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i still have the .02" one
then usps ate twingys envelope...
see, thats what happens when you dont get jiggy with the clear tape armor
you got yours open
i hhas a switchblade
haha okay if someone saw me at my computer now theyd be like w t f
i sold those on ebay
for like $5
i pay @.50
dude im adraid of those endmills
theyre weapon grade
my shit is $2.50 with a machined handle
aluminum, stainless blade
its from china
so you know its the best
if i bought an american knife for $2.50...
well id prob have less fingers
you need to start studying for that when youre a baby

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i has 3 .005 tip 30 degree pyramid endmills
dude if they dropped these from space, you best live 50 ft undeground
find and replace is <3
ima do the amp panels
then ima cointoss you and ttmustangs boards
naw not with the new ones
its like .015 DRC
im using the broke one
okay fine
that means yours is prob being done tuesday
cointoss it is
i might have time
yeah really
wtf at stupidest longest delay ever
omg half round conical tip dead, i wonder how that happened
$40 in ninja endmills
G1 F8.0 Z-.006 WTF?

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when i had a car, i once put like 200mi on it in under 2 days
and never left the valley
(valley is only 10x10mi)
yes, we deliver
or we rendezvous
okay i gotta go get more work done
macegr: i have alot of rubbin cable, i cut up the longest ones into 6lead strips
er, ribbon
so yeah cable for extra shiftbrites
we can make shiftybrite slingshots or something

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macegr: =D =D =D
man i think i fucked up the big holes and edges on these boards...
i need weed dammit, or everything will fail
where the fuck is that guy =(
o i did fuckup
.0625 instead of .085 or more, i guess
yay for EMC toolpath feedback
herbs is here

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macegr: speaker input boards done, amp boards done except headphone amp, amp rear panels are next, im designing the headphone power input/vreg now
and like mind drafting the psu chassis
hahah wtf
blackmoon: actually, thats standard for press fitting =)
socket and hammer
not really a wrench, but close
its all about steel head plastic tip hammers
rockshox: you get the spi stuff working?
i wonder if im on ignore
i have some kinda record for most ignores in #electronics, i think

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and yeah, california uber alles
fuck america

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you got played by the CIA and now even the CIA wants out
we engineered the hornets
we gave them stingers
tac nuke
man that shit is on the open market
any engineering student worth his shit could prob dev one
given the precision gear
look, if we tac nuke someone
and if we go into iran, we will tac nuke them
then its over
USA will get nukes
maybe in 3 years
maybe in 100
pctek: bullshit
er path0s
path0s: if its 1000 of us, or all of them we wouldnt hesistate
we will get pwned
and we will tac nuke
or we will die
iran isnt a game
iraq was
we couldnt even pwn iraq
we dont
we need to change
or we die
macegr: hai what
macegr: check which
aaaaaaaaaw jeaaaaaaah
macegr: i might just do them open baffle
with no waveguide tube
also i have to go because im never gonna get shit done if i leave irc open

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SUVs destroyed america
SUVs were retarded
no one needed them
everyone who got one is fucking broke and retarded
not even rich fucks
every fucks
poor fucks were buying the SUV from 5 years ago
theyre buying them now
they wont go away for another 10 years
we fucked ourselves so hard its not even funny anymore
anyone with half a brain called this situation like 10 years ago
once we hit iraq, it was obvious
legislation is how
the laws are too deep
to many cross referenes and loop holes
we hit iran, america is over
and tac nukes will be set off
welcome to the new era of warfare
genocide in half seconds
over, and over, and over
its all related
we dont need irans oil
we dont need iraqs oil
they needed to price fix
thats it
naw man
thats whatever
if we hit iran, weill get pwned
theyre a real mil, we havent done that since korea
youre so wrong its dumb
our mil is shit right now
we will get pwned
and we will use a tac nuke
to save ourselves
and if the russians react, its all over
civilization back to zero, the new atlantians
if the russians dont react, its even worse
because it means tac nukes are ok for war
and you do not want that
taliban isnt a threat to shit
al queda is made up
well not anymore
al queda was a self fullfilling myth

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we have reserves
were still adding to them
yeah no shit
everyone knows that
pctek: hello, if everyone knew, there would be a run on the banks
and then wed be fucked
them being shady about whats going on is actually best thing =\
but yeah, we in deep, and there not so many ways out now
into the dirt
because supply is decreasing
its power equations =)
it already is
its happening, right now
if obama loses, im out
american gonna become 21st century nazis
because when you got a population on its knees, economically, the population is putty
it has no will or means to fight back
survival means just going with the flow, you dont have time to be making moral judgements on world policy
naw, congress wants to do real shit
bush is gonna veto is
he wants to drill anwar
anwar aint shit itll help $.05 in 20 years

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im busy learning shit
im prob getting a job this month anyway\
programming is a shit job =(

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macegr: sup
i got screws and kapton tape and loctite today \o/
kapton is like super insulating film
high temp, very strong
dupont did it
macegr: im doing panel boards now for the amps
then just the precision shit left, ima head out and pick up the endmills
<3 dread zep
no is a zep cover band
reggae band
elvis impersonator for a singer

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its not linear tho =(
because I changes =(
tho you can current source it i guess
current src saves teh day again
id use two .03 BJT
but thats just me
hello, mathless LED
link me to datasheet
if i find it, im calling you a retard
not as TSA
tho i got no beef with TSA
most of them okay normal peoples
rockshox: do you want help or not?

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oh haha rockshox came back
rockshox: you showing up on friday?
enter int, check bits, do stuff or set flags, exit int
no you dont
you can mask pcint
prob another cap, heh

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blackmoon: msg me your ship addy
i just got the mcmaster
we dont care if its real
we just wanna see you calling a cop a fag and getting pwned
dude, i wont call it anything
ill just laugh

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it doesnt matter
these are things that hold up in court
tapes prob dont even make it into the hearing half the time
what are you gonna do if they throw it out?
no im being realistic
youre acting like the system is gonna hand you a new better life
yeah right
if you had a real case, youd be in criminal court
anyone would
youre lawyer is a scam artists most likely
civil court is where you go to make money, not where you go to make justice
good luck
no one cares, stfu

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you file a police report
your first oppertunity
wtf who cares
you make a statement
evidence can come later
so you didnt even report it to the police
or the FBI
you just talked to a lawey
who told you not to do anything
that you got assaulted
and beat the fuck down
by the law
for nothing
dude you should have filed a police report as soon as you got out of jail
right except that you got beat down for calling a cop a fag
and expect the system, to bend over backwards to help you
you called cops a fag and made a big deal and did it all wrong
if i were youd, id leave the state
fuck the rules
you dont get it man
youre allowed to call them a fag
well theyre capable of beating you the fuck down
and prob getting away with it
it would be just another day in america
they get off when people do it right
and you doing it all wrong
you didnt even file a police report
no it isnt
it gets a detective on it
you get IA on it
have you talked to IA?
has your lawyer?

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so yeah, you did
so its a cop
this aint the courts
this is the street
and that a really badass gang
soon as the jury hears you had drugs (any amount) and you called the officer a faggit, youre gonna have major problems
thats a search
id laugh if the judge just threw most of the tape out
they will dismiss any sympathetic juror
if youre lucky there will be a handful
enough that the DA can dismiss them with their free picks
why the DA likes you?
civil court now?
hahah have fun with that
so you want money
not justice
so why not take it to criminal court
oh right because the FBI called you retarded for waiting 3 years
right, so whos the retard?
right well your lawyer fucked you i guess
because if you didnt file a police report immediately, nothing even happened
did you?
omg you did, right?
omg you didnt?
no dude

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and you KNOW you cant deny it
yeah thats called a search
so you called him a fag
and now he has justification to beat you up
because he is the law
and you are a bitch
you obviously dont seem to be understand the society roles involved
you called a cop a fag and got it back at you
yeah well im not calling cops fags and getting beat up, am i?
im calling cops retards, and making them look stupid
im getting shit yelled out over the radio
i bet that cop felt stupid
i SHOW MY WEED TO COPS and they let me go with weed
yeah man, you called a cop a fag
you know what i would expect if i called a cop a fag?
id expect to get beat up
taken back to an interview room
and maybe get beat some more
so what
duh theyre covering it up
you wanna live in some ideal america, fine
get beat up
stop bitching about it
yeah you got knocked out for calling a cop a fag
yeah you were]
you were beat up bad
same thing man
stop hanging out with lawyers
its making you retarded
if you had releaqsed the vid to media as soon as you got it, youd have a chance
no jury will take your side
youre a drug user and disrespectful to authority
anyone who sympathizes will be taken off the jury during juror interviews
then it should have been in media hands 3 months ago
or today
dude, cops fucked with you
they baited you
and you ate it
you called him a fag

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tig didnt exist when they first made submarines
so stfu already
haha nice
yeah get over it
you called a cop a fag and got beat up
you sat on the videos for years and now no one in media will care
yeah assaulted is beat up fool
yeah he touched him there
and he called the cop a fag
so now hes in a world of lameness
yeah good
teach you not to call cops fags
i mean how retarded are you?
kinda yeah
eck0|wrk: the programs at that school look really good
yeah right
people who call ren a moron: wkr4k4r, avrfreak, stu, charles, professor, rockshox
join the club
eck0|wrk: neaat
eck0|wrk: but yeah check out the machines and talk to some teachers and students
tech departments are usually pretty fun, kick back
like, everyone might die if you fuckup
i dunno but that just seems to bring people together
if you didnt call the cop a fag
you wouldnt have been beaten up
end of subject

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i told him that, i told him i could buy a mig
hes like 'WITH WHAT MONEY' rubbing his fingers together
hes like the only person in tech doesnt know i have like $3k in CNC and machine tooling, and like $1500 in electronics test gear and parts
wkr4k4r: naw they know i dont work
he was making a joke =)
so what
$200 for entry level
$500 for hella decent
moons is fine he paid like $250
um, sure
can you stfu so we can get back to having a real convo?
no one gives a shit what you think, go build you submarine and get out my buddy chan
i did TIG for like 3 hours
it was sooooo fun
easy as fuck after a semester of oxy-fuel torch welding
anyway stfu
this convo wasnt about that
mig and tig are both cool
and saying mig is lame is pretty retarded considering its the most used welding tech in small shop america
serious wkr4k4r pls2make yourself look more stupid
MIG is the shit
serious how much shit have you welded this year wkr4k4r?
so anyway, this wasnt a convo about that
dude youre not making a submarine
and you could mig a sub fine
mil wont do it because tig is better

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oh neat
they prob got really good techs, then
aerospace training is pretty tightlyvcontrolled as far as i understand
dude you home box is failing
i gotta do 4 boards than grab that endmill
and design the acrylic parts while that shit is running
prob machine thru the night
try and get as little sleep as possible
sleep thru the night on the bus
parts here on thursday, hopefully i have the tins and psu chassis done
i still have to do a psu for the led arrays
but that should be pretty easy after everything else
i havent even showed up at school barely since break
im prob gonna get straight Fs
kinda, but they fucked me for student aid hard
and the math class i needed was a cool teacher, but disrespectful
hed fuck over people on breaks, and hes take roll at the end, but hed never wrap up on time
so my last name starts with R
so im kicking it 10min longer in a 3 hour class with almost no breaks and literally no break if i take my full time to do a test
its hard enough to go to 3 hours classes
im not trying to be raging pissed at a teacher who i like, academically
and then welding, i got bored
MIG is boring

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that stuff is basically unreplaceable
time you spend making more machines for industry is time you could have spent making product
reads better than my program
yeah you gotta walk in and talk to the profs
see the machines and the shop
see if you can talk to the toolroom guy for a bit (cuz he prob running shit that dont have to do with classes)
yeah but youll know
if the machines look pretty clean, and the CNC dont look beat up and dented and abused, its prob an okay program
like, if a shoield is cracked or theres a stuck tool, whatever
it is education
but if they just look rusted and run down and the manual machines are just dirty like they dont make the students clean em up, id prob stay away
yeah that looks like a full program
like, machine tools get used up, but you can tell if its just abused abnd neglected
itll have old corroded chips on everything, and maybe rust, lots of missing chunks from tools crashed into machines
like thats bad yo

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yeh, i wouldnt trust the kinda stuff you do to be assembled in china
just raw unfinished parts
and non critical components
thats neat, heh
USA = expensive, tho =(
people can bitch about their labor practices...
but during our industrial revolution, we were chopping kids in half inside machines
so i hardly think its worth mentioning much
yeah but thats my point
china shit is less shitty every year
and they have tool room machines, if they were trying to do precision, i really dont think itd be a problem at all in a few more years
they just need enough of our toolroom mahines
and they prob the only people buying them in bulk
they aint fucking around
they want to be an industrial superpower
and really, they already are
america does software and media and services
we design tech, but so does everyone else now, and we get it fabbed in asia anyway
yeah theres still shops left
but like 30 years ago country was covered with little factories like where you work
then most got bought and their gear sold out =(

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i went to the FADAL factory
CNC machines making CNC machines
CNC machines machining themselves
dude they put one of their controllers on this HUGE grinding machine
its like bigger than my apartment =\
they have some machine centers like 3x the size of my bedroom
they import iron casting from china (and prob send half back)
so they need huge machine centers to finish machine them
then at the end, the cnc are like grinding down their own tables
so theyre like automatically trammed up from the factory
china is our biggest NC customer
they take ours, and use them to make theirs
they prob buy more toolroom machines than anyone right now
china doesnt suck
china just knows about tolerance machining
they usually meet spec, they work quick, they dont give a fuck about getting parts dead on
theyre a shop foremans dream, they are the definition of doing industry correct
they could do precision, easily
they have all our machines, they just have to take the extra 2min, they wont, because machinists arent supposed to
yeah you have to do mad QA
but it makes sense to accts
if getting 2000 and returning half is cheaper than buying 1500 and returning 1/3 for the american sourcing, guess which they pick

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go and nogo gages are just like, dont fit on this, fits on this, ok good next
yeah but they could sell a cdrom for practically the same price
people arent paying for the spiffy paper
tho i guess on a job youd rather have durable paper prints than a computer thing
like, construction jobs
its good to do that
really anything you can do to double check your work is importaqnt
printers are pretty accurate
enough to eyeball it, youre more likely to fuckup by a significant margin then a tiny bit, as far as data entry errors during design

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name like 'industrial print reading' youd think the course would be a breeze
it is just reading blueprints
Define the term "cartoon gage."
(just a concept drawing of an inspection fixture or gage)
i wonder what prof has to say about GDnT
you can
you can do most things with dial indicators and holders
or sine bars or gage blocks
travellar: haha rite
architects always doing that at job sites
you see em stare at a drawing for like 10 or 20 sec
then turn it over
i think architects prob only people still using actual blueprints
yeah gages are quickes way to inspect

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Lesson 19: Position - RFS/MMC/LMC
ha wtf =\
that should be 1st chapter, how do they get to that part without explining regardless of feature size, least material condition, and maximum material condition
i have a book written by one of the people who helped develop the spec
for a machine student text, its insane
well, if a shop says they can do GDnT spec, and the inspection dude cant construct tolerance zones from like a stack of interacting callouts, then they fail
they might make good parts, they might be functional, but its just chance because theres no two right answers
in coordinate tolerancing and inspection, two people can measure the same thing, properly, and get different measurements
this isnt possible in proper GDnT drawings
there is zero ambiguity
the guy who said that GDnT stacking was a myth was faking it
yeah but teaching it for drawings and teaching it for inspection is two diff things
and they normally dont teach engineers this shit at all
theyre just supposed to figure it out in the real worl like everything else
its the only class i failed in my tech programs
mostly because i couldnt show up most days befcause of court appointed shit
but it wasnt easy the 2nd time thru

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you see alot of datasheet drawings with sane GD&T datums and callouts
its difficult to inspect sometimes, and other times, its incredible laborious
like, cylindricity and runout, practically the same thing
but one prob costs 10x more time to inspect
if you dont have a working knowledge of all that shit on the 2nd link, youre just faking it
and if you think tolerqance stacking is a myth, youre a fucking retard, you dont even understand what GD&T is for

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i finished all my CNC reqs in one semester
because i pwned at the Haas controller and the computer made an error and let me enroll for 3 semesters at once
but besides those 4 classes, its 3 semesters of manual machining
which is like, machining, setup, theory abut fixture building, etc
also geometric dimensiopning and tolerancing
but we did it fureal
bnot half assed like they do in industry
when whoever it was in here said that GD&T tolerance stacking is a myth, i laughed
it clearly means hes doing inspection wrong
but thats okay because most engineers who spec with GD&T dont know wtf theyre doing anyway
'oh i read the spec'
hahaha the spec is like wtf
youll be able to understand what the symbols are, you would be able to inspect or actually make useful toleraqnce callouts without knowing how ALL the spec callouts interact with each other
from just reading the spec
its all basic math, but its like 2 basic rules, and 50 exceptions
and for someone in industry to say tolerance stacking in GD&T is a myth only proves that most people dunno wtf theyre doing
thats ALL it is
its hella useful, its way better than coordinate toleranceing for critical parts

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ou guys should come to LA for minibosses at The Smell on the 17th
problem is teh pipes
heheh tubes for water instead of data, so silly
they should make water and data tube the same tubes
stu: hehe im going to make a 3" stackup chassis from 1" acrylic
for my 160VA toroid and 3 psu tins

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stu: old people dont understand communication
they just like, made plans and stuck to them
many things failed

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Laugh Of the Lamer
google it
thats how i always find it
efnet #electronics stats swish
ooh, sec lemme try again
it was astroboy
i told her megaman could pwn astroboy
(nevermind that megaman is astroboy, minus licensing...)
same robot, diff era, heh
hahaha, the game art for original megaman had a 6' tall skinny white guy

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dx^: the fairchild nurse deleted her facebook on me
said it was a mistake (she accidentally confirmed 3 times, i guess)
then we she came back, she turned into a robot =(
er not facebook myspace
ya wtf
out relations started when i told her her robot thing was a fag compared to megaman
the old skool cartoon megaman from the 60s
i said megaman would defeat ultraboy and take his powers, then hed definitely be better than ultraboy
not ultraboy
wtf what was the name of that old robot

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if it was his gf why would he be asking if it was an angle?
and yes, it is an angle
but she dont look super bad
its hard to tell without seeing uppper arm and/or elbow
anyway shes cute, if she was fat id still bone her
the bleach thing is kinda lame
tell her everything hurts and youre kinda lonely because it hurts to go anywhere
tell her she can play with your transistors
dude my coverage is free

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this is up there with you storming off because we had the audacity to claim a monolithic chipamp was an opamp
(when it is)
yes, look at her arms and wrists
it might be a god thing, tho
also her chin is slightly being stretc by a sideways neck extension
well, i dunno if shes got big ass and tits, little bit of tummy is cute
even if she just has big ass OR tits
i dunno i dont really mind the extra 20 lbs
not like im gonna marry these chicks
oh haha
well i dunno
she has cute hands
she prob has a tight wawa
dont be like uh

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im going nowish
i might have a ride
stupid mufucker 'ill be over there tnight, for sure, im at a girl house, were finishing a movie'
hahah maybe mr D actually got some
but wtf 4a and he still hadnt called (i guess, id fallen asleep thats when my phone seems to have died)
ill blow him up at 10a
09:26 <Charles> I'm sorry, did you respond?
dont msg me, i dont even know what youre talking about
well if you didnt act like a bitch and ignore people when when you call them retarded and they prove you retarded, it wouldnt be an issue
btw i did that math on 1000uF, its like 80V ripple p2p
nice half wave 120Hz pulse generator
not really, i dont wanna talk to you
youre an asshole

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dude my sisters girl cat is annoying
shit scratches on doors cant just wait like a good cat
damn i fotgot how much awesome music i had that wasnt dnb

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stu maybe has to do his own laundry now =(
i found my venice beach sunglasses!
i dont have t wear the overpriced ill fitting designer ones that look alomst the same
except those lame things are gunmetal polarized, my shit is like bonze polarized
my shit is sexier.

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i said pressure drop, o pressure, o ya pressure gonna drop on j00, IT IS YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU (AAAAAAAAAAW JEEEEEAH) ...and when you drop, oh you gotta feel it, all that youre doing is wrong, OOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEAH
<3 toots
haha veruca salt is next wtf =\
i have media-cal
i can walk into any hospital and get paid for medical services
so its not that great
normal drs usuall wont take it
and clinics are shit
i gotta take a shower, bbl
er, medi-cal

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iunno its early
she took me to her castle and i couldnt believe me eyes she had so many devices everything that money could buy she said sign your name on the dotted line the lights when out and nikki starts to grind
haha i found old mp3 dvd backups
haha prince = awesome
gay mofo prob get more pussy than any of us here =(
haha yeah see jamaicans know about bass

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