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diptrace = eda for kids

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yay curiously strong regulating psu done

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like idiots
who the fuck needs a phone lasts 40 years
no you dont
dude we dont even have a landline

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22:42 < Macgyver0> wow, never seen this on an appliance before "Must be connected to an outlet with an impedance of less than 0.197 ohms"
maybe because the current

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gut it, biamp it
look it even has needle VU meters!
boosted signal thru a filter, most likely
mega bass on sony shit was pretty neat for tape source
i wonder if my friend still wants my ps2

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because by default it drops every part in the same exact fucking location
i mean, cmon how hard is it to code a fucking offset, rly?
did you every try selective placement?
like, layout your connectors, and then let it drop everything else
yeah i ouldnt expect anything impressive
maybe that spectra thing is good
it has
older versions
its included in stuff
like how i got gerbtool
i think it was bundled with the orcad i had
or its got decent license protection
you shouldnt own anything called a boombox in 2008
unless its sentimental, retro appeal, or youre going to hack it
i wanna rebuild an 80s ghetto blaster
chipamps and decent speakers

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dicktrace is like, stupid AI undoing your sub .00626 work
spend 10min trying to get a via and trace to line up how you want
eagle = 3sec
printed circuit board
yes eagle is a software
cadsoft.de i think
no fuck sim in a pcb app
you prob like dicktrace better
as its for kids
ltspice/swcadiii for sim
rab: autorouting =(
it prob didnt need to be that ugly
geda is total shit
all the suite apps are like, beta quality at best
and inter app integration is ass
dont remember
jezus fuck i hope so with routing like that on display
if a human did that im like w t f
it has auto placement, which was useless
basically it unstacked the parts

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22:19 < Doitle> Is eagle the best thing for making board layouts? I have the orcad suite but... I can't seem to figure out layout plus
orcad = shit
eagle rawks
dicktrace is like EDA for kids
i can do anything i want in eagle
i waste time trying in diptrace
like, the ONLY thing diptrace has on eagle is a better UI
and really who gives a flying fuck
it aint about clicking buttons, its about making boards
theres nothing dicktrace can do eagle cant, theres lots of shit eagle can do dicktrace cant
hahaha no
printer is not exact correct size =(
my cnc isnt even exact correct size
and that shit can do .002" precision all day
multisim doesnt do pcb
its a sim/capture app
too big
eagle does boards fast and to spec

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vortran is talking
where did you go
gets cold up there =(
almost done with 5 rail psu
like 20 ratwires left and its mostly the adj vreg dividers and output caps
ima machine that and the mega amp tonight
SMPS with linear vregs on all rails
thats sounds odd
i want a girlperson
man i hate not having weed
bos: 1A bipolar rails (+/-15V)
5A 14V, 5A 10V 2A 6V

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optos are sexy
leds that are never seen
thats some dark magic shit

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its plaid
these ones are flannel
that shit is a waste of money

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i just peed, and my pee stream viasually passed across my boxer patter, and it made my pee stream look greenish brown
and my brain automatically kicked into WTF BADPEE PANIC mode

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if one guy pissing on a dead person makes 10 people get disgusted and maybe do something, i think that pissing on homeless and posting on the youtubes might net psotitive results
yes well those douche bags can be seen as the douche bags that they are
perhaps you know of efnet's troll sonic?
now thats sad
hes got youtubes of his jiggly ass and curly bleached hair and shitty van nuys apartment
srs, so fucking what
dude girls beating up girls is neat
they need to learn to be more agressive
okay well then who cares
everyone gets more attentions
tards will be tards
lets ban the phone because of phone sex and prank calls, ya?
until you slap them
and then they stay with you for life

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danielson: you think the reasons before youtube were good reasons or some shit?
you dont know what that is?
whatever man
its a medium for communication
girls beating up girls for attention is like mad old
sure, so what
they prob had piss on them already
i find it sick there are homeless people in industrialized societies

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i want black on windows but i dont want it to break or suck or thrash my reg or fuckup explorer shell
oh cmon that only happened like twice
well, on video
dude people in prison dont even have youtube
diez sopes, por favor
ocho sopes, no menos
mas y menos
dude who cares
at least now you know
that shit went down in my high school
10 yeas ago
prob worse now
my sister got into a scrap in an apartment building by school
like 3 on one
she fucked those girls up
slamming girls head repeatedly into concrete and shit
and those girls were her friends
imagine what girls in high school do to people they didnt ever like?

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pay me $50 to design and route you a voltage regulator
or yeah, buy a $8 wallwart
and splice the ends onto your connector dealie
k try not to die, sometimes We Care.
except for stu
he only cares when train is late or there is unattainable pussy nearby
stu does have happy or sad he just has 'wtf train is late' and 'pussaaaaaay'
hahaha, stu breakin gerbils necks in his pocket for fun
i hate taskbar

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hahaha wtf

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we can make it from acrylic and water and put fish in it
macegr: awesome
fuck doing it for real tho
avr and a chipamp
we can put it in a giant wooden stained box
with some old tube amp parts
for looks
i didnt do it im just spreading the information!

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(assuming pc psu arent running at like 50% or something sad loaded up funny)
itd be funny is make eventually put project wattage on the application
off mains?
hell no
were like 2A max, most likely
next year we should do a 5A+ project
600W of led into a focusing prism sounds fun and pointless

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darker tech in dark room, ph33r
wat wat
maybe not iunno
whatever i dont care my shit is loud too
not that much
160VA toroid
and few watts for the led arrays
like 20W max, prob less cuz switcher supplies
the 160VA toroid wont be drawing that much ever
yeah we not that bad
220W max probably
well, if your pc psu arent doing something nuts
and like, that would be trying to break curiously strong at the end and RGB doing 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF at constant duty

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i have a set
its like...
35 types of drills
from .012 to .0625
double of everything from .012 to...
15 types in pairs, 20 unpaired
all carbide, with collars at .80"
omg that looks fun
cs audio thinger is gonna rawk

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but they, theyll drop between .6V and 1.2V depending on temp and current
schottky are considerably less, but more expensive and lower breakdown voltage
yeah above 1A and maybe 40V they start to cost $$$

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you can do a resistor and zener on a transistor base
it wont be great with temp changes and very ripply input
like, rail will prob drift
my friend leaving for [cant tell] on the 5th
jack3: diode thing isnt a regulator
its just a relatively fixed drop

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jack3: fatter diodes
3-4A is tough on a linear regulator unless youre dropping almost nothing
its like 15W
no whats that
jack3: look on digikey for a 5A regulator
prob TO218 or something fat like that
itll prob be like $2-4
it wont regulate
but itll drop the voltage
get some 5A thru hole diodes
old DO package ones prob under $1
oh okay neat
yeah its a bit of design work
but thats a good solution
you can do a vref for the transistor with the opamps if you wanna get all creative with it

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didikey is being broken =(
its like min order not met but everything is 10 multiples and min order onm everything is 10
use 8 diodes
in series

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no rly can he?
im so happy i realised getting order in by 8p tonight dont matter
ima go outside even, bai
rab: hehe k ty!
um, good luck in tennessee
watch out for KKK, or something
do you guys have KKK in texas?
you guys seem more like assholes than racists
yeah but like, hardcore
or like, 5 dudes in a little room behind the church
White Boy KKK was your nickname?
maybe there will be little brown babies in 5 years
okay maybe two
no i mean like little hybrid units

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kevtris: i might try and get job at cerwin vega and jbl for a couple years instead of going to pomona
they have a tech program too, id be done with a BS in like two years or less
cuz yeah
i dont think i can hack 5 years of theoretical shit
i dont really wanna make parts
i wanna make shit with parts, and like i already know how to do that
yeah its fun
making shit and seeing it happen or fail is more fun
id rather fail at reality than win at theory
i need 'how to run a business and manage people in tech' more than i need 'how to calc a capicitor 80s diff ways, but only 2 useful for design'
fuck that =(
i dont care if its 50K starting a year
but i have two tech degrees
and i can get a BS in CS and electronics tech
then id be like, 3rd degree tech
or some thing, black belts and ninja masks, its gonna be the shit
youll see
dx^: i dont want to do research
i wanna make shit
i dont need 200K salary cap either
id be fine with like 100K one day if im really really good, or half that if im normal good
adjusted for inflation
of course
can he bias a transistor?

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wait wait
why i am in a hurry
its not like its gonna ship at 8p tonight
think he means asic stuff
you have to be an engineer and you have to be good
kevs a tech
more than likely, you need a BS, and years of design experience
you have no degree, your a tech (tho lots of techs can do engineer stuff and lots of engineers can do tech stuff, overlap)
like, def tons of engineers would be lost doing what you do, heh
pretty much
naw, but you gotta use it right
college = people ith experience, mad gear
haha, not really
i dont have time cuz i have to finish order
wait no i dont its not monday

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do it again
wtf wat?
i read oprah
you i think you can understand my confusion
dude opera is jacked up
i hate the workspace thing
yeah it was kinda fast
but youre running debian
so your shit is all too hacked up to be of any use in benchmarking of any sort, any
long live slack
vanilla sources ftw
fuck your hacked to shit 8 branches binary distro
apt-get my nuts
heheh ya
freediver: old
check your web cache from 8 years ago
you think shit on the internet lasts forever?
youre as dumb as your mom clitoris

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timecop is married
(i dont care if its fake or truth, its still hahahahahaha)
zzzz_: hai
freediver: go away already
okay next time i pick up urmom, ill take it back
to my pad
with urmom
because im going to have sex with her
and then shes gonna make me dinner
and ima take two bites
then im take her back home
and talk shit at you again
but this time im not gonna take anything back to my pad
except your croutons and strife
hahaha, wow was pretty easy to get you worked up and saying stupid meaningless shit
you have sour cream?
you can use sour cream and more water
its good
fuck you
dude youre weak
it aint so bad

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naw youre dumb macegr
you just need a jack
or jackstands
yeah jackstands would work awesome
timecop_: ok be careful watch out for polar bears
macegr: oh huh
you could tape her ass cheaks up to her back or shoulders
or her stomach
timecop_: wtf timecop
pack bag, go
omg youre staying?
timecop_: hahaha wtf
must bring cam, take pics
timecop_: duffle, 10 shirts, 10 boxers, 5 pants, socks, dump bathroom into ziplock bag, remember charger things, gtfo
dont forget to turn off the stove
hehe, when i go on trips i totally pack in like 20min before i leave
its okay i never brush my teeth
okay no rly i have my own its ok

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dude, when her ass is nekkid in front of you and her pussy and butthole are like all, 'hai!' at you, you prob wont care
im guessing, tho
maybe you are that picky
truth: big fat girls have the best asses bent over from behind
and they dont have any stomach
its just like, butt and hips with a bobbling head attached
haha nice
wait is that her?
thats a bit too big maybe
you would have to use strategy to find the gina hole and keep your thing inside
thats just your ideal ass? or wat

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i dunno youre so crazy is maybe a good sign
if she says that, reach out and grab her tit
if she screams, run away
if she just goes OH! and smiles, marry her
this is me in bedroom with girl people: 'wanna watch a movie?'
if they say yes, they want your peener
leave it there for a few sec
beat me =(
man i wish i could do it in 9sec
im like 5min quickie, 20min avg, 40min if im bored
ccfl_man: because you pu her in a corner place
they dont wanna be there
they need you in a corner place
i hate when it slips and pokes too low
not on a girl
my best friend wears bras now im like omg
34D or some shit, i guess she was as daaaayum about it as i was

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digikey order is 40 lines long and i havent done caps yet =\
i think my 45 year old geeker cute english teacher wants cock with no name
macegr: psu stuff sorted
macegr: digikey buy about to happen
man shopping for RC for filters sucks
here im getting 2 day
shipping monday
so wed
theres just alot of them
rohm 5% 0805
chip R always black on top white on the bottom
blackmoon: arent those polyester caps?
polyester = shit
polypropylene = sex
sucks how that works
yeah man chicks dont do that
theyre broken like that
theyll do everything except tell you they like you
thats your job
youre supposed to like
theyre supposed to be liked

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ha im prob gonna fail everything

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shopping for R and C for mad parallel filters sucks
imagine if hadnt done some 3AM genius shit and made the values repetitive =\

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i never made a spreadsheet for mc34063 inverting config =( =( =(

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spreadsheet says i can drop a 470uF cap and still get <100mV ripple
100KHz switching ftw

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back to long story
like aftrer i got my two quotes, with NO CNC/VSCORE option, i made a third
i get this back, 14 hours later: 'factory says too hard, make panel layout like this for cutout [image of rectangle matrix]'
i was very WTF
because when i outlined my 3rd order, susan did it, not john
she didnt know i had my own CNC, and i didnt put no CNC/VSCORE (in the first to i didnt either, tho)
so yeah, be easy to understand and concise
their technical english is functional, but they aint from Susan Yang and John Wang from ohio

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sry, local convo...
kevtris: haha, did you hear why my quotes to china pcb got rejected for three days?
"factory says too hard" means we suck at gcode, we cant even cut out rectangular boards if the cuts dont go all the way across the board
nothing to do the the boards, just cutting them out
when i told the tech i have my own CNC, i got like 2 quotes in 2 hours
the invoices are good, they have a tooling and per unit price
on the panels i submitted, tooling was between $60 and $180 (3 diff sized, full panel, half panel, last maybe 1/3 panel)
kevtris: per unit cost was like $3-7, for uncut panels
omg productions runs with black soldermask, pls
ourpcb.com is the one who fails for us
make your orders thru email, but deal with them on msn
one panel is 600x400mm
like 23.5 x 15.5"
after maybe $160 in tooling costs, each panel was like $8

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heheh, sure youre not the first
he joined my little personal chan for buddies and he wont leave =(
like, its me, a best bro of like 12 years, people i known from IRC for like 7 years (met a few irl)
and wkr4k4r

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ttmustang: if everything works out, im getting them tomorrow and spending 3 days doing CNC
i should have all boards designed by tonight
hopefully have the .015 DRC stuff finished with the .015 endmill
ill do my best to get your board sent out before i leave (thurs is current plan)
k my first 5A Buck-> LDO circuit is routed
i wish eagle was smart enough to just route the same when you do a paste on the schema
i could break drc, do a board and schema paste seprate, then match up the names
er, not drc
back annotation
maker faire
in san jose, with macegr
we has a booth
haha china pcb sat on his parts for like 3 weeks instead of assembling his boards
okay there was a right answer to your duh
that wasnt it

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why havent you
if you have tape, you just have to give it to local news media
so why havent you
release it like now
release it like the first day you got it
if your shit isnt public, courts wont give a shit
wtf 3 years?
so youve been sitting on it for two years
noop, too busy

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haha the new bin laden tapes are real
yeah really from neocon medi companies
some of those 'real tapes' have like 7 year old stock bin laden footage on them
another recent one, bin laden is still frame for 90% of the film
or maybe not bin laden, is maybe one of his #2 men
anyway, nothing you have said changes that the cops were fucking with you (common), you called them a fag (dumb), and they beat you down for it (not surprising at all)
yes they did
yeah thats beating your ass down
thats a beat down, yo
kevtris: yeh
but fat chance at winning
system aint trying to make the system look stupid
if you dont get media in on it, you have very low chance of winning
im not stupid
this shit happens all the time
youre stupid if you think it doesnt
maybe cops are nice were you live
not here

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okay so they planted you
with your own drugs
after you called him a fag
dude they put the drugs in evidense
your lawyer can ask to see it
your lawyer can ask to see it
and ask for the weight to be verified
they cant deny it
its evidense
uif they deny for long enough then you have a possible obstruction charge against them
yeah thats why im saying planting means nothing
they were fucking with you
you pissed them off, they baited you, and you took it
of course he said that
well then youre good on that
as long as you dont piss off a jury
for example by letting it be known you called the cop a fag
have fun in court
hopefully you get a jury full of uppity youths
dude system is fucked
fighting it is a losing battle
um, yeah youre proof
that calling a cop a fag will get you an hour of torture with cattle prods
like it said it sucks, but cops do shit like that all the time
and the system just kinda lets it happen
because the system aint trying to make the system look the fool

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thats my next point
doesnt change you got beat up when you could just gotten felt up
they were gonna make you touch yourself and bend over with them alone in a room anyway
whats a little being felt up
was it under your underwear?
12:44 < wkr4k4r> he was feeling me up all over
hahah 'searching you'
well thats sucky
he really wanted to beat someone up that day
i talk shit at cops all the time and i dont get beat up
im not calling calling them fags, tho
well i hope you win
maybe all this time money life and effortwasted will teach you not to call authority a fag when youre under its thumb
dude they could do it all day long
before or after
of course what
before or after you called the cop a fag
okay well if they planted you before, that sucks
but then you really dont call them fags
you do whatever the fuck they say
then nothing changes
you pissed a cop off and then got beat and framed
welcome to america
well, no
if they had planted before, that changes alot
but youll never see me saying its okay to call street cops fags =)

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yeah because its inciminating
mrmister: hahaha nice
moral of the story: calling cops fags makes you an idiot and ruins your life
new topic pls
what, thats your story
not mine
i just summarized
dude you called him a fag
you dont have to assault him
you just have to piss him off a little
again, do you really think the law matters?
dude cops just got off for shooting someone unarmed, from moving cars, into a moving car
dude, i wouldnt matter if i saw the tape
it sucks you got beat up
but you called a cop a fag
you had it coming
according to them you did
and they make the rules, not you
not the courts\
and no its not
a) you have no proof his hand was on your cock
b) thats called a search
yeah fine, to a judge, hes searching you
again, this doesnt discredit my major point that calling cops fags is a really bad idea
yeah i know

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did they put something in your ass or take their cocks out?
dude if you acted ANYTHING like you do in here with them, they beat you up because of some shit you said
cops just dont beat at random
you gotta call em a name or tell them the truth about their behaviour or something
you called a cop a fgt
and got beatup
thats not torture
dude they werent beating you for government secrets
they were beating you because you called them fags
they baited you
you took it
you lose
how no?if you didnt call him a fag, you wouldnt have been beaten up
either way, you got felt up
after you called him a fag?
dude they can feel you up
they can stick their finger in your ass
that sounds right
who cares about the law
fuck the law man
they aint thinking about the law
they thinking, man im just doing my job, and this guy calls me a fag
fuck this guy
im angry at the world, lets make this guy know what a real PD is like
[commence 3 hours of hell]

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welcome to reality in a PD
actually, it was prob 'self defence' =)
dude, if you think shit like that is rare, people you know are whitebread
cops beat mufuckers up on the streets and in the interview rooms all the time
thats another reason to get the fuck out
LAPD is the worst gang problem LA ever had
like, it sucks you got beat up
i dont see how that makes you qualified to be a mil interrogator
hell its prob reason to keep you out of the job
ever do what?
wtf are you talking about, US gov shoots people in the back and stabs people in the face
like as a matter of policy
i see what you mean
the only part of the gov prob working right is the NRO
=( =( =(

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i have sciatica, mental disability history (bipolar with psychotic tendancies, ph33r), and any standard psych test will say i have really, really bad issues with authority
if i went to a recruiter, id prob end up in guantanamo
anyway, these people make shit up, then splash 1M people
we 993,000 people in debt, the way i see it
its not terrorism, its justified rage
im fuckin out yo, if im a bad guy, i wanna hit LA
yeah i see yourself getting worked up by someone in the job
what does that have to do with shit
just cuz you can survive torture theyre gonna let you torture people?
hello, like everyone survives torture
thats why its torture
not murder
psych hospital
english russia yay
i wish real russia was in english
so you got beat up by cops
and that qualifies you to be a mil interrogation expert?
dude you got beat up
yeah fine, same diff

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no he doesnt he just needs wars
dude were not getting oil out of this
so yeah go home and think about wtf youre talking about and maybe come back and say something intelligent instead of antiestablished line of bullshit
yeah because of war
and price fixing
not because iraq is giving us oil
he wanted into iran, and the mufuckin CIA stopped them this time
thats how fuckin crazy they are
they hyped shit for a month and CIA had to come out and say 'iran isnt a threat to us, at all, and we told him, 3 weeks ago'
the billary was down
she wanted to hit iran
she voted with the senate to call the iranian army a terror group
a mufuckin independent nations army
do you have any idea how retarded that is?\
do you know how hard we will be fucked if we try and have a ground war in iran?
they have a real military
yeah dude
fuck that
if he gets in, im out
it aint terrorism when a nation fights back
fuck the methods, biggest mufuckin county in the world hits you, you hit them back ANY WAY POSSIBLE
its justified
mil dont want me, im like ++ineligible
im gone man
you guys can be nazis
that too, actuallty

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not sure you can do custom pads in eagle without throwing DRC errors
because i love los angeles and i dont want to see it or feel it blown up in person
fuck this man im not being a new era nazi
if we invade iran or sudan in the next 8 months, im gone
for sure
if the billary or mccain win, im prob leaving
darfur, dipshit
darfur is in sudan
you want mccain?
its a long term struggle with no real way out
its $$$ to contractors
yes, yes i do
were the ONLY country in the world calling it genocide
wtf it aint gonna be for oil
why not
hes been pretty retarded before

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blackmoon: !
CIRCLE: draw a circle. circles with a woidth of zero will be filled.
haha i always hack it with fat lines and little circles for dots =\

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theres someone rappin in the dnb
in like, eastern european, or something
in the angry white people style
everyone has reason to be angry right now
its pretty sad more people arent
now i gotta maybe leave the country and shot

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machine and fixture building was topic of the most interesting handouts i had in school
yeah, gantry style
for lasers and water cutters, thats totally awesome
because the tool holder isnt loaded
for metal removal tooling, you gotta make the gantry support way stronger
else youll have precision issues when towards limits (ie: high efficiency cutting)
but yeah, for a big NC, its prob best way to go

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yeah the 2019 models are 12"
dude with the 12" table, i get sub .001 backlash on the X unless i grab the table with both hands and shove laterally, hard
then its like .002"
2019 table length is 18.5" or something
the Y backlash is more like expected, about .003-.005
fair consistent across the screw, so backlash compensation corrects that totally
the Y is carrying the table and the Y assembly
yeah, but itd be har to do better for less money unless youre:
a) really good machinist
b) already having machine tools or willing to pay for a shop
theres alot of little things about pro mills that make a diff
for example, the slots, overhangs, axis ways...
all of the is constructed in a way that chips are more likely to fall off the machine than into the machine

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thats 1.5" more than the taig
increase of 25% is kinda significant
taig has like 12" Y
X, sorry

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dunno really
for the same $$$, nothing im aware of
start one
ttmustang: sherline is competitive
tormachs are a different class of machine
its massive Z and big XY, compaired to the taig
fully tooled up, from them, is like $15K
from what i saw on the list, totally worth it
die, fg

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that thing is pretty neat
youre getting a taig thing?
besides the short Y, is a rally very awesome little machine
but yeah, beware the short Y

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new hpone > old phone
can old phone play mp3?
can old phone play take pics?
can old phone play take speaker phone?
hahaha not enough backspace * 2
iphone is so gay
you gonna order $50 worth of stuff?

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