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timecop: rev rails on lcd failboard
you put the cap on that, no?
well, to blow up its cap
heheh 'test'
exgf finally finished at studio coming home
i called to ask if i should make her food too
and she clicks into defensive/justification mode
and im like wtf yeah im annoying a bit its not a big deal i dont care why i just wanna know if you want food
which is annoying
because i almost got left in san mateo twice because of the issue, roles reversed
timecop: hahaha
pretty fucking lame
timecop: youd have to desolder the cap for that, no?
my way you can just solder wires onto the cap and blow it up
no desoldering
oh you found them awesome
ya thats why i suggested just blowing up the lcd cap
okay she home, bbl

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ha thats lot of esr
so just but like 20 of them
and parallel
for like $100 or something
they big?
thats pretty neat
this is ass is 10p and exgf is prob kicking it at her studio
im fucking hungry

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and someone in another room was like 'WOAH COOL WTF WAS THAT?'
burnt coils lighting dust
prob just a flash
yeah motor stall maybe
overcurrent because the brushes not switching, burnt coils, shorting thru insulation, flash, mad local heat
anything close to it that can catch fire proc would
the smt FC ones, 470uF 25V
put -16V on it
just reverse the rails
16V on a 25V caps did it
all your shit is prob pussy 6.3V shit
it took maybe 5 sec
it dont matter, they dont like being reversed
yeah thats bad
if you dont give it enough power to spin quickly, itll burn the coils
i think it was mad dirty, and a bearing froze
1F .5V
theyre fucked expensive

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i killed the 10W+10W chipamp
reversed the rails
ejected cap foil
reverse 16V will kill most IC
yay totally
two of them
one while testing the psu
splattered electrolytic all over the inside of the tin
second i forgot to flip the dc jack when putting it on the mirrored board for the big chipamps
anyway it popped open the can, and sent out foil steamers maybe 4"
er, sry
variac aint shit
sounds complicated, it aint
old tech
SLAddict: fool
it blew open the top of the metal can
and sent foil 4"

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dont care if shes underage
its not like im going to fuck her
just think about it
blanket part numbers
heheh, silly
i got two amps
so i shopuld prob do a crossover
and actually make the speakers sound good
need to get a pair of 9V batteries
5W+5W chipamps
wtf are you talking about
yeah no shit why are you bringing it up in here

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im basically doing yours and ttmustangs boards
and then im prob not gonna touch the cnc for a month
do rev2 curiously strong for kits
and maybe finish VFD clock design
the no more pcb design for a few weeks
yeah those warnings are awesome
blackmoon: our apartment has a label
yeah my mom sent it while i was in my cnc machining bender
pretty sure she did it right, she called to ask what kind and i told her whatever was cheap international, just show them the address
so yeh, pretty hard to fuck up if she got that far
middle chick is cute

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stu is just sad
charles is like aspiring to be sad
which is totally lame cuz charles is capable of being intelligent
im prob home mid week
thur, probably
leaving wed
ctretsch: when i get home ill check if undernet is still linked to my half of the world
irc from a mac is a struggle
i bet there is no irssi...
dx: when i get home
i did like 23 boards, kept the CNC running non stop like 2 or 3 days
and more often than not for like 100+ hours
so yeh, i got practice
also methods

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i dunno i havet checked in like 3 years
timecop_: i think because lordpil was moving into new place, had new job (seemed to be ARM code hacking), so had money
so spent a couple months shopping
charles was muy offended
no rugs in #electronics
omh stfu blargh
charles' only op act was to ban pil
and they go 'NO ONES BANNED'
because they unbanned him after weeks
because even stu knew that was some retarded shit
ARM is the shit
every semicorp has ARM core chips
naw man efnet is home
timecop: yes exactly
ill consider it

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and this place is just for his entertainment, and hes an admitted troll, etc
a) why would people want him op
b) why would he want to be an op
c) how pathetic is it that someone spends all their spare time in a place they dont care about
also, fuck that memristor datasheet it hurt my head
well at least hes like original
ya his girlfriend shitop is like #2 protoge douche
this aint a troll chan
yeah rly most of us have more interesting shit to talk about
also notice charles banned lordpil for rugs
and threatened to ban me after one chair link
but stu posts tables, pics of his new apartment
asks for advice about decorating and room layout
his girlfriend is totally okay with that

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omg jfet = old
man so my exgf ditched me
ima have to wait like an hour or so for foods and sex0rz
no i think exexgf stole my sisters weed
also she does mad drama bullshit
so shes not allowed over anymore
this is exgf who moved 500mi away
im hanging out in chico
(because i got all my tools and lots of parts from maker faire)
the blind lawyer?
dx scores
so anyway
stu doesnt care about the channel or irc

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thats just a resistor with a current based roloff in value
how is that way more exiting than a varistor or heat compensated resistor
i dunno man that sounds like a bitch to design with
you use non existant passives
ill stick to metal film resistors from digikey
i dont care about mem internals
i care about pinouts and comm protocol
i dont want to make parts i want to make stuff with them, =\
yeah well, when they got app notes, lemme know

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cuz like, wtf rust punks wouldnt have serial RGB leds
tf is a memristor?
can i uy it at digikey?
how much for 100?
wtf who cares then
i dunno i can buy caps
and blow them up

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macegr: yay amps work
tho i only have two now
cuz like how theyre mirrored, i remembered to put the DC jack on the right side of the big amps, but i forgot to flip it
i asloded another FC smt cap
oh hai
im not really back until wed
aha wtf we are in the corner of the shadow pupper booth pic or what?
also very nice description of me
i should use that
yeah i see
idway up, right side
thru the fabric
is macegr cyberust punk VU
ijust rust punk doesnt work i think

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