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(all my ribbon breakouts are GND A GND W GND B GND)
alternatively, i can try stacking them really really close
like end to end, long ways
and putting the 7 pin headers in row on top and bottom
anyway thats next boards
shifty VU and panels
stu: is like 10W max =\
thats gonna piss people off way more than music will =(
or maybe no
its not loud
i hope financial aid office fixes shit today

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im making a lib where you edge mount flush with chassis, and then bend the thru hole pins over the edge and solder onto rectangle pads
chassis = pot chassis
12mm stereo audio pots, vertical shaft
mounted so the pin edge of the plastic body is at the edge of the pcb
then you unbend the pin so the are parallel with the pcb surface
then bend over the .06" pcb edge
and solder onto 6 rectangle pads
on the edge of the pcb on the other side
they have solder tabs for mounting
on the sides
so its the two solder tabs thru thr board, and the 6 pot pins wrapped over the edge and soldered onto pads
the edge with pins will face down, and be insulated from grounded chassis by kapton tape layers
both sides of pot will have 7 pin .5" spaced header holes for ribbon cable

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i think its maybe too dangerous for the big cars
you cant rework that turn without killing the tracks personality, either
like, if you make an alternate route for faster cars, you make it almost pointless to race that track
unless it has more seats for fans than buttonwillow (i think it does, which makes me think it just too scary for $1M race car series)
ima shower and start the edge/bighole gcodes
i need to make a list of drills i want from goldmine elec
ima call and beg them for empty drill holder boxes too
i wanna have two complete sets from .012 to .0625 and then single complete set from .0625 to .125
oh neat
i can buy
fingerprints or ozidation dont matter
ooh, ok
if you dont want lemme know
did i tell you about my 12mm pot hack?

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yeah because aint no driver aids or downforce will save you
and then you hit the bottom
you steering response goes from like 20% to 200%
like, race that side by side, heh
it like rolls off before the little plateu before the left/right screw turn
so yeah i think you do need pretty good setup
just to get the shit to slow down enough before the turn =(
im not sure
GT races (diff leagues and classes) and motorcycle races
and some not as big open-wheel series
little stuff with like mazda or ford i4 engines
i dont think the american prototype/endurance series go there

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like, set the car up for that, now what
that turn is prob why they wont race there
ive never even heard it mentioned as being seriously considered, and i think it might be the biggest fan capacity track in cali

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you should look into it, ive seen shit under $2k in america (prob semi-scam shit)
plane ticket from you is prob like 1/4 the cost it is from here
or less, you guys fly local cheap, like our bus rates heh
yeah you need to find a plan
because they buy out sections of floors i bet, years in advance
haha boat
thatd be a little scary, out by the chicane
they dont off into the water anymore really, heh
think thats happened like 2 times or 3 maybe
but im pretty sure it was the old slow/bouncy era stuff
thats pretty much the only F1 i want to see live
unless they ever race F1 at laguna seca
it was old races im pretty sure
like way back, 60s or 50s
yeah i wanna see them do the corkscrew

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ok itll make more sense when you study PN junctions
im an ass i only get my best friend presents
but like, i might marry her one day
so its not really the same kind of relationship as we have
my bday is in may
you can get my travel plan tickets to monaco GP
id be happy with the cheapest plane/room/GP rates
actually i think its not that bad
$3k maybe
its like, the low price it can be and still be WTF in the style of monte carlo

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as long as you keep everything consistent
either way will obey all rules
use conventional flow tho
+ to - flow
the flow of 'holes'
this is the way arrows on diodes and trasnsistors point
unless the guy making the schema is a total fucking asshole
im being serious =(
iunno man i think it should be illegal
because of exactly what you said, yeah
electrical current is the flow of holes
a hole is a space without an electron
there is electrons and holes
okay its that then
have you stuidied silicon PN junction?

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06:55 < Swuave> with the jersey guy whats his face.
how can you forget his name you bitch
the young ones was .ca sketch comedy, no?
so what
thats like forgetting the found name of god
ooh, ok
oh i think kids in the hall was .ca
i need to bring that
cmon everyone sing too

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she stfu
2:13 the first bass comes in
and i said, she dont even know wtf that is, how she gonna make that and then modulatye molody with it
than yeah 2:35 it goes nuts and she made no attempt to argue anymore
(song dont even totally start until like 3:20)
06:56 < Swuave> a little quicker, slick.
joke was old like 5 years ago
theres fucking dnb songs nothing but cowbell because of it
i want marching band drum n bass
they can hack it, for hours like proper dnb
what is zai
oh hai
that was almost sketch comedy

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put vertical, and do a blue bomber
standard/conventional/electrical flow is + > -
electron/current flow is - > +
dunno too much other media
i should bring some ministry and skinny puppy
in case we need to get kids to go away
my exexgf said dnb would be easy to make
so i put this song on
and she her the cowbells and the drums
and shes like still easy
i told her to stfu because it hasnt started and to stop disrecpecting the engineers
dude do you have the fucking song on?
so yeah, morracas came in, shes like i can do that
i laughed and started talking shit
dude snl hasnt been funny in 15 years
yes i have foolio
everyone seen it
that came in
and im like you cant even make that
thats NOT random knob fucking

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but its a very specific nuts, and its close, and def more insane in nature
think this is bubble man or flash man
flash man i think
haha, quickman (cuz can hear the laser bar 'BWAAAAAAAH' sound in my head)
yeah i was gonna say

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im brining eee and 160gb on usb
so ill prob just have like all my music
omg cant be alive without me
thats not healthy
the synth at the end is very megaman
minibosses at the smell
the week after i come back from san jose
just need minibosses
mine is better
because mine is the best
me think it airman stage
yeh, it is
so the greatest thing about the minibosses
every geek there = SAME EXACT MENTAL IMAGE
every non geek = same exact wtf is going on facial expression
its more nuts than gogal bordello
well, it isnt
because its not like, universal nuts

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her solo shit is mostly just depressing =(
hehe i can play this on my bass
its fun, bouncy in the chorus part
we also need minibosses
if someone complains about music
we can play minibosses, and have an instant geeker alliance
prob the guy complaining to
he will have to beat himself up
there was like 2 years where janis was pretty cute
she got like 20 year older in 4 years wtf
these pics are sad =(
macegr: neat
its trance bullshit but its like the definition of it

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theres on 60s classic sounding guitar solo
and then the other guitar rips into it
70s distortions in 69
no but solid core flux does
and you can just brush it on
or dip your solder into it
okay that sucked
better, proper
thats prob one of the cleanest guitar/bass/drums/vocals tracks there is
k lemme grab the section i need to hear on the system
man fuck
damn she had good producers
cats in distress = the blues
say what you want, but you guys didnt start this shit
our black heroin junkies did
you were just the first white people to do it proper
is the 1st solo
its a setup
no im listening to this, no choice it started =(
2nd guitar solo blows it away in the 70s style
she lucked out so, so hard hooking up with big brother

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and just stick together with heat
make sure it doesnt join cold
ima bring good dnb sets
some very hard dnb tracks
and a variety of my eclectic collection of pirat mp3
i know
yes dancehall ska is a must
gotta bring some toots
and some clash
some 80s new wave and punk trash, bit of 90s alt/grunge, and some big 70s rock shit
im like meh at anything hippy except jimi
maybe a few choice janis tracks
but really i only want summertime
and thats not a janis track, thats like any heroin junkie who wants to die track
(billy, janis, jeremy, sad)
thats why i want that song
neat, i hope they do it
damn i dont think theyll do it, not the studio cut, is just session
but the bass is really clear, and the guitars are amazing

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do you have rail to rail opamps?
you can do it with normal ones
you just need diff power rails for the avr and the amps
its just a buffer and an inverter, two caps and two diodes
(inverter to flip the wave before you rectify so its full wave)
buffer signal, after buffer, invert signals
AC couple the buffer out and inverter out
series diodes after caps
shottkys and amplification
you set the falloff delay with the rectifier
sec mr elliot has something built...
thats the easiest way
else you have to deal with center bias, averaging, delay
its just two opamps, some resistors and caps, and diodes
flux the wires and pads
tin both

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i cant believe he posted that and blamed eagle
i need more 1/6" endmills
this one isnt doing the FR4/copper as clean anymore
ok did you see shifty vu consoller blog?
i can do like 3 stereo adc chans
full wave recified and zero biased
with 5 dual amps
then you have data you can direct load into rgb or multiply times color constants
it shouldnt be very hard to route
or i can just do a single channel full wave recifier
(buffer, inverter, two dual amps + avr

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heheh 'can you please tyouch your magnet with with a tinned iron and tell me what happens? k thanks, waiting'
*magnet wire
see i messed up
will a propane torch take standard enamel off?
maybe one of those minitorches if no one has good insulation
(electronic ignition and trigger, else soldering turns to emergency status juggling act)
eagle didnt fail
if you dont realize why, you fail as bad as sparkfuck
he needs to show the pic with the ratwire and ratsnest results showing Nothing to do!
stfu little girl
but yeah, that pic dont exist, because eagle didnt fail, he did
he needed to drop the line width of the pour outline
or drop isolate

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well, maybe not electronics so much
but old mechanical stuff, for sure
coils is oldtek
also there will always be american coils
importing the shit prob hurts too much
machine for winding them a) exists b) is simple compared to precision fab
tho i might be wrong if copper gets more fucked up
we cant make shit if we just dont own enough copper\
then we have no choice, most coils are made in china already
ring them up on the tele

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if you call a place with a story and theyre cool they maybe just give you enough or sell cheap
most shops arent very super huge businesses, so they can do whatever they want, little things like that
like, walk into a bearing shop and ask for 2 particular ball bearings in qty one, theyll either laugh at you and say theyre busy
or just give them to you no charge
if theyre busy enough to justify laughing at you, theyre prob in a good mood, so they maybe just help you to be nice
i think coil winding industry is mafia owned or something
macegr: if you saw raw enamel wire and bare ferrites after seeing the price on some of their coils, which would you buy?

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load into array, tape down, flip, solder, like, point per second
that setup, point per second isnt unrealistic
yeah, it wont be 2000 consecutive seconds, heh
but cmon thats like, 50 dips, thats nothing
yeah like load up all your panels, tape em up all at once, flip all at once
and then just solder, eat, solder, do some drugs, solder, do tv or net, solder
youll pob pass out from the flux core fumes before its done if you try and do 2000 at once
oh you have the wire already?
oooh you mean like, locally
yeah but you guys still prob have more supply shops local than we do
find a shop that does coils and magnets
damn do you guys even have industrial districts, actually?
anyway, those places will usually let go of shit cheap or free if you like 'hai i need like super small amount of these one particular thing'
im saying like google magnetics, wire, transformer, etc, for you local google map

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iunno, you guys prob got more supply shops than us
go kevtris
strip 1000 wires
precalced lengths =)
watch wasted time pile up as previous joints come loose as you solder new ones on =(
the uew still sounds best
its fast enough i think you can deal with it if you need it shipped
i dont think anything is faster than mounting and parallel soldering with single wires

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like, miter style or table saw style, do parallel slots in 1/8" something
the acrylic even works you can laser your fixture
fuck boards
laser holes into acrylic
strip some copper solid core
and bus them like that
thats actually prob one of the fastest possibly ways to do it
perboard is same without the rotation for straight traces
like, acrylic and 18awg or so of solid core
and thats it
yeah whatevers
30awg can prob do the current with mad headroom
yeah but im saying it works with anything
you could house wire the shit if you had to
haha, nice
i dunno i forgot all the numbers
you need 1/16"
then it Just Works (tm)

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okay yeah
thats what i was thinking
and you do a U that pushes down on the led
and clamps the pins
another way is to take sqr bar
usually radiused corners anyway
slide underneath, in between the pins
and press the leds down into a U channel
and get an inward bend
same thing, other dir, maybe needs an extra part
yeah you can get either direction or both same direction
like that
thats best way if you can find something with good height and slots
maybe a circular saw at techshop?

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just the tips
yeah dont fuck around timecop
yeah better time spent doing that once
yeah neat
not sure i get it but sounds cool
oh i maybe get it, but possibly im thinking something else with same shapes that works

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but yeah proto board would work
thats not even 3 hours at a strip or solder joint per second
are you tiner etching or what?
you can just tile with toner
make one file for the led
one for ends, one for trace hookups (3 parallel lines)
and just iron one one at a time
yeah if you had said something a few days ago, heh
mail to me and back is prob 6-8 days
well 4-8, you cant bitch if its 4 tho
yeah is what im saying
oh, yeah that too
you have flat pliers?
grab the last 1/3 of the pins
and bend right angle, no twist
and i bet it fits on that layout still

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im pretty sure aperture definitions would be totally consistent from one file to the next
to get offsets?
find the highest y value
ignore the first x
heh drilling is easy easy part for me
i cant do that if those strips are 12" =(
make single unit onesi was gonna say
just do single or double strips
and wire the fuck out of it

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ha wtf its 5:20
macegr: why are we up
electricity and water flow in the same directions
electrons and water flow in opposite direction
blargh said it best, its the movement and relative number of holes
not electrons
electrons by definition are negative charge carriers
pcb tool?
macegr: i can do 11.5"
12" if im like fuckit
ooooh ok
if you want just say i did it, i have no money for them to fuck me for anyway =D
macegr: jking
that sucks
yeah you just have to offset by whatever the tile offset is

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basically, electrons fly around on the valance shells of conductive molecular structures
valence? shrug, last energy level
weird whats that
its the movement of holes
conventional flow current
yeah basically
electrons moving = heat
more electrons = more voltage and/or current, more power
if there is power, there is current and voltage (pressure and flow)
theyre propotional, you dont get one without the other its impossible
yeah basically
the pressure and flow together have the potential to do work
a defined, specific amount of work

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a difference in electron to proton ratio
positive charge means one regiong has more protons per electrons than a negatively charged region
'psotive charge' can be seen as an excess hole situation
conventional current flow can be seen as the movement of holes
schema = schematic, go join #english
theyll be on your side
the light is the presence of a giant series of electrical hole
the lightning is actually touching off, and sucking electrons out of the ground
in order to fill its holes
it doesnt create protons
theyre typically fixed (in the nucleus of the molecules making up the conductors and semiconductors)
oh ok
thats voodoo
but yeah
its related to energy levels

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04:53 < Swuave> Saying the "current flows" in this direction
not true
its the flow of electrical charge
which is like, opposite the flow of electrons
trust, it makes sense because if it doesnt, all schemas are backwards
yeah pretty much
they just didnt know they were being backwards like 100+ years ago
well, theres like standard flow and current flow models
all schema except in current flow textbooks are standard flow
and even most textbooks are standard/conventional flow (positive to negative)
well, charge is a diff in potential
so in a situation like that, one side is positive or negative but your finger dont know or care

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just keep trying to set fuse back to internal RC high speed
at lowest isp speed
yah thats prob not so good
if its RC, you just have to find shit that works
datasheet prob has a range of R/C values, never looked, weird clock option
if its xyal, just find anything, and 20pf caps from xtal to gnd
if its external clk source, what you did should have got it spinning enough to refuse
what you did with stk500
so id guess you did xtal or rc
yeah like i said, ive gotten them refused by picking caps off the table
first dont work, toss try and another kind/value
the clock gen is pretty neat

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so if you cant find it i can show you which section
yeah or that works too
its fun if its set to RC
just set isp to lowest speed and use random rc combinations until one works
fuckin letters on resistors are too hard to look at
and caps, etc
usually works by like my 2nd or third try
okay triquit sex, bye
okay but how about right now
and is it inputs or outputs or what?
meh, need foods
make another board or desolder or try random xtal/RC and low isp speed

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can you use internal?
cut the traces to your xtal from the soic
okay so thos pins are free?
solder a wire to the pin
just to fix it
make sure its jumpered right?
the stk500 clock, its like 2 or 3 diff jumpers
depending on setup
i should connect dragon to eee and see if they cool
you cant
you cant set it to anything now
put an xtal across the pins
yeah i done it
and then try rc too
schema in datasheet clock sections
i need food but i gotta do avr shit when i get back

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i need in 6"
wai 8" min
man im hungry
we have cheese
sev has trisquits and ham
sounds like a party waiting to happen, to me

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pretty sure you can still use xtal2 as gpio on avr that share xtal and io (like all tinys)
oh hahaha
it took me a minute
timecop: find and replace is expensive commercial tech, bitch
you think microsoft has all the money in the world?

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rockshox: try doing an external RC
also try putting xtal across is with 20pF caps
ive jump started chips with random resistors and capacitors enough to re-fuse the thing
thats what its for
youre really not so fucked just like minor 5-10min fucked
leave xtal 2 unconnected
just wire clock into xtal1

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not enough room for pr0n
on, no wait i lie cuz i have that 160gb usb hdd
that i used to backup my last system...
so yeah some neato pr0n on that
not doing a cabinet tho
no dude fill it with pin stripped 1N914
put a batter inside too
couple buttons
so when you shake, they randomly burn up
little point glow effect, rly cool shit

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yeah acetons gets all the copper and fiber dust off pcb i mill and finish sand
you just need something to square eveything up, like hmmm
maybe use a aquare
i have a carpenters square but that doesnt help you =(
what does directions for that stuff say for time?
The union will set in thirty to sixty minutes; however, a full cure does not occur for eight hours.
pretty neat
i think everything i have can fit in some 6" tubes
i can take on bus or plane or whatever
prob bus shit is like under $100 round trip
maybe 6 hours (thats like nothing)

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they have cans at hme depot next to acetone
i guess that works
just test on a bunch of little scrap bits
so prob near brushes and drop cloths and rollers and shit
i dunno, the xylene stuff or whatever
that the kid said does it no clouds pretty quick
no i dont think so but i just remember the x stuff cuz im like 'haha x stuff is here'
i dont even try and keep track
MEK and the xylene or whatever is what ive heard works best
fuck if i remember what MEK stands for (google knows)
yes i believe that is it
but ive heard people say the other stuff works and that kid straight called me a tard for saying mek and acrylic, haha
maybe his dad just swears its awesome because he can get it at home depot
but that is actually kinda awesome
it might have been a semi-reg

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for 'box volume' on the 5"
either cardboard or acrylic 6" tube, maybe 10" long
if its cardboard im going to just cut into 3/2/1' sections
i have to buy lock washers
i guess i dunno have you glued that shit before?
i havent
someone said there dad did this shit and i was a tard for mentioning mek and to use theat x stuff at home depot
xy-something, whatever
okay isnt that the stuff is gum?
yeah prob that

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okay you should be good
well, use the other peripheral
its flash, not like, chisel and a rock
omg sexy
i did that on drugs! yay
okay so that one needs a bottom and shelf
thats good because those are the ones to adjust when you make stuff sid sizes
open baffle speaker
its basically braces speaker mounts
i want to do a tube waveguide

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x2 (stereo or fuckit, kill yourself)
then if he wants, he can directl load adc input into bright registers
or set color schemes, and use adc as multipliers
you need mor enumbers
timecop: you know that led toy
the bga or whatever fuckein useless 3 output thing?
im making that with opamps and avr for shifty vu output
analog or digi mux?
its 74 its prob digi
rockshox: more channels
well one or the other, probably
or both
i dont think you can like, split them
did you?
heh, is no so many traces to cut and cludge

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its ron paul
thats as about as useful as a bill introduced by kucinich
whoever barney frank is, he aint getting much shit done now, most likely
5 dual opamps
buffer, 3 bandpass filters, inverters (for full wave rectifiers)
caps, shottkys, adcs

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macegr: oh except for controller
okay so bandpass filters to gnd biased rectifiers with like +3db at 4.096V
peak value to rms value conversion
so he detects peak, gets rms
on 6 channels
this will never work
well, 4 dual opamps and 6 adc input + 4 for shifty + 4 for interface
will it blend

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kevtris: 12VDC
assume DC, unless it says VAC, VRMS, VPK, VPP, dBV
yeah unless its like a lamp
and a lamp is a really fuckin lame schematic
zener, is for overvoltage too =)
yeah AC is for electrical
not electronics
we do relays abd fets thru optos and shit for electronics
er, for electrical
(because this aint #electrical)
thats an oddly placed connection dot
see theyre everywhere

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itll cut thru probably?
the ones got cut came out okay tho?
if 3/16" cuts way cleaner, its better for the front panel anyway
because of the holes and cutouts
macegr: all the amps and the shifty stuff are ready for machining tonight and tomorrow
and then im prob do a digikey order as soon as paypal stops doing scams with my money and puts it in my bank acct
then hopefully i get ups on thursday for the tool
and i can try the pyramid cutter on dx board and ttmustang boards (i bet you guys thought i forgot)
and figure out the psu connection to make the .008 DRC boards non plate machinable
the hardest board doesnt need any rework, all vias exposed except the bipolar supply connector i was like w t f

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if button screws werent so expensive id get #4-40 in two lengths
k ty sry
oh ha i bet its in my site toolbar
oh, sucky
what happen
you just want one?
thats fine
1/8" was prob almost fine
with the sides and the shelf brace
okay i can raster it
i can machine that shit
no im saying some later date on another set
cradek/#emc has some acad script that just mills lines and shit
reads a text inset for feeds
to do passes, you just copy down the z axis
to do etch fills, you just explode hatches

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yes they can sure be a pain
yeah kinda
i mean sometimes i go 'man but im kinda a flake to sometimes'
but no, not rly, not like on that level your talking abouty
whats is 18-8 stainless steel?
blackmoon: part number, funky adapter link
so shiny hardware stainless, i guess
what dioxide box died
okay i need lock washers for the square nuts
then i guess thats it

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yeah i was thinking that
plain steel ones maybe available for...
hey but maybe i can afford it since now that i know for sure school fucked me for pell grant, im prob not going on no san jose maker faire thing
rent, food, h4x, etc
(rly im prob just gonna borrow money and feel shitty about it wtf)
haha nice use of funds
a) make site better
b) take information away that is likely backed up on 100 geeks local drives anyway
what would you do
so im going to spend $8 on plain steel toothy nuts
plain stainless steel, rawk
the socket cap screws for the speakers are plain stainless too

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wow square nuts are cheap
$1.14/100 for #8-32
from mcmaster even
steel zinc-plate 1/4" hex nut for #4-40 with integrated free spinning tooth washer
thatd be pretty sexy with the button cap screws im getting
ph33r teh toothy nut
i think its worth it
pcb aint going nowhere with that shit torqued down
kk good luck

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to hurt *maybe* it
ive made the plastic smelly and they still program, heh
erm, *hurt it maybe
oh i should do the pot and led boards for the panels
im hacking panasonic/bourns/alps 12mm stereo pot package for less length
im going to make the lib so you mount on the very edge
then bend the pins over to smt pads on the other side
drops like .06" off or something
really more when you consider the hole pads and spacing to board edge, prob like .1 or more

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kevtris: hey what could i use to keep outputs from clashing on misconnections?
just like, what can i do so one of the ports dont burn out another
like, self reset current breaker or something?
cuz hiZ
that should work i guess
because im using the minidin8 as psu lines as well as speaker connects and shifty vu interconnect
yeah i was thinking like 100-510, whatever is cool for whatever
prob avr at both end
yeah but i dont wanna but more cables/connectors
basically, i wanna use the digital lines in the shifty vu controller to psu line as psu enable
also input selector to psu
input selector will have the master power switch
its an input
i guess always
so doesnt matter i guess
that worked out cool
you would have to connect the avr back into itself

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io on a board, analog underneath with gnd shield on bottom of io board
bottom of analog a ground
and then digital and psu shit on bottom
oh neat you guys are learning dsp for real
im saying if you wanted it less than 10" tall or whatever it was
hehe, lots of stuff
yeah its not horrible
def neato looking boards all packed up
i want to find a place does custom extrusions
then chassis wont be much an issue anymore
i can even machine the dies if that makes it cheaper
oh i thought they were just crazy tool steel
i can cut that, its just like, smaller enevelope for speeds/feeds
is dsptutor the site with the book?
or dspguide or something

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heaphone amp reworked for .015 drc and no th plate
i can do 5 diff board types tonight
i cant believe china pcb kept rejecting my shit over edge routing too hard
kevtris: no it means they dont have a gcode ninja =(
serious, that was like, 2nd week of cnc school shit
anyway documentation wont be hidden
im prob gonna do datasheets for the modules
it has alot of amps tho, yeah?
maybe do a double or triple stack modular thing

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amps are good at DRC .015 space/trace
dont even need to rework for non plated vias
can do those tonight
needs some kapton tho

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maybe mylar or poly types
its just a guess, i wouldnt count on those going much past 1KV but i dont really shop for HV

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they broke some shit with the ball
at the end haha
im watching how to be a ninja

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dx^: haha
gangsta fucked that ninja up
haha he knocked him over with the dvd
2nd dvd, watch out
haha yeh
hahah capri sun
they are more gangsta than they think
haha at bloopers

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18:32 < DX^> do you want me to cuss at her
haha i yelled so much
she apologized like 100 times
because this really is something they should have called or mailed me about
they have my addy phone and email
she needs to figure shit out tomorrow when everyones there im like, this appeal was closed in december, maybe you guys should have figured this out sometimes after the appeal 5 months ago and a week after the fuckin checks go out
stupid muther fuckers
this doesnt seem like a very difficult thing to shop out to lawyers, heh
no clue

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sending new right side dwg and dxf
k sending
k sent
this time i mirrored all the xlines too
kk neat bye
so i told her i was pissed because that money was for like plane tickets for job interviews
which is kinda a lie because im pretty sure that job will pay to fly me out

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ok right side, sec
ill email
dx^: youre going into my sisters office mail tomorrow
cuz i cant get at the machine cuz i spent fucking hour wasting time with financial aid
some older lady is gonna figure my shit out tomorrow and call me back

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ill fix or redo
check left
phone, sec

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hey maybe i get to test that whole LAUSD/LACCD is hella scared of lawyers and civil court thing
this isnt even a state fuckup, this is like dude at the college

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wonderful service
i get to call back and get their gone home msg
phone msg
'messages are not monitored or returned'
lying bitch
[checks clock, 5:45] 'ill call you back in 15 min okaay!'

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oh man
did that phone girl fuckup
so after telling me that i was sent my check
then telling me im not on a list of people who have checks
then financial aid telling me i got my spring payout in jan
i check
FEDERAL PELL GRANT $980 DEC 980.00 0222004 01/10/2008 PAID-A.D.
Fall 2007-2008
bitch tried to tell me i got paid before making up reason why i shouldnt have been
by bitch, i of course mean people she representing
but bitch dont just give up and hand phone off, i dont give a fuck
stupid fucking system doing everything wrong
okay but really $980 means $0

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they can say im not fulltime but no way they can say im not halftime and pay me nothing
NO WAY they can let the laccd database tell me some shit for months and not send me any kind of letter saying theyre just not gonna pay me that
that apeal isnt even active
the resolution was i change my major goal and take csu plan classes for transfer
she should be going hom now
if she flakes, im bitching so hard tomorrow
ima get that carlos fuck on the phone
you tell me wtf to do, and i stfu and do it
i like went over the head of school policy to fullfil my grad plan

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but im like 9 units towards my declared program
so theyre trying to say only one sociology class counts
that class cant count for the AA and has nothing to do with uni
the appeal guy is trying to fuck me
im over half time no matter what
ya rly
the laccd database says $980
MAR/APR payment
she tried to tell me i already got my pell grant money in jan
im like wtf
yeah bitch, im somehow diff than everyone else who got their shit mailed out last week
so she checks and comes back and says that the only academic class i took i KNOW doesnt count for shit...
is the only one thats credit for my declared goal
the apeal guy fucked up
i SKIPPED classes to get into college math
i have a slip signed by math dep head on record
so like, him trying to say that doesnt matter for transfer
when thats the ONLY class i need to walk into pomona, is kinda fucked
sociology was for the perky tits and polish accent
intro business was for the AA
math is for entrace to an engineering program
welding is the only class they can say they dont gotta pay me for

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they sent nothing
theyre trying to fuck me because i appealed for aid last semester
check it out
they say sociology counts for my major plan
im like wtf?
im taking trig to transfer to uni
and im accepted at a csu
and my plan was changed from AS Electronics to AA Lib Art/Transfer
so trig is transferable, and business is to finish the AA, so thats like 6 or 7 units right there
she mentions sociology as transferable (thats it), im like wow neat
that doesnt count for my AA, and i doubt uni cares
but so thats 9 or 10 units
halftime is 6 units
theyre trying to pay me nothing
because im not fulltime
even thos im taking 12 units
im like sociology, wow that counts i took that cuz teacher is cute and she invited me back
so financial aid girl is calling back in 15min
because i finished the other ones
well, two other ones
but i only declared one
so i changed from AS Electronics (done)
to AA LibArts/IGETC (transfer to CSU)
so all my coursework is towards that
except welding
so im fulltime status at my school

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school said my pell grant check was mailed on the 17th
w t f
you are out of context, cliche, and fucking 3 years dated. fuckoff!

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macegr: shift VU boards were okay, yeah?
the breakouts
im prob doing those today
i have to remember to buy adheasive capton
the minidins have metal shells might short shit out
laser cut adheasive kapton would be pretty neat for a soldermask
i need to make a laser thing to attach to my taig

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so if failpal doesnt get my money into my bank by friday, ima stab some people
by people i mean nothing
ima stab some nothing
theres two kinda
also those

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because keeping tape dec on a switch would be neat, heh
hahaha h4x
so you get 2x4 or 2x8 ohm
wtf stfu
rip all boards out
except the controls
and the thing holding the tuner hardware
okay cool
just gut it
careful not to break the pcb mount point, keep screws, and make your own damn boards
and then put these in...
haha 500 to 1500o response

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man this financial aid page is great it has everything EXCEPT THE FUCKIN PHONE NUMBER
parts express.com
find better speakers
find the original audio source from the demodulator
and put your signal shit in
so the ton controls and bullshit work
and then find the audio ouput shit
and cut that shit out (maybe lucky and single supply you just need to remove the coupling caps and take to your circuit)
3+3W stereo chipamp
get some 5W rms speakers
ccfl_man: link to china boombox
you dont need radio
so find the demod out
and swap it with your RCA inputs

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you can make 5w for almost nothing
curiously strong tiny amps are 5+5W
yeah rly
sell old junk
keep the awesome junk
but chinese boomboxes
upgrade to ultramega (thats better than 80 year old tvs)
haha BC Radio Company
can you feel it?
can you feel it now?

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those even have builtin amps i think
your chinese boombox deserves it
how come you will spend $10K on a 1914 TV but not on $1K on vegas
okay im officially pissed im calling pierce like WTF PELL GRANTS HELLO
i dont care if they cant do shit

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did they find your shit?
in the usa pile?
is it done 3 weeks ago?
for not $500?
i hope fedex voodoos are on your side
get that for your chinese boombox
no put the boombox on top
you need two
also more stuff, sec
you need two of those two
and two of the first
put two of the first side by side, and then put the two second outside of those
put the amps and the chinese boombox on top
of the first ones

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serious wtf why you gonna take a normal opamp and make it a headphone amp =(
thats doing it wrong thats not what theyre for
naw i think they use whatever
+-9V might be normal supply, if its not half biased
so can use almost any opamp
like, a bb amp is not gonna act like the charts pushing that much current
theyre signal amps, even if theyre capable of sinking/sourcing that much
they usually dont spec noise and speed characteristics at like 50mA output
prob more like half mA
timecop: but thats such a fair rate to have your money taken away
i dont see why you are complaining so much

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or demod out
filter, chipamp, done
should i be mean and call my ebay amps DeathOfCmoy?
its not original at all, its just fucked up cuz he called his 3 resistor design after his name wtf
My amp would be the DOC
ccfl_man: just get a real tuner?
id replace them with 3w speakers
Death Of Cmoy (Headphone Amps)
haha DOCHA

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i thought it was like .50 more worse already, tho
i think its close to that here =(
ccfl_man: to rebuild a boombox?
thats kinda cool
i kinda wanna rebuild a ghetto blaster
no bass, lame
someone needs to make a boombox with a motorcycle battery
curiously strong technology is so useful
i need to make single chan 20W one and 35W one
ccfl_man: see if some 1" or 2" full range drivers fit
and find the dac

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neat, i might build some stage monitors for a guy who graduated from musicians institute in hollywood
thats good because that means he knows musicians and studio peoples
thats not so bad
i thought bay area would be worse
i know

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wicked thick?
the pellet ones were the scary shit
i should get a bb gun
dual co2
and go shooting targets when i hike
semi auto bb rifle prob make a cougar go away
i dont want to have to like, stab or fureal shoot a cougar =(
i think all the pellet ones will do bb
making a full auto opto based bb rifle would be so easy
spring clip or gravity hopper solenoid/valve, ball detent, chamber air valve
i mean cmon thats easy
opto across the chamber before the ball detent
a mouse is more complex still
so like, two solenoid outputs, a opto input, and a trigger input and mechanical safety sensor
rockshox: yeah i buy alumina now
i wouldnt use anything except silicon goo on any IC now, tho

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haha rabs pimpin out his mom to dx
how unexpected
macegr: you has a mail
dx^: kk i mail ur thingy now
after i add more clear tape
okay no more clean tape
shit is so neat should be called 3M Armor for Paper
haha like a bb would do shit
prob work against a 22
dude you can shoot a bb at bare skin and its like water

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it dripped across supply pins, shorted shit, mad oscillation, fixed itself, maybe 4 pins vaporized
they coming from mass, over the poles, on a truck

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national fucked their search
lemme check sample bin
neat its not obsoleted anyway
that is by the way
LM3875 = legend
LM3886 = better
LM4780 = dual LM3886 (id just go with two LM3886 i didnt like how those routed)

pins are too tiny and crowded
how much is 3886?
its basically same as LM3875, upgraded
LM3876 is LM3875 no mure i think
might be reversed
they all have mute except one
also LM4780 might not be isolated
maybe now, but i think it has a VEE connected pads
yeah id go two of those
more heatsink options
thicker pins
i blew out one of my LM4780 pins
arctic silver is supposed to be non conductive
apperenaltly they dont test that shit at like 100C

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blackmoon: yeah but with like, no pcb
haha i wonder if they put stacked ceramic in IC yet
fuck class D
sec phone
rab: national makes a output driver
source/sinks 4mA
so like, darlington stages or fets
but its like 200V spread
its basically an opamp diff and gain stage
and you add an external output stage
and route feedback back from after
rab: i cant find it

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stu: http://www.flickr.com/photos/darkertek/2436723151/sizes/o/
look tiny triamp open baffle speaker things, and it fits in 2x2'
is that some kinda british joke
theyre triamp sourced speakers
they wont be active unless i place the tins inside
but its kinda lame because theyre stereo tuns
tins fool
wtf tuns what are you talking about
i wont do low watt monoblock things, i think i wanna do a 35W gainclone
stu dont change scroll!
yeah but for $5?
and is it an IC or potted circuit?
gainclones are $5
wtf because im curious
why are you getting uppity
jezus fuck go eat your ass

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save money on ink
dx^: im taking gingko biloba
no for my brains
today, my eyes were all crusty with antibiotic stuff yesterday
i did not want to merge with society
that sucks, why do you think that
but yeah is all packed up
i just have to bike to usps machine

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curiously strong 2x2' cut sheet, ph33r
dude its monaco
they just have to decide
they can make up jobs for people
monaco is my bday GP \o/

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oh shit

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also i could take the math and sci prereqs like a class or two at a time
ive never done school like that
ive been like 4-6 classes a semester for 5 years im kinda sick of this shit
im not about to do 4 years of theoretical electronics
calpoly has a BS tech program
like compsci/electronics
all my electronics shit transfers, so its like a couple years max
that can def wait a year or two
i dont want to move from the valley
theres tons of materials/fab shops here, cerwin vega, and jbl
i can walk into jbl like 'you guys made me'
er, cerwin vega
jbl actually kinda pisses me off, their highs hurt me =(
haha thats a total wtf technology

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i bet yesterday it wasnt even the cat hair pink eye it was just those stupid antibiotic drops
k more evil eyedrops
macegr: k almost done
doing the 2x2 panel
macegr: have in dxf and dwg in case corel thinger likes on more
i will have pics in like 20min
naw thats good, hold out
thats like benefits and retirement
dude my mom has worked for the school district since i was like 7
so like, 21 years
she basically unfireable
when they made ALL the teachers aides get AA degrees or gtfo
they sent her a letter like 'hi, except you, ok? neat bye (dont tell)'
zzzz_: i have two
i just got the confirmations =D
i finished CNC last semester and electronics semester before
and maybe finish my AA this semester
i might defer enrollment in pomona
and get a job
because like, i want a car
and a dr
and dentist, and even more food, and more test gear, etc

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macegr: 12" clear tubes
packed with squishy foam discs
like maybe 4x2" foam discs
4x 2" thick discs
that would look/sound so neat
i think cs ultramega amp is gonna be gainclone pair set for 35W off on of those 160VA toroids
blackmoon: 35W dissipated inside an altoids tin
blackmoon: its be like 80% heatsink, heh
blackmoon: theyre 60W chips, tho
so im running half power
hey my eyes are all better

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im doing solid white fill
deleted fill boundaries
so its just one fill object
at worth you maybe have to export it raster and align
ill email it to you in less than an hour
lemme finish, ill email soon as im done bbiab

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yeah i want to make a driver thing for like 10 chars of those
some predator lookin shit
oh thats for 11seg?
i thought that was for tiny lcd

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shifteh veeyoo
its like a .01" hatch spacing
but i have to drop the vectored etdges
what if i gradient?
do you know?
should we find out?
yeah so maybe a small change in gradient
so its almost like the faces of the letters point upwards
meh fuckit, whatever ima do solidfill
not like this shit needs to look any cooler than it does
i did dt, CUrIOUSLY StrONG, and Front, in 7seg lettering
i dunno how to do k
i dont think you can do k =(

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macegr: what kind of hatch desity should i use for the logos and etc?
like, how fast can this laser thing go while, etching, i guess
does it focus wide or what
so hatches are bad?
well unless it focuses wide, itd prob be faster than raster scanning anyway
macegr: hahaha ok
okay so have to solid fill
you can just set it to low power?
er, cant
so it cant cut thru
macegr: you cant like manually throttle the machine?
do a run at like 10% power for etch
then do a cutting run at 100%

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i think i wanna make tiny boards with 0603 led and r on both sides
like, 4 pins, 2 in 2 out, so you can string in parallel
then make strings
and insert in clear heatshrink
like 1/8" heatshrink
led tentacles, ph33r
rab: no shifty
20mA per led pair
or fuckit do 2 led 1 r per tiny board
okay now my curiously strong triamp speakers have logos

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gas on fire is hella efficient energy conversion
serious, gas engine is like, made an explosing in a metal box with a sliding wall
almost airtight
you cant fuck with the mechanical efficiency of that
compared to generating energy?
and storing it?
and putting it thru motors
after prob restoring it again
if we had those kinda materials i think electric motors would be century obsolete
optical motors

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wow neat
i actually took the time to setup irssi right
irssi local box is so fuckin fast
okay guys dont h4x me this is my home box
macegr: okay, i rewokred design with hatched fill etch layer
macegr: i guess adjust hatched in the logo files and reinsert into drawings if you watch the hatch less dense
dunno how long thatll take to laser
macegr: beeeeeeeep
omg non ssh irssi is like wtf wast
er, *fast

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