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money is shitty
once youre in, youre in
no turning back
when i get home
i milled like 20 other boards
and tried to do assembly
but psu intermittently fails halfway
like wtf its a bridge rectifier
me and sandi tried to blow one up once
because her habor frieght electric compressor burnt out
okay ima shower then go
i hop the toroid isnt broke
okay ill bring the 500VA one just in case
mad power donuts, fear
okay see you guys later, bye
with the spreadsheet you make from the datasheet equations

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i take psu apart
i test
works fine
put back together
odd voltages
this is weird
i think i need sleep
rab: did you see my one thousand boards in 3 days?
yeah im leaving in an hour
im take all tha parts and my soldering irons and dmms
pretty sure something stupid is happening inside the heatshrink or theres flux i didnt wipe up or something
no im going to sleep on greyhound
i dont remember that last time i slepy
maybe two nights ago
i never do
ill go into half concious dreamstates
but thats as close to sleep as i get moving
ive done LA to seattle a bunch of time
and i did LA to NYC driving 40 hours
3 people in shifts, i didnt sleep
thats far
my friend did that
i want to have money now i think
when i get home im maybe gonna get a haircut and find a job

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okay i gotta stop using water based flux
it hasnt eaten anything i didnt was it off of
i dont really care if this doesnt last a year
it just so awesome to solder with
but if you power on before it dries out,very odd things happen

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or didnt but found something else to do
shes in berkely
shes there
i i just go there and she will get me
she should
i have to talk to her
she sounded busy when i called earlier
i clear taped your printed adress and number
it is now indestructible
thats a good idea tho
okay ima shower than finish the amps
heh, pulse bigfoot SMT totroids are awesome

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macegr: leave 8:45p, arrive hayward 7a
macegr: she ended up going on the field trip yesterday

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guys is misplaced an important hex wrench

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i need a shower
okay sandi is in berkely
i can code some shit for it when im there
well im brining the dragon so im coding some shit
hello hardware
teknique: ha
its cool we have VU
you guys are lame
pirate hardware is #1
ima go finish my psu fail bye
ill be there tomorrow with goodies no matter what
reza has mine
we have a contact triangle
you have my phone number, im bus bbl

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yes im still in LA
remember im leaving tonight and trying to be in sac by sat morning
ima try and get some music eh?
only person im attached to is my ride and is staying with me the whole weekend
shell pick me up from wherever
sac is easier maybe
because a) its a major stop i wont sleep thru
b) its on her way
yeah that sounds around right, its like 2 hours from sac to bay
did you see the boards?
like 500 dpi, 7MB
all 23 boards
power supply is running
haha cool
now to add regulators
okay ima go solder bbl

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blackmoon: hahaha
an hour i been thinking i busted my toroid
i fucking forgot the via wire between the trace and the wire =(
curiously strong amp maybe up soon

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yay, unregged psu sections works
i almost blew up the .0805 .1uF pad

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psu almost assembled
i need cigs and a shower
those are 7MB images btw
26 boards, neat
hackish: thats eagle designs
routed excuse my
its a mill, sir
routers are for wood
same machine gonna turn out heatsinks in a few hours
kkty =D
i have to go, tho

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haha 6MB scans
7h 30m before i gotta gtfo of la
this acrylic prob scared shitless

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timecop_: hai did you kung fu polar bears yet?
do you have scars?
or you didnt play with him long enough
timecop_: i have scans of like...
23 boards, cnc fabbed, 5 at .008 DRC
i done so much design and fab work you guys should start calling me chink
the toroid works
which basically means im not an idiot

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flipping and scanning deep
thats how i record them

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theyre done
scanning hard

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ya rly

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most people who do alot of ebay business will deal with you thru paypal off ebay
same risk
and one feedback dont matter
thats how i got tinkerbelle
(pussy desktop fairie mill)

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just vanilla install off the ubuntu livecd
i copy my config over their default stepper config, and im machining
the long term support version of ubuntu they run on doesnt do my new hardware
even totally gimp, the realtime and parport stepper drivers work great
new ubuntu is out, theres an emc beta, when i come home im gonna do that

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