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hacked```: hai
hacked```: you have too many `

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no sleep till zero airwires

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some site had datasheet for my all electronics 10dip relays

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mean its gonna go on the truck
like right now
but people are home today
my mom and my sister
so itll prob be okay

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almost done with shifty VU controller schema
then i gotta do input selekta schema
oh huh
well see i was defeated
because when i called, they were closed

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fat32 = win/lunix common fs
besides that, wtf

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maybe =)
well no rush i guess i call call him tomorrow
i know the schedules now
which hotel
and its the same price
unless thats round trip
thats $2 more =(
and they prob dont have a prob if a bring a big duffle and toolbox
greyhound likely wont care, tho

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its 1000 stops
only greyhound could take 12 hours to get to the bay
okay im leaving at 8p thu, getting there at 7a fri
whatever this isnt my cc
hmm i wonder how much to WA and back now
my buddies place in the summer is prob nuts
his back yard is a forest, but also a military weapons testing base
WA actually has seasons, its very confusing im always like OMG AM I IN THE RITE PLACE

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macegr: k ima buy bus ticket for wed night, arrive thur morning
im going to san jose?
i hope so
which is better
fuck that im leaving thur
im getting there thur night i guess
im not leaving at 3p
on wed

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mmm, lime rain gatorade

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i made $20 appear out of thin air today
i think its time for fuel from sev
tonight might even call for one of those insano 2 liter energy drinks

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life has too kmany fucking directories
jezus fuck i prob have 10 dirs in program dirs named projects
macegr: oh i sent bill a mail
like, hi blah blah, busy doing maker faire till end of nex week, can discuss project general outline in meantime, blah blah, cubloc prototype, blah cheap production, any questions or ideas is fine, k bye etc
your splashground guy
his email name is like "bill"
well, maybe...
no only pamela doty
SPAC 2008
whatever the fuck that is, stop spamming me im not at your school yet

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haha nice
god i hope
omg you did it by hand
i have bike grip callouses
they make me look like a hard worker person
both hands?
also hardcore
i can say theyre from my keyboard
oh chico says i have may 1 to confirm enrollment

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ill maybe have avr circuit by tomorrow morning for eagle routing
well, hopefully
fuck im calling ups
thats guys stoned
damn busy

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macegr: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/shifty_rectifier04.png
starting at shifty_rectifier01.png
C4 is the adjustment for the falloff time
.1uF-10uF works well
see the circuit i just posted?
okay 8 of those parts are for single supply bias
22 parts
more than 1.3 of the parts are for single supply bias
single supply bias is hard
ill pack up ltspice files and send

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i need to take a shower
i have like 5 diff clean towels to choose from
i should use like 3
macegr: k im doing sim pics for 10uF 1uF and .1uF on the output rectifier
haha, since were just using two adc, i could use logic fets to switch between caps
my clean laundry bar is 100%

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its pretty cool all the laundry is done tho
naw dude i did 10 loads
it also requires walking down stairs
and guarding for invaders
highly organized mission

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unless their ups is magical sat pickup
okay gimme like 10 min
gotta get a good 5V rail to rail spread at +3db
then whatever pots out the rectifier is what softmax/vref should be
naw its not so hard to make it kinda accurate
k bbiab
digikey should be here wed if it goes out monday
so maybe i just wait for box and go
yeah i fucked up

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actually no i have to fix the gain
also i fucked up so im way late on digikey

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macegr: rectifier simming okay
roloff is tunable with one cap
ill post pics, sec

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gun is for electrical
not electronics
i got panel switches, pots, leds, buttons, speaker connectors, shifty vu connectors, barrel connectors bipolar supply connectors
i should buy more switcher IC and some more LM317

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okay neat
dropped $40

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+1 for the input selector buffer
if its unregulated, yes
if the plating completely came off the tip and the solder doesnt stick ever, yes

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id be done building my shit like OMG WHERE DID I FORGET TO PUT ALL THESE POTS
the darker side
min qty
same with the opamps
no mid eq is awesome

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haha thats true
dude wtf is that nixon victory hands?
they dont care
they selling in thousands
theyre like, oh you want 5? guy, go pick 5 of these off the floor and stick them in some anti static foam, this is the adress, k later
qty=5 doesnt even compute to them
thats like, qty = air
i dont need mid eq
nice i just saved money
first of all
how did i get 4*3+2 = 18

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curiously strong is 31 signal opamps, 3 chipamps
my bad
curiously strong is 31 signal opamps, 4 chipamps
oh fuck i gotta buy the passives for the eq
software h4xorz have it good
when was the last time they paid for anything
i cant steal digikey yo
they prob can but they dont want to
hmmm maybe something can be worked out

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i dropped 4 extra pots
now its just $199
do i really need 50 opamps...
its amazing computers work at all, ever
but yeah mobo will just die for the oddest reasons
bootup, random wtf error, nothing fixes
blackmoon: error checking and parity yay!
on certain high speed busses, yes
omg moon cmon
memory hast to go fast
okay well youre weird
doubt it

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on pots
whatever ive had both system types take shits on me
they degrade
you throw the pc out before it blows up
naw cpu like kinda break
no from mad extended heat
yeah exactly
but 60C is totally doable 100% load for a couple minutes, packed case, 100F ambient
motherboards just die
like, 1000 diff ways
naw they die cuz all sorts of shit
i should recap this mobo when i get a new pc

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okay i got switches i got buttons
i got connectors
psu stuff
i have bridges, i have caps
i should get more caps

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he prob doing it with turbo robot cheetahs on SL
man wtf
cyan makes an led $.75
29 pages of green
gotta go water clear
naw SL is cool
but its alot of time
the name is literal
i think its time to just buy 100 and not have to buy led for a couple months
shit is like weed when you just have them around you just use them so much more

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guys what am i forgetting
oh 3mm leds

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timecop_: subliminal girls?
timecop_: 6:35
timecop_: wtf is that hahaha
test33: nice
maker faire, cos trolling

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if its blows out in the next few month, or its gone this month, anonymous loses
ha i have no idea, i dont even pay attention to the internet masses lately
apestate: i should buy a new pc
i have a socket-A 3200+, gf6600, 1GB ddr
if you have a gf4mx system for graphics workstation, you needed a new computer like 2 years ago
if its integrated gfx, your chipset is probably fail
er, gf4fx

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dont care who uses it, what it does, how much it costs
if its gf3 or gf4, and TI series, its decent
anything else is shit
but gf4mx prob still enough for any 3d cad
if shit can run quake3 ir can prob do cad
rendering might take longer but who gives a shit about that
yeah a gf3ti200 is better than that even
those dont even do dx8
no pretty water for you
is there gonna be a CoS trolling in may?
i was to busy for april
if anonymous does shit to scientology, itll be in three or 8 years of consistent bullshit like its been doing

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whatever id fucker her with my penis at range = gas tight fitting
or i guess maybe range = width of polyurethane
yes, that was awkward
preamp vol, gain, headphone, 2*tiny, mega amps vol
timecop_: so myspace is no longer wasteking?
dude if your cad amp cant be configured to run on shit, your cad sucks

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im almost positive equiv alp/bourns shit at mouser is a bit less
but i get fucked up shipping i dont need anything else from there
and i need 2 day ship
im not about to pay that twice
fuckit im not checking part list price until i add the volume pots
that way i just feel fucked once
nice 2mm of aereola

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timecop_: i think they come in 10x10 trays
ive gotten 10 long strips
why the 100 qty pwns 10 by so much
man thats sad
thats not very big for $168
1 is 2.70
its almost the same spread but for some reason it hurts when it says $2
like wtf thats at least qty * 2 in dollars
thats not cool
this is a badass chip yo
this some stamped steel and a pressed on thread and some fuckin carbon ink on some crap board

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in audio, less is more
your points of distortion and noise are prob parts, so less parts, less thd+noise
einstein: things should be as simple as possible, but never any simpler
or some shit
was the most useful shit the guy ever said
hahah he was a jew =)
and look what they did with the bomb
wait how do you rectify that timecop
because you dont seem to like jp types either
if it wasnt for jews, jp would have never gotten nuked
your mom would prob have been raped by invading japanese, and youd be half jp
prob my mom first
my mom wasnt born yet

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i typed in the number from the panasonic datasheet and now they just pop up
2.24 ea for 18
next price break $1.68*100
no stereo pots
6 pin 12mm alps/bourns/panasonic style
the ones you see in like any piece of torn apart audio shit
because im getting the stereo ones and metal threaded bushings with hardware
else theyd prob be $1 less
because then the user would have to adjust everything twice
the same
and it wouldnt fit
more circuit

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great the part numbrs in the panasonic datasheet have nothing to do with the manufacturer number on digikey

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thats it i guess
18 pots with detents

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[bass, drums, synth, etc]
oh fuck i need EVJ
you no what fuck this in the future i just do everything with digital pots
k, 16 eq, 2 tone controls on preamp
thats all the detents?
ya rly
next time ill do one line lcd displays in the altoids tins
encoder with button

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wtf 12A?
okay so i know i need EVU pots
some detented
for 10min ive had the page up
its like im afraid to see the real price
dude i even like drum n bass when the vbocalist is going on about emo shit
drum n bass fixes everything

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k, night
fuck ill call ups now and tell them not to bring them
yeah fuck luck im just going to ride my bike down there
or get a ride, something
its sat, i can prob score a ride

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digikey need detent/no detend parameters for pots
e3j and e2j

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else everything falls apart! (no rly, literally it falls apart)

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yeah 3mm for panel indicators
yeah its not shipping until monday i guess
ill get the two day air
the order is like totally $80 less than i thought
i gotta buy pots tho
thats gonna hurt
i prob have a few around
but i think theyre plastic bushing, i need metal threaded

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man so what am i forgetting

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oh 8p central time, lame
fucked that up

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haha, 1300 words
take that, english teacher

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man fuck
no real weed again
just more reg herb shake for less $$$
(reg herb = superdank chron)
blackmoon: kinda
it smokes so damn fast tho compared to nugs

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okay clean up when ur done, be careful with sharp things and laser things
haha, moms in the future: 'BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR LASER, DEAR'
timecop_: do you wish to contract it?
i have dildo fabrication experience
it even says so on my resume
smart dildo
k im finish writing my book to teacher
kk bye

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i need two more quarters
then i can do everyones sheets
macegr: k i think i got it working, single supply
yeah i gotta do a digikey like right now
macegr: i told my mom what a maker faire was shes like, okay here is money STFU DONT ARGUE
im like, k
so i guess thats not so much an issue
i mentioned id pay her back she like STFU IM UR MOM
macegr: oh yeah
sandi prob gonna be there on the weekend
like maybe fri and sat
so we were prob gonna get a room
i dunno which day ima show up tho
k ty
you doing the thur thing?
i can leave wed night
well, no super rush on time
ill prob buy a wed night ticket
greyhound will honor it the next day

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chance he comes back tonight is 10%
theyve done it, but i had to like bitch a whole day

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to charge the battery?
or just to run
could be alot, id guess like 50W
yeah, maybe
check the dongle
but yeah id guess between 24W and 50W
12V, 2A-4A, like 85% efficiency or so

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my mom is like 'what are you going to anyway?'
and i told her and shes willing to spot me moneys for bus and foods and room
yay debt (sucky)
i guess i never explained what a maker faire was

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okay i think i have to rectify t the half supply
man this is getting sucky
can you AM voltage signsl in ltspice?
am i the one who should know that?
i need to test the VU response

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i want a 60K rpm motor
i was prob gonna get a fist size brush motor
they have some 20K ones
so maybe those and 1:3 gearing
i have a nice dremel
i wanna g to Fry's and grab some kits for it
they snap into the case
travellar: cells, heatshink?
kk grabbing laundry

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blackmoon: thats dangerous for machine tooling =(
because theyll switch back on suddenly when the fault temp is cleared
my motor has thermal protection =\
when i was first using it, it would stall up trying to turn the 10K pulley while cold
and after about 20sec stalled it would thermal overload
on time i forgot
im like setting something up, and spindle just clicks on
this time 10K works fine, because all the grease warmed up
mine self resets
i want a new one anyway
actually i want a DC spindle
direct coupled, like no power 60K motor
for aluminum and pcb
yeah exactly
give it some super simple interface
like, pwm and enables
oh hmm
they come very small/fast?
thats no, what?
i know they come stupid big
and no brushes, neat

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its not really a clipping amps
its like h4x variation of xover distortion
doitle: the proco rat circuit will make square waves
its just a gain amp, then a diode chopper (turborat used inverse parallel diodes)
and then a fet output buffer

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haha, smells
you jusy have pairs shorted at the end?
youre place gotta smell like shit right now, heh
k i think the rectifier is working, just gotta tune for +3dbV at 4.1V

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with the fucking eth cable teknique?
not smelly yet the way you were running it before?
pc psu are so neat

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bigass heatsinks with terminals

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you using all the lines?
damn how long to get the ohms you needed?
yeah bad for psu
you using a big roll of 15' or what?
sweet, we inverting
fuck single supply
haha 2 meters of eth for psu loading
man something went bad in my room
teknique: yeah those are $$$

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theyre as mutant as PC
ha yeh
badass specs for the $
yeah thats prob not even stressing it super hard unless its old
haha neat
huh, higher than i expected overloaded
thats pretty cool
oh thats bad, they need that heh
does that make a big diff on the 12v rail?
ooh, ok neat
i fuckin hate single supply bias
stupid virtual ground...
teknique: hahaha h4x

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doitle: you try the single supply bias circuit?

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macegr: im just gonna do a full wave rectifier and single channel, audio freq bandpass input
so like, 2 amps per chan, typical audio value passives and some diodes
try and have it simmed before this load of launcry up

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haha nuts
<3 ideal smps math
gotta design that signal rectifier for shifty VU

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hey look they draw their bridges sexy
oh weird
its like, faking AC into the xformer
yeah but switching it, no?
yeah but i mean both ways
its a bridge
thats for 3 phase?
the last link
incubus[]: 3 phase foolio
blackmoon: so its kinda like smps into a bridge that flips current thru a transformer?
the switch control does current feedback from the transformer or what?

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maintain all what?
unit41: skin and bones im prob like 170lbs+ at 5'6"
were just thick like that
me and my sister have relatively huge quadriceps and calves
oh and butt muscles
everyone always telling me and my sister we got nice butts =\
wow so afghan soldiers are just like american soldiers
haha bullet knocked his magazine off
and that fureal life
this one?

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i need some more plastic dresser drawers
my pants drawer is impacted
theyre like $6
no room on bike
have to bother a car or truck person

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the one ehere i got a burning cig butt in my mouth with a stupid grin and no shirt prob my fav me pic ever
are you about to pass out or something
dude they always fail
de la rocha was straight edge
and bald
we all know how that turned out...
i think rab spends 15min every night organizing his bookmarks
okay laundry swap
hey man
voodoos is erious shit

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im not nekkid fool
well, in the coca cola and cock pic i guess Cock With No Name is
dude its not a coca cola can, its an image of a vending machine on a monitor
look my ears dont curve over on top
im a freak or elf or something
yeah because someone had just put a 12ga needle thru them
fuckin took me like 2 years to find segment rings locally
guy at a little stand on 3rd street promenade had them, random
(theyre vertually seamless rings)
(fuck teh captive ball)

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backcombed into knots to start them
then they dred themselves
they dred best when totally clean
because oils keep them from dreading
you know 80s hair band?
teased hair?
like that, except on sections of hair, and back combed all the way to the roots
when pulled apart a bit, and backcombed again
then you wax them (just to start, for a couple months maybe)
well, took my friend maybe 6 hours
we watched tommy boy and listened to some reggae albums
im cutting them off and redoing them when i turn 30
she said she would do them for me again, i felt back because i recently cut them half off
i cut off the sections she did =(
i did my own haircut
#8 clipper guarded the hairs between the dreads
and then finished the sides and back with some artsy use of #2
haha nice
i shaved just #2 and left the goatee
i wont shave again till after faire so we can contrast nice
how do i stink alot?
i get off on taking mad showers
thats like my happy place, nothing bad ever happens to me in the shower
los angeles

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because tiny hair fragments break off
but no new hair
dude is my bedroom
gets hot
maybe 3 years ago
bulletin board?
my eyes are actually open in that i think
dude girls on efnet have picks of my cock in my hand, in front of my monitor
coca cola vending machine on the monitor
i dont remember what led to that
crazy stoner chan girlz
oh thats teh sup0rl33t bong
it broke when i tried to put a non conversion glass on glass stem in it
i got a new one custom made tho, skinnier shaft, ice pinch instead of ice ring
maybe 2" taller
sport bong.
Meticulous Glass Company, #1

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funny title
well you suck hard at electronics and school
take that
ya iunno you that well to make that judgement
oo learnings
blackmoon: ha, sounds like coax signal transmission
incubus[]: yeah they kinda skinny now =(
not like...
thats when they were best i guess
they erode

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so like if i ever get my own home, i think ima need two washers and two dryers
parallel laundry is the shit
ima be done with like 12 hours of laundry in 6
also, i have toaster oven pizza
modern what stuff?
meh, food went ding bye
why UPS gotta be such fuckups
i guess today i do the big amps and the shifty VU avr

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ttmustang: yes, fuckers left a note on the front gate
im calling and bitching i want him to cme again
13:23 < incubus[]> tell that to timecop_
trust, timecop knows
why the fuck do you think hes in here?
i put lotion on my elbows and theyre better
unit41: maybe
thats not electronics
you need solenoids, fool
and optocouplers
and an FPGA
armrests very soft now
bezerk #1 2600 game
but moon says theres a $12 one

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mm, colbert
macegr: you saw boards?
hopefully i get the smaller endmill today
for mounting?
1.0" x 0.5"
.250 back from the face of the minidin-8
thats from colbert?
yeah clicking furiously now
nothing happening =(
irssi on cygputty sucks
well, no so bad i guess

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and like, diff comm inputs
least rs232 and spi
oo, and SD
actually fuckit
i could do a whole synth interface like i want
with SPDT arcade buttons so i can pick up press time
haha, even 4 octaves at 2 io per button, i dont think thats half the pins
lemme check tracking see if ups already fucked up on me
ill go down tonight and just pick it up if they do
no use letting them fubar it a 3rd time on monday

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its pretty plug n play?
like, obviously you gotta wire the parport up
oh okay that huh
but the software and the chip are happy once its wired up?
well you can prob just get a level shifter and be done with it, no?
okay so i mean if you dont do a 74 series hack or something with transistors, its just an IC for a couple dollars
thats pretty sweet
the functional software is free or crack?
whats paid upgrade like?
$100 or something?
wow, so theyre being pretty nice about the free shit
is it free for commercial or personal or what?
haha silly
like, one of those with some resistor dacs and buffers would be neat

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but yeah at $12, for functional and interface logic, hard to justify a chip farm at 1/2 cost
yeah that seems neat
so um, it had adc?
oh hmm
i will have ti price them before doing anything serious
okay neat
so id have to hax in stuff for signal analyzers
yeah the ios make everything seem pretty easy
mad parallel high speed options
thats pretty major
like, lever shifter ic MY NUTS, and stuff
hahaha wtf at slew option
thats pretty cool
field programmable gate array
blank logic, high speed, VERY powerful
yeah maybe that too
blackmoon: how does it interface with pc?
rs232 or usb or what?

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oh shit awesome
well damn theres my state machine
are the $12 ones okay?
what i wanna do is really simple
okay ill see if i can find those
haha yeah thats so much more than i need
because like, if i had fpga at the speed i was doing this on avr, it would work way better
because most of the proc overhead was interrupts and conditionals
dude i need addressable ram and a counter
counter on addy ports could be another state machine
ha thats seems backwards i think
when i come back from maker fair im start poking at quarts
and finish vfd clock
thats so lame tthat shit is 90% routed, except for a buzzer
yeah i want that shit
else its like i spent 5months in digi logic class for nothing
i aint gonna be putting mad logic on a board anytime soon
at the very least, FPGA for quick dev of logic would be awesome

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hard edges is legal!
oh thats neat
blackmoon: youre doing this on fpga discrete, or with a core? (either on fpga or whatever)
the stuff i was doing with signal gen on avr would be so easy discrete
like, state machine, counter with extra bits, done
ha wtf
how much for just a chip?
like $30 or something?
@ $12, i know they get dumb expensive
neat they have ram dedicated?
thats so thoughtful of them
is it internally accessible at least?
you dont have to like, route out to it do you?
ooo, multiport

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two hard locks
cpu temp at 56C
think its time to clean the heatsink
i installed a small section of wall into my sliding door just to put an a/c
summers have crippled this system
like, its been to 60C so many times, its not worth replacing the mem or cpu (socket a)
board is prob fucked, im not spending $100 in parts to diagnose
hello, very
you dont actually believe the rating on the die, do you?
shit i think my xp 3200+ is rated to 90C according to the little numbers on the chip
60C is proc death, even if it works after, i would never trust it 100%
if it was 60C at the temp sensor, its prob way more at localized spots on the chip

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i think dustman was like megaman 5
sounds right

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what did he model?
that spice cant do better?

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doitle: did it work?
the single supply bias stuff

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rab: hai
rab: i did some of the amp boards, sec i have pics
im buying kapton for insulating the pads from the traces
for these

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sup dickhead

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beed more quarters
damn i have alot of quarter
man, in soviet america, laundry does you

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