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stu: yes, with broken cutter

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boards, yay

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macegr: you are sleep, huh
macegr: i emailed bill guy
i guess ima make water squirter thing for this bill guy out of cublocs
okay i scan in pcbs then crash

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when the fucking pyramid tip cutters decide to get here, im going to do the .008 DRC boards
ha srs
did you get white donut with chocalate glaze and nuts?
those are #1
is his bday
he bringing a party
stu turned 19 today!
in binary!
k no rly that makes no sense
k i gotta write an important email brb
no wait two i gotta write english teacher
stu: i didnt email her for like two months and now she like 'hai, i wave hai2u on ur bike but you went away. wear helmet! etc'
oh and 'how did the job thing go' (she helped me with a resume thing)
yeah maybe but its not incest if we boff
she is like my role model =D

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boards came out so neat
wtf im not a chink fool
maybe like 5%
tho that might be family myth
excuse for the almond shaped eyes
ill post pics in maybe 10min
naw too late
so reworked boards for non thru hole plate
im going to get panels from them next month
wel,, hopefully, im prob gonna be hella broke next month
but yeah theyre .015 DRC boards im doing with broken conical cutter

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thats the only one i remember, but robocop has like maybe 6 swear words swapped out with silly shit like that
it was almost better than the original
i saw that shit in the theaters when it came out
my brother had to sneak me out of the house
yeah but you just need an adult to bring you
my brother is 13 years older (half brother)
oh that sucks
you guys are hardcore
but yeah, two scenes
the one where he gets ripped apart in a gun storm (obviously)
and when they hit they dude after he got messed up by the acis
and dude splatters on the car
hahaha, will never forget

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i almost said terminator
because of th voice
but thats 'come with me if you want to live'
dunno that one i dont think
tho it sounds like buddy cop movie
no shit
oh robocop2?
i should watch it again its been maybe 10 years
haha NUKE
we had it on vhs
but it was a channel 13 rip (heavily censored)
goddam mothertrucker
okay i finished the two tiny amps
shuld i call ups and tell them not to put on the truck
or give them one more chance

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put resistor in series with the load
low side
and connect that to the feedback pin
use a resistor to set current at your ref
well, yeah cuz you have a big fat vref

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anyway try and build that thing
you dont have to get any of the values exact just get them close
connect a pot so the middle/wiper pin goes to your circuit input
and then one side on ground, and the other side on your input signal
but the input section on that is pretty basic
like, if you run an opamp from on battery, thats pretty much how you have to do it
then you dont need the input cap (but its good to have it anyway)
and you dont need R1
you connect the VCC to one batter +
and VEE to other batter -
connect the other pins together
thats your ground
you have to connect your signal and circuit grounds to that
VEE is the negative rail
voltage collector collector and voltage emitter emitter
hehe, its a transistor thing

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okay i need to do bottom of pcbs

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doitle: pic
pretty much all values are non critical
that input section is prob close to 20Hz-20KHz response
R1 and R8 are half supply bias
you need that single supply
you need to lift the signal off ground
and between the opamp rails
so you need a coupling cap, too
thats C1
sim shit
9V supply and 1VRMS signal
VOLPOT is volume pot
you really want that on an overdrive preamp
910R usually isnt neccessary with amps i use, but you should keep it
so i can change the pot value in the sim
anyway, i think you should to the proco rat circuit
hard diode clipper, much more fun

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doitle: i know
cuz youre doing it wrong
i have schema and sim charts, i post pics, sec
cuz he needs to single supply bias
your circuit is actually from an LM741 datasheet
its ancient
its like the first opamp that worked
its legendary for being totally functional yet totally sucky, at once
travellar: did they sell 1M of them?
i think thats part of working
blargh: really?
i wanna do make a little amp from a datasheet opamp schema, heh
im a big kid
doitle: this is like inverted crossover distortion

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doitle: okay simulating

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oh hai, happy bday
okay, do you have lots of resistors and a couple capacitors?
yes no yes no wat
okay good enough
gimme like 3min

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not literally but its the same class of bullshit
like that i know theyll put tons of info on
those are all sorts of shit
magnetic, rf, all types
my dad had crazy card shit like that in the 80s
for office buildings he worked in
oh right
naw it wont work
single supply?
whats your supply
dude ur like 45, gtfo

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timecop_: lame
why cant they just make good phones
my phone just does phone and music and usb and camera
and thats like too much almost
dude flip phone is awesome
flip phone is like the #1 innovation in portable electromechanicals since walkman
youve verified?
it just needs to be an ID string
yeah but is it literal personal info?
or is it id strings and checksums and parity
my name and my actual personal id numnbers
then who cares
timecop_: who the fuck is 'voice'
smartcard is rfid

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no mag strip?
(i always wear those out or demag them or something)
wait so it works in normal card readers?
it might be some magnetic hack
okay so its not like swapout with normal ones
yeah neat, prob rf dollar chip
wtf is stored on a cc anyway?
i always just assumed it was like some ID string
like, literal?
i guess so thats enough numbers to cover everyones so far
wouldnt need anything longer
i call that fake money
thats my fake money card
works wherever cc or debit is taken
flash on phones can get kinda fast
i think how its coded is a big deal
irc on my old phone = butt slow
traffic maps = real quick
and that was like, mad graphic with streaming info

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my little cheapo one is okay considering how small it is
i think mine does maybe 2 days standby and 3 or 4 hours talking
who does that?
serious what can you pay for with that?
no thats not insane
thats like 5-10 years too early
serious wtf can you use that with now besides like, phone lock
wtf timecop_
is thats some jp shit or do i need to go outside more or what
jezus fuck have they started the debit card RFID implants yet?
fucked is having your rfid cc turned off my some malicious or gov fucker
oh hai, im no one, pls let me pass
it has the little gold bagde thing?
oh no shit?
how do you know?

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because youre still a little n00b tech
one day maybe you will be a great big ninja tech
but no today
doitle: do you want me to draw that for you so itll work?
timecop_: the company phones
or the product phones
wtf youre making phones now/
efnet has been pretty chill on the netsplits for a couple years
oh fun
this is what the hickorysoft company does?
or that like, you and a buddy or something
on almost all phones

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haha nice
this bong is so, so sporty
like, i can overfill it, and with the half bubble base and the bubble chamber and the ice pinch cones, the bubbles just kinda roll around and you get like nothing up the shaft

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youre new, huh

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like, i done it, but i still think its silly
okay in a normal situation, its like, one grubby human
in tube situations, its like, one grubby human
and if they got a pharmacist and a tech/cashier, then it was prob them who put it in the tube anyway =)
so two grubby humans
yeah the sound is pretty awesome
haha @ flickr #electronics logo
sweet \o/
wow cat tail really puts speaker thing size into perspective

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why does he need 1000V of caps?
use two in series
tube in a bank
yeah but a bad 330V cap will pop at 330V eventually
tho it is the working voltage
you always see at least like 20% overhead
omg i finished topside of curiously strong amp
hahaha @ pneumatic tube
closed with current
wtf are you talking about
haha drive thru pharmacy

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macegr: 4:30
rockshox is like: omg ur so confontational blah blah blah omg youre a retard blah blah blah omg you dont listen blah blah blah
so i noted how he calls people who dont agree with him over single things stupid retards, which pretty much puts him a the same category as prof, avrfreak, and stu on bad days
then i noted the three things he said to me before claiming i dont listen, all of which i had seen and even responded too
also i noted that, oddly, i help alot of people, including trying to help him on numerous occasions, for someone who doesnt listen
i mean charging caps is what theyre for
omg have i been doing it wrong?

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sesame bagel, toasted, with cream cheese
local shop bagels, and then western bagel factory when the local shop closed
aw i hurt his feelings
ok sec
read up
fuck if i know man
macegr: omg msg icon is so little
no wonder i missed it

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fuck crunchberrys
corn flakes.
there can only be one.
those are just ok

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english teacher loves me
she said i should wear a bike helmet
i responded:
What's a "helmet"?
lost shit tonight?
that aint no show i ever heard of
macegr: doing the tiny amp traces now

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there is voltage 'across' things
yay my sister is home!
MARIJUANA (aw jeah)
no but thats what were about to do
i gotta start the machine

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(hahaha im srs =\ )
ya i lost the backups im pretty sure
parallel you just add farads
also, thats the equation for parallel resistance
so remember it
because youll be using it like that more
heh, hard to explain
1/R is literally the allowance
i think
allowance might be the inverse of reactance
is it?
you only need it for rf shit =(

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i did it fureal
damn im going to regret that
any mobo from like 2000-2004 prob has shit caps
with the fail formula
not much
those are prob 150C caps

sry, wrong clicker
okay guys really i have to start the machine bye
wtf; ren has no money; world is end.
dude i had like 100 .haiku files
and then this epic haiku
it was a post apocolyptic love story written in 353

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heineken is like, imported clear beer
fuck pisswater
if i can see thru it i know its gonna suck
wow sounds good
dx^: hydromel

A mixture of water and honey that becomes mead when fermented.
killall -9
i had hydromel in a britany pub
in montreal
i was all crying on the subway to my friends home
because i had to leave the next day
hydromel #1
you want to match the caps and the voltages
maybe 50% headroom
else you take a hit on esr
which is really important on a mobo
im like, keep same voltage, but get good esr series cap
and go with as much capacitance as you can fit in that can diameter
panasonic FM
omg no more pics ill stop

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hello finish the formula
sometimes theyll have diodes across them too
to keep them from blowing
(i assume theyre inverse series zeners)
yeh =(
you can do math seminar and i can make basic circuits gallery
i dont think ive met any #electronics heds
im meeting macegr next week if i find the moneys
neat, i wasnt aware
dx^: im about to spend like $45 after shipping on nuts and screws and washers
=( =(
but like, 100 of each
so i guess this is an investment
dude beer is shit
good beer is just less shitty

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okay milling up the curiously strong mega amps
i smoke too much cigs
esp when i have no herbs
but i smoke american spirits
those are good for me, right?
dude my mom and my sister smoke
oh huh
that might work
neat i found weed in the vap
i cant believe i havent checked for months
dx^: =(

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isnt the DOW meaningless
why no
its industrial companies
just the biggest
and not even tech
except i think microsoft and intel
DOW was useful like 50 years ago to juudge the market
fie: yes
but they will divide their capacitance
but increase vvoltage capacity
its 1/(1/c1+1/c2+1/c3...)
you dont have to
its the same as resistance in parallel

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am modulation is ++easy
demodulation is even easier

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ccfl_man: it wouldnt be very hard, prob like $10 in speakers tho
and it wont sound good
1" speakers wont really do below prob like 200Hz at all
and prob way attenuated down there too
well, better than whats in there probably
but they wont have any kinda of lowend

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path0s: yeah why not use a chip that like, actually fits the application
ccfl_man: youre prob right
swuave: ive prob seen 200 circuits linked in here
to my knowledge, not one has been in electron flow
ive prob seen 1000 circuits in datasheets
never seen one in electron flow
swuave: yeah prob not smart
dude ask him to show you a datasheet with a diode or transistor using electron flow
if you wanna bring it up again
dont even push it, just ask, say you couldnt find any
yeh, prob best
heh, i wouldnt do it in front of the class or anything

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pretty much
it need voltage to do work
current is flow os electrical energy
which is opposite the flow of electrics
it IS because the old system was clueless
and it IS dumb
but it is The Way
you can just change shit because you think your way is better
saying that standard flow isnt used very much is a LIE
swuave: it doesnt
you just have to keep flow consistent
and since conventional flow matches ALL the schematicas
literally, like all of them
like everything ever linked in this chan is conventional flow
to say that conventional flow isnt used much anymore
when ALL datasheets have diodes and transistors labeled as in conventional flow
its bullshit
its the ONLY standard
so the ONLY useful one
electron flow is for schoolbooks
no one uses it
non datasheets, not app notes, not books
only textbooks specifically orders as electron flow use that kind of symbolism
youre teacher is full of it
ask him to show you datasheets with symbols in electron flow instead of conventional flow
if he said no one uses it, hes either dellusional or just an asshole
who thinks hes gonna change the world

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its a very academic, very stupid thing to do
if he draws his diodes forward biased pointing towards the negative rail, then hes using conventional flow
and saying that current flows - to + is only gonna confuse people
thats ALL thats used
except maybe in his academic department
unless his diode point the wrong way, hes making shit up and being half assed
you look in any schema
diodes point at the negative rail
if he got his way, diodes would point at + rail and NPN would point inwards like PNP do
they dont
for him to say everyone uses the 'new way' is bullshit
everyone is away electrons flow - to =
but electrical current flows + to -, in conventional flow circuits (read: all of them)
except in text books
you can buy text books in electron flow
positive 'charge' is the present of 'holes', or lack of electrons
so electricity is defined by a lack of electrons, not an excess
you can just say positive electrical charge is made of holes
and the holes are traveling + to -
current is opposite the flow of electrons

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swuave: yeah tell him what he thinks is great
swuave: tell him what hes doing is a dis-service
they shouldnt be teaching how they want it to be
they should be teaching how it is
conventional current flow is + to -
all drawing symbols are + to -
whel whatever
bottom and top is meaningless but the arrows point negative
he wants to rewrite electronics thats fine
but hes misleading you

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18:29 < Doitle> Does TI make a op amp that would be good for usage as a guitar preamp?
almost any opamp is fine for that
95% of all opamps will do that
hello, you know those 60W chipamps things i talk about all the time?
is just a big fucking audio spectrum opamp
ac-130u: for what?
ceramic caps are good
how much power?
if that chip is more than $2 its a waste
yeah thats fine
sure do it already
for $5 you can get a 60W 4R amp IC
with legendary performance
and amazing PSRR
who is jeff ledger

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i wonder if anyone ever played that game for real

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bitch how does it make you feel
yeah right
because theres really linux on alot of car computers
um, because we sold off industry to china
not linux
because they have the labor and the will
not because industry runs linux
damn hacked youre like fail at trolling too
gotta go to toe to toe with the trollish youth
hacked``: one word - vista
ok stfu up now you lose for a whole gen of OS
xp never bluescreens on my really
it get teh hard lock

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haha right
linux was fine for everything except CAD apps
and yeah
linux is easily point click go
usb mouse?
man youre like, n00b and in 2001
or something
wtf usb mouse haha
and speakers?
cmon now i was rawking sound in lunix since like i was n00b
so we know the reason hacked doesnt like lunix is because he failed at it
it isnt now
ubuntu is like easier install than windows
wtf is crysis
anyway this is gay
hacked doesnt like linux cuz he fails
and because hes timecops droog
so thats like parts of being in the club
ill use anything that works
windows does work for some shit
yeah ur mom
on linux

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timecop_: unless shipping to AL is worse than jp and youre stuck there
ubuntu can do realtime
windows fails
no lunix is realtime
ubuntu is a bloat user friendly OS
and yet it can still push a CNC machine, no dwells, running a fucked up bloated desktop
windows is like, incapable
um, okay installing shit in linux is easy
select app, hit ok
easier than windows
yeah hacked
lemme know when you mentions something meaningful

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at 5x the cost per pound
i dont want the trimmings =(
dude i strip my meat, i make trimmings
when i filet boneless chiken breasts, i trim all the little pieces of fat, tendon, and odd meat off
i prob waste about 20% of it getting it perfect
then i filet that shit

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in box?
or frozen
in box is neat, frozen is like, buy them all because is prob some label typo
what are you gonna do with the chip
once you get it off
ac-130u: hi

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token ring
isnt token ring the achitecture used for coax net?

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dx^: monospace #1
dx^: ur shit is sent
<3 usps machine
mm, MLA fun
what are you researching?
how topical

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depends on the tv
across the room, i dunno depends on tv
they cant?
heh neat
i usually notice when the switchers switch duty
tone harmonics change up
blackmoon: whatever it is, i usually dont notive them till that
k i gotta put pants on and go
if rockshox comes back tell him im sry i hurt his feelings

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16:52 <@kevtris> and I would move a few wires and recompile and it would work :-/
ha wtf
dx^: foods done mailing thing bye
because adults cant really here above 15K?

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and this is like, the most fire and smoke
i think we can hang

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not customs
they wanna like, sniff it and poke it and open it and shit
damn i should read that
i bookmarked hope i remember
dx^: sending package now
well, after foods
macegr: boards are done, need to go sand off burrs and ill post pics (or maybe just pic of everything when im done tonight)
i could make a charger like that pretty easy if its constant current than constant voltage
yeah but we all like fire and smoke

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calling someone retarded over one point because they disagree with you puts you in a category with prof, avrfreak, and sometimes stu
i never called you an idiot for that
youre the one calling names and making judgements about peoples intelligence
i help people with shit all the time
i try and help you too
but im incapable of listening
another blanket statement
so im incapable of listening because i dont listen to what you said and agree or what?
im doing that right now because macegrs boards are done
endmills showed up and went away at 10p apperently
i didnt hear shit
ima prob call and have them hold it tomorrow and ride my bike over there
yeah rly wtf at your situation
so um, rockshox said nothing besides, if you werent so confrontational
if the counselor was wrong...
and youre such an ass
and i caught all of those things
so what did i drop packets or what?
what did he say that i wasnt listening to?
blackmoon: because maybe this is the package that will wipe out canada

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yeah really man, this is all completely my fault, fuck me for doing what i was told to do (get into a uni, take the classes i need to meet the reqs, and finish at pierce)
i get to troll you for life because of your lack of civility
ill be an ass to you whenever i want, you call people names and call them, retards because they dont agree with you on relatively meaningless things
so yeah, fuck you
haha right
whats your excuse? just a bigheaded ass?
im incapable of criticalk thought
see youre doing it again
i can make an avr do whatever i want in asm, you cant figure out c syntax
but im mentally retarded, and youre ace
see where im going with this?

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ya rly
dude, they look in the catalog
thats it
they get paid to read the catalog
bitch didnt have the right ed plan, bitch didnt put the right classes, bitch didnt even get the right school
they keep telling me 'well well only pay for transfer to CSUN'
rockshox: right, being nice is gonna make them undo my selection of classes and what the counselor did
then there is no proof and im fucked
hey thank rockshox, i really needed the obvious pointed out to me

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macegr: cutting boards out
ya rly
im hungry

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like they swear i can go back in time 5 months a register for classes again
like almost 5 years, 2.9 degrees, i dont see a counselor, everything fine
i see a counselor for adivising once, sign something because i figure shes a counselor, she understands this stupid paperwork shit why would she fuck it up, and now im totally fucked

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wow thats so fucked
so my counselor put transfer to CSUN
so the classes i took dont count
so even tho im fulltime, according to fin aid, im not even half time
so even tho the laccd database says i have a $980 pell grant allotment yet to be paid
my total fin aid payout for this semester is $0
alternatively, i could have wasted both mine and the schools time and money
and taken CSU transferable classes i dont need
and gotten my full payout
macegr: if im going, it means im in mad debt to someone else
and i prob need to find a job like now, because most of that money was like next months rent and bills and shit
fuckin stupid counselor bitch
they want me to go to the counseling office and fix it im like fix what its over, you guys win, i get nothing

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english teacher emailed me
she said she saw me riding my bike in the parking lot and waved
by i rode by and didnt notice
she like 'how that job thing work out' heh
k last shifty breakout board then i cut them all out

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so now thetyre saying the class i took to complete the AA degree doesnt count towards my 'ed plan'
my 'ed plan' says i said i wanted to go to CSUN
wtf i never told anyone that
so now they say theyll only pay me for the trig class
trig class is 4 or 5 units
so its under half time
so they dont have to pay me
like, finishing school there and transfering is apperently two ed-plans
evenr tho everyone who transfers gets their AA
no one called me, no one emailed me, no one phoned me, and the district database still says they have $980 in pell grant money for me
i should have fucking just gotten a job
id have a dr, id have a dentist, id have a car, id prob have almost as much free time
so yeah fuck them

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macegr: baords almost done
dicking with fin. aid fuckers

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neat, bank acct got paypal moneys
time for digikey

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they are landing on the very bad planet

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haha code for 7seg driver is 'time'?
ha nice
def need new 1/16" EM
heheh, ok

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or something
ha yeah she was a cuty
i felt bad when she ate her own grenade
i saw that with my mom, haha
but yeah, was beyond distirbing
wtf winonas mole is her io port?
3 was kinda not as great
how do we know they die in space anyway
ups already came today
okay fuckit
im doing all the .015 DRC boards today
macegr: all your shifty VU are almost drilled
er, the breakouts i mean

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haha wtf popplers
ima watch alien
i wish rab was here so i could laugh at rab for making a comment like linda hamilton was cute
ripley > sarah

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so my BOM so far is like $2 =)
thats not even open center =\
fuck i should make some of those
$93 wtf
circle pcb, pad pcb, location hardware, open middle for shafts and hardware
cuz thats like an active mechanical pivot or what?
okay starting shity boards
then amps
haha shity boards

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and cold turkeyed most all of them
i googled paxil, its info reads like a normal psychotrope document
dude, a year is psych
hes dumb if he thinks otherwise
you can ramp down a psychotrope in a week safely
with medical supervision
hell have made side affects
but thats normal
for all psychotropes
withdraw is the psychological sympton they are being treated for
thats how they justify use of the drug
people will ALWAYS act like what the drug is made to treat when coming down
thats a boards with circle traces and some steel pads
and alignment hardware
no thats how its done, shrug
circuit boards with circles, circuit boards with pads, locating cylinders

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those drugs wear of in days
thats why you have to take them so often
to maintain levels, a year isnt for physical reasons
a year is for psych
fureal man, it dont take a year to get off any psychotrope like that
not for physical withdrawal reasons
okay fine
yeah man
100% typical psychotrope writeup
Avoid drinking alcohol, which can increase some of the side effects of Paxil.
point is, it doesnt take a year to ramp down a high dose
not for physical reasons, thats for psych
yeah for shady gov drs
you can do it in a couple days in a psych hospital
thats nice
you know one guy, i know tons of people
and my mom and sister
multiple anti-deps, not just paxil
ive been personally involved in multiple gov psych systems, with multiple gov drs, been on multiple psychotrops at 'very high doses'

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yeah right
thats called withdrawal
from a anti-depressant psychotrope
thatll happen everytime he stops
until he really stops, for good
i know
ive done it
been thru the junkie shakes
cold sweats in a ball on a couch wanting to die
its junkie shit
you just stop
and you make sure people know
and they wont let him kill himself
and when the withdrawal is over, hell maybe be fine
hell prob be really unhappy
so stop over two days
then he can taper over a week
yeah i know
alot of times they have to give people mad anti-siezure just to keep them stable on psychotropes
a year is bullshit
those drugs dont have an affect like that
it aint weed
dude hello ive read like extensive side effects lists
heh, how many psych systems you been thru, how many junkie fits because of prescription psych meds have you experienced?
all of them
all psychotropes might cause instant death to certain people
okay so how you gonna say i dont know?
because you have one friend on one kind of drug
yeah i mean with any kind of credibility
not like, Word of Prof

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10x 'normal dosage' might only be 2x the average prescribed amounty
you cold turkey them and deal with the withdrawal
itll be the exact opposite of the drugs effects
so theyll say that its proof that he needs the drugs
you just stop
and provide medical attention for any hardcore withdrawal symptoms
taper over a year is like, damn fuck
well we can get a year more out of him, thatll make the insurance guys happy
dude i was maybe on paxil
my mom and my sister have def been on it
i dont remember the anti-dep they put me on
but it proved to me that dr didnt give a shit
no dr would give me anti-deps
they knew better
antidepressants are not the right thing ever
youre not treating problems
youre making up disorders and providing made up cures
people get unhappy
theres almost always a reason
sometimes you have to figure it out because its not obvious
sometimes people wont talk about it in a clinical situation, EVER
dude then he doesnt need drugs
he needs friends
he goes nuts, right?

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but yeah really fuck them
if i had known they were gonna pull this shit, i would have just gotten a job
i dont need a lib arts AA that bad
thats normal
also normal
thats just ow gov drs do it
youll never prove it
blackmoon: yup
mental health systems are a scam
most of those people arent nuts
many of them are more sane than society
blackmoon: because its not abnormal at all
'normal' doses are usually incredibly low
like, lowest clinically useful dosage
they always go more than 'normal'

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wrong, most likely
they want to say im below halftime
so they owe me nothing
but the class the girl said was 'towards my ed plan (CSU transfer)' doesnt count for anything
it cant
because i already have a sociology credit
so i cant use that class for my degree
the math class is what i need for uni transfer
and the intro business class is what i need for my AA Lib Arts
that was my ed plan, to take classes for AA and transfer
so that means im at least one or two units over halftime status
if the sociology counts, im like 4 or 5 units over
im fulltime, but for aid, im halftime and then some
but ive been getting aid for like 5 years now
and i scored 2 degrees from them already
but they try to deny me
and there was an apeal
resolution was in december
i know it was in my favor, because they paid me back aid
class of 2100, biatch

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but by the end of the first 3 days, they had every building inspected
mostly by civil engineering students
ttmustang: today
im calling in a couple hours if i dont get a call
if they dont act real nice, im shopping for lawyers
haha, maybe
yeah i think that was the pics tho
tons and tons of people in rooftops
im like, damn there are people stuck in atticks right now
*on rooftops
ttmustang: definitely
lausd/laccd is afraif of lawyers
they tend to settle
and they kinda fucked up
even if they have an excuse for not paying me, i got no contact
no email, no letter, no phone call
dude he can have 50% if he gets the money and then some i dont care
basically theyre fucking my mom for rent, and me out of tracel for job interviews
and checking out schools
i already paid for my books out of pocket
they also either lied or were just wrong about the information they gave me yesterday
and the reason they gave was just dumb
i dont need to have them recorded
its all documented
the shit they said just kinda rubs the failure in

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after or during?
oh thats cool
white house didnt say shit for 3 days
like, instead of doing something
they were trying to figure out how to spin it
nothing, 3 days
everyone i knew was like =O
shit looked like a fuckin hurricane
i mean, okay it was bad
but it wasnt like end of the world bad
they should have been there and fixing shit by the end of the first day
yeah pics were fucked up
i remeber those pics
and pics of mil and new helicopters picking people from hotels
like, they got the people with money fine
yeah fuck
like, everyone with a car got maybe a 2 block range if they lucky
haha yeah wtf =\
and like, white says nothing for 3 days
when the northridge quake hit, fema was there by morning
as soon as fema got there, official magnitude went from like 7.2 to 6.9

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ramps like that
the freeway on the bottom is prob like 40ft up already
yeah dude
youre city's bigger than LA's
thats like 2x the big buildings
i should go there you guys are prob done cleaning most of it up
hahaha, awesome
thats good
that whole thing was beyond fucked up
we almost stopped there
on the way back from NYC and FL
but we said, oh we can go later itll always be there
yeah this was one week before katrina
then when we got home and i woke up from coma
theyre announcing that everyone needs to evacuate
because they have a few hours before it hitsd
im like wtf, those people are like some of the poorest in the nations
where the fuck are they supposed to go and how the fuck are they supposed to get there
yeah that shit was like watching a 2 week trainwreck go down
gov trying to say they cant get in
fuckin sean penn on a boat gets in
how fuckin sad is that

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we have ramps like 200ft up, banked, with 24" concrete rails
for some interchanges
imagine if you car crapped out on that
aint no call boxes on those things usually
cuz you aint sopposed to get stuck on those things ever
id prob scoot down on my ass
you know youd feel that shit swaying
omg if its windy
thats not even that bad, thats like the oldest one
our skyline is so gay
thats like, all of our buildings
they rezoned for res about commercial zones
so itll take maybe 20 years, but we finally building up instead of out
cant build out anymore we ran into all the other cities
lot of people think thats why rent is artificially high
theyre trying to get poor people the fuck out so they can start filling high rises

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theres a part of PCH where you look up from the road and you can see the bottoms of swimming pools
people dont care, its paradise
id pay to live in the santa monica mountains
its the prettiest shit on earth
and dont even try and say LA aint pretty and mention you been to like 5 places in the city
the valley is like 100sq mi by itself, its prob not even 1/5 of LA
you just dunno how to get around it
when to avoid what
when to hit a canyon shortcut
when to hit the canyon shortcut for the canyon shortcut
and when to say fuckit
and drive lateral on mullholland till you can get out into the clear
once you in the middle of the city, you just gotta know the streets and freeways and rush times
LA prob has the best civil engineers in the world
driving everywhere else is fucked up
like damn cant your offramp engineer calculate a banked turn wtf

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its called fire department
hardly anyones house burns
even in the middle of the summer firestorms
doesnt happen very often
considering how much burns, its a pretty low loss
like, hundreds of sq miles
and maybe a neighborhood a season
whatever man
you gonna tell 18M people to leave?
stilt houses is nuts
like i said, almost nothing burns in most of the firestorms
a neighborhood gets on the news, but for every neighborhood, theres like 100 communities that were saved with minor or no loss
cali dont fuck around when the fires start
you guys help us too
everyone on the western half of the unities states does
heh, my bros condos were like up against a fire
recently, had to evacuate (all of malibu i think)
i dont think many houses were losty, and thats malibu
people build on eroding cliffs

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i have nekkid yoga
whithg young british girls

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neat i can use same gcode for shifty breakin and shifty breakout
macegr: hahahaha

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sel selects between control regs adresses and output reg adresses
now you have 4 output regs, and 4 control regs, with 5 bits data each
im saying you only really need a byte =)

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rockshox: one cmd
no one cmd
adress is two bits
6 bits...
64 characters
2bits adress, 64 characters
your cmd format for your char display thing, no?
one cmd, one byte
what cmds?
does it do brightness mod?

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oh thats great and now im out of weed too

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okay time to bust out some gcodes
shifty breakouts first
rockshox: neat
macegr: dont let me forget 6p RA box headers
im bringing teh dragon
you cant stop me so dont even try
i have to test mill an altoids, too
i should have bought a 10pack of 1/16" flat endmills last week

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pilot named Fridge
First female tacair pilot at Miramar -- 'nuff said...
heh, tacair at mirimar is top gun training
like, best female pilot in the navy
'hai, ur jugs, hahahahaha'
Rhino 'We had 2 of these; had to do with their last name. To make the distinction they were subsequently known as 'Stupid Rhino' and 'Fat Rhino''
we have electronics group?
i dont read stuff
i just put my pics there
yes 4chan.com/a/
is #electronics new img group

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yeah im not sure i cant see how the top of last letter is looping around
hehe ok
pirat nick names: fighter pilots and IRC
and people try and say were not cool
i need to buy more spare keyboards for the cnc machine

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the plant is actually quite pretty
there is a semi-public japanese garden, and a wildlife preserve by the sepulveda dam (if you seen gattaca you know what sepulveda dam is)
its weird that theres like, duck ponds and and flood plane wildlife areas in the middle of a 3M people urban zone
haha its like the valleys tiny lamer central park
capt wig
i think its wig

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also skunkers been at area 51 lately (because my friends daddy called her giggly like 'I AM SOMEPLACE OUTSIDE LAS VEGAS. THE FOOD IS REALLY GOOD AND THEYRE BEING VERY NICE TO ME! THATS ALL IM ALLOWED TO SAY!!!')
i would prob be delirious if i was a test safety guy for some ufo replica test, too
it sucks they had to move form burbank
we had to build this special water filtration plant because of lockheed and boeing and GM
it just sucks up ground water, goes thru some 7 stage non chemical treatment, then is chemical treated, then is sprayed back into the ground thru the city sprinklers

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the crow and the F117 on the stand?
mobilestu: naw man, i had like 4 friends as a kid worked at lockheed
and two friends whos dads were skunk engineers
everyone here talks about it, its local mythology
thats and the missile silos
and the other city underneath the west valley
in the sandstone
er, 4 friends parents as a kid, my bad haha
also everyone talks about JPL and edwards
and the puff cloud contrails from the aurora project

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mobilestu: yeah basically
i think F22 is more stealth
and F35 is supposed to be pretty good, i dunno what its like relative to F22 and F117
like, you can have curved surfaces i think
its just the radiused curves on leading edges and nose cones and shit
turbine blades
like, if your plane has those theres always something (really many many things at once) that reflect the radar back
F117 is like: sim says we do it like this, competition has no chance, and fuck the aerodynamics guy, fly by wire guys says he can make anything hover on its tail
yeah big curves leading edge
lockheed is like LA county temple of tech

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the coolest shit that came outta that project was stories from the test competition
like, rockwell or boeing or whoever showed up and saw the stand lockheed made for the test radar models, and knew right away they lost
and then when lockheed went to test, the model threw a HUGE radar signature compared to the competition
then the model flew away
because the huge radar siganture was a bird on the model
the only reason the plane is diamond shaped is because the computer lockheed had to calculate the reflection angles couldnt handle curves (mid 70s)
and the stealth engineers wouldnt compromise the sim model

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im not sure twingy ever did negative workspace stuff
like, i think he just made it so it wouldnt break
i wont get feedback or render support
ima ask cradek about his acad gcode thing
plane was ugly anyway
pissed all the skunker aerodynamacists off

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