,
tonsofpcs: kattygirl23@gmail.com,
if i paste whats in between 'to' and 'kattygirl23'
its a gmail url
omg it stopped doing it
omg my google is exploited
yeah it doesnt matter that much
like, if it was a precision crossover, it would matter
but its not so who cares, youre not matching channels or filters

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was like a $2 chip or something?
no i maybe wanted to use it
it would slot in nice between headphone amps and tiny amps
haha wtf
japan sounds really shitty
i have to figure where to move if obama loses
should i invite outpcb to gmail?
Would be nice to chat, you can reply any time you like
produce idustry
wtf email
timecop: ho come i have an email to someone else in my inbox?

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blackmoon: my sisters friend says i should do a tiny hydro grow too
very cheap and clean
i dont like bugs and dirt so much
ha fun

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i bet my superpanel broke chinapcb's machine
i am sending them halfboard now
maybe they are reverse engineering my design as we speak even
wtf @ 300A
blackmoon: ooooh
ha one of mine is replaced with a 14awg wire
my car is so h4xed =(

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chinapcb hasnt gottent back to me about superpanel rush quote

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i could make CNC pron

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lunch time in china
still good
How do you plan to use Viewmate?
wtf to fuck my cactus
their email took like 45 seconds
w t f

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but it wasnt
normal word processor are big
haha really?
k no ur joking
he just embarassed
yay done
useful gonna die after 100 hours parts
task bar is total fail
i want my blackbox
it sucks when you got like 20+ running apps
like wtf i dont want to look for a text box
i wanna scrolly wheel thru desktops till im at the one with the shit i want

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bet it was the 8mil drawn polys that killed it
pcb gcode is actually an elegant hack of the poly feature
that was job one
the 1% forever is the polygona drawing
call the company and bitch
say your whole family is lawyers and ur bomb squad
dude when this is done theyre gonna be going home in china again
oh nice
yeah really
ima fail mechanical engineer
companies get sued because my printer paper loading mechanism is so bad
but they dont fire me, because im pretty good for a printer hacker
like typewriters
typewriters at the end were like pinnacles of mechanical engineering and embedded electronics
daisy spinner typewriter = awesome 80s tech
we had a typewrite with a char display
you would type out a line
and you could edit it right
then hit a button and itd stomp out a line

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fuck man eagle noprogress bar
fuck man eagle noprogress bar
no sometimes the Processing polygons text blinks
so its working
maybe very hard
not locked up
(does multiple jobs, copper jobs first)
theyre gonna like Hai randy! $500 pls!
it doesnt tell you what job its on
and the progress bars arent even per file
theyre per aperture wtf

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+ 5 on the side
+ 8 shifty breakins + 8 shifty breakouts
+ 8 tiny amps + 4 mega amps + 6 equalizers + 4 preamps + 4 crossovers
ima see how it quotes up
for this and a smaller panel
with like 1/3 the headphone amps
lets see if it breaks the cam processor
cool i get to name a file .edge
and say my boards got edge

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11 * 9
i has a matrix of 99 headphone amp boards

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i can go out with mt best friends best friend (omg she is so hot and her taste in music is #1
but im prob gonna be at home trying to figure out what Susan Yang is trying to communicate to me
id have to tell jenny tho
maybe it would break jennys heart
i would feel bad
but i think wed be cool again, because she thinks melissa is hot and awesome too

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its all tied up in ownership stock probably
so right now he doesnt have money
he has mad power
macegr: ima do lots of shifty breakins and breakouts

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dx^: thats what pic looks like
make it stop
kk good

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blackmoon: is not dshaft and they dont wanna slide on =(
im might have to like file them out or something
its close
yeah wtf
it tore into the friction knurl
like, if those werent there itd fit
blackmoon: its gonna break the pot =(
everything else looks good
the knobs too
except the inside important part
dremel time
you have ide of head pains?

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bastards did pkg peanuts to me
theyre mufuckers too, sit on my order for 3 days =(
i think is diff contacts?
they are like 10dip or something
what presentation
i should have called and asked =(

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nice, minimum cutout spacing is 2mm
yay ups came from All Elec!
^dx^: new endmills ordered
perhaps my luck at packages is changing
this ups guy actually held the buzzer down like a normal person!
i caught the last dude 'meep'ing it
like, yeah now i know why i dont get my pkgs

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fuck i didnt fix the silk on the equalizer

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it never even occured to me to use it
im just like, copy is broken
ive seen reviews of the app like 'eagle doesnt have copy and paste for groups'
im like hahahahahahaha
yeah come back and review that shit for us in three years
and WTF
group should be modal or it should revert back to default move command
serious wtf is this nothing selected bullshit
click, dud
wow @ panel size i fit 2x my needed big stuff in the first column and a half

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that sounds kinda neat actually
lime on black, ph33r
kickin it dayglo
what would be pim is if i could open two instances of board at once
lets seehow bad i can get eagle to corrupt its config
yeah but they dont share clipboard
so you have to go back and forth
rab: eh?
no i need grid
just not line grid
line grid is a waste of code
smash is neat
its so you can free names and value
smashing is for liberating
like in sonic the hedgehog
yeah fureal
i dunno why they nt name mirror stomp
thats standard CAD
eagle is the ONLY app where you cut something
and nothing goes away

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\o/\o/o\o//o\/o\o/o\/[these people are very happy]o\//o\/\o\/ol/l\/l\l/\l/\
what it is! do you know how much gerber editors are?
like damn assholes why you forget to juarez the gerber editors
macegr: oh cmon like cut and paste is sane in that app
how the fuck im supposed to know it has a consistent clipboard
thing cant even remember my trace and other parameters
or my grid
cmon do me that, remember my grid
i swear if i see line grid one more time ima break something
like, bic pencil, or some shit

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sry i had to stop i have to get stuff done =(
thats why i had to stop
my music is always on looping
4 ev0r
macegr: you paid for eagle?
kevtris: yeah its surprising fair
like $800 i think for a good unlimited setup
yeah wtf at that that failure shit
you aint missing out on shit
most retards can
unless its some $1M per seat app
autorouters are srsly stupid =(
like, spend more time optimizing the router and doing it over and over than you would have just taken routing the shit

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i dont want to talk about walmart
the whole country is fail
sounds like wesley willis fans to me
i hate turbo lance anyway
jezus fuck 20m?

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help you out with it?
yeah sure
its mostly about pointing to links
but basic machining stuff and setup i can help you out with
im better at setup than machinisg, honestly
im impatient, or some shit, i hate waiting for shit to finish
sucks because you can find something to do to pass the time
but you feel like a bad cnc operator
because youre supposed to babysit the machine
especially somethng open loop
axis failure can lead to broke anything/everything
dunno really never done it
all the controllers are setup for the main drivers
config would be different, but i dont imagine more challengine
its not as complicated as it is kinda dense and spread out
you really only need to adjust one file ones its all setup
macegr: most unwanted mp3?
it was horrible i turned it off
was something cool gonna happen?
what i heard fit the bill
so i assumed it was all the same

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somewhat because it runs from ubuntu
ideally, i run from blackbox, but if im too busy to fuck around ill run from gnome
its def happier at 2GHz than at 1GHz
i wont ever try again below 700MHz
hell yes
id say that was pretty much perfect
closet servers?
2unit rack things or something?
i have this integrated everything mobo
i want to build a cnc system into 2" of acrylic plate
with active filtered cooling
like, isolated pods for pc psu, pc mobo, stepper driver, stepper psu
and cardreader io
besides mobo header stuff
wanted to for awhile, this mobo is perfect for it

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like, it can be setup to do it well
but default setup, and being used also as a workstation, i wouldnt trust it on a machine
vanilla install, stripped out, possible no net or just eth disabed
yeah ok, id use mach
but thats kinda alot of work
linux is like, install, set config for your axis, machine shit
you dnt even need to install
you can machine shit from livecd and ram disks
no its easy
cradek and jepler did good
the devs are in #emc on freenode like all the time
i can go in their and bitch
80% of the time, im being retarded
but they show me why and i appreciate that, because then i can get shit done
20% of the time its a valid feature request or just something really lame about certain implimentation
like i complained about lack of workspace settings in touch off dialog
and it showed up in like a week
and then i complained how i seemed broken and not in sync with the menu shit
and when i complained again, i looked stupid because they had fixed it, and i was doing something somewhat stupid
ttmustang: emc likes power

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so anyway, their RTA kernel just load generic AM D chipset drivers
doesnt see any of the hardware
support for this shit is pretty new
and that shit still runs the cnc perfect
i just have like, no net
even usb works
no net, no sound, all i need is plain vga and parport
im going to try emc beta for ubunt 8 as soon as im done with these boards on my plate now
even if ubuntu is mostly broken, RTAI and cnc devices are fine
whats obex
neat, rs232
i dont have $20K =(
make digikey buy
windows is bad at RT processing
just warning you

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and theyre just unstable
cnc prices actually buy you alot of metal
sometimes huge iron castings
they gotta impor and finish and inspect the fuck outta that shit
i guess not alot of places in america can do stuff that big
so they want lots and lots of $$$
so its cheaper to just import a ton, QA them, reject half and do it again when they come back
thats just what the guy calls the steppers he buys
who knows if theyre good or not
i have a 'deepgroove' 100oz motor on my Z
no probs with it to dat
couple years now
what makes it a deepgroove motor?
the deepgroove 100oz something amps sticker he made with a labelmaker
did you accidentally paste the ghey pr0n youtube?
im using pc + emc linux
i updated to nf6 chipset
and theyre currently running on old ubuntu stable
with beta builds for new ubuntu LTS

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be sure to look like, intimidated or something
4500rpm spindle
kinda lame
totally shitty
but damn
that is totally the kind of build will fly thru metal
look at that spindle!
i think prof has one of those
oh neat its got a whole stand with shields and everything
hehe guy is running mach in the datasheet
i like those belts
braided leather #1
(guy in datasheet)
coffee and lunch and beer?
thats for like, a whole tool room of stuff
like, $16K, done
maybe $1K in cutters
fuckit $4K in cutters and fixtures
thats a pretty pimp short run shop
need a lathe, really
homebrew looks fun but id never rely on the recision

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ill run it if they find money people
personally id think theyd be insane to let that happen
but im not gonna say no
haha @ first people getting pregnant
i havent seen specs yet
all the way to the bottom
its like, everything
mmmm datasheet
18" x 9.5" XY
and omg 16" Z
can you say universale fixture?!
okay ask her to to go have drinks or lunch or cofee or something

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because i think really part of their job is to collect our outrage
apestate: haha no
we mostly machine paper clipboards and wax
sometimes we do aluminum
the CNC classes mostly about programming and setup
it doesnt matter about the machine
we learn manual machining speeds and setup technique on old bridgeports
yeah i want something bigger, prob conversion feedback system
but i have no place to put it
serious im 2nd story apartment
not suitable for large CNC
ive thought about it
if i move out soonish, and dont go to school (im like housing covered for life, i think heh)
i want to get a shop
instead of an apartment
sure you can
maybe against the rules
but you sure as fuck can make a machine turn out parts in a storage room
but yeah
single bay shop is same as 1rm apartment most places now
thats how super fucked rent has become
like, $1400 for decent areas
w t f
can you say price fixing?
valley and suburban LA gonna look totally diff in 15 years
no this my home
they rezoned
you can put residential above commercial now
LA gonna go up

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i got to school like two miles away
when im gone im only gone for a couple hours
some days i have day and night classes tho
lately all my friends moving away
expensive to live here
only the hardcore and the stupid stay
like my best bro is moving away
and he loves LA
im like daaaaaamn everyone going away
he got LA tattooed behind one ear and SC tattooed behind the other
but then he told me im like, ok bye
^dx^: ttmustang: k endmills re-ordered
man this has become like a 2 month saga
like wtf does it take to get soe decent pcb endmills up in this place
no ty
im going to walk into financial aid office and bitch about the late mid semester pell grants
even tho they cant do anything

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gotta be more fucked losing job in a little place i think
ok yeah
theres tons of industry stuff out there
and corpy buildings
lots of money down there

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The bear Smoking a chiken
upside down rattlesnake on elaphant
inverted puma attacking whale
the 2nd from right is my fucking best friend retard little sister
mexican girl
which is she?
the white one?
oh she looks geeker
facebook, a place for fuck facebook
^dx^: what did the person do because you put pr0n all over their facebook?
what about it
i might
i have to call
im more likely gonna do the tech degree at pomona
aw, sucks
you live in a big place?

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what what
because of labs?
i know is what im saying
yeah rly
see thats why i <3 my tech program
so much lab
we have good lab
best CC lab in the state
my school is very well funded =D
well, yeah not my program
id have to go over to the chem and physics buildings
i hide in my tech program buildings
hehehe, i pwned industrial tech at pierce
except like, autoshop and cad
i have to go into welding and be like 'SEE I TOLD YOU ID GET BORED AT MIG'
hello, thought experiments wtf

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weird typo, that
also the part select reflects me inherent n00biness at the time
i should redo my gainclones smt
use the smallest electrolytic can package
mad parallel for ridiculous low esr

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well call my boards like 1.125 and 1.625
or 20*9
182 vs 180
thats alot of headphone amps
of course
only expresspcb offers boards without that shit, standard
those i kinda like their bare shit
i have a bulletin board where i put friend random minor artsy stuff
i have my expresspcb half-BPA-200 board pinned up too
it has interesting star ground impliement tation

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also its the only one ith vias i cant fix for milling at home
1.55 x 1.05
oh i didnt even try the ninja technique with eagle clipboard like macegr mentioned
and china is waking up like now =O
toner transfer etching fucked up my life
that was like a week of pointless arts and crafts
hmm dunno
i think thats normal for stacked filters, tho
same frequency
amplitude then sharper roloff
yeah but maybe inside
or maybe in combination with filters on inputs
23.6220472 in
for their panel size

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they dont want their fences cut, they need to stop trying to hurt people =(
i mean cmon
its portishead
all th freaks gonna show up
and half of all the normal white people too
of the status?
china is awake soon
they wont panel my shit out
they have a machine with a matrix spread thing
naw no multiple designs
theyll do single design for free
yeh totally
well see what happens
if i only get one board, itll be a panel of headphone amps
becauuse thats like, hndreds i think
i need to get a gerber viewer
i need to find one with an unlockable demo
then one week i can play h4xor or something and try and liberate it
but yeah i wanna confirm my designs because sometimes eagle makes me wanna stab
and its always my fault
but i dont care

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not even in a rock n roll song
the bass is pretty badass too
portishead is at coachella
with prince (hahahahaha, gotta see that)
so passes are $250
im like fuck that
but its posrtishead
i might have to crash
get me some mini bolt cutters and do some illegal stuff =o
because my bro is going far away
dude we gotta like, run
were gonna be spotted
we have to get to the crowd before they get us
i prob aint even gonna keep the bolt cutters
because thats like, hi i broke into your music fetival
but fuck barb wire

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but i think it was like, 680nF 150R in series, with 39nF and 20K bypass caps
and 1K and 16K feedback resistors
and it pops out around 20Hz-20KHz
with 0db gain
because without the slight gain, you lose a bit thru the input filters
you can put a section in the feedback, but then it means either your high or low stuff is going thru the amp
oh i should listen to that mp3 now
best guitar riff is in an rnb song

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tiny filter poles inside!
well, depends on the feedback loop
thats when knowing non ideal math helps
i think load and feedback loop (load)
but feedback loop absolute value can add error
fuck i dont i bet i fail trig
which sucks because i totally get it
im just like classically not into math classes
yeah that would help
blackmoon: yeah
you can do impedance math for it
at a freq, and parallel it with the resistor and get new resistance
to kinda see whats going on
high pass or low pass depends on where you stick the cap
yeah it should be slight
its weird tho, when you kinda get intuitive about it, you realize why most input and output sections look the same
anything you do fucks shit
so you basically set poles on the input and feedback, because theyre buffered high Z and controllable

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yeah when i scope out my designs, sometimes theres wird ocillation
way way out of audio freq
and way attenuated
basically noise riding the waves
the poles are the input C and the amp input imedance
so input R on inverting or parallel to ground resistor on non inverting
or the half bias parts in parallel (both rails are AC gnd to signal waves, kinda makes sense but wtf)
thats the high pass poles
thats why they always go big on input coupling caps
but theyre always about the same value, because input impedance is pretty standard now
like 10K-50K or so
the high pass pole on the input
then the 100R or 150R and the cap to ground are the LPF
and the resistor from the input filters to the input if for input bias compensation
it isnt really neccessary with newer amps and large signal response
you mean inside the amps

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im like fuck you dick, youre the reason i dropped out of comp sci and transfered to electronics first semester
like, thanks for sucking so hard
sucks you suck so hard in two departments
whatever thats not it
he was teaching engineering level shit, poorly, to a class with no prereq
and being an ass about
no math prereq
blackmoon: internal amp parts
delay thru the stages
theres usually 3 distinct filter poles
for each stage of the amp, common 3 stage amps
macegr: where
yeah it was hard to find because its just called 'here'
oh heh
yeah ill do 10 hz to 40hz
and wonder why it looks so funny
its prob my fav eda app
like it just does one thing, pretty quickly
ha nice

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because metal bushing
maybe i have some left somewhere
theres internal poles
in side the amp
because negative feedback is virtually positive
so like check it out
that dickhead opamp teacher
did 2 weeks of bodes about that
and some half assed half worked out calc problem
that you had to do over and over again to get an answer
so then in lab right
3 kids and the old guy (cool guy, old guy) walk up to me like
'whats he mean?'
like, i figured because i wasnt paying attention to his retarded nig headed engineer ass, i missed when he explained why he was doing that shit
he never did
they had no idea wtf he was doing with the complex stacked filter math
i explained it to them in like 20sec and they go 'ooooooooooooooh'
thats one of the things i wrote in on the final instead of answering his last question
i fuckin hate that teacher
if he tries to talk to me next time i visit im going to tell him to fuck off
i have me degree confirmation he cant do shit now
he tries to act like were cool

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i hardly fuck with shit
you just use sane feedback values and gains and filter inputs and route sane
and opamps almost always behave
i havent bust out non ideal opamp maths in years
its cool to learn tho, to know why not to try some shit without working stuff out
macegr: no
but yeah i want too
ill try now i guess
since the pot pcb is like on hold and obvious a home milled board now
stupid all
ima go bitch those guys out this weekend
im ask for a job again and when they say no ima be like I DIDNT WANT IT ANYWAY
then im dump like 20 bins of shit on their counter unbagged
hahaha they just shrug and call out a random dollar amount for the pile
i dont do that as much
baggies are kinda nice
$1.90 for each pot

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if its not expensive its shit
storage shed is like 20 year design if its useful
right click on the edges
you can set range, maybe value
instead of dB, just try volts
5V, .5V, -5V
max, div, min
lt spice is pretty smart about stuff like that
like if you multiple I times V in the graphing output, it gives units in W
the only thing i liked about multisim over ltspice was pots
realtime transient response to use input
the HP/tek lab themes gear in the expensive packs is neat
but it loses novely effect when you realize the standard shit is faster
and i prefer the graphing in LTspice over multisim
it just seems more central to what LTspice is, multisim is like, sim + capture
i cant deal with both at once
too much to fuck with in the libs
ultiboard has the best UI tho
in the source settings or what?

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tho i imagine the old ginas are very soft
extra saggy lips!
it begins
macegr: i couldnt remember what i do for fun last night =\
im like, what to do for fun
route circuit board!
no wait
so im doing a double sided SMT hack
with panasonic/bourns/alps 12mm stereo pot package
im going to mount on the edge, and wrap the pins over the side
and solder to rectangle pads on the other side
results: vertical orientation without tin interference for like .1"
wait no fucking all elec
i dunno what dir the pot knob pointers are
plan aborted
4 pots and a panel indicator LED in an altoids tin
it works both ways, barely
if i do vertical, im going to do smt pin hack
but i dunno what way to do
because i dunno what way the pots point
an all sat on my order for like 5 days before shipping

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but if he wants to come up, its like maybe $20 in really very protected circuitry, and a $2 controller IC
no shit?
i should look at some of the other options and config
theres some config thing with like 3 layers of tabs
i usually hit it when i install to change colors, and ignore it after
colors are very important to me!
or rather, lack of color is usually desired
blue on grey, im mean serious wtf
i tried white and grey on black for eagle schema
but its too hard to see selection highlights
i think ill make the front panel board
china doesnt wake up for a few hours probably
omg youre are going to clog up and die
blackmoon: neat
no i mean like clog up your mouth
haha you do 50 year olds

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for the sim settings
itll comment out a sim line
Simulate > Edit Simulation Cmd
ha they didnt put ... after it
the active tab is what sim line will be uncommented
active when you hit okay
i usually do octave sweep, 10 to 100 points per octave, 10Hz-40KHz
you can resize the range when it graphs it
you just cant go past the specified limits
notice itll format the spice line in front of you
so if you pay attention, most of the LTspice shit is just universal spice stuff
ive pretty much just use the first two tabs
i dont really think noise in a sim is very relavent, heh
macegr: okay if he wants to do off the shelf i have no prob doing it out of standard parts
his pockets

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ok hi
blackmoon: they stack funny
its like an octave domain thing
they make sense thinking in octaves
yeah but it doesnt matter so much, because on hot days its prob derated
theyre usually pretty weak above ambient when you do all the maths
its cool i can make a board easy
darlingtons or fets with diode output protection
possible opto driven
yeah that too
come dip relays or somthing
haha cum dip
k sry
comfile is cublocks?
whats comfile parts
thats cheap
its still cheaper to just do a parallel dedicated circuit
like soic darlingtons to drive relays or fets
hehe you can make a cublock thinger out of it if you want after
theres a menu option

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the scope output stuff
thats transient, the others are ac analysis
ha thats like 3 waves overlaid
sec ill send the folder
its got alot of crap in it, i think the .asc or .acs files are what you want
but you need some of the libs and symbols in there
because i dont use their upside down opamps
paste email to send to?

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the eq is pretty easy
the filter farm just makes it look nuts, heh
sweep from 1Hz to 100KHz
ac freq
octave ramping
100 pts per octave
the voltage source
you set the AC Voltage value in the source
and itll sweep that amplitude
the only one set with an AC value
you set AC value for AC analysis and wave values for the transient analysis
i usually set both and then you just use the settings interface to setup the spice lines

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sec the preamp graphs are better for this
macegr: def need thermal data for that
on the eq?
haha yeah
i think thats maybe two pole
but you can see the phase shiting like 45deg where its -3db deg
okay yeah for one project
no ltspice
i didnt like pspice very much
we use that at school for sim
if ltspice had pots or part value automation, itd be perfect
im not sure it doesnt do that, i just dunno how
yeah i can send you both

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maybe i missed it
oh it has a graph
it doesnt really have thermal data
has SOA and power derate graphs, tho
it says derate this much at this case temp
oh hmm
sec i guess so
its the input pole for my ltspiced preamp and eq stuff
the blue line is single pole roloff

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wow macegr
thats near
thats like my little thing that DX actually uses
that i made the monster vap out of
but yeah he just wants on or a product?
or what
so he can take his thing to partys or some shit
that would actually be awesome for summer festivals
bit overkill design tho, rubber hose is pretty awesome at summer festivals
i can just design shit that works the same
make it?
prob not since 1992
thats all theyre good for me now
like, adapters and overpriced adjustable wallwarts with those little tip adapters
that sounds like a plan to me

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you can scale that to way more values pretty easy
put an adc on some noisy thing
put all the adc on some noisy things
but really, i think a very long list of constants, with something at the end that makes the entro of the list pseudo random
would be damn random to any human
in your cublock thing?
$119 is so much
how often is this switching?
dude you could do a static table that lasts like 2 hours
they wont know
its basically all the proc is handling
just get something with mad overhead
or use fets
darlington + diodes or just opto it completely
how many channels of squirt?
rab: dude, hes screaming all the time anyway
no one knows why
not like one more time in the day is a huge impact on his life
hell they all seem to love being the way they are when they find enough people like them
maybe they are screaming in joy
you know, like girls

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cant you do that as a company and i can just be contracted by you or something?
sounds fun
i can download this and fill in the blanks?
man this lady gave me an NDA once it still had COMPANY XYZ on it
okay that doesnt sound to bad actually
k wouldnt mind that at all
okay well i need a description of application to do anykind of quote thing anyway
or even know what to ask
but yeah if its just random water squirts, i dont think that would be so hard rly
like, protection diodes seems about as exotic as that will get
i gotta do something to make it more interesting
else its like, generate random, dump into flash, run timer
what do these thingies program in again?
yeah its called like 1024 values of fureal random
with some random at the end to pick where to start

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Stacy <less@onlinertut.com>,
tonsofpcs: kattygirl23@gmail.com,
wtf why is that in my gmail
what what
define work
and yeah probably
no idea
14:58 < macegr> i might be referring some of you to this guy, he needs a controller that can randomize solenoids for the water jets
vid failing wtf
it should load in vlc or wmp
whatever man the web fails, not me
my linux played everything
and had zero probs at 99% of the web
so fu
linux cant do real cad
okay so you need a random solenoid drive?
and a box
or what
how much?
can i get sexy waterproof connectors?
itd maybe be worth it just to like hold those for a few min before putting them in
yeah if he wants to email me details or something im down
get back at home with a spiffy diagram or something
omg professional

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rev1b = rework for home mill fab
haha 8/8 mile space trace
macegr: single design?
they can do single design
they have a machine that lets them do 2*2, 1*3, 5*5
i dont think they have a gerber editor setup
maybe not all the time, like its one guy and hes gone or busy
Susan Yangs brother?
who is screaming circuits?
they are local fab?
Susan Yang is their girl on email
i think susan wang is overweight with a penis
but whatevers
so um
places are making money just buying assembly machines?
i seen a few pages for just assembly and test
no pcb fab
oh neat
they will contract your boards to another house for you
fureal i wanna see how well these chinapcb come out with .007 DRC
okay well one day when im rich
or my company is rich and im in mad debt

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macegr: omg china went to sleep while i was trying to figure out how they want the orders
they are like, YOU PANEL BY YOURSELF!
they can only do panels with a single design
no you cant do it in eagle
eagle isnt a gerber editor
yeah too bad it lacks any other features
and youre locked to one board house
single designs
um, lots of things do things eagle cant
i cant do my designs on that app
i can do expresspcb designs in eagle
end of comparison
thats nice yours does paneling
how do you import
i can do it like this:
set an origin, and then place schemas based on the same origin
and then merge the gcode
and itll work
well obviously
okay so you mean cut and paste into a new board after closing the first
stfu that works?
man youre are like ninja genius and this all prob to late anyway

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im pretty much down for anything that doesnt have tacky looking rhinstones on it
wtf, hahaha
i wonder what kinda of inventoty they have built up for those
god i hope they didnt make like 50K of them
i think the only think more offensive would be pink plastic

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omg wtf
its not even the housing
i thought they xtal finished the metal
id be embarassed
maybe if a teched for some girl with tons of money or something
doesnt even look good at that size jewel
girls and glam rock
mmm, look at that strain relief
nice, proper matte finish

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oh wait thats a boy
special gold plating?
dunno sounds like normal audiophoolishness to me
yeah so theyre still audio
they make cool locking 1/4" jacks
the housing its whats crystalized
not the contacts
which page?

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best girlquote, ever
aw, sucks
my ex made me dildos and i did her in the butt and gina at the same time
i dunno you can do them there without breaking butthole
they makes poos bigger than your peen, probably
how the fuck does that make sense at all

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theyre people specific
people like you prob dont complain often
people cant get their mind focused enough to get it up prob the ones complaining
yeah but im saying why it seems more common that it causes the opposite
theyre the ones doing the most complaining, likely
yeah that sucks
past 30min kinda pushing it, heh
yeah if im not trying to rush im like 20-40min
well i mean, you prob cant bang hard whole time
gotta get the pussy thru
no ones really complaining
and when they do, its like 'omg it hurts but it felt so good' or something totally conflicting and girly like that
then usually you cant use the pussy for like 12 or 4 hours
sec, bash quote

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no im am just perceptive to the ginas needs
maybe one or two
i dont know very many people who dont or didnt smoke weed
sex and a joint = awesome
if i stayed in for long enough, sure
they all get kinda dry eventually
hence the sex goo
which reduces friction and makes it last even longer if i want!
is ok because fureral i have the opposite problem =(
tho kinda on purpose...
okay forest mims books are neat
this one is all basic tables, equations, circuits

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you gotta last more than 3min for it to happen
maybe you are not so obervant
itd be all over the girl and your base and fuzz
not all over
i usually take shower before
good water stuff works
but you gotta keep adding more
no vagina lubrication
mobilestu: no one here really has curtains
we all got vertical or horizontal blinds
that would be scrapy =( =( =(
they dont start out that way
its pretty neat how when you make them finish, they squirt more girl goo down there
theyd prob tell me to stop if they were bored

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im prob gonna order high viscosity styuff, hopfully its syrupy and not like normal mineral oil
keep it from dripping off the work when i use it for machining
its pretty decent cutting lube/coolant
it doesnt smell like synthetic fats and solvents like other cutting fluids
some synth stuff is pretty neat but it $$$ comparitively
ky is kinda pricey too =(
i use this stuff called Moist for sex goo
that wears off after like half an hour and theyve came twice
yeah when it dries out
its like finger hash

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pour mineral oil into it
wd40 is shitty for most things, it strips lubrication
baby oil or mineral oil is pretty much standard machine lube and cutting fluid
baby oil just has fragrance
dont need alot, its pretty penetrating
mcmaster has cans of high and low vicosity mineral oil
i dunno if baby oil is low or high viscosity
yeah in general, but i dunno if its low or high for mineral oil
because its not super thin
like i can see it going either way

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11:38 < incubus[]> they were showing how the impedance of the trace, based on its length and height, can effect your signal
its more than just that
if youre doing transmissions lines on pcb for close to GHz stuff or above, its trace length, shape, copper thickness, shape of surrounding ground planes
youre basically either making a pcb coax cable, or youre hoppinh signals across inductive sections
but at GHz its insane because all the wavelength are so human size

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yif you luck out, you get a whole component system at thrift for $40
$180 at $100 of sale price

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find some shit like that for half price
seriously, if you wanna do tape, get one of those
tha capability is there, but the risk is high
and the end result is you dissapear from irc
a battery
why hahaha
dude you whole idea is hahahah
11:03 < cyclinder> can this happen?
yees battery can indeed happen
hello, any 12V SLA will prob work fine for a head unit
just buy a fucking real tapedeck
and plug it into your wall
wtf the square one?
you need to go away
before we get you killed
fureal not even totally joking =(
i cant believe new sony decks are still $100
same price like 10 years
i guess because low supply
not even, just buy a used tape deck component
like $40 for good shit, id guess

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portable walkman?
yeah that should be fine
yeah what blackmoon said is kinda ideal
if you want a serious taope deck, get a sony or teac one
the sony are like <$100 like 10 years ago
prob like $50 new, now
they got all sorts of goofy features, only studio types really buy them now
and not even them anymore
how many are valance layer?
only the last layer of electrons is free, no?
highest energy level
i think like, 2 first layer
then multiple of 6
so like, 5 free
hehe, high school chem
okay so maybe you have complimentary Al atoms
like, new one is prob $50+ just because new stock
they prob have tons at pawn and thrift shops
good shit too if its component audio
okay then go buy a sony tape deck
or teac
tape is like all teac is good at
it prob wont be grounded

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so one plate full charges
and the other one is empty
i guess
i still think never
antilog style
eventually electrons cant find anyplace to live quickly
so they still slow just slower while they look for caps to live on the plate
so eventually, you have like 20 electrons out of millions, looking for like 20 spots on the plate
so shit is happening, but slow
er, gaps to live on, on the plate
like at the beginning, its 20 electrons
and millions of spot
so they just walk in and stick
yeah i dunno, i think its not enough charge to fuck it
or it just works out
just stuck i guess
i think i get it
so theres very few gaps on the opposite plate
on the opposite plate, their is electrons in these gaps
waiting for electrons to hit the other plate
so towards the end, a few electrons stick to the empty plate
where the gaps on the full plate are
so im guessing there is like finite electrons, but their somwhat inversely complimentary
if you dont do it wrong
itd prob run off the 12V rail even, the output is usually massive on most spsu

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electrons seemingly leapfrogging coils?
yeah ok that works
plate charge changes
so the other plate balances
prob uF value related, yeah?
cuz uF was like derived from jouls i think
farad is like something joules per second per voltage or some crap
i wonder if thats the vrating
so the other plate has no more to give up
so very bad things
then yeah maybe theres just so much room on the plates it doesnt matter
i think maybe its just full discharged?
like do they come with electrons all on one end
thats so weird if they are preshipping you free electrons
okay but yeah i think thats mabe full charge or discharge state
so related to uF
i think so
yeah if its not changing
time constant =D

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its probably harder to keep ceramic tolerances up when the parts are wider
stacked and shit
with stamped carries soldered to the ends
pics are comical
yeah rly
itd be neat to solder a wire up to like 100 and check
theyre odd things, heh
magnetics is almost alchemy
meganetics + E field = alchemy =(
piston analogy makes it make sense
its still weird, like the actual mechanics of it
like, blow the electrons off this plate
suck em onto that plate
poor electrons
magnetics is weird

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i think its two wrapped plates
like, electrodes on two long rolls, which are rolled together with electrolytic
okay maybe its just one plate
im amazed they dont blow up more than they do
oh haha
make sure the gap is evern less
theyll get better at stacked ceramic
i bet in 5 years 100uF stacked ceramic is common
ceramic is a badass inulator if you can get it not to crack at that tolerance
yeah need more stacks
theyll get better, tho
you could prob put like 100x 0805 10uF in there

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just buy a bipolar cap
or high bias the coupled circuit
yeh, most likely
its not a good idea, but its done
my friend almost lives in puyallup
im not even sure why it works
i dont really know why electrolytics are polar, either

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mil is thousandths
you wouold submit a part in inches
wtf yes they do
drawings are usually in inches but every working machinist ive talked to knows wtf is mil is
few mews this, 10 mills that
*mils, *mils
well then you changed your mind
and i am proud of you
pls to check swish logs for confirmation
dude you said machinists dunno what mils are
thats like saying fisherman dont know what scales are
scales or scales
anyway this is lame
ima have to call up like 10 job shops and ask them if they know wtf a mil is
then hes the one that will totally rag on the mufucker running the machine when he scraps parts for being a retard
youre saying the person at the job shop answering the phone to do contracts doesnt know what a thousandths is?
you put the units on the drawing
and a competant machinist will know
put the neg ends together
itll suck
but its done, shrug

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professor: forest mims says Mils
in like 1893
jezus isnt real you dolt
i dont believe in him, because he wasnt real
i just think its amusing how you think the people whop deal with precisiom the most know about the common unit for it the least
i went to magic mountain once, and when we were waiting for our ride, a guy named jesus, in a biogass hoodie, with jezus hair runs by

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