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timecop: ur usb is done
ur rf psu hookup is happening
is there an extra test point?
naw you dont get it
1 symbol, many devices, any footprints
like, you draw an opamp symbol
and supply symbol
then add one supply and two opamp
make the opamps gate swappable
name A and B
hook that shit up
use same symbols for single, double, quad amps, itll handle the U1A, U1B, J1A (i do all my pins with single io symbols)

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ok your stupid usb is almost routed
timecop: how do i change the angle direction?

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macegr: yes
with very big default
i hate rush
teh enuh unit (execgf) likes rush
baaaaah baah baaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaah
thats rush vocals
i dont jerk off to guitar or excessive drum solos (obvious exceptions aside) so it dont do a ton for me

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macegr: can you do that?
it would be neat if it didnt shake so much
dud i have trackball i throw my shit
ima hurt people if it follows me exact
you get to do it in a couple weeks or less
trust its fucked up
but its fast when you understand it
its not optimized for n00bs
oh shit
thats pretty sweet
so heh
when me and my exexgf were dating, i once ignored her for a week, for pcb
first pcb
so i guess maybe i didnt pay enough (any) attention to her last night
do accel based zoom
that way if im like watching pron, i just gotta move mouser slow

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omg thats right you too
timecop: see what your failapp has caused
can that shit even do circles edges?
the board edges
or polar coordinates
like angles and distances from origin
no i mean like, perfect circle boards, fat radius corners, random curves
macegr: omg no
macegr: what did you use for the bus route youtube?
the clicker follower?
is theres lots of stuff like that?
is free?
i want to do like, start to finish eagle turorial
with everything
well, except net class settings i have to figure that out
ive never really tried, but thatd be maybe useful
wtf is select mode
group or move, man
there is no select
you prob hitting wrong side of the pin
status bar has tips
they kinda suck
yeah dude the buttons are dumb
stomp #1

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so keep the origin consistent
origins are really import in cad =)
and its not mm precision, it tends to glob onto the nearest selectable origin
it has excellent grid
hold alt in all editors for alternate grid spacing
check your units
wtf every app does it like that
um, im pretty sure acad is scroll zoom
acad = standard
acad = m$ since dos
its 6 in the morning
and those two vias still manage to ave every shape of trace, including random andgle pin to via, except what i want
sleepy time?
i gotta go to class mofo
in 5 hours
waking up and going to class on 3 hours sleep is bad

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make a symbol
make them generic if you can
you can load them with footprints
make footprint
symbols and footprints is the same, lay pads and pins
name them
so learn it
when everything is named, go to the device editor, add a symbol (or more, and give them gate labels)
add a footprint, hit connect, connect the dots, set prefix, set value parameter (on wont show a value, its waiting for you to set one)
because its console cad
autocad is the same, theyre just by far the best at gui integration
ok thats prob the biggest diff between solidworks and autocad
solidworks def seem like a gui thing
the lib manager totally sucks
click on the end of it foolio
everything is origin based

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it doesnt happen with practice
you just cant flip sides where theres already a via
well, you can, but itll double via
you just delete one
you had to tear up half a routed board because of that shit
so at best, theyre equals in that mode of fail
also, you can tweak the fuck outta everything with the DRC options in eagle, its not just a design check, its options for everything
eagle is ugly
diptrace is pretty
cmon i know you dont buy macs
shock test them
against each other!
yeah because a web developer cant do web on a windows machines
theres on big app that only runs on macs
its some audio sequencer/processor shit
believe so
which the producer types seem to go ape over
so yeah i guess if you need that, then yeah that one company fucked you
dude, one mouse clicker to do cad or graphics is wtf
mighty mouse is a totaly joke

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this is a shit app, timecop
maybe next year itll be better
just say it cant do that so i can laugh at your 3r337 app
this shit cant do traces, and it cant even hold tolerances
it doesnt even fail at the pcb shit
it fails at basic fucking cad
no one thing
and it aint routing
and you know i can show you tons of examples
lib file management
i can make libs in like 2min from scratch
lin file management is easier with the console commands because the ui is on crack
everything else about the app is pretty much fine
also, is hella fast
so what
also beta is testing
it took most people in here years to figure out the whole eagle gui
so you get to learn in prob 2 weeks if you want
eagle does stupid shit with auto vias

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i know exactly what the prob is
its fucking thinking too hard for the user
it wast to make pretty traces that come straight off the pins with i hit it with the edit tool
like, i thinks i must be wrong to do it like that
so its gonna fix it for me
even tho i went out of my way to measure out what spacing works before it drc errors
yeah thats fine, this is lame
like mega
im wasting time doing non work
im half asleep working really fucking hard getting zero done
because this app things straight off the pins is better than my mom
okay i wanna run traces to vias offset
so i can get a nice straight path
and consistent width, all the way
so even the vias are differential
eagle = 5sec
dicktrace = failing after 30min
yeah okay fine
your shit is gay
it cant do precision
dude if it doesnt do that, thats some major fail shit
so it doesnt do curves, it cant hold tolerances
because it wants to be cute

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dude it even does this stupid shit with static vias
im not close
so i turn this off how
yeah i like their finance thing better than yahoo
so this is lame
also, wtf at it MOVING parts up and down when theyre selected and you scroll wheel?
i dunno i downloaded shit from the site
it ends in 5 days
like in the last 3 weeks?
i know
so like, in eagle, i would just do it
and be done
like 100 times in the time i been dicking with two vias
if you wanna play like you app isnt fail, thats on you

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thats about as simple as realtime firmware gets

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i need a water jug
for micropower consumption
timecop: you should design a ripcord into your design
so when they need backlight, they pull a pin, and they get like 3 sec really really good backlight
no then the batteries last 8 times longer
its an emergency function
there you go
i bet some semicorp makes tiny thermite or C4 ICs
with spi
soft pwm is almost zero cpu overhead
how much are you paying him?

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haha it didnt work =(
because the lines are on the wrong side
so it gets messy
seravitae: hai, ask, prob check back in few minutes
damn, truck passes, cieling creaks in 20 places, in order across the room in maybe half sec
oh wait rite
i backed up that shit cuz i knew you would do this
timecop: passives under the lcd clear of screw holes should be okay, right?
im assume youre using a pin header strip and you just said yes

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if you via it to the other side, it has .06" spacing from everything on the bottom, and basically an open board straight to the connector

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okay this is gonna cost extra money because you stupid program with zero extra funtionality other than a nicer gui is wasting mad time being less functional
basically youd have to comprimise everything else for the usb (all the 1.8 rails on the chip)
okay half
keep in mind, the usb is prob doing a backwards loop inside the chip just to go up the pins and into the bonding wires and onto the die
unavoidable right angle at the connector
looks like .050 spacing for the diff pair on a usb connector

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like, you had one prob with eagle, as far as i could tell
you would need to learn 3 file extensions and like 3 console commands to fix that
theyre like, lib internal extensions, they suck, heh
was there vias
this oviously isnt a prob with how close you can put traces together
this is some fucked up pin alignment thing that affects vias and traces and eats nodes
at larger than grid range
or else the whole board has to change, usb is on the bottom of the chip and the connector is top right

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theres is no related shit
except a long as trace, and two pins on the sam
so what i turn off the grid
because it ignores it?
i move it over on the grid
and it moves it back
i add nodes and move traces
it just eats them
so whatever you wanna say about my technique, this is just implimented wrong
wtf point is a grid if it just moved the shit where it wants anyway
i think your app is thinking too hard for the user
snl hasnt been funny since meyers and carvey
fuck you eddie murphy, john belushi, dan acroyd
you are nothing
they are gods
and joe piscapo is just funny
not like comedy fun, like HAHA funny
dide he die or something?
timecop: hahahahahaha
it does THE SAME THING grids off
your shit is fail
like i said, hours ago, with curves

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iunno what imogen heap song is
i swear id be done if it wasnt for a bunch of stupid shit like this
so like, eagle does everything dicktrace does, as far as i can see
i move via over so itll pass drc
it just moves it back so it lines up with the pin
i added node to create a bend point
i move the via
total fucking fail
okay so it fails
because i cant move the trace
it moves it back
and if i get as close as i want it, it eats it
this is your usb line
in eagle, this would be done, with no sharp edges, hours ago

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timecop: how do i make it stop moving the vias after i place them
eagle sucks my ass, this is like eda for kids
mind spin
no i see nothing
status on 6" ID scrap tube?
i gotta shop for shit this week
ill check places here
ooo, k neat ill check next time browser thing is open

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if hes good at cad 3d shit, thats prob why hes there at 11p
even if youre fast at that shit, some stuff is still alot of time
i couldnt imagine doing this shit if i didnt like it

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the level converter begs for radiused corners
timecop: have they actually fixed any of the bug reports?
or you just started doing them now
or they version ever 9 months, or something
i wonder if exexgf is asleep
oh nm
she ran in said america is on
im asuming the 70s band, because she ran away again

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*trace thing
its not hd44780?
theyre sexy, tho
how many did digikey have stocked?
timecop: im prob gonna move antenna/rf thing up and right, so the traces from the level converter route easier
haha tc burned one
permanent backlight powersave mode
i can prob move left stuff in a bit
trace all flung out their cuz i had to hit that 2nd smps

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timecop: beep
oh thats an lcd
teknique: the rf on the other board is like monolith gfn
timecop: yeah im doing slow stuff top
jtag and the header breakout route pretty easy
and audio pwm im via to top, parallel the led traces and drop back down past bottom lcd trave thing

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cmon you guys cant be srs =(
fuck photoshop
i can color correct and crop and index color shit with gimp while using a big app
photoshop + big app is two big apps
fuck that
i can crop like 5 pics in the time it takes photoshop to start up
windows has fav apps cache, no? =)
i have a shit system
gimp starts faster
and i hate photoshop too much bullshit i never use
i got over that quick
im not trying to be a web designer

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open gimp, stuff, done
i dont want to screencap
wow bmp or jpeg

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timecop: how to export png without screencap

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firefighters are good guys
90% of the time
cops are like, 3%
okay well thats not bad
well thats dumb
okay but the fact that you heard about it says something
cops on drugs, never hear shit
stu: lame
they stopped doing colors

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so i can get the digikey shit before they non stock
stupid pell grant i hate the gov
also calpoly pomona has no budget because arnold is a bitch, or something
you guys like around $1500?
or $2000?
you guys supposed to be more fucked that us
ha nice
you got nice place, clean neighborhood, tho?
its like that anyplace remotely in a good area now
well, almost if you search, maybe $1700
yeah i can like prob be okay like on the streets =\
well, been there, i guess ok is a relative thing
we use suburbia up
you know valencia, santa clarita?
by six flags magic mountain
well, 15 years ago it was nice
not even cracks in the concrete
now its like the nicer parts of the valley 15 years ago
not bad, but worn out
im down with firefighters
i wish they were the cops, too

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macegr: do you want to put VU in speaker? yesnoyesno
okay nm
no you can put the tubes inside
it doesnt matter
but itd be kinda neat to have giant VU in the clear speakerthing
omg the audio xovers?
i have extra
oh so i got quotes from chinapcb
they dont have a cnc ninja
so my non matrix routes where making them cry or something
so i cut panels at home
naw i dont it before its easy
also cheaper
do per unit price for my panels was like $5 range
so for production, this will be aqwesome
your panel method thrashes silk
so i need a real gerber editor in the next couple months
and these are like super proto style
no silk, but with mask
anyway i can route any shape
that shit is like 1st week AS CNC stuff
i have to rework curiously strong for milled
china pcb aint gonna make it
so im not getting those panels till next month i think

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front panel is just circles and holes, for speakers
bottom and top and shelf = rectangles
sides are kinda long triangles with chopped tip
im going to cut those out
no countersinks
just holes
timecop: my boards rawk
hmm, gimme hour or so
its half in my head
(which is why im bitching about dicktrace vs beagle)
macegr: omg
thats routed
the header side
straight up on the topside of the header in the empty space on the right of the lcd
topside or bottomside
but topside keeps the original dimensions
or it grows by .1" or so
you distracted me
macegr: omg
one VU per speaker
i can make them like 1" wider and give you space on one side of the speaker stack for a VU thing
either something mounted direct to the speaker mount or one of your tubethings

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macegr: omg hai
macegr: ima try and have drawings for speaker things tomorrow
timecop: board coming along nice
timecop: just learn eagle, this diptrace shit is fuckin annoying
eagle is so fast when you know what all the retarded buttons do
macegr: i finally got quotes from chinapcb
no the psubox im doing myself
i thought you were going to laser speaker things
because psubox = little
wont look good unless its like almost zero inner radius
have to glue stuff anyway =\
itll be really really easy
it wont even be big
ima try and do like 9" tall
the mid and tweeters side by side
yeah all in drawing
im prob gonna solidworks it and then generate the 2d drawings
dimension them from bottom left

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just red and blue ones

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i was supposed to do traffic school and submit by a certain date
i was like a day late submitting
ive already paid the fee
not for weeks
small grow leds, altoids audio
altoids audio is gonna be for kits
yeah like 5W fail shit
no like is made for small plants
it kinda worked by my plants got bugs
dirty soil
too alive

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going to make faire
is maybe same cost as bus
i prob have too much shit to fly

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i was a responsible person and made ice earlier
time for strawberry lemonade, aaaaaw jeeeeah
i have to ask my sister where she got that no mileage rate rental car
er, and i guess i have to go to malibu and clear up that bench warrant

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where is mr dx
20:57 -!- DX^ [~dx@c-24-99-22-37.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
Day changed to 20 Apr 2008
i have to send his zc avr thing

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i only use 135/90d corner radius mode
theres like, freehand curve modes
i try not to use that
gets messy
you can lay 90d corners with radius, and then line up the arc ends and get awesome bus curves

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in neat little pairs =)
i been too busy working on shit to blog =(
timecop: yes
i know check original failren board =)
thats was eth? what
unless you killed it =(
first board
ht thing
those traces prob like .008 apart or something
as close as i could without drc bitching
eagle its pretty easy to work with curves when you practice
and you can round corners of SMT pads
it makes dense routing easier to get past DRC
(corners usually where a DRC error happens)

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ha wtf
sounds like some shit id get off on, sucks
its like direct photoplotter gcode entry or something
meh, eagle is prob better than both
heh, i like radiused 135deg
theyre radiused 135d

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tooling charge: 70usd, 55usd
unit price: 6.75usd, 2.85usd
panel_one_b, panel_two_b
so def going there for production panels
oh and fedex went down to $30
with the smaller boards \o/
naw thats better
thats like super pulled down
ok no rly, dumb joke ha

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so i guess old, heh
haha at grabbing rs232 of an fpga board
(i do that with stk500)
ha, nice oversaturation
over-saturation = OPTICAL POWAH
vfd char displays remind me of 80s VCRs
along with dip switches and trim pots
we had to like, tune our own channels
or something
thats funny timecop is like status of pot im like, 'he said he wouldnt be by til a little later? wtf..'
yeah pretty neat

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lots of girls say they super into benny hill
i bet its all the girls chasing him in the into
like some sort of sumbliminal thing for the little girls
10K is perfect
they spec 10K to 20K, sec lemme double check
looks ok
haha, i havent seen baldkev pics in a few years
i think you had a giant bong in one
but that was maybe legalize, not you, heh
oh wait
no you had hair and a tiedie i think
in the bong one

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so sense for contact on the other side
with a timeout (really, really soft)
hope so
i dunno what kind of gaps those switches have
tho i guess i can get diff types of switches to slot in, but they usually come with them
i wonder if i can get the blank switches/springs from china
and buy my own switches
hehe i never done a youtube
your h4xor cam is working awesome?
haha that sucks
flickr has a progress bar
per file and total, i thought that was pretty neat
also the browse dialog lets you multiselect
teh suspense
k i grouped up the LDOs and enables and replaced the led fets
still a bunch of passives lying around
heheh, like 20min of search and place comin up =\
heh, my exexgf is sleeping
if i remember correct, she has schoolgirl crush on benny hill since a kid
kevtris: ha i remember that

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blackmoon: yeah its divided between the positive rails
kevtris: neat
kevtris: i wanna make a big midi control with arcade buttons
4 octaves, honeycome layout with some caps, black and white buttons
seems easy/fun
more fab than electronics
er, with some gaps
timecop: mine prob be less
those arcade buttons are like $1
then its a uC and some optos
cheapo midi controllers are $50, for nothing
well, ok my cheapo midi controller had pressure sensing
but just like a couple bits worth
i might rip that open and see if the module is cool
think the switches just got messed up
kevtris: yeah maybe
i wanna do that with the arcade buttons
they use SPDT switches

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because with a normal pot, you can swing the wiper from rail to rail
like, its not using the extremes tho
but it specifies a 10K to 20K divider, gets weird trying to use a halfpot and resistor
but yeah i thought the digipot was for the led backlight because its just a variable resistor =\
so backlight is on/off and you want contrast?
i was wondering about that one i saw the backlight enable
okay see if you can find a goot digipot with 3 pins
sorry i thought you were dimming backlight and that pot would work =\
well, itd be hackish and youd want to test
yeah for the contract
because it needs a divider, not a variable resistor
Silk screen No
haha, h4x

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VEE is contrast
did you wanna digipot that or what?
thats the one you divide
yeah sec
page 9
its input from a divider between VCC and GND
its really a rheostat
but no one uses that word anymore =)
well, you could use two resistors, and adjust one
but thats kinda weird because you dont get full swing
wait so did you want the pot on the led backlight or the contrast
yeah i dunno what its driving

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ill have to post my FREE SPEECH ZONE pics from school
thats done
i didnt check datasheet, so i dunno if higher values gonna make it brighter or darker =)
whats up with the hanging VEE?
how much is the pot, anyway?
like 100R or 1K or what?
ok cool ill check
msg or paste link to the digikey lcd
or here im prob around for awhile

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here i got off msn tell me if he comes back
so man
fuck pell grant people
i have like $1k amount, said payment MAR
now its payment APR
if that shit switches to MAY ima be pissed
every fuckin spring
apperently CSU pomona doesnt have a budget yet

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they didnt wanna write the gcode to cut them
unless it was straight lines, board matrix layout style
thats it
wasnt the high desity pours, wasnt the number of boards on a panel
no but they route too
vscore is always straight across
mine are min 2mm spaced
they didnt wanna do shit unless it was straight lines
im like fuck, gimme your CNC model number ill download a manual for the G and M codes and code that shit myself
so yeh, ima pay that shit i guess
ourpcb might be bablefish for a super factory there
what get chinese out and see if negotiations go smoother?
haha, no they speak english
but theyre like translator middle people i think

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like, we dont need a gerber editor really
we need a gerber offset app with limit detection
yeah rly
yeah once you kinda see where it should go, you can just do text coord entry
import, enter two numbers, hit enter
matrix support wouldnt be hard either
yeah i can maybe do a CLI thing
but i would have to write a gcode parser
best way would be import by directory
and you do offset for all the layers at once
im like, top bot silktop silkbot masktop maskbot edge drill
yeah exactly
either basename, or directory
twingy can prob do it not so hard
hes doing 3d gcode stuff in open gl for gcam
maybe pay home something to do a graphical gerber display
really what im describing is like stripped out gcam
so maybe we can ask for a gcam feature or a special version for gerber
heh, k
i gotta work on the gcam manual
im gonna test it on the altoids and grow leds chassis parts

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$169 shipped
4 panels
like, 12 big boards, maybe 30 little boards
yes, looks like this is how it works out
eagle, these are proto with no silk
because eagle thrashed it
no, mask
with mask
no silk
i dunno
i didnt give them silk layers
so if they dont make one up themselves, i dont see how theres going to be silk
ask twingy
gerber editors
naw theyre ok
i dunno about no lunix shit
like, you just have to take the gcode, and add offset values to the X and Y
works awesome
yeah i can try
algorithm is cake, i dunno graphic coding tho
like, simplest way:
import board, move around, hit a 'drop here' clicker or button, and the code would just add the offset origin values to the gcode
thats it

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my exexgf was like 'we have to watch that movie stoned'
no one
anyway i need to wait for the herb to get here
i think ima pack o bowl of resin
if my cat didint kick it all over the bathroom counter
but yeah, then ill watch superbad
exexgf being all stingy with the bjs wtfwtf

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yeah i meant electromagnetically couple
i try and just say EM so im never wrong
got john on msn
2 qty min is ok, getting final quote soon
i mentioned that their per board cost after tooling for the panels was amazing
he said that was a maximum amount, that larger orders the per board fee would be even smaller
we should do batch pcbs, heh
thats where we all make a panel together, i order two, and keep one

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math is the same
ima watch a movie

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because its hiz to DC
coil is loz to DC
but signals will jump across a coil
wormhole style, electromagnetic coupled from one side to the other
signal with go thru a cap wall, magnetically coupled to the other side
coils are turbines, caps are membranes
voltage leads current in an inductor
current leads voltage in a capacitor
yes, im familiar

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wtf is a var
cap = magnetic wall
coil = magnetic wormhole
okay go tell your professors, tell them ren wants $10
are you an engineering student?
naw, you sound like an average one to me
maybe a few more years of intensive physics and maths and you can figure out what i did in a few years of like, actually touching parts

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post the schema
4 layers would make life so easy
yes yes
but tc is nda stuff too and we still share out failboards with the channel =)
ha, 8051 and external ADC and DDS =(
kevtris: cmon you know open collector is sexy
kevtris: we didnt even have 8051 we had 8086
rab: =D
wtf at 8051 over arm
im sure there is photon blaster proof ARM

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pad, pad, copper, save, make up bridge symbol, link, done
you autoroute
you no layout ninja
is your shit BGA with like 4 busses?
well, unless you figure out how to make eagle route selections, fuck all that
rab: yeh
dropdown menu
top left, default, i think
4 layers would make life so easy

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tc schema: tune ren
im like wtf is TUNE REN
you make bridges
planes can overlap with diff names i think
also, you can make bridges
a bridge is just a copper shape with two pin points
well yeah but itll spray DRC errors
proper way is a bridge part
i dont use libs
their libs at least (any)
electronics workbench has them
just make copper area with two pads
there might be
but i dunno, scroll thru ref-packages
looks for something just looks like a line of trace or copper square or whatever
you can just overlap polys im pretty sure, tho
well, itd have to have copper in the lib
well yeah with poly overlap you def get a DRC error
and that seems pretty ass about the jumpers
so make bridge libes

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watt/sec is like proportional to electrons/sec?

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i think that was the best movie of the 90s
better than all the combined tarantino shit
slightly better than 12 monkeys/se7en
it wasnt as good, i remember it being pretty cool anyway
i dont even remember if he was in that
heheh ok i think i remember
i feel like i havent really watched alot of movies in years
i used to do weekend binges
ha superbad done already

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sculptor_: rly?
real genius, #1
haha plus its cool how tom cruise makes him look super huge in top gun
same thing with dolf and stallone
he was cool in it
hes cool in everything tho
he was too cool for bruce wayne tho, that guy supposed to be kinda dorky
keaton is the best batman
transporter is cool
he talks like people prob slap him all the time
snatch and lock stock and 2 smoking barrels was cool
wasnt he in both?
think so
haha poor benicio
i like him alot but his roles are sometimes kinda whatever
his usual suspects part was #1
'hell flipya'
'hell what?'
'hell flipya, flipya fureal'

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see because we live in the valley so chances of random fame and imprisonment is high
val kilmer and SOAD are valley kids
so were mitnick and paulson =D

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timecop, its only the biggest-dick-the-world-has-ever-seen's house
im pushing your board around now, i think itll end up routing nicer than the 1st
im do placement on the psu/enable stuff and then watch superbad
im sick of people saying that
shit is on like 100 trackers
yeah i dunno
i guess i will
tho bro-buddy was like, OMG YOU HAVENT SEEN SUPERBAD
out taste in movies is pretty similar
were supposed to write one one summer...
maybe quartus logic, rf amp, and write some movie shit

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timecop told me to get horsey rosewill and im happy

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make the waterblock, just get a normal dense fin tube radiator
im going to try to buy a low watt cpu
the diff between the 42W sempron system/cpu temps and the 3200+ barton system/cpu temps is huge
and its like same performance level, im guessing
prob better ram, but comparable cpu wise
which is sad, considering its comparing last eras best and this eras lowest cost proc with mobo still available

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raptors is like 10 year old scsi chassis and electronics, unless they revised them
just sata'ed the high speed corp scsi
jezus fuck its been like 4 years or something
maybe it is on next revision stuff
i wanna do a fan on a water block
low speed 92 or 120mm panaflow or something
so i got cool air blowing over the hardware, keep the air non stagnent at least
and then same fan on a radiator

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without schematic?
thats insane
can sell as a dev thing without the RF part
or something generic
rich hobby geeks
heheh, okay even on an angle trace board, id do that long throw usb trace pair rounded 135d traces

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and an smt connector
it works 80% of the packets
oh maybe noise was fucking up the low signals
so the jtag was pulling it high?
well you called it every step
i have schema with doc text like, 100% fail do to vlevels
just make a breakout
with some almost always useful external stuff, and thats it

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permanent style
yeh, no onboard resist
VCC is maybe an absolute max rating for the led in
yeah me too
low v drop
so low current thru low resist
nice efficiency
did it look current feedback?
or just ballsy
thats jeuvos, yo
nite, ill try and wire some stuff up today, timecop
kk, 100% guanteed or no money back
it was limping tho?
yeh droppin paks
did you find any app notes with 1.8V examples?
naw dude i bet in a metal box
in a faraday cage
with totally straight leds

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ha you can see where i moved the rightmost button over from far right but didnt bother to measure out the spacing
timecop: the smps and ldo layouts working good?
ima have to steal those part numbers
okay but because of the power control and uC?
you mean its not going to be on the board
okay sexier
thats gonna make the routing to the speaker out look more sane, heh
trace is like rubbing butts with the lower smps
rf is like, 2.9v or something?
haha right
kk, thats pretty out in the open last design
you could make the audio circuit like 3x bigger and have space
blackmoon: hai
blackmoon: http://pbx.mine.nu/random/failren.jpg
location of lcd led fail
those are nice lookin LCD for $23
remember LED power save mode?

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im prob gonna crowd the switches and LEDs more to put the jtag more optimal placing
ooo, neat
haha at LED thing
your description of poweron was awesome
pretty cool it didnt just flash pop in like .1s
that was my second guess
but i think you said it got really bright then faded
thats like, led death
i wonder if that video of led burn bet is still up
i dont remember what won
hehe had a little fluke 112 series and a breadboard
and i think paradise city
ur loading slow again
reload, faster

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the per board price after tooling was awesome
if they can actually finish this job without looking like total scam trolls, i want to use them for production orders
single board matrix
black mask
yeah per board price was like 'omg thats like 8x more boards for 2x more cost)
so im down to give them lots and lots of business, because thats prob not even competitive, that prob blows everyone away
but yeah maybe theyre scared of me now, because i politely noted that john sais 3 times 2 qty is minimum, and i have two quotes with 2 board min, john as editor, no CNC and NO vscore option, and susan yang as document authority
dude its rheostat style, youre being funny because it works the same both ways
like a resistor
so you just put a series resisto for max bright
and use firmware and digipot for max dim
yeah ill do it =)
gotta get the exexgf out, turned civil in the end, but way too much dramas last night
okay and level shifter is already corrected?
i read new email

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the setup that worked fine was they do panels, i do routing
they just forgot that i have a CNC, or susan didnt know and didnt read the CC
cuz fuck when she said 'factory say to hard to cut out' after last quote, is like my heart dropped into my sac
see now really, this is ALL my fault
yeah well i dont think i have to bitch
i think john will be like 'oh, sorry, quote one hour'
like before
he also said its way cheaper because they dont have to cut
cutting is likely part of the tooling/per board cost
dude, one line of gcode
theyre not that big
it was $40 shipped
which doesnt sound nuts to me
youre in jp
fedex has to go 3x as far for me
big ocean to go over or above, etc
oh you got ems?
ems is like $32
so im not trippin on $10

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i miss the real lordpil.com =(
yeah sure
haha at desk pole
i know it doesnt matter with the chair there
but it just looks hack like that
i dont need 10 each
multiply by 8
they were totally fine
100%, when i was doing the no vscore/cnc option
the last quote, which i was gonna drop money on, they didnt do the no cnc/ no vscore option
because i dunno john didnt tell susan and susan didnt read the CC
well if they had suggested that 3 days ago, wed be done
i did everything they asked, and i got 2 quotes in as many hours when i said i can cut it
they basically forgot i could cut it because susan handled it instead of john
and they said no
i already told you they said single board matrix, or you panel yourself
i offered to pay for multiboard paneling service, this is like day1 stuff

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i have a $300 and $250 quote for 2 boards of each panel and an email from john:
Yes, two is our minimum quantity.
and omg nice non-statement stu
thats like, the sky is really blue sometimes, ren
yeah fine what
put a table in front of the window
and iunno a fishbowl
haha ikea
which side?
oh yeah thats nice
my friend has that as a table im sure
not those exact sizes, but same sdesign like 24" wide, on side with casters
one thin is neat on the right side
ok thats fine
yeah as long as it looks nice and even packed
still think small table at the window would be pretty pimp tho
no ikea does oddness
they dont have higher ones?
same thing tho, thats kinda cool looking
but yeah thats good for couches
yeah nothing taller

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maybe they hot swapped
anyway, if they cant get their inner office comm straight, im not trying to order failboards from them
might as well get someone elses failboard from 4pcb and the my failboards a day later
my shit didnt fail chinks
my shit works on the chinks shit fine
john didnt tell susan
so susan quoted for my panels cutout, which is a no quote, because factory doesnt know how to cut out pcb
unless its in straight lines
which i offered to John days ago, but we decided that me cutting shit out is fine

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i have min 2 on two quotes and email from john saying min 2
change my board?
my boards arent the prob
they got a gcode dunce they dont wanna cut out my non single board matrix
they dont have too
susan fucked up
as soon as john knew i could cut the boards myself, i got like two quotes within a few hours
yeserday was a forever wait, when i finally get it shes like 'panel like this so easy to cut out'
me and john been over that, i can have my boards laid out however since cutting isnt their problem
i told them i wan 4 boards like quoted twice before and answered when i asked, i dont want 6 boards
expresspcb for my shit would prob be more
it would be useless to me
its not masked
i can do that on my cnc
man hello, i ordered from them 4 years ago
i know

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fuckin china
timecop: so i make the last quote request
susan takes it instead of john
guess john didnt tell her no CNC or vscore
so she tells me factory cant do it
too hard to cut
also, she said min order is 3
after 2 quotes at min order 2, after john said min order is two, when i asked what min order was
this was maybe 12 hours ago
and im totally ready to give them money
well not really now, because thats kinda shady
no he emailed me
and carbon copied to susan
and then he did the quotes
editor John, authority Susan
so for her to tell me min 3 is kinda wtf
no this is after it was made clear i can CNC myself
so her saying, factory says too hard, cut like this
is like me being at 2 days ago again
yes min 3 for my two small panels

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