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the taigs lasted 2 years, mad abuse, looking like itll live up to the 10 year plus reputation
so ima upgrade
then ima go taig racing
.000025 mile in 3sec, ph33r
desktop cnc mill

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go, nogo gages, cylinder gages, gage blocks
gage is like, this many withing .0005"
or something
that would be a shitty but totally usable gage
okay i gotta run the machine
one last board
then psu test fureal
4A fuses on mains side
burn down the house, they find the toroid with iec unmelted
fuses ok for salvage
(4A is what comes for free inside IEC connectors from a bin at all elec)
(but only 2 out of 3 or so, so check)
stuff is too big for me
2 servos progb weight more than my whole machine
is like nema...
fuck i dunno i have to check i wanna upgrade stepper
i wanna say nema23 but that might be the retardo taig spindle motor mount

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cut little 160VA toroid tested, working
can you feel the power?
power donut power. serious shit.
kinda vibrates, has a buzz
apestate: yeah i couldnt find any decent 10 packs of 1/16" endmills
im not buying 1 wtf
im call up that 2L okace
er, place
be like, okay thats how much for one, how much for 10
their tool faces are so clean they do the prism reflection thing
apestate: 2linc.com
email or call them on the phone, maybe bit more but worth it cuz from an american toolmaker
if they can do these pytamid dart cutters, endmills are prob easy shit
china via ebay #1
(yes really gage is how you spell it i was like wtf too
i will scan an inspection book later you will see, you will be like haha gages?
gage, like a reference'

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crazy fuckin germans

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and this guy in hospital pajamas wanders by'
and theyre like, naaah...
but then a fucking short limo pulls up, and two guys walk out, and go 'cmon robert, we gotta go home'
#1 junkie.
fuck pcb-gcode but enough procrastinating
i feel sorry people cant read gcode well enough to know how hard this script is fucking them
i am bringing RATM demo tape
i guess i will have to test it with atari teenage riot, too

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stu: insulation over mains connections on psu boards
and taped to the pad on the power soic bottom
its the low watt one
let the mofo burn
it wont itll just sound shitty =(
but its gonna have big (relatively speaking) aluminum heatsink on top so prob not an issue
heatsink not yet designed or fabicated
well, in my head
but i cant doc shit from there directly yet
that can be make 2009 project
unit41: iron man is hometown
my #1 junkie
haha truth:
my staff and my friend were at taco llama in north hollywood

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i thought thats why its there
meh, brb i gotta start the gcode rectification process
fucking pcb gcode bullshit
wow ballsy
okay you do that madman, ima contunue on schedules
btw i was kapton tape
so im like officially ninja status
no just kapton tape
so amber its fucking black
you know flex pcb?
that stuff (.001) + sticky (.0015)
cuz heatsink pads
hehe k nite

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neat i has a giant ziplock of them
okay so morning bikeride to army navy, mill the acrylic, get on bus, gtfo
latest ill be there is sat morning
and reza says he wants to have drinks sat night
'its for my job'
im bringing soldering equipment and two DMM
oh huh
and a fucking rubber band theyll be totally disarmed
wtf, og its got a rubber band and bubbles this cant hurt me
they searched after 911 for a year r so
but only downtown
and sacramento
fuck no
i think i stop there
i hate that city by the bus stop
wait wtf
why dont i just go to sacramento
and then me and alex and micheal and sandi can go
because they wanted to go to
they are the ride
sandi picking me up
okay yeah i think mabe trying to end up in sacamento sat morning or little earlier is cool

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haha im brining my iron so you can do like two people at once
whats wrong with them
all i have to do is soic
is it a big drop?
prob not
i have sot223, sot23 and d2pak on these boards
ou can go to a shop and just but a ton of generic darlingtons or to220 fets or something, no?
haha okay all their darlingtons or to220 fets
tomorrow i gotta do army navy for a duffle and then all for i dunno
wait i prob have those
ya rly how many times am i gonna go to all and but those...

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i forgot if he has a name
if he has material i can shop around, ill do it
like, i dont see walking in and talking to shop people working out great
cuz i dunno how to explain like 'okay so the machines sit there and we wait for people come...'
'wait how do you make money if the machines sit there'
sry i dont got $100K tho
they wanted to fund part of the new ones tho?
yeh its nice
dude theyre like the size of your thumb
okay i have to do work =(
i cant use any of the pcb-gcode output straight
it ignores Z feed rate values during trace cuts
so i have to find and replace
and the drill file is a mess 5 diff ways
you can teach sandi how to solder
shed prob be into it

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i think steam punk is pretty rusty
except in the books
but like in rl life, cuz steam, you know
naw thats awesome
haha thatll so stick out against the speakers
ah awesome
its so you can see thru and read both from one side
its on purpose
heheh yeh
i dont care
long as it holds the speaker things and the holes match up
omg that laser thing does raster shit so fast
oh ok
i showed someone who came over
he wants a set
heheh, he was gonna shop for a stage PA soon
speaker things like that
yeah rly im prob not going to school next semester
that person will be there?

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macegr: almost done with all boards
just preamp and dc output for the psu
they all deburred and sanded, ima hit them with acetone and scan
then assemble stuff
oh i have all the altoids, mehehe
i put some in my corn flakes
ok no rly i put peaches
hahaha, nice
you went steam punk

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ha yeah i fucked up x alignment like .007 at least
still okay
maybe not that much
okay cutting it out, yay, bye

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its unmasked
so i mean as long as the holes dont interfere with other traces
and you gotta totally fuckup to do that
tho im pretty ballsy, now
i flip horizontally, and just push my board back onto my fixture
i alstry and and use the edge thats not bowed outward
my fixture is made so if there are two high points, the Y will be consistent
so far wotks perfect, i set my fixture up once maybe 4 months ago
i <3 my cheap import edge finders
like, even if these boards somehow manage to fail, i learned so much from doing all this shit

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oh neat
im doing .008 space boards right now
haha its assembled?
mine arent masked, so it wouldnt matter =D
of course, mine arent masked, so it kinda sucks...
i got .5" kapton tape tho
so im ok
my nickname in the school machine shop was scrappy
(yes because i scrapped tons of parts
close, closer, omg almost perfect, OMG GONNA HIT DEAD ON
oh fuck, too far
cant fix that
im too impatient to be a good machinest =\
im a fuck of alot better tho
machining pcb is hella good precision practive
gotta get shit within maybe .003" alignment when you flip else its pretty fail on fine shit
thats sub .1mm for you metric folks

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i dunno, maybe 25
most in the past couple days =D
some of them are pretty dense .008 DRC shit
dude my baggie of 0805 parts from digikey is scary
theres like 50 diff values in there =\
ill post a scan before assembly
prob in a couple hours
my bad like 20
i just use my eyeballs and a dmm

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3 boards left

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zzzz_: like $90 round trip
maybe #200 for seattle and back, i used to do that alot

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zzzz_: im going to the bay area for maker faire
sometime tomorrow
naw greyhound
get some sleep, read a book
being forced to chill the fuck out for 12 hours prob good for me right now heh
maybe one day
fucked up to do anything without lots of $$$ in LA

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so it became machine all boards like a madman mission
neat ok
my exgf will be there
shes chill, ceramics student
theyre like big kids
ite ite
i might not get there till fri night or sat morning
but im coming for sure
well unless im on some gov no bus list
that would suck
id have to rent a car or a uhaul or something
yeah ok
oh i have to email him my number
reza: get msg?
okay i gotta go machine some more shit, bbl
but yeah sat night, alcohol, reza, ill write it on my monitor with perm marker so i wont forget (cuz it gonna be one of those stupid long nights)
i guess now we have some sort of contact info triangle now

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have not been there
theres places in LA and hollywood like that
theres a few places in sherman oaks and north hollywood, too
twiains diner, the thai on coldwater is open till 4a
ha damn
are u ok?
tho i get bacon bacon ultimate cheezburg
so im as bad
im workin on project now
chinapcb gcoders failed me, wasted 3 days

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is that more than del scorcho?
we usually get polly loco
i had baja fresh yesterday, very good chiken taquitos, good beans and rice and guac, too
seems a step above fast food
zzzz_: are you local?
youre not i dont think
theres a place called follow your heart
oh right
kinda local
okay in the west valley there is a health food market and resteraunt
old school, since the early 80s at least
best fucking milkshakes

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blue = signal, green = chipamps, cinnamon = psu, red = shifty VU control
man i need some vanilla extract
NO, not to kill myself
peanut butter milkshake kinda sucks without vanilla
jezus fuck how much do you use?
you just need a few teaspn at a time usually
drop!? wuss =(
sure ill do a teaspoon
i make them
del taco has them?
i should check that out
milk, peanut butter, brown sugar, vanilla, ice cream
next time im going to try honey instead instead of brown sugar
travellar: haha yeah

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which hasnt been much for a couple days
i feel like im failing at life
its hard to be the programmer and the operator and the tool crib tech at the same time
xovers reworked
hey im hungry what should i eat?
oh duh altoids, fuck

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im like simultaneuously laughing and be way offended
that wouldnt even be fun to watch a girl do that would hurt =(
like, ou can prob do the same thing by just taping it to your leg
whenever the cnc isnt moving

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all altoids tins bought
two eq boards done, sandpaper and gluegun bought, digikey order retrieved
crossovers, preamper, the power entro board, and the acrylic chassis left
assembly and test while machining
kinda really busy

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AVRISP2 or Dragon
listen to me, itll change your life
time for a new system

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wtf usb
o its fignuts

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dont forget the million odd transistors in the PIC
they do stuff too, you know

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blackmoon: haha
yeah you gotta be careful where you put the cigs out
and keep your nose open for burning filter

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you put out your cigs where it says I <3 NY

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weed is my enthusiasm
tho most i what i do i like doing...
god i hope i dont have to settle for some boring pot twisting job
dude i just cleaned up my ashtray
3" ashtray
prob 200 cigs
i picked up like 9 empty boxes of american spirit lights off my desk
mines like aluminum i think
its my sourveneir from NYC

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that looks nice
yeah is def thick enough for that length
omg gpf hai
yeah i dunno i just like it when you get hear because youre fureal
yeah i guess thickness and length kinda makes it seems like you walked into something intimate

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yay i has weeds
also eye crust, damn wtf if cat hair eye infection comes back
mcmaster will have them for like 300% too much money
but theyll prob be really nice
i think they had like 10 or 20 types of linear bearing assemblies
yeah thats a steal
if the bars are decent thick

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i dont get it
unit41: did you see horrible res vid
not a gantry =)
like, the table moved
er, moves, and the Z is fixed on the X/Y
normnal metal mill

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unit41: yeah
when i was etching i was doing CNC holes
man i dunno what people without CNC do for drills
like, im amazed the .012 drills work in the CNC
like a tiny drill press?
im not even sure id trust a standard drill press
oh haha
thicker with better clamps i hope
those sprung arm lamps were awesome, in theory
my shit always fell apart
no =(
and my ups is late
so im building and testing thru the night
omg you are op again
thank god
for what tho?
ooh, here come the neato part
oh huh
that might work really well
def cost more than a sprint and some nuts, tho, heh
the desk clamps were the worst part
like jezus fuck how do you fuckup a desk clamp
yeah tru

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haha i cant believe stu is lame enough to think i just wouldnt show up
my phone wont charge from usb and it turns into a non-phone cardreader dongle in mass storage pc connect mode
unit41: uploading vid
no idea what format, mplayer for win plays it fine

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i love how now that stus not op, he makes it clear that his whole purpose here is entertainment and trolling, yet charles still got his back 100% in every situation
unit41: noop
my cam is shit at vid, quicktime and useless res
maybe phone cam...
i need something heavy, steadycam style
o, bong
yeah likely

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fuck i showed up to the cute show in a haiwaiian shirt
blue and orange
and khaki pants
anyway, yet another example of stu making some shit up to troll ren
like i said, in here, you are a bitch
also there is a sliding glass door 2ft from my chair
so i get mad light all day
also our apartment has 3 balconies
was like some architect on LSD in the 80s or something
weird building
the next place over has a 3rd story loft with a gunner turret
i was in there awhile ago, they got a spiral staircase up to the loft, eheheh
so UPS says i can pick up my parts past 7p
first .008 DRC board almost done
looking better than the .015 ones cut with the broke tip conical

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well i dont care
you are who you are here
and youre a bitch here
all 5 of them?
weed is being lazy
what odds?
haha you dont think i can get 500mi in 12 hours?
dude im like on a plane or bus and out of here every few months
this aint even a big deal
so what
you think because i wont want people to see my projects?
hehe ive done like almost 20 boards in the last couple days
and these ones are at fab house spec
werent even designed to be milled at home
so even if it fails, im hella happy with it
also, there is sex and a girl
so why wouldnt i show up
i like large public festivals =)
um, hello because thats what working on projects takes
im not that pale
im darker than my exgf and shes full mexican =)
im not pasty
i tan well =)
wtf goth?
when was i ever goth?
besides liking the cure

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stu: nothing i was just commenting on the statement about contradictions and stu =)
yeah couple months ago
well its just amusing because that contradicts other statements youve made =)
yes well my point is youre a troll bitch
and not worth respecting
so thank you for confirming
ok thats fine
then you should be quite happy
i just find it amusing he spends so much of his life in a place he doesnt care about
yes well that explains alot
meh, its all about fuck buddies
anyway, it was more amusing when you were op
and pretended to care and be justified

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13:52 <@Blackmoon> ask for refund?
stu is full of contradictions because he cant admit hes wrong so instead he says hes trolling
which is amusing because before he used that tactic, i was the one that was trolling
naw dude, this is your plain words and behaviour
there is no one liners, this is years of history =)
half the the time your trolling starts because of some criticism i made
right, well in your brain
but unfortunately, the only reality is your actions
ooo, exgf is like 'pls2bring the fishnet body stockings when you come to maker fair'
i thought she took those but theyre kicing it in my closet

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what do you mean again
theyre like battong .050
i paid for two day

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its a college text
its actually for technical grads who arent BSEE
but who need electronics for some aspect of their work
its based on an ivy-leage 2 semester course in practical applied electronics
it has tables of generic parts
so that right there makes it a completely diff ballpark than typical college electronics text
dude, in normal college texts, examples will have like 5ohm and 7ohm resistors
wtf is a 7ohm resistor?
how much money did that shit cost

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def a step above normal college electronics text
sw or acad?
sw it is
i bought it from amazon around xmas
the ups guy lobbed it onto my balcony
so its binding is all fucked up =(

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i have a 110 and a 111
<3 autorangers
i gotta go to harbor freight
and i need to buy like 20 altoids tins
haha, sweet
yeah i almost majored in comp sci and network admin AS
i dropped out first semester, program was a joke
thank god i had taken electronics as a science elective
really now?
thank you for reminding me
now is the time for the reup
not really
i have a few
i read datasheets and app notes mostly
i have art of electronics
i like it alot
the other books i have are text from school
they cover enough, so i dont really need anymore
i dont really need to know a ton to design what i do
filter equations
thats it
everything else i can get from a sim
yeah i read most of it
well, all of it maybe
chapter at a time, not in order
yeah very practical

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man circuit density using 0805 caps and resistors is awesome
layout is so awesome cuz everything same size
not like those big epoxy dip 1% polypropylene
sculptor_: ooo eggs
i has those!
and some corn tortillas
maybe even salsa
i should do some eggs on tostadas
i have a degree in RF
well a certificate
i have a degree in electronics
yeah i should look into it
i dunno anything about legal TX
no its not a license
its an academic cert
i have analog, digital, and RF certs
you get all 3 and some extra classes, and thats the electronics AS
laccd pierce college
is like, well funded community college, based in the old home of aerospace and black projects in america
like, most my instructors worked mil and aerospace jobs in the 70s and 80s
oh that looks okay
i wanted to make a power transmitter tho
because i have a fetish with thoe dual emitter pill transistors

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do you guys have a ridiculous big machine centers?
FADAL factory had these converted grinders bigger than my whole apartment =\
move a family into that shit
okay so just like normal and big, no super
haha, looks old school behind the panel
meh at tubes
i still wanna do tube class-D to piss people off
use some medium freq radio tubes
the 9V psu is double plus, heh
my tube project stalled because i got too lazy to make a buzzer lib
then maker faire happened
fucking whole board is done except the buzzer, im lame =(
(was a WWVB synced clock with 7seg VFD tube display)

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omg awesome
she doing the robot
omg she did a leaning back tit shake!
no ground work or uprocks tho =(
i thought you mean granny dancing
eck0|wrk: like the hose itself pulled out?
that sucks
sculptor_: you guys do any tiny cuts?
at work, or just mostly big parts
the pyramid conicals are fucking sweet
yeah like fine lines, sub .010 surface cuts
cuz normally i just seen half round conical cutters, but we got these pyramid cutters
yeah i figured you were mostly doing big stuff
im just like wtf amazed at these tools
the finish on my boards is way cleaner than the single flute things

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whatever charles fails at full wave bridge psu 101
bithead08: you go ahead and trust charles
moon has no idea what hes talking about
blackmoon doesnt even know how to spel FPGA
in fact, blackmoon cant even tie his own shoes without a helmet
oh fuck i forgot to mail your shit yesterday
(i never went outside, someone brought my endmills)
stfu charles, ur out of the loop
omg i want some velcro new balance
i can be like a breakdancer slash old woman
does it have new balance?
dude they made some commercial about the new balance of love and hate
i thought it was cute, heh
sculptor_: link?

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anyway, a logic system is made up of circuit blocks
and theyre typically documented in schematic form, so thats what i know
whatever i dont care
its supposed to be a custom logic system
i should be able to make it from a logic schema
because thats how logic is done, since logic was first used
um, right
im not trying to do a complex system and stare at code and try and understand what went wrong
logic isnt code, code is for processors
yeah right man
that doesnt mean shit
thats some wtf abstract shit
a block of mem is a block of mem
blackmoon: omg the .008 DRC boards are working =D

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logic is schema based
ac-130u: nothing
bithead08: i dont know
im just saying why the fuck would anyone code logic systems
instead of doing them in schema?
a logic system is a system of interconnecting blocks
i think most people balk at schema entry because they dont know logic blocks very well
like i said, if im doing a logic system there should be a schema or block diagram somewhere
else youre being lazy and h4x
thats cool my web broswer is broken

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12:16 <@Charles> lover volt zaps are definitely not as painful
35V tickles
dont worry charles is too
including trollish wannabes
ASICs can be anything

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macegr: we prob gonna get a room someplace
tho i wouldnt mind working till midnight
that would be rather homey
make a curiously strong placeholder

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11:20 < Sculptor_> you cannot survive 80mA
100K skin resistance
1.2mA at 120V
thats just going into skin, on assumes it has to come out too
and the the human body is not a superconductor
also, you can easily survive 80mA
just not if its directly across your heart
and even then, they can prob just defribulate you back into working order
why not just use a normal smps
with precision feedback and current limiting
charles, read to be an ass?
blackmoon: people get stuck on electric fences all the time
they survive fine
its still current thru your body
and yes sometimes, im sure they are
especially that mil shit that they keep switched off
theres burn marks from blown up animals around that shit

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im going to buy some of those AMP pcbmount faston connectors
yeah i want pics yo
you said there were holes up in the pcb

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dx^: im practicing
these pyramid cutters are badass
i might wait to do yours and ttmustangs
i need a new 1/16" endmill
this one is like ridiculous overused
also, ima remake your ZC power thing

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sculptor_, youre gay if you dont know what condom smells like
or you have the aids, or you just dont get any
take your pick

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macegr: i can leave friday morning and show up at 6p
and still get there by the end and still make it to melissas bday thing for tim

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damn wtf did i do...
something has gone wrong
my flip note coordinates were off

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greyhound option are arrive 7A or later on friday
im prob going greyhound because i know i can walk in anytime and grab a ticket
and theyll honor tickets for any times on the same route
macegr: ha no
itll take long
i expect that
i have like 20 boards to solder up
god i hope he still has me on ignore
okay lemme check schedules see what my friday arrival option are
id rather show up with shit assembled and tested
how is AK?

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they took care of my best best buddy when i was too busy being system fucked and crazy
macegr: like maker people
like how late do they kick it before they get kicked out
or do they have the venue 24/7 and they keep it open for makers
anyway, we can mod the speakers with a foie
er, file
because if they holes are off, itlol be by that much, and i doubt theyre off i printed the speaker holes and they match up with the speakers
the power entry might not matchup perfect, but i check like 1000 times so id be pretty sad if they didnt
when is closing
ha damn 6, this a daytime party

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macegr: okay most boards done
only power connector board for the psu
i might miss friday, tonight an old old friend is having a bday party thing at a bar another old old friend DJs at (yay melissa)
and itd give me a day to finish curiously strong instead of showing up with it half built
darker technologies might be curiously late
dunno tho, yet
dx^: the pyramic endmills work amazing
i already broke on, tho, because i left feedrate override at 200% =(
macegr: haihai
is it event, tho?
um, say my plane blew up and im going as fast as i can
tell them itll be on the new shortly when you sai it
is maker faire fri/sat/sun or fri/sat?
the public part
yeah but thats easy
compared to the electronics
how late do these people party?
like, i can miss tims bday thing
they would understand totally, but i dont want too
cuz is tim and melissa

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