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whats the name of the ulp for renaming parts?
renumber-sheet, yay

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oooh neat
its two coils
5A each at 1/2 specified uH

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fuck you timecop
you know you think flashing gifs are cool, dont front
i have to make a Bigfoot lib
bottom right, 2nd page
ph33r yeti toroid
oh they have a footprint layout already

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ur mom on a typewriter with rs232 output
lame they have the to220 datasheet for a d2pak part

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on d3pak, middle pin is pin2, no?
even tho its like kinda in pin3 position
wish fairchild docs were better

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timecop_: custom pad shape took a minute
draw poly on copper layer, drop pad in the middle, draw rest of soldermask cutout in the stop layer
tho im sure you think your draw by direct coordinate entry method in diptrace is much better, because its not eagle

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aw http://petelectrons.com/
does someone have his trollpage archived? i thought that was cute

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k, nite
ima go score some more spaghetti
my sister did the sauce with the cloves
um, maker faire and old users who went nuts and killed lizards

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i wonder if greycx ever did anything with his laserthing
It must be built in, that urge to touch something far away; even just being able to mark it with a dot somehow pwns it for you...k, i'm a freak. Guess how big a freak! I had that Lotto Look, man. I couldn't stop myself. I had to have LASERS. I never had enuff lasers in my life and now i gotta have BUNCHES!
thats thur?

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so yeah prob show up thurs, later
tomorrow and monday should be making pcb
monday and tuesday doing the acrylic and aluminum machining
and weds
i just have the input selector and power supply boards to design
and the front panels and connector boards for the amps
okay neat
the ones you did came out so sexy
3/16" looks thick enough that size for the whole thing, if i wanna make more
i was so amazed it fit into 2x2 cutsheet
yeah but if i wanted to have a bunch cutout at a shop
theres places with lasers and water jets
its not very much actylic, and those machines are pretty quick, cant cost a ton

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the goldmine elec panasonic encoders
delay = pushbutton, colors = rotate
hold button = nuke, i guess
i could prob get something running on it
thats why did rectifier and roloff in hardware
it has a isp thing pointing down
for dragon isp, ill make a rectangular hole on the bottom
yeah im likely leaving thursday in the morning
theres no later rides on wed
i have to check that other thing too, tomorrow or monday
else greyhound ticket would be bought already

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macegr: ^
front panel is just gonna be a rotary encoder with a pushbutton and a led power indicator
the tiny44 all used up \o/
is an encoder now
but yeah you can put 3 buttons instead i guess
it just pad breakouts

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rab: like 4p yesterday i think
or two days ago
grep for 'confrontational'
macegr: he said he doesnt wanna be around people he doesn like anymore
when i asked in cars
i told him you were crying because you were all by yourself in flickr group
he said you could msg him your goddamn self
i dunno if he said it exactly like that
that sounds cooler tho

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gnome and kde can fuck themselves, they need so many bg procs it makes me wanna just use windows
has nothing to do with linux
mozilla is fine
iexplore is shit, i can stand that shit
config is a nightmare and im not about to use it default
default mozilla is like slightly annoying
who the fuck cares about loading time
who the fuck is closing their web browser?
macegr: i post picks of final schema thing and board

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gnome/kde might as well be fucking windows
it doesnt have cad
wtf does that have to do with a wm
bb > explorer
i want a wm not a mommy
app should have whatever works
apps shouldnt be window manager extensions
window manager should manage windows
(omg what a concept)

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my shit hummed for years
one install like didnt wanna die, i wasnt used to my lunix lasting years
i killed that install for no reason
path0s: its worth it
ion3 is lame
haha the swedes on irc i know used it
trust i have experiences
its ass
yeah fine
its l33ter than most apps too
i think that was like official project policy until ion3
oh it doesnt work?
well the app sucks, not our problem
blackbox based, with scroll desktop switching
nothing competes
everything else is just fucking silly
like, biggest clickable area on your workspace
windows puts icon setting and monitor properties there
which you prob use never
my blackbox bar is maybe 20px tall, and i just leave it on so theres always a sliver of desktop to do app and task menu clicks

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like fuckin deja vu
wtf compile who compiles ubuntu
i hate it when your trolling doesnt make sense
i dunno im over it i just wanted to yell about something
my ubuntu is pissing me off
oh i should rescue my backed up music and make a playlist
slack is nice
so vanilla
gentoo was like that, prob not so great now tho
kinda downhill after drobbins sold out
naw your gentoo was gaysuck
its a very personal thing

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itll like, go to the right folder 3 times
then just go to some fgt default location
yeah dude
in the linux world, programs version
you dont have to wait 3 years for a service pack
a device thats shorts out computer power supplies?
i bet that would be a hit
thats so fucked up
okay i gotta do power supplies
MV34063 -> LDOs
can you feel it, yet?
man fuck propeller, im getting sick of that word
didnt we already get excited and get over that shit like 2 years ago?

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no idea what youre doing
just run windows
most good apps are ported =)
i hate QT
gtk is pretty ok
uh yes
because explorer isnt the same shit
explorer has like, one good file management dialog and 30 fail ones
stupid useless taskbar
1" of waste
dunno depends on the coder
besides that it works the same
gimps has this weird field selection flaw
besides that i like it
has fav places type thing
windows you need tweakui or find the reg shit everytime you wanna do that
yeah i really want to put files in my [insert useless default windows location here]
dude the MRU shit in windows is like broken

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okay yeah thats better than how i was thinking
perf, solid core, point soldering
i have a mile of 3 pair phone hookup wire =)
is prob expensive right now (forever...)
heh, all the old phone boxes have been ripped open recently
terminal blocks lefts, wires ripped out
those symbols look goofy
dtspec basic symbol lib ftw (maybe 80% complete)
yes, its neat
its like baby solidworks
sculptor: you can kinda do precision
actually, you can fine if youre willing to practice
because the way you do it in sketchup is how i do CAD anyway in full apps\

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dia is fine
can you use it in lunix?
i always used it windows
dia is fine, trying to make diagrams, not trying to organize my life
rab: feels like it =)
macegr: haha fun
youre doing it with strips of fr4 to jumper the pins?
ha single sided i hope
mmm, challenging

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whatever man im not a buffy white man
i dont know how to spell your buffy white games
i used to like watching golf on sunday mornings as a kid
because all the green stuff and little tiny lakes and deserts
golf is some neato landscaping
im like whatever at the old guys and little balls

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cubloc is basic on avr
fuckin liar
you would not have
you would have looked at the art, made some intelligent comments, and do your best to not stick out so much
you would not have set fire to them
yeah thats why you wont
because some of that shit prob got you fucked
we just filled metal bowls with gaoline, put them in the middle of an empty garage, soaked a tenis ball and lit it
closed garage door, turn off lights
proceed to kick and punch fireball around
with bowl of gas in the middle
yeah gas soaked tenis ball is awesome
im lucky to have grown up in the suburbs
urban kids prob dont have tenis balls

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test33: everything dies
no exceptions
infiniti is a myth, human construct, as valid as 'ownership'
so why are you here
well theyre wrong
youre at least like, 10 or 12 years
dude just find something to do and stop doubting yourself
just fake being happy, without drugs
one day you wont be faking anymore
anything in basic is prob gonna suck hard
'performance' wise
macegr: it has 8 sets of prom or what?

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There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.
dont take drugs
happy drugs are retarded
dude just find something interesting
and learn to deal with your doubts
there i just solved your whole fucking lifes prob in 5sec
you owe me at least $5
yeah, it just prolongs the problem
its procrastination, a bandaid
psych meds as permanent treatment is a fucking joke
liek watching yourself drone on thru life
sladdict: dude if you did, you wouldnt be here
off yourself if you want to
i dont beluieve that fear thing
takes guts to die on purpose
again, you have some really fucked up programming dude
a) anyone can change
b) its really hard
c) no one is supposed to do anything but pop out a vagina and die
everything else is user defined
dont do drugs
youll just be unhappy with a smile
dude on anything
sladdict: obviously
macegr: not neccessary
but is normally the case
you dont have to do anything but exist for a short period and die
i like it

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macegr: k shifty vu controller board done
gonna do regulators tin now
heheh, and unregged psu tin (bridge, caps, done)
charles: yo can we get a ban or something, this emo troll shit is annoying
maybe you get some points for actually being useful for once
hunting rifle is prob easiest
like, rugs = ban
annoying emo talk of suicide and genecide, OK
yeah then just die
if you believe that, thats your only problem
unfortunately, thats the worst problem
feel free to waste your life in self pity, just try and stfu about it in here
right, if you were smart youd just find something interesting to do
yeah heroin will work, eventually
what was that line from fear and loathing about gonzo...

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youre not gonna get psych help in here man

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yay nothing to do

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one airwire left yay

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sladdict: what does suicide have to do with anything?
damn dude you are so bad at conversation
because most kids are suicidal at some point
welcome to high school
in any case, if a kid is a danger to other kids, you can physically take the kid down
23:00 < SLAddict> I wish I could tell you I wasn't suicidal.
not surprising at all really
have you listened to yourself for the last hour?
damn thats like 5min of shower for me
LA has excellent water pressure
dude our water heater is in the laundry room
i hate that thing
im like waiting to be blown up when changing loads

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a teacher can grab a kid and drag him to an authority
if the kid is a danger to other kids
its legal
they wouldnt
its fucked up they cant run a school
because theyre afraid of lawyers
that case was an anomoly
kids get dragged out of classes all the time
its perfectly legal of the kid poses a threat
kevtris: no its common sense law
school districts are afraid of court
its like tradition
theyll do anything to stay out of court
thats fine
what happen wasnt because of the law
its because the teachers and admins were afraid
any lawyer could easily get them off if there was vid, and without vid, teachers is more credible than a kid
its the school districts fault for not having good lawyers of their own
you can win that case in any court if the kid was a danger to other kids
they were afraid theyd get sued for money
it prob wasnt even a fear of criminal prosecution
nothing is wrong with kids
kids are blanks
kids are made, theyd just dont end up bad
theres ALWAYS trouble kids, its not the business of schools to be beating them up
obviously parents arent doing their jobs

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just ran at people and bump into them at 10KV
blackmoon: no im saying theyre gonna kill them on accident but not on purpose too now
they werent allowed then, im pretty sure
kevtris: same with car chases
once they werent allowed to just spin the cars they were chasing, they had to get creative
come up with gadgets
back in the day, theyd just nudge the quarter panel area
and the other car would spin
but they fucked up to much proprtry and a sometimes people like that
they even have EMP devices
they dont use them, but they always have them at cop shows
when they demo all their cop shit
parents are shit
and teachers are shit
ima laugh you blame the kids and say beating them up is cool
kevtris: teachers should be involved in physically discipling kids
thats cops jobs
they can
kevtris thats such an anomoly case

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resistance wire
it shouldnt
it would just flow across the electrodes
its just 82R/ft, all the current would just short thru like 1/2" and drain out the little things battery
ya rly
real shotguin shells are prob loaded after the 2nd electronic one
thats the biggest problem with non lethal shotgun ammo
theyre gonna kill people on accident

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star trek idealized utopia bullshit
they either wiped out all dissent, or they have concentration camps
take your pick
sladdict: happens pretty often?
few times a year at least
cool you can be number one in the chamber
yeah thats exactly why i said what i said
itd prob tingle
sladdict: i know youre serious, thats why youre first in line
trust, itll work
dont worry about that, thats old tek
slightly gassy chambers
i bet you hit people in a big nerve in their neck with the shock weapons, and most people would be seriously fucked up
i wish we had real ops

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rock salt doesnt stick after your on the floor dying
tazer developers should be shot in the face
with lethal weapons
i think its a fair trade
fuck non lethal
weapons are to hurt or kill people
theyre last resort
star trek is a dystopia
they didnt show you the concentration camps back on earth
'set your phasers to stun'
they dont show the eps where they killing mad people
because then geekers would know the truth about star trek
dunno thats what reality is starting too look like

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50K volts will kill your ass if the psu can supply the voltage without dropping at at body resistance
*out at

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741 is fine for audio or you suck at opamps
theres better shit, but its used in a ton of professional designs
the high end roloff was intentional
mnost amps will have issues with 500x with certain feedback loops
macegr: neat
hehe wird

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macegr: did you try making more speaker thing?
or you were like, sawing FR4 all day
ur mom is plywood

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wtf is rona
heheh at mutant PC psu
maybe in a year tho
depends on election, im not trying to get bombed on
not my idea of a fun time

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wtf is xeni
its extra parts and complexity
yeah but it looks more complicated
before i kinda figured it out and went 'woah'
i have to point darkertech.com at something
i seem to be hesitant about handing it off to my current host
yeah it made sense to me but i dont do alot of smps stuff so iunno
macegr: haha
macegr: 8 airwires left
you have 2 outputs to control a pair of fets on caps
to change delay
so 3 levels of delay
i have to shove the ground plane around, bbl
macegr: haha @ shopvac dremel
wt is bacon club
i wanna be part of bacon club

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sculptor: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/
part 1 is fake jezus
no shit
aw last part is best
first two parts are like, duh old news
amazingly most people dont realize out whole entire money system is a scam
and almost every other figure of religious texts
8 airwires left
blackmoon: no rly, most people dont even know

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those looks weird
higher res, for stuff like that
is prob weapons system tagetting, short range
or i dunno i guess they could stick a tiny antenna on a mast and put 1MW into it, they are the mil
whats that
whatever jezus isnt real
bunnies are neat, tho
i like the hollow chocolate bunnies
thertes some sort of symbolic meaning in them i havent figured out, im sure
no the jezus is fake

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digikey is borked??

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which changes Vf
really its a non issue in this circuit
but thats why theyre used in supplies and linear amps
haha yeah for an led its pointless
i just like you can stick any voltage on it and it works the same
i tested from 3v to 18v (most that 317 supply will do)
same bright
naw dude, same current
it was dropping same Vf
yeah not really on standard 20ma ifmax leds
0.5-5 seems to make a big diff
after 5 its just kinda like, bright, and bright +1

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theyll make sense when you get current sinks, sources, and mirrors
yeh basically
yeah but its because the circuit is a little wtf until youre used to seeing it
im still fuckey when it comes to voltage mirrors
i think i can math them, tho
R2 controls current thru Q1
yeah you can do that too but then the voltage across R2 can change
thats like good psrr version
not that it matters at all, for an led (not like youd notice -40db oscillation or whatever)
well, not oscillate like normal
but itll pick up ripple
but at that current, i doubt more than a tiny fraction gets across
yeah but the current thru Q1 changes

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18:30 < incubus[]> This thumb rule on an Emitter follower transistor design is strange
wtf voltage follower is easy
stick the signal on the base, put resistance on the emitter so it can lift off the rail
um, yeah done
diode = something*Ice
thats why i <3 those two resistor bjt current sink/sources
one resistor seems like waste, but really its to fine tune your reference Vf
yeah common base still messes me up
the mathless led thing
one resistor is in series with the load and across one transistors Vbe
so its current set
then another resistor controlls current thru the reference transistor
you dont do enough audio =)
(or stare at linear IC schemas enough)
meh, audio is fun
analog toys

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jezus fuck
like 5 times: 'STAY IN SCHOOL'
'Keep me posted on what ends up being what. If you ever want me to meet with you to talk through your options, I'm happy to do so.'
omg she wants to sex me

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english teacher is like 'GO TO SCHOOL' but like in 400 words
damn, 'You need to stay in school. I mean it.'
ha, no hes just an me
jezus fuck where the fuck does she find time to read 1300 words and match it in like 12 hours
prioritization and fast prototype design
did you mean in school?
i aint studying shit in school right now
im pissed off at them
why is that aw man wtf why are you not happy

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yay, analog section routing is figured out
lemme check
omg english teacher wrote like 1000 words back
does ups not deliver on saturday?
oh i guess not theyre not real mail
dx^: ima ride my bike down there when i finish up this board
haha shitty
stretching, or what?

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because the quad amp is like $1 i think
anyway, analog is sexy
dsp is is faking it
he gotta do color schemes and shifty comm
i think thats kinda the joke
darkertek releases shifty technology
i like it
ha im using 1A SMA schottky =\ =\ =\
(i has a tape)
i gotta design like 3 psu today

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im working on curiously strong audio instead of helping my sister move her stuff into storage
theyre gonna get a real mexican, instead of my half mexican ass
shifty vu controller = left and right full wave rectified signals into ADC channels
2 io for switching out rectifier delay caps with logic fets
4 shifty led comm lines
and 3 io for rotary encoder w/ sw
that should be enough for macegr to play with in the 3 hours hes gonna have to code it up
hehe we gonna be writing firmware on friday i bet
hello its an avr
haha get rl
how much is one of those?

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i keep almost forgetting the 6p box header
macegr: beep

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