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k i gotta go get more shit done\
fucking local irc...

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its only 10% useful
i should buy 500
theyre AMP/Tyco
yeah really
blackmoon: ill use them, tho
they wont just sit there
laccd pierce college
dx^: link?
if i need a 50R resistor i failed at design somewhere in the circuit
tesla cannon?

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then like, crimp your wire, slide some heatshrink over, connect, make heatshinking happen
thats much safer
stu thought you were gonna die

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haha hole in board?
you want me to remake it for you?
with proper header
im might get some pcb faston connectors soon
really something i should have done like 2 years ago
like that

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macegr: ok i finished all psu boards, i did shifty VU board, im doing speaker input and amp output panels
and tonight im gonna make some stackup chassis wqith the 1" acrylic
ups closes at 6p
so im going tomorrow morning
tomorrow im doing all the .008 DRC boards
including yours and dx's
this broke endmill worn the fuck out
wont even be good for .015 DRC much longer
def worth the $$$ i spent on it

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i used outdoor dirt
because i ran out of bagged cactus dirt
they came from tree farm under the power lines, landscaping stuff
next time im going to get non toxic bug killer stuff and do a hydroponic grow
with those little ball things
fuck dirt!
the snickers dick?
that shit was awesome
aw sucky
i bet you understand now tho!

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yeah we have a billion of everything in LA
but we keep loctite in chicago WTF?
stu: led plants all dead, 4 or 5 days no light
stu: 5W led maintained them for couple weeks
so yeah, they work =D
even with bad soil and mad bugs =(
5W = bonsai grow
stop using it!
no man use another kind

i dunno
they grew the same as the CFL one pretty much
but it was dimmer and cooler
because it got shrooms =(
yeah =(

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sculptor: hahahah @ dexters lab
ehehe deedee was so bad!
she was always fuckin up that kids h4x

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sculptor: dude hes stephen hawkings
he can talk fluently with a tube
he can make mech legs

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if you zoom out, all of LA is like 10mi to the right
you could grow some kids there, never know they were 10mi from one of the biggest urban sprawls in the world
no ray charles is blind
i think its funny because ray charles would be wtf at stephen hawkings voice
im not sure, tho
stu: see thats how youre supposed to do streets
haha, top right of the valley map
notice the grids rotate 45d
streets that run parallel start crossing
and then you are in the inverse universe that is sylmar, san fernando, and pacoima

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there are tons of places in LA more whitebread than you
youd prob feel disgusted in brentwood
yeah man
dont fuck with the police
wtf nuh uh
thats funny
my creole/mex ex gfs grandmom lived in brentwood
she dated ray charles!
ray charles got mad and hit her once =(
heh, wonder how many times he swung
oh wow its so green
aaaaaaaw cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
i wanna live there yo
or one of those little towns like that

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you got arrested?
i thought you just got a ticket
was it really a fucked up ticket or what?
we have sherrif on the bus lines
they never check your tickets ever
they dont have to, theyre sherrif, were all scared shitless
identity h4x failure =(
thats prob the one place where it doesnt matter that much
that and like, under a gram of weed
did you have to cry?
anxiety almost always works
ballsy, in fact
do you guys have alot of girlcops?
if you get girlcops here, you just have to be cool and do everything they say so they dont get scared
theyll blast you, if they get scared
this aint america stu
this cali
we have the important part of lockheed martin in LA county, all those people have cali familys =)
naw fool

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macegr: heh
maybe i should do thai today
its so awesome i dont even have to say what i want
i go 'heh, yeh'
but sometimes i get ginger beef with mushrooms, too
also my sister found out their wont ton soup is pretty okay
you guys should come by for lunch one day we have excellent foods on my corner
greek, persian, thai, and really, really inconsistent mexican (absolute worst kind)
also there is PHO 999 down the street
awesome vietnamese place

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i better not be on a no fly list
i wanted to stay in chicago for a few days in the summer
they have real mexican food, thick pizza, and efnet stoners
traveling is cheap when you stay with efnet stoners
hmm where is my gcode SD
google maps aint no airline or hotel i ever heard of

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worst case ill uhaul it and just live in north cali
too expensive to drive that shit home =(
ok, neato
the psu and the finer drc boards
i have to go to ups and pick up the endmills today
because they failed me hard yesterday
yeah thats a fat drc board
so thats getting done today
tomorrow im going to do panels and adapters
you saw final schema?
if thats not fail its gonna be awesome (if it fails ima cry at LT)
just leave them off then
its rectified
edge milling in pcb gcode fails
i have to gcam it anyway
least its the same file for all the psu boards
and do edge and big holes while its working
bring your iron to the show =)
or im prob goint to actually

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i put on my not blog thinger
theres errors in the inverting smps circuit, is fixed
im like omg it all fit
i didnt have to reset to small vregs for the bipolar rails
er, resort
but yeah its built with alot of overhead
like, the unregged psu wont drop out the buck smps at 10A
32 470uF caps =\
macegr: i did digikey and mcmaster orders
i tried to do grehound order but i think it was tripping cuz i wasnt using my card for it
i unno its like, ohno you fail, call us up, hahaha
no two days im not going for the thur thing remember
sculptor: harsh
whats a no roll list
no they trip when youre using someone elses credit card
they just make you call up or buy there
i think this happened to me on southwest once too

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09:59 < Professor> I only have a 24" monitor
you are so gay
i can make extras
well i guess it doesnt have to be super isolated like that
did you see the psu boards?
theyre altoid tin shaped
because fuckit if im gonna cut the panels myself
no for the split signals
spectrum analyzer board with Q-set bandpass filters would be neat

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they have some uC with usb now
vernicles, or something, hahaha
omg just use an xtal
theyre like $.30 cmon
xtals for time based application (anything fun on a uC) = neccessary
aight time to make some psu

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then i started doing like 3d stuff around junior high but then everything falling apart in life, etc
drawing 3d is weird
my grandmother took a drawing course
shes a seamstress and pattern maker, well used to be
but she did a covered bridge with perspective lines to the horizon
thats was awesome because then i knew how to do 3d stuff
she was bitch to me tho because i kinda look like my dad (other side of family) =( =( =(
dude hes prob not as bad as me
i once tryied to cut a resistor across mains on a crowded boards
all i remember is the POP and flash
and when that went away, carbon dots on everything
that was so awesome

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with marking in sharpie pen
besides that i just hack something up for what i need
i have several toroids, all above 250VA
one is 500VA
and i have transistors
so regulated supply isnt hard
thats like linear 101
just get a gpib module and make a psu
am i on ignore?
professor: i have a screwdriver it cost me $1M
of what?
a linear supply?
here sec i didnt build this but it would work...
why not?
circle template, bic mech pencil
on graph paper
the parts all fir on .2" grids
just like my eagle schemas
yeah i just like drawing
i used to draw weird technical shit as a kid
like mostly planes and tanks and robots and bombs and missiles and guns
normal kid

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i new that was a bad idea, i did 4.5 years and two degrees fine without ever seeing one
i get SSI disability too =)
yes i have it
very good book
hahah i ordered during xmas season
and the ups dude straight threw it onto my balcony when we werent home
so its got a way fucked up binding
the bad circuits sections is awesome
like its neat how you learn stuff and you can look at more of them and catch the flaw instant
yeah i mostly picked thru it
ive prob read all of it, just not at once or in order
yes apperently this is my only decent skill
like, when i got it, i had already had like 2 or 3 years of formal electronics training
board level troubleshooting
yeah thats good shit to know
dx^: its working?
your solder hax?
why didnt you just put it on the bottom?
i have lots of power supplies
i made a LM337/LM317 psu with a 5VA transformer into a cigar box
has a little cherry wood panel

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and im not making plans right now, i dont even know where im gonna live in a year
maybe right here
maybe central america
maybe pomona
well fuck that
i can prob make shit
hope he saved it
tech or engineering in other countries with american company is supposed to be an awesome setup
tho i dont even know how stable that is gonna be
something very very bad maybe gonna happen to our economy thing =(
oh thats sweet
he could have saved up, living off of them
in 10 years, with a small amount of free spending cash
kk bye
i have to buy those pcb mount fast on connects
better that soldering mains onto boards
especially with sranded core wire
well, this one hell yes
because i expected between $400-900 in federal student aid
that i kinda got fucked out of because i trusted a school counselor

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thats like saying spoon own
they do but thats like, something you should be over since you were 5
wtf spoon is like the basis of half of our technology
dx^: good
nothings butrning
so the mains side is okay
either either open or right
since its prob all blobbed onto solder, its prob not open
didnt you ask yesterday?
dx^: put the dmm on VAC and test across the transformer
and then test across the bridge
man do you not have a scope yet?
youre an ME no one will know to talk shit if you buy a cheap handheld
i dont know how to study
i just do shit
sink or swim biatch
yeah i got a certificate saying i can tech RF
i dunno i wanna just make amps and analog mod/demod circuits
that stuff was fun in lab
AM demodulator was like: hahaha circuit broken for halfwave output
not enough money

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math without application can go suck cock
gimme some of that word problem
yeah else we would have banned him like 4 years ago
you know back when i was head op and this place was really cool
i gotta make a playlist
fav crash set and personal best of gogal bordello a must
also jimi w/ band of gypsys
bust out your dmm boy

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i got everything working except eth, but i wasnt trying very hard (and people have gotten eth driver working with vanilla kernel and distro kernels like almost 6 months ago)

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heheh, lappies are neat, have built in ups
i forgot to get current limit resistors for my SMPS
heh, the ones with the external 5A+ switch wanted .03R resistors for that, eheheh
maybe ill just stack 0R 0805 in series to make a little bridge over the 0805 pads
dunno i ran lunix on my thinkpad
was much diff than running on any other i810 based system
er wasnt
also, eee is lunix friendly

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