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also most of the standard modal config stuff
dunno i dont see how g and m codes are comparable, you need both
well we codes shit by hand for our degrees
sure but who wants to G1 all day
depends on the machine, but usually
i hate IJ
R words number one
those every once in awhile you get precision issues with machines
fuckin haas lathe, id stab that shit if it wasnt all armored
i slept all night
eye infection, prob from a kitty hair on pillow =(
microstepped open loop #1
haha no rly im mad
im kinda amazed that shit dont skip ever
well, unless im racing it or doing something stupid to steel

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macegr: did i tell you chinapcb was failing since day one because my cutout shapes were too hard?
thats what factory says too hard means
factory tech can only gcode really straight lines to infinity i guess
ha cute
how they a joke, those are like all a cnc does
not hard?
heh, my instructors had to do shit like that by hand
i dunno m commands are machine function
is not really comparable
macegr: because its single board
its a matrix, they just have to code it wonce
my shit they had to code a whole board
yeah but m codes aint gonna make the machine do anything
movement and canned cycles are g codes

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tho its kinda jellybean
heh, vanilla box: 706404-A.jpg
that just screams nothing
stu: what happened to the non chrome/glass black one from yesterday?
*gloss back
the more normal looking flat black box
old style or new style?
i have a half stripped out old style one
not alienware tho, same box
is what russian buddy had, cnc lives there now

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export, i can use eagle if i have too
what can it eat?
dpi calibrated images or what?
vector tho
woah guys
this backup DVD:
Alien, Aliens, Pulp Fiction, ACAD 2007
thats a whole day of activities right there!
i have the true romance/pulp fiction script books
true romance was written alot more like a tarantino wtf flick than what it ended up

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i dont have it installed, im wondering if i stuck it on the usb hdd before wiping old sys out
i have 2k7 or 2k6 i think
tho im fine with any of them as long as i dont have to run dos
okay lemme look and see if i have that, ill do in that
i once went to take a cad class, and it was dos cad
and im like, yo im out, laters
wtf dos (i didnt have computer thing till like 2001)
all i remember as a kid about dos was people yelling at me DO DUUUR, DO DUUUR, WTF MOVE
damn its not on the usb hdd i dont think...

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he users wire tool in one or the other
hehe silk domes are kinda neat for tweeters
i knee them like everyday and they kinda slowly pop out again to same exact shape
no i was up all yesterday and night before battling dicktrace and exexgf
i got layout in my head tho, so i just have to cad out (that was today, im dont with pcb until endmills show up)
yeah im hoping today i have it done
im retard if i dont, its only 5 parts and theyre big
hmm, thatd be quick
lemme caliper the drivers
yeah totally ha

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go back to eda4kids
and yeah dude
if you routed it with route, not wire, they stick
it kinda sucks sometimes
but you learn how to group and move so the right trace points are selected
and itll keep your shit intact
wire tool in schema is shitty
you have to verify names
net tool is better abut names and does dots at connections
wire tool is like for drawing doc frames and borders
do on places layer in schema, or itll erc error

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a) requires three edit menu commands to rorate an object
b) prob only does 90d rotates

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timecop: right click to do operation on multiple
and why would anyone want it to do it like dip trace
select group, rotate
it rotates each object around its own origin
yeah thats gonna be really useful
like, never
edit menu > rotate selected
every time you wanna rotate 90d
i doubt it does custom rotation
im doubt it does polar coordinate systems
i dont think its capable of curves AT ALL, even for board edges and routes
eda for kids, maybe when they get to soictrace i try it again happily
also, the routing tool has an AI which will adjust your traces to line up with pin and via centers
after you drop them
even at 1mil grid, itll jump shit over like .020
pcn highlights traces and ratwires im pretty sure
also make sure youre doing what you think
and its not just a selection dialog
for closely grouped origins
then youright click to select the diff objects
left click to select
dude, one tool, all function
you shit:

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wtf at edit menu rotate selected 3 times
thats some guifail yo
timecop: which?
the little one
i told you!
its prob okay man
theres caps all over that thing on the rails up there
i told you the little level shifter possibly needs caps
cuz i noticed it didnt have any allocated
and non by the symbol like the other level shifter
dx^: my mom had extra eyedrops, so dont need dr
extra antobiotics wtf BAD MOM
shit is like half full too
you said datasheet said it didnt need
tho i might have been talking about the pot IC at the same time
that one routed up alot nicer than the level shifter on the lcd
bos: so that still works?

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because its pretty much just definitions of the console commands
its like backend help
dx^: lemme track pkg, sec
yeah cmon man
avrfreak learned eagle
diptrace is easy
you win
who the fuck gives a shit about easy when you can be more functional and faster
we click on shit to move it?
click move tool, click device origin
move it
wtf timecop wtf are you doing
are you still using beta?
because thats just asking for fail and no help
how lame is that
but you are okay with with doing it everytime you wanna rotate a group of selected objects
thats so, so, so, so, so fucking lame
timecop: fail and no help
for why?
haha nice
dude i dont eagle at 800x600
and you have to reach across the screen just to properly rotate parts
possibly reach across the screen 3 times
select move tool, right click on group, right click 3 times

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if you even opened a project
grey/green dots, control panel
anyway, eagle does shit diptrace cant, and way faster
stop bitching about the ui
we know
stop thinking button clicky and start thinking console commands on button
its pretty bad
but eagle cad backend is pretty awesome
and the ui is VERY fast
its not optimized for learners
board and schemas happen quick, and once you have a habitual procedure for lib creation, that goes by in a few minutes at most
like, they get made as fast as i can click and type out >NAME and >VALUE
took like 2 or 3 years before i could really do shit without pissing myself off
yeah after a few weeks, its usable
you have to drop any preconception of what a gui app should act like
cuz youll just wanna punch shit
theres a toolbar thats just a command list, i think commands go active on the list when you press the button
that kinda helps figuring it out
theres manual and tutorials on the shit
help menu is useless to you now
yeah you gotta basically know the app pretty deep to even use that

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this about boards timecop
not guis
AI correcting me for 5min is retarded
serious i could have had that board you gave me done in half time, with radiused corner on the high speed
almost zero extra effort
with usable airwires
wtf at pin to pin airwires, it just ignores the traces
and it doesnt clear airwires you hit with a plane
thats lame
like, done with boards and theres 30 airwires up, and the option in the plane proprties doesnt even seem to do shit
ratwires, airwires
you dont know yet
because you only know the dumb ways
serious, i have a trace and a pin 2mm apart
same net
and it ratwires across the board
dude i can do schema in a couple minutes
we already told you itll take time to learn
that shit was like eda for kids, lets take every option we can think of and stick it in a right click menu
and diptrace doesnt do it right
you have a trace and a pin 2mm apart
and diptrace will airwire to the pin across the board
instead of the trace 2mm away
make the lib active
in the project

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you do this in multiple channels?
anyway, eagle is faster than orcad, ultiboard, and diptrace
diptrace cant do things that the others can
maybe when they version to soictrace itll be better in the precision and AI correction department
no one needs tha autorouter
and prices dropped i think
its console cad with a frontend
once you get that, its pretty intuitive
frontends for console shit usually is
really only autocad seems to mix the console and gui shit seamless
console on cursor, daaaayum
we have it
you wont learn it
because diptrace is trash
and cant do shit eagle can
yeah we told you two weeks to be good
dude everyone in here learned it already, you have a srs advantage
like, most of us didnt use tools for years
thats how fuckin weird the ui is
i use pretty much all of them now
because cad isnt ui
its precision
and diptrace lacks it

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if you use stupid ports symbols instead of net names and labels, itll throw mad ERC errors
those are objects that dont go on the board, and i think you might have to setup pins and power pins for it to erc check
dunno for sure, but those ports spray errors with most libs
and i dont like them anyway, its not something on my schema
ren port = connector for rails, and dead end schema traces with dots and labels at the end
like i said
i dont use those stupid power symbols
i just name the the rail name
and stick a label on it
you suck
$1000 to convert all your libs =D
thats what i told him
which is my point
i learned diptrace in like 30min
like, you dont learn good apps in a single night
you learn easy apps that fast
easy apps usually lack in functionality and often outthink the user into STUPID situations
timecop, shit that would take literally 5 sec in eagle took like 10min of trial and error and fail in dip trace
because it spent to much tim trying to make itself prety, ignoring grid settings
you can have that bullshit

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multiple grounds
fuck silly symbols have nothing to do with pcb
name the nets
put net labels on them
thats nice why dont you put the label on it so you can see it
then you dont need retarded vcc and gnd symbols
i dont put shit on the schema that dont end up on the board
non ambiguous
haha whatever i seen your shit
your schema drawing could get better
if all you have to ccomplain about is lack of gnd and vcc symbols, im laughing
i do all my own symbol libs tho
i like eagle cad stuff alot but i dont like any of the lib drawings =(
well thats retarded
no it doesnt
my shit ERC/DRCs 100%

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i wonder if they ever make runs on sunglasses hut
man those guys
they always get locked up over stupid shit
like, mofo pulled a knife over a girl so i had to take the nice and slice him up
or, guy talks shit, guy gets punched, guy calls cops, everyone goes wtf, guy tells cops 'ok sorry rly my punch is ok hahah' cops are like 'oh neat great were taking him anyway hahahaha'
if they could just stick to stealing from large corporate shops with insurance, theyd be so much better off
ha wtf vcc port
i dont use ground and and vcc symbols
just name the net and use labels
hello, i do bipolar analog
regged and unregged, off mains
yeah ask someone else
no vcc ports on a board
that aint some shit im placing
im placing connectors and parts
i might have multiple rails

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'dont worry this wont hurt. WE GAURANTEE'
eh, sec
cheap plastiv aviator/elvis glasses
this time i got them in polarized bronze
me and asian sunglasses lady thought they went better with my skin and hair than the gunmetal polarized
i had some stolen ray bans
tortoise shell, in the oval lens style

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antobodies defeat cat hair germs on their own yay
shipped friday, didnt show up yesterday
im home today because i have eye infection =(
yeah kinda, im pretty sure from a cat hair
prob on my pillow =\
no i can walk into hospital
well, yeah i guess
i have medi-cal
no one takes it except cheap clinics with are poor service cuz overworked, or hospitals
i dunno what people bitching about long long lines
i walk into emergency, they triage me in a couple min, for minor ass shit, and send me to express care
i wait another 30min because kids usually have priority
then im in a room
then it totally depends on the dr how long i wait in the room
i wait longer sometimes when i have apptments
but yeah when ive gotten this before i just walk in and theyre like, oh here eyedrops. oh youve had these? here, other eyedrops
yeah those are usually fast
yeah big city
LA has lots of hospitals so its prob not as bad
but supposedly some of the downtown and ultraurban shit is like swamped
we have lots of gov and private

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you prob wanna use restrict layers to keep copper out, so you can just route poly pour edges across the cutout
basically, the dimension layer stuff gets drc checked for parts and traced against an edge dimension spec
try copper poly
add a square pad and then use the poly tool
rectangle tool use some useless shit, schema/symbol shit
drop a pad and fill it out with a poly and see if it restricts
anyway, you can copy and use change tool to change layer and just make the pad i guess
the mask stuff isnt fixed, its adjustable in drc in like 10 ways
hey my eye is less puffy

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yeah sure
pad and some poly works im sure
so use dimension tool
dimension layers with lines, sorry
any shape
its just drawing shit on layers
or adding drill points, or pads, or plated holes, drawing some copper polys in
anyway, cutouts arent really gerber
you can send the edges as gerber, but theyre not feeding that direct into a standard machine

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it doesnt do anything more, it just has a better gui
honestly, gui is like last worry when im using a cad app, theyre all diff so its shit you have to learn
if the cad backend sucks, all the gui in the world int gonna save it
eagle is fast, mofo
you just gotta put in the time
it aint optimized for n00bs, youre still just complaiing about interface, not functionality or results
hello, timecops learning eagle
you just called his effort zero
no youre complaining about getting it to be functional
subtle diff =)
i can do everything youve asked to do, so far
pretty much everything youve said it cant do, i do
oh except remove packages not connected to symbols without knowing the name
but youre just bitching about the part of the app i told you was trash
no news to me =)
its not optimized to be intuitive, it optimized for speed working on a board when you know wtf youre doing
i had no idea how much i loved eagle until fucking with diptrace

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edit, rotate edit rotate edit rotate
if your shit had half decent ratwires, you wouldnt need to check nets
it doesnt even ratwire from traces
thats pretty fail, dude
i have to trace traces myself
im talking in both
does diptrace highlight schema and pcb at the same time?
i tried, it didnt seem to
so again, it does what eagle does, diff ui
okay annoying
but whatevers, same thing
like to ratete two objects?
timecop, i rotate like every 20sec
group rotate, all day long
yeah exactly
for fail rotate
select many objects rotate
edit > rotate selected
cmon how many of your boards have i laid out?
cmon its like, up to edit menu 3 times?
fuck that dude
ill take the select tool click three times solution
you can set any hotkeys
^z = undo for me man =)
youre lame
its console cad
of course you can, how you gonna tell me
hello, acad is console cad
acad is the standard
you said you couldnt do it
they have a gui dialog to do it
so youre confusing me
well than youre that much ahead of the curve
dude you used diptrace because you learned it quick

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footprint, symbol, device
control panel
right click remove
then its not attached to a symbol
and really timecop, cad engine backend is more important than ui in cad
this aint photoshop
type 'remove name.pak'
i think its .pak
in the console
and if you bitch about using a console in cad i will laugh and laugh and laugh
like i said, its lib management sucks
acad is half by console in ninja mode
everything else is optimized for experienced users
eagle dont give fuck all about the n00bs
but the toolset is hella quick
dude working in diptrace is like the slowfail
haha, edit, rotate selected
3 times sometimes!
lots of menu depth does not make for a good ui
selected objects
yes it does
eyeball tool
who cares about automatically

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as bus name would let you pull nets led0, led1, etc and led_en from the bus
stu: yes it does remote busses
you just name them the same
busses dont do anything
theyre just net constainers
um, how so
a bus is a collection of nets
in eagle, a bus is a definition of nets
so you name it
again, something eagle already does
so far youve yet to mention anything besides UI diptrace is better at
naw my father live in LA, might be dead
so what
no, dave
he prob dont run shit now, haha
nice sign
haha @ cow falling off the sign
wtf is a pattern

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when i said i drop it if something more interesting came up
id hardly call saying something last word dropping it
this aint over curves this about you being a bitch
hell its 5am here btw i got nothing else to do anyway =)
so i mean did you really believe there were no curves, or like were you just trying to be a troll bitch
what does that have to do with new mobos
and what you said
i was talking about some techy shit, youre like doing 'eagle sucks trolling' followed by either being wrong and not admitting it or just being dumb and trollish
bus definitions are the name
its prob by suck
why would it be by design

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its think is better, just normal tears now and eyelid swollen cuz all the rubbing with soaked rags
stupid cat hairs
bos: i always do when other interesting shit comes up
than regulate sometimes
and maybe i wouldnt have to bitch about how fuckin lame this chan gets when stu is around
you shoe me when i intentionally tried to troll stu to disrupt the channel
ill show you the opposite 4 or 5 times a week
handle it, op
if you wanna be a stu and pretend to not care, then fine, be sad person who spends hours involved in something you dont care about
people in this chan are fuckin awesome, i aint afraid to admit i give a shit
stu is even pretty cool when hes not acting like a troll/stoner chan kiddie
'i dont care, i dont care, you cant hurt me, nananana'
after bringing it up again

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hell naw
because he tried to do it to me
i want charles to act responsible
i want charles to be a good op
because charles is pretty awesome when hes not getting your back
charles: whatever, after
charles: its a non issue man
your behaviour is consistent, ban me if you want because i just note the truth
stu trys to disrupt the chan
your job is pretty much to deal with people disrupting the chan
i believe stu brought it up
and fuck you
you ban regs
and let trolls play
dude like i said, i wouldnt come back either if the new bouncer banned me over shit like that
no youre not
youll come back and not care tomorrow
since you dont care about irc or this chan, you must be here to troll
i like both of you guys when youre not being total asses
or when charles isnt being a kissass
'oh youre misunderstanding, chill out' wtf are you blind, whole board is curved traces
haha im packing bowls
maybe ride bike to hospital and pick up eyedrops

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naw this fun man =)
like kick it in here and have interesting convos?
do design work and fab work for people
im fine except when stu trolls and charles gets his back doing it
seravitae: right, like i dont spend all day trying to help people
or talking about tech shit
stu trolls, then gets off when the channel is distrupted
and charles makes excuses
you can set diff tech level, like 0805 smt, soic, im pretty sure
i dont use it, but sometimes it bitches
i havent figured out exactly wtf it wants
charles: dont ever tell me to chill the fuck out again when stu is trolling me

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if you guys dont care, you shouldnt be op
if charles dont care, fuck charles
if charles wants to ban me because i think its retarded hes an op in a chan he dont care about, thats fine
why are you always speaking for charles?
why are you always saying what he thinks or what he can and cant do?
05:08 <@Charles> renesis, you simply misunderstood
05:08 <@Charles> no biggie, just chillthefuckout.
05:09 < stu> renesis: just admit you're wrong and go stand in the corner
05:09 < stu> renesis: just admit you're wrong and go stand in the corner
05:10 < stu> utterly trolled <3
go fuck yourself charles
you have one job
dude im spamming the channel with your daily bullshit
yeah i guess because all of yesterday was diptrace failure
eagle does shit diptrace cant
stu: no im getting upset because youre acting like a trolling bitch
and charles is acting like a spineless bitch
so yeah, just another day
and trust im not that annoyed =)
answering to your pointless trolls is kinda fun
its like, what to make stu look petty or wrong about today
dude stu actively trolls
and charles supports
and makes excuses
so yeah, stu is a bitch and charles is a shitop
not like its new info
and i bitch when they act as such
if charles wants to ban because im honest about how 3rd grade theyre acting, thats cool
serious, even in the troll and stoner chans im in, the adults act more adult than this
and this is supposed to be tech
charles lets stu do whatever he wants because stu made him op
stu trolls, and charles makes excuses
so yeah, this is me going: lame

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or youre just being stupid and wrong on purpose to troll
when you picked wrong
i liked at the ones you posted
youre a lame stu
post again
ill show you with exact inch coordinates
because it would mean stu is wrong
okay so now i have to
charles: no i didnt
even the 135 angles are radiused
there are no 45d angles
you havent even start using eagle yet
eagle lib editor is shit
stu: stfu
stu: okay opening in editor
charles: nice to know you still got your boys back, did you even see the pics?
omg stu
like every trace
is loop backs and curves with radiuses
so coordinates = everywhere
05:10 < stu> utterly trolled <3
charles: if you dont ban, youre a bitch
because your only job is to keep trolling low
serious charles
i misunderstood?
hey it just supports me whole shitop wannabe theory
not in good chans
just shit chans
this is predominately a good chan
i wanna talk about tech
you want this to be your personal troll chan
yeah except everyone who laughs at charles
but whatever
electronics is my life

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>VALUE (on the tvalues layer)
remember you can smash the symbols and footprints in the design to custom place so it doesnt matter
yeah its useful tho
because you can load up symbols with diff footprints
like i have a single R entry
with 0805, 0603, and .4" spaced TH
god has lots of kittens, it doesnt matter
and dont say i dont love kittens, i do
stu: because the right way is extremely complicated
and youre often stubbornly wrong
'omg look NON of these mobo has curved traces'
wtf they all did
all had curved corners
youre really being a dolt now
no dude
like, 180d loopbacks
diff radius on parallel trace so the corners are parallel
because hi speed is voodoo
now you understand, pls2stfu and stop spreading nonsense info
you posted many boards
all had curved traces
mosy had nothing but by the high speed chips
so stu wtf are you talking about?
youre being a blind lame
dude dont be a fag stu
serious this is getting old
just go 'og your right, i can see all those radiused corners clear as day now
i struggle to understand if you actually looked at the pics or not

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all my resistors and caps and diodes only user .2", too
i have to figure out what text size/ratio exports at 200 dpi well
yeah not done =\
i want them to be all consistent, is maybe 80%
on the symbol?
pins are symbols pads are footprint, name them with the name tool
and then in symbol, use change tool and visibility to control is both, pin, pad, or none is visible
they hacked it
because they didnt know how to do a lib
or they didnt think it was pretty enough
the pin length can be cut down to a point
so you can rotate the visible pin and pad locations
pin name is usually to the left of a pin, pad number (or name) is displayed above the pin
when you place a pin pointing right
the ONLY text you drop, besides documentation (do it on the mechanical or doc layers) should be:
>NAME (on the tnames layer)

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like, hai heres how you test how smart your fab houses nc setup is
the 4 button top left
info eyeball layers mark
tplace, bplace, tname, bname, tvalue, bvalue
then you symbol is hack
and fail
like i said
make your own
your failure doing it like this is expected
i never said eagle user contrib content was good
to date i have submitted nothing
the right way
ill make a tutorial i guess
i use point pins with lines alot
dude stop using fail libs
then they are pin names, backwards
because the pins are points places backwards
with the pads turned off
or its just text they did
dont use user contrib shit
i told you that like #1 thing
i dont know if i have fets
im building up a basic symbols pack
i think i might just need fet symbols that match
i have the vfd clock ones, tho
but yeah thats why my schema are pretty and not typical ugly eagle trash

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look at the pics you post
theres MAD curves
even the 90d and 135 bends are radiused in placed
around the chips too
so its prov a high speed thing
so who has goop in there eyes?
i found curvy traces in every board you posted
look close, because you failed every pic
even the 135d bends are radiused
like i do
thats not a corner
corners are prone to manufacturing defects
compared to sweeping curves
it actually matter you getting down to traces that small
so yeah, i gues curves dont matter even tho every board you posted uses them EXTENSIVELY around the high speed areas
which is exactly what i noted
wanna post anymore mobo pics?
youre trolling
last pic
look around the samsung cip
lower right
all those 135 bends are radiused
the outer bending trace a bt more than the inner
expensive apps prob just do that shit automatic
im can see, even with one cat fucked eye
all the high speed loopback shit
all curved
some of it bigass sweeping radiuses
dont bve posting shit to back you up when i doesnt and try and use it to be a troll
click on center, disable silk
man that footprint is nasty
why is the silk covering the pad on purpose

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and high speed boards nowadays almost always have curves
tons of curves
no look
every inductive curveback
alot of the busses have tiny radiused corners
lots of teardrops on the pads on some high end non mobo boards
ewb does teardrops, and orcad
not eagle or dicktrace =(
cmon now
tc linked some shit yesterday
for usb, was all curvy
anything ghz, corners are prob measurable effect on the signal
anyway, if you look close on a mobo, theres TONS of radiused lines
show the back, grif
i see one set of rafdiuses
omg another
omg even more stu
your pic is failing you
dude your example already has several examples of curved traces stu
NOT 45
my god do you know what a 45deg angle is
all those curved high speed length matched traces
are all curved

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whats wrong
its already done
its connected
stu: naw man, we wont
diptrace is fail
i had like 50 reasons yesterday
cant do curves
and cant do precision
because it compromised cad for pcb
your shit is connected
it has a check
and the pins are there
those are the pin labels on the sot23
usually itd be 1 2 3
but yeah whatevers
dude like i said, user libs are fail
make your own
it should take you a minute
unhook the pins
open the sot23 in the footprint editor
rename the pins 1 2 3
like in the datasheet
go back to the device editor and relesect your edited sot23
name tool
next to value tool
hit the pads with it
name them 1 2 3 like in the datasheet
you need to unhook the sot23
from everything
or make your own
04:40 < stu> pcb's arent supposed to have curvy traces
um hello, non angled traces is because of limitations of computer applications and manufacturing
in like the 70s and 80s
hand drafted boards usually dont have any straight lines

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they need to completely overhaul file and lib management
the 3 editors thing is cool
but the ability to easily copy desitgns is almost non existant
you can do it a couple ways, but its kinda h4x
no try copying from inside the lib
like make a copy of junk
i usually copy to a scratch lib
then make whole devices, rename, copy back
rename the scratch lib thing, make next device, copy that over
else itll do dumb shit
like itll let you rename the symbol at copy
well, symbol/device
but it wont copy in the footprint, it just uses the old one same name
theres alot of little things about it that piss me off
i wont user user generated libs tho, so i guess i have more practice
prob metal and fiberglass chips in residual qty all over my room
and i get eye pwned by a fucking cat hair
not yesterday, lemme check tracking
should be today

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maybe are settings are diff for edge or something
ugh, my left eye is still buggin out from the stupid single cat hair
now i gotta go to the hospital and get antibiotic drops
thats prob better anyway, shielding wise
tiny tad unmeasurable bit
i need to buy more pollow cases, damn cat
pissed me off for a couple years i think
right click actions on the tools arent so consistent
yeah maybe cuz already connected or something, dunno
hey my eye is teary instead of kinda goopy
that prob means its getting better
timecop: weird
timecop: thats basically the worst part of the app
you basically have to kinda form a habitual procedure
then it goes really quick

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mmm, learning AVR
sam7 is cheap tho
better than mega avr for the money
not as easy tho
oh, yeah just for comm io prob bit much
hehm 32 bits makes everything like easier and more complicated at once
did you adjust anything?

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so nothing is instant approved for me

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timecop: you has a mail
ooh, nice round payment, ty
the ground bridges might be bit messy, they pretty fat tho
some stuff is like, tried doing it one way for 5 min, just went fuckit and worked around
i think it came out better than the other one
can you pay digikey with paypal?
or do i have to wait for 4 days while paypal quietly makes money with my missing money
yeah i should
my credit is lockdown status for years
so its like bit more effort to actually have my shit approved
na im on all the credit companies higher security lists
so nothing using my snn can be approved or released without my direct written approval

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their per unit price after tooling is insane low
and i would have paid them money a couple days ago
but when it took an extra two days because john didnt tell susand i didnt need route of vscore, kinda killed it
timecop: heh sry ill get the email to you, im like rubbing my eyeball and half asleep
my fuckin left eye ate a cat hair
like it got all under the lid and i remember something kinda bothering me for hours and hours, but i figured cuz it was just smokey
sourdough, sliced
or potato bread

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and ima tell them to put it off until next month
because its late and i wanna buy more bulk at digikey
they wont be on time
my fail?
dude they cant do simple 2d gcode
whose fail is that
i could do that shit in like 10min
by hand, no apps
using a spreadhset would be fun, tho
anyway, i want to use them for production panels

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timecop: done
drc and connectivity and board compare check out
doing teh email
okay i should go pay attention to exexgf =\
she like, cleaned up all the common areas and is cooking my dinner
blackmoon: yeah
and digipot contract
man she listens to 70s standard rock
so like, pussy rock
bonus for quickness and WTF PROBLEMS with diptrace would be nice
but yeah up to you =)
id be cool with same
ha i dont want like 3x as much or anything
no they exist =(
its cad is too compromised for pcb
i had the same issue with ultiboard sometimes
timecop: so i got $160 quote and they are like, half COD is ok

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timecop: all done except a few loose components
just gnd connectivity in 4 places
i got something my my eye
i think it was a cat hair

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this program is such a fuckin waste
timecop: itd be done, except its retarded, making up DRC errors for no reason
static and auto vias
its fucking fail

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my term has lost color

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hella yeah
tc lcd failboard rev2 completed except for ground connectivity

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nearing completion of tc lcd failboard rev2

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i can do curvy edge polyes in eagle
how does it know
like what to make fat

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timecop: level shifter layout worked out magical
there wierd thing is youre doing like GHz speed shit
i would think youd want curvy traces more than almost anyone here

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its a big project
and eda isnt just cad
all the shit has to work together
geda is fail
i think for yeeeears more
integration is like, zero
they bitch about libs and shit
what libs to have and what standards
im like, wtf libs?
who cares about libs people can make their libs MAKE THE FUCKING APP
yeh =\
it was kinda usable
and after only a couple days
so its prob ok once you spend good couple weeks on it
no fucking way i would use geda or kicad for business shit
eagle is to well priced for what it does
like id buy that shit
i dont buy anything
i bought on game and i had to nocd fix it because the shit thought i was trying to crack it
also maynard bitched at the pirates before he said hi, and i think that shit went platinum pretty quick
so i feel this is personal now

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okay weird
so you drop a via or do a fucked trace to a power or gnd point
so thats bad right?
it would be extra inductance after a cap, which is a filter
line choke
also possibly caps on top is maybe filtering out spikes before its on the bottom, so the bottom is cleaner overall (also the inductor from via bends would do that)
rab: omg too french, too raw

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crash course, i predict two weeks
haha, except hard

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worst ui ever
(yeah, i can do that, heh)
he does
i seen his concept drawings for his chassis boxes
no macegr because i went pfft
and mine involves manually operating a monolithic embedded machine
hello png
bmp should be illegal already
break tool
yeah took me months
yeh kinda
do over it
and delete old
depends if you already labeled it or not
haha @ real render errors
$10K app, shit leaves fragments everywhere when you zoom or pan
but its ok, because its cad, fuckey redraw is tradition
use .1" grid spacing
use net tool
yeah rly
big panels
ill post pics in a bit
sculptor: we are helping timecop

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i keep a .1" grid
and i dont even have to paste pages of perfectly cornered schemas
with nice 135d bends for bus entry
because youve seen like a ton already
so am i
yeah diptrace is extra fail at rotate
eagle is like, two clicks max, any angle
any curve (NC machinable, at least)
theyre not the same category of application
if you like diptrace use electronics workbench
its in the same style withut being retarded
you have to ignore multisim as sim
orcad is hell
but its slightly more functional

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and i dont usually get diagonals, but it makes a mess
i dunno name them whatever you want
ooo, neato song on the dnb radio
is all funky and upbeat
but the chorus lyrics are just 'suicide, suiiiciiiiiide'
eyeball tool
make your own eda app then
diptrace sucks hard
like at best i can make your board kinda cute, eagle is easy to make things like deviant erotic
make all the corners mitered just because it matches
because it takes like 1min to do all of them left when youre done

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timecop: you should do something with extra pins
get a thermite chip
unroute then drag
is he still using beta?
use net
not wires
switch from bus to net layer
yeah i think he enabled curvy corners
in schema
well no curvy but angly
i dont move shit
a) i layout, then wire up
b) if i move, i tear up all the shit connected -or-
c) just route the lines you want, ignore the diagonals
then delete them
c will retain net names
b will split

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okay so im telling china pcb im going to get those panels next month
so i can blow all the money i have on digikey and hardware
because i have to do them on the machine anyway
still like 4 boards to do
okay so sociology of religion with the most forgiving teacher ill prob ever have
or more pcb then sleep
and it matters zero if i drop that class

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timecop: level converters 80%
timecop: yes
i told you =)
in the device editor, in the library editor
below the connections dialog
there is a place to set value parameter on (waiting for input) or off (default displayed)
and a place to set the prefix
its a button and its grayed out
why, who knows
prob a big battle in cadsoft corp
its quick when you know what do to

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timecop: small level converter maybe need decoupling
just has pullups
theres space tho, no big deal
oh, score
both sides?
ha fucked
precision optical
say hello to you little friend, TL072
LF411 is trash except to demonstrate how bad opamps behave
and how you can make them do alot of shit anyway
nano labor
with human control
one controller, 1 million parallel nanos
no they are wetwire extension, they are not thinky
thinky too angerous in a factory

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timecop: beep
confirmation 'IC8' in doc is actually level shifter
rab: hehe using magnifier on monitor pixels =\
i want big monitor =(

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professor: move it
theres stacked vias
you just have to delete one, instead of redoing it
when it DRC bitches about vias
i move the vias, ratnest, a new on appears where the original was, delete the one without trace attached
sometimes if you edit a trace too much it drop its own via because it sucks

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professor: kut

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you really want me to move the xtal further back so i can fit in two .1uF by directly adjacent pins?
that .04 trace is really gonna pick up alot of spikes, rite
i have powdered potatoes now
my sister brought all her canned and box food
we are like triple normal stock
ha, ok thanks
timecop: atmel really says .,1uF for each othef those?
ill put on that line
one will be rigth on the pins
still sporting zero drc errors
but its weird because xtal is there
also pll RC
also pll supply bypass
all in one corner
you cant put everything on the pins without like, 0402 and some smd xtal
or putting shit on the reverse side and dropping it in thru vias
omg DUH
im not saying, like, duh i knew that

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bitches fuck you i know wat im doing
timecop: dude you have too many .1uF caps for 3.3V
more caps than pins wtf
which do you want extra on
k where
i know
two go by vddin
4.7uF and .1uF
sec i check
yes c25 and c24 routed
4 left
travellar: its religion and the teacher is kinda very liking me
ill make her art pcb with that leftover acid waste bullshit
this is powder fresh from smuckers farms
there is italian sausage defrosting
and my sister menjtioned cloves
i think she gonna do her insane pasta sauce shit

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hes using beta?
oh my bad
i got i wonder how often i knee my silk dome tweeter
- i got
`nico: hai
oh timeout, trolled
yeah probably
if i stay awake i have the option of going to school in an hour and a half

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what is this camwhore app coded in?
teh c, perhaps?
i took a cass in that once
i dont like comp sci =(
timecop: i can has via under qfn?
doesnt look like it has any kind of padthing

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thats user made
i wont use that shit
accel based zoom
like, 3 user parameters
min zoom max zoom accel/zoom ratio
(neat, tho)
but what if it oscillates
like the shuttle, and we crash
i dont use supply symbols
i just use the net labels
words, yo
because i might have more than one common
better to be like SG OG PG
dont need to fit a stupid symbol
is cam studio lunix?
timecop: $1000 to convert all your symbols

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macegr: it works fine at .001"
and finer
also, placement of holes should be done using grids
either main origin or mark origin and appropriate grids
yeah we told you how
you havent even setup your board
or part
so you cant measure
you fail first step
so it clicks around the spot you want forever
i swear is like you never drew some straight lines or some shit
you place mark on the grid, you place and move your holes on the grid
you get your part dead on, every time, no exceptions
you dont even need mark, you can just use alt grid at pitch or pitch/2
you should hit your hole dead on with mark
or you fucked up at your grids
no not in part editor
you stay on the grid, or you suck
mark will stay on the grid, you have to set the grid at the beginning and leave it and stay on it
or shit will be off
fuck prexisting

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i set origin in the middle and use that to make parts, then use mark to hit all the odd dimensions
timecop: you set grid
hit mark
set your reference
and then move cursor and watch the mark status coordinates, angles, lengths
of a trace?
of a trace or between two points
because we can measure shit all day two diff ways
cmon he cant even work an avr
he can do eagle
the grid settings arent your psudeo grid graphical overlay
like meaningless style, like in dicktrace
its the cursor resolution, so it controls your routing resolution
cmon timecop
we told you how
5 times
exactly that
what you showed
lengths, angles, coordinates, from a reference
we told you how
many times
no dot counting
ou dont get it

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im like fuckit, ill go to .001" grid
whats a grid
it wont work
until you set the grid
theres always a grid (i think)
hahaha dork
because you cant set grid
were gonna make fun of you for years if you do that
hit grid button, upper left
set display ON set style DOTS set your main grid, like .05mm, and an alt grid, .005mm
make sure units is mm before changing the numbers
else itll screw them up and you will get pissed
becase you can set alt grid to your pitch
and get exact pitch grid offset
do you know how fast that makes footprint editing go?
place pad, name 1, click copy, hold alt, copy move down one grid, copy move down one grid, repeat, do up the other side
the pins will automatically be named in number order
set grid
then it wont work because thats your cursor resolution
you can look at the cursor
the cursor status, and turn the dots off

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also layers button, to change colors (dont try it has some fucked up excuse for color mixing)
info tool is usually better
'i' i info tool
looks like a grid and origin
then loop up in the top status bar
that has your cursor coordinates
you can set grid to infinity precision
do like .05mm main snap
and .001mm alt snap
rab: compared to fab DRC spec, thats pretty much infinity
i never use it
i usually go like .005 alt grid, .025 main grid, 2 divisions per point (so grid looks .050 and you jump in half grids)
dude diptrace is fail
its like a pseudo grid
yeah thats enough
.05mm is prob enough
theres a button like WTF PRECISION
next to the units
yeah alt grid is sex
yeah you prob wanna do mm

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in device editor
theres a prefix and value settings area
bloew connections/packages interface
set default prefix letter
and then if you want the device name to be the value, set value to off
if you want to set you own value, set value to on
you can always smash and delete later
if you set value to one, it wont show up
until you set it
kinda confusing
else they wont turn off
you will be pissed
change tool is like master sword/screwball attack in one
like 20 functions in one tool
each function has submenus
its like instead of organizing shit into a good set of tools
its 10 shitty tools and one tool that does everything
with no default tool
and a really really fucked up copy/cut/paste model
its the only app where cutting shit doesnt make it go away
wtf germans
i think my NES got raided
both of them
timecop: yes, mark
bye eyeball tool, which is to highlight a single net

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thats what fucked my up the most when i first started eagle
is 3 apps
and one of the apps is 3 editors
R = omega
because thats my initial, yo
im saying silk is functional
u = moo, R = ohm (curvy pi)
i use pF nF uF
i only go over 999 for uF
for schema
i did on one of the boards
headphone board and maybe amp boards
but thats minimalist bling, and for kits
i get to route them out without silk!
and those guys couldnt do it, for money
macegr: ugly
prob do it in xorg
wtf timecop

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turns eee into hot sex
omg in front of all the kids?!
rab: is beta test paid only?
what if we proved to them we are eagle ninjas
timecop: pin swap in symbols, gateswap in devices
timecop: figure out net-class settings
cuz i havent
i do all vector
hes making parts
in the symbol
make them all the same swap level
change tool
wrench is key to everything
timecop: gate swap is same, set similar levels to be interchangable, but for different symbols added to device editor

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timecop: beep http://darkertechnologies.com/image/2008.04.4_timecop-02.png
okay o i take nap
or go to school
or route more pcb go to school then get real sleep
heh no thats faked
its invert + colorize
right click menu?
mine dont have any right click menu
he maybe has beta or last non beta
i want that color schema now
standard size wireless mouse for laptop #1

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timecop: pic soon

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