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current draw might make using the cable impedance as a filter componentn useless, tho, so maybe need the series R too
whole thing starts looking like a preamp input =\
im not sure that will resist electronic field stuff
yeah but you can raise immunity to magnetic interference with current in the signal lines

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macegr should put 0603 leds as current sinks for the comm lines on the back of rev2 shiftys =D

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omg sweetest girl ever, i wouldnt be half surprised if she killed someone one day just because it was morning
okay so yeah, draw 1mA from them, prob get some emi resistance, normal draw is like <50uA i think
wish test conditions said something like '(Yes, ALL output pins. Even logic. Yarly.)'

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heh, 160mA any single output
with no specific pin spec
so i guess they mean logic outputs

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when i poked her at 7am she almost killed me

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thats not so bad an idea either, they can prob source like a mA at least
all serial so no fanout issues unless youre doing some weird tricks with enable lines (locking branches of colors only thing i can think of)
im not even sure that works (theyd need to keep driving the led while in disabled state)
i guess itd work even then if you could deal with a single dark shifty in that leg of the array

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yeah 102
and tune with the series R
kk bye
sandi gotta wake up in 5min
man ive like damaged my ability to sleep in since i started doing electronics

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the noise or the signal?
yeah the clock prob still work
but the signals might not be the right level when it latches in
that was just cables?
or 220R?
id try like 47R and .01uF and see how fast you can get it going
i wonder how awesomne google is at maths...
1 / (2 * pi * .00000001 * 47) = 338 627.538
.01uF, .001uF should get you 3MHz at -3db (maybe still enough to latch in)
but you prob dont need hard edges
so its usually somewhere in between

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if it doesnt work great, .01uF and 10R in series with the signal after tha cap prob kill it dead
sry, early
no your right im backwards
yeah that most likely works
but its prob gonna be .5R at most unless youre running really long lengths
not even close to that on short hops
so like 1-10R kinda force the situation regardless of interconnect
tho longer jumps will want more filtering
so just using cable RL values is kinda adaptive, maybe ok
yeah if you want high speed comm, right youll need smaller resistor or cap
what speed tho?
cuz itll kill the slew
oh thats pretty neat

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that is interesting
you can get the shiftys to go nuts?
tried shielded cables?
tesla coil was driving his shifty array insane
like, tesla starts, about half second to few sec later, theyd just spray random color
also it was knocking out the wifi for the whole event
stu: range and duration
the tesla was maybe 20 yards away, but it was like consistent noise for as long as they kept it running
it was pretty impressive to see it just tear down the shifty VU array
was like random + shift
there was the slightest bit of order in the chaos colors becase of the random shifts
prob cheaper than shielding
like $.10 in caps

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i dont super understand magnetic and electronic fields and ive had at least two semesters of doing nothing but that)
overunity breaks the no perpetual motion thing
and itll prob break the conservation of energy thing until we figure out where the tiny bit of extra is really coming from
i have no way of knowing that
thats like knowing god, i aint even gonna try and get into that kinda research
if it spins with no energy input other than initial energy, with no signs of deceleration over extended time, thats pretty fuckin perpetual
that in itself is pretty impossible at this point, so that would be impressive
and even that definition can be attacked in a few places
mostly ill defined parameters like 'extended time'

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ha if they fit itll be like just barely and prob sticking out 1-3mm from full connect
sounds like it could be it
and thats not alot of iron
so if the other stuff keeps the iron from aligning from the magnetic force, i can see how a metal like that would be magnetically shielding
the neos in hdd are usually mounted on steel stamped bits, doesnt seem like normal structural steel

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fur says me and monkees dont talk the same and thats why we keep butting heads =(
oh neat
twingy had an idea like that
to dump motor back EMF into a cap or batteries with timed fets
it makes sense
if thats like even 1/10 true thats still cool

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southwest almost has nothing
uninpected cracks in the chassis =)
well it was one time thing
attendant was retiring
was little after 9/11
so plane empty, maybe 20 of us on a 737
like, they were basically like, sit wherever you want
and then they came around with free alc, everyone in a super good mood
then i get home, and bored national guard in LAX terminals with (i guess unloaded) M16s
very surreal flight
o, ima ebay search those minidin 8 and try and eyeball if the connector will fit the hole in the acrylic
if its like .25" of sleeve before it squares off into the grippy section of the connector body, i think im good
no whats that?
sounds like a machine tool from italy
im not back

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low security, and can bring lots off baggage, and oddly shaped
yeah i have no car right now
well i do but its broken and its not worth fixing
gas, insurance
theyre ok
they could be way worse
ha nice
ive done LA to Seattle a bunch of times
prob do it this summer
its like maybe 3 hours or 4 hours flying to seattle
so like 6x faster
greyhound you dont have to deal with airports, either
haha cool
i usually fly southwest
attendants = happy, tired
some prettier than others
the cutest was also the funniest
and poor girl needed a haircut 3 weeks ago
i noted, and she made a joke about people in glass houses (i have dreads)
then she felt the hair in back and was like odamn i do need a haircut
i got free champagne one time

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were you alone?
if you were alone i bet you were sleep
when it was really bad
haha, ok i bet it is benedryl you can trip on
thats sounds pretty intense
did you have a fever?
ok (that cankinda make you trip)
yeah sounds shitty
i have a 12 hour bus ride tonight, w00t
central valley route, too
driving thru a fucking black hole, going that way

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legs achy, cant sleep
RockShox: did you figure out delay ms?
hint: read header, its useless
no just last few hours
but dont wanna keep waking exgf up
no im on irc talking to you
okay i havent been that bad in maybe 7 years
but ive not had enough sleep all this last week tho
nor enough marijuana
i think benedryl is one of the drugs you can take a bunch off to hallucinate
its some low level phychotope at high doses, and like kinda trippy i guess at OD doses
its maybe one of the other cold meds tho
haha, thats alot, you were maybe just half asleep and trippin
when i started smoking weed after being sober for a couple years, id get like that
just kinda fall into nap and not realize
like, omg mad hallucinations wtf, then you wake up like, oh...

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cool rice pot got mad bubbly and is now growling
i wonder if sandi still has sesame oil...

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heheh, good point
star wars = reality
star trek = post 1984 hell
arent you horny all the time in the presence of girls?
thats pretty easy to predict
yeah i always fuck that up
rice cooks slow
russian buddies are going to hook up local herbs before coming
i am so loved
imagine if i was actually a nice person and not such an idealist asshole
hmm now im wondering if youre a narc
yes, food herbs
for the rice
they are brining ginger and bay leaves

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i dont want money, i want chicks
techs get more chicks than engineers
no rly
i read a research paper
MIT shit, google it
for b52 size lifter
doitle: probably
for HV power transmission
its prob like 5ft tall cylinder or something
when i get care i think im going to take photos of all the local power distribution stations at sunset and sunrise
cuz i live in LA and ours are better than yours
smog has its advantages
you dont rly think those colors are natural, do you?
fuck star trek
utopian bullshit
i wanna see the concentration camps back on earth
thats prob where all the missing mexicans are

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sandi says 2:1 water:rice
she has a cooker thing
minute rice was weird
it would like drop flavor
you could dump soy into it, but after like 5min somehow it would taste like you put 1/4 as much in
like mac n cheese after it cools down

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okay well break your neck and take a class and maybe you can talk
i have a hangnail im like, fuck this class im outties, see you next semester

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i think maybe my other pants
is rice:water 1:1 or 1:2
wtf is exploding my lighter all over your arm gonna do you?
it was in my other pants
wow you are lucky
linear maps?
isnt that like, normal simple algebra?
yeah they made dx into cyberdx
im bad at book maths =\

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well, except being made of matter
phonon is lattice of xtalized vagina
i do not know i exist
ok i go make foods i guess
omg one of you jacked my light0r

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yeah sam7 PLL is neato
i can play with sam7 a bit instead of doing heavy pcb/cnc work
after ttmustang and dx boards ima tear down the cnc and tune that shit up, try the emc beta on new ubuntu LTS so more than just the parport and usb work on my mobo
its just a resistance meter
bias and amplitude knobs
a counter for level spikes
if you are im kicking you from my channel
well im prob kicking you from my chan anyway
um, wy because they are a lattice
you cant even define alive
rock is alive
prove me wrong (easy)
fire is alive, prove me wrong (impossible)
fire meats all criteria for living things

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ya rly
thats like me becoming and engineer so i can be like TECHS PWN ENGINEERS or something
which is why i think ima just finish the BS electronics/comp sci tech thingy at pomona
there are no holes
mutation makes evolution work perfectly
cuz the RNA stuff too or what?
okay well, that doesnt bother me
creationists have a problem believing the world is older than 5K years
so yeah, if i really believed that, id prob a prob with evolution tooo
like, evolution is perfectly sensible with a couple problems
which makes it exctly like any other functionally proven theory
creationism has zero scientific research and peer auditing
its politics, you cant just call your shit science and demand it be in textbooks
you want to be a science, you need to publish, deal with peer review, publish more, deal with peer review, publish more, than maybe in 20 or 30 years, you can be in a textbook

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that shit was insane, and bordering impossible on a reality type schedule, what we did
(took its tool during the event)
dx: wai?
are you like prone to berzerker rages every other hour or something?
i stayed with a FL IRC girly once
man the south. wtf.
they ot some bug issues, yo
i was standing on her back porch smoking a bowl with her
and im like WTF IS THAT NOISE
i dunno, normal grasshopper [holder her hands 12" apart]
dx: how did you not get pitchforked?
thats pretty awesome
in cali you never get more than two or three at a time
in a religius studies class of 30 people, only one tried to play that creationism is valid bullshit
check it out, her only response: theres issues with evolution theory

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russian buddies are 20mi away
i think my phone ringer is fucked up
i think thats kinda the point of having piucs
so did charles deop stu for talking about furniture, or what?
hahaha surprising
for what?
hai hai
missed you in san mateo =\
maybe next year
haha cool
i forgot my ush at home =\
like, its neat that i have some waiting
if my sister didnt smoke it
but id much rather have been faded for 3 days
yeah i think so
i wanna start planning way early
like in a couple months, heh

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kinda way too generic
but this is the look of the leader of cheer
m double legacy ZBT
rushing would be a formality, if they didnt let me in, i could get them in trouble with the frat main office
or whatever frat authority they have
my dad was zeta beta tau at Pitt in the 60s, and my bro was president of the CSUN chapter in the 80s
i wonder if he can work a soldering iron or resistor
yeah like, soldering irons in one hand
and i dunno
charged caps in the other
hed just be a black mark on the floor after
there would be spark dots all over your shirt, for sure
bring extra shirt to deathmatch
i bet he brings some 1uF 250VAC cap or some shit
esr shouldnt matter a ton at uA

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serious id prob be mad insane and wandering the streets of chico if she didnt chill me and sandi out a couple times
(she is mutual buddy)
hahaha wtf stfu
thats so awesome in a creepy freaky sorta way
sandi thought i was mad the other day because she didnt come home til late
(was actually because she insisted i was angry at her after i told her 20 diff ways its not a big deal, im not angry, im just hungry and wanna know if i should start dinner or what)
but its kinda nice being her alone with teh irc
who is that guy?
he needs to be kicked in the face he just has that kinda of face
and yes she is cheerleader cute

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shouldnt shouldnt shouldnt
my fav is milanese torta (breaded steak sandwich)
but ive maybe ordered 100 of them, and only gotten maybe 5 or 10 really good ones
this is kinda the general state of mexican food for me
it can be amazing, but more often than not it is mediocre or just not so great
i think that means you have a high perception stat
i want a jeanette
but im ending up with elanors too much
you like brittanys
i want a jeanette
really i have a jeanette, but we are like 12 years close close friends
is like so far into friend zone, only chance of us getting together again is prob something insane like getting married one day or some shit

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my exgf is to fragile
no shes mexican
haha but shes whiter than me
dx: omg =(
her mommy can
soft taco is easy, dude
its like, cook meat, warm up tortilla, next step obvious
haha wtf taco in cheese dip =(
i make hard shell tacos alot
theyre really lazy taquitos
i just half fold them instead of rolling
i also like chimichangas
nothing makes tacos and burritos better
except frying them in oil
i dont eat it much im like boycotting or something
i have a really big issue with lack of consistency in food quality
however, las fuentes is like assembly line style, and is always consistent
but its kinda bland and boring
like, after the 100th weekend of las fuentes, i kinda got over it
no its not like that
las fuentes is like extreme efficiency mexican
their turnaround is pretty amazing on the weekends
yeah if a place isnt busy mexican should take long to cook

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yeah wtf is with macs having two delete keys
yes dx
i live with girls all my life, remember?
also in placement, there was this girl had to be 200lbs
normal on top, wtf obese ass and thighs
she fit into the 120lb girls pants
very wtf
there is no backspace =(
its normal delete
then there is like, X in forward arror delete
tell that bitch to wear bluejeans next time
well, not like that
be like, starting a convo about pants
and mention how you like how bluejeans have a very shaping quality
dont say like, on her, like in general
if she wears bluejeans next time, she want your peen
okay well maybe not
but maybe
zzzz_: was neat, i was in san mateo mostly, tho
im in chico now, im be home in the valley on friday morning
hanging with exgf with marginal success

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yeah but when youve mastered it, you know exactly what parts are shit
the parts that seem shit at the beginning sometimes turn out to be little nuggets of awesome when working at high speed
what job?
and did failboard arrive?
man you are gone now you are such a bitch
i soldered instead of making dinner
sandi has trader joe peanut butter
she had multipack of jam
but only 'strawberry' and 'fruit (apricot) and pineapple' left
i killed the apple and connimon jam on the pancakes
she has honey, i can do pb and honey
i made her get potato bread instead of horkin chunks of oat fiber bread
her supermarket had no sourdough that was so wtf

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timecop = blogdongz.
(simple algebra)
macegr: curiously strong speaker input boards line up
i wish i had cable to test with (i think the hole in the crylic is maybe too small, but is maybe perfect fit dunno, cant remember if i measured)
ima go home and sleep for a week
when i wake up, i should have a job
then i can work on rev two stuff for the kits
i tried to assemble a crossover board
but the vias drove me nuts
yeah im doing that while i sleep
man im trying to say timecop
but tab completion on the efnet web client is total ass
well that makes you exceptional
i think for most people its about two years
i have many awesome boards
you just suck

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ok i think its time for fried rice with eggs
i will steal flowers from sandis balcony planters

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okay im going to smoke a bali shag rolly and feel sick
my russian buddies who moved to sac are coming up to visit soon
soon like an hour i think
i want to steal flowers for sandi
but i dont have a door key
im stuck
when homies come over, we are stuck
very nice
excersize is good for you
ok cig bbl

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fuck what is that shit called
i bet there is a h4x lunix client for it
Option "ZAxisMapping 4 5"
or something, haha old school
i never have to do that manual edit anymore
Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
i think
yeh imps/2 is the good one, logitech standard optical
$5 logitech optical = #1
fuck i should buy one i think im over the $40 trackball
in the future i will just try hard to keep a sqr foot of desktop clear
i was using gpm relay driver for awhile
i think with a ps/2 mouse or something, that was kinda neat

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WTF HOW IS BUTTON PLUS COMBO KEYS SIMPLER THAN: click one of other two standard buttons
because its so hard to work two fingers on your right hand
meh i hate 3rd button emulation
have you tried pressing down on your scroll wheel?
did it break it?
h mighty mouse does have 3 buttons
if you push down on the fail ball, it does the same antizoom effect but on the desktop items i guess
pushing down on the failball alone is hard, as its opnly 6mm or so across
i miss lunix workstation
i just have lunix cnc
but its some realtime kernel ninja lunix stuff
=( =( =(

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the mouse is total ergonomic failure
there is no grip area
the only grips are actually button 2
which does some gay unzoom window selection thing
which i guess is awesome for mac users, as the task bar thinger is so fucking useless
the whole entire mouse body is button 1
what happens when you get to the edge of the mousing area, have to lift the mouse to get farther across the desktop?
you fail
thats what happens
and yeah, the scroll ball is small and malfunctioning
i want a computer, not a graphics artist's weekend projects
apple is a marketing company
theyre not a hardware company
hardware is like a side business for them
ya rly
its like how they sell one button as simpler

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fuck them i already have two degrees i dont need their silly lib arts AA this semester anyway
man Mighty Mouse (TM) is so ass
the 2axis scrolly ball wont scroll down
only up
(sandi says its ok, thats normal, fuckin macs)
just get a real computer
yeah thats maybe not so bad
i cant stand that aqua bullshit
worst fuckin wm ever
i still cant tell which apps are open or not
oomething to do with the little triangles or some shit
yeh sandis computer
only upside is if you look, you can find a bash terminal
the mouse and the window manager are classic apple bullshit
who cares if it works well, as long as it takes cool pics

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sciatica is gona or thats part of back issue?
mine has been pretty okay
i forgot to bring my fish and gluco and gingko pills
on trip
maybe is other reason why i feel all messed up
better like cheaper or what?
hmm neat
man i hate financial aid
fuck those guys
i was going to school like all fucking day 4 days a week, theyre like, oh but technically, your not even halftime so we can pay you $0, haha

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man i want to get a 3/8" shank indexable insert holder for roughing and planing
then i just gotta buy boxes of carbide/TiN inserts
oh hmmm
like an old jet
with the engines in the fuselage and the intake at the nose
yeah thats pretty neat
yes its very stable
just gotta find the center of G and put the wings there
i think webchat is crapping out again
okay im back ph33r
your stuff is better?

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one for wire and one for cathode?
caps at center of gravity in chassis
damn is like everyone getting some this week
you mean a gina hole, right?
not like a microwaved cantalope covered in honey, or something
omg link killed the chat window
stupid web chat
that endmill is too much $$$ for roughing
tho i guess its like reasonably too much
not like wtf fu too much

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okay cuz i guess ions popping off or something
yeah caps seems best/simplest way to do the shit onboard
hahah SMPS with detatchable output circuit
hahah yeah totally
so sandi been smoking bali shag rollies
the cigs get my headrush then i feel kinda sick
bali shag is pretty decent rolling tobacco
naw its good stuff really
but unfiltered
cloves are tasty
but the fiberglass in the filters will blister the fuck outta your lungs
dx: how do you direct the ion projection?
yeah a glider would be neat, wire under wing directed back somehow

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depends on load and charge
just ohms law with the V on the cap
yeah i dunno i havent taken physics in 10 years
alot like, ants are strong, or alot like, trains hurt
this channel is so much easier to deal with than exgfs
#electronics. Never lock you outside while at class.
so you just need the voltage on wires on the frame, no?
do you really need any current?

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omg hai?
omg i can talk again
wait so was the big cap small enough?
how much g
how big does it look?
i still think 5GHz lifter smps from maxim is The Way
omg 60mm is gonna weigh a ton
why dont you get a smaller one
nice that you have a better grasp on electronic concepts
arcs in your face is like doing shrooms
when its all over, you feel double plus awesome to be alive

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than use a cap
its prob lightest solution
haha yeah imagine the pcb for this thing so it doesnt arc
is that 3sec at current you need?
does it even really need current?
oh thats not current

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itll fix0r it automagically
you need duty cycle equations for stuff like coil size
wow ghetto and tiny
so open loop and mad switcher freq
sounds fun
dont they sell lifter supplies?
feedback is like next cycle response
so they do it in 10Kg
blackmoon: theoretically speaking
okay dx
thats why lifters are pretty lame
damn i broke your idea (TM), huh
dx you want a boost smps at like 1GHz or something
do they have those?
i hope so because thats what you need
well maybe next year
or maybe maxim has one even thos its maybe impossible
maxim search 'lifter IC'

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im going to cut my hair and try and interview at cerwin vega
was planned
jenny gonna do new ones when im 30
theyre going to be better because now we know more about dreads
well i pull my hair back alot
so i look like that
everyone already thinks im always cutting them off
also ive cut half my dreads off already
6 months ago they were almost down to my ass
how big is your coil
idea (TM) is dang0r
feedback = ninja tech
open loop = madman

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heheh mode7
did dos have that too?
(was SNES 2.5D stuff)
if its 50V input and 25V output, itll be 50%
100V and 10Vout itd be 10%
thats why they have feedback dork
macegr: heh
itll prob jump between 99% and 99.2%
or something
yeh i bet
get radar
we didnt make them blind
cmon blind people been needing radar for 20 years at least
this is long overdue
its about relative noise levels
prius isnt a car to a blind person, its like, an bee, or something

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i was so exhausted i just waited in front of sandis door because i felt like if i was roaming, stupid small town cops would pick me up for intoxication cuz i was tired and stumbling looking like on drugs
(yes that has happened to me before, dead sober, too)
wtf is jackassC
blackmoon: hai
did you get your chain link thing?
hmm wtf
oh maybe

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damn how did you blow up the fpga?
ha yeah i done that =\
still in chico
till fri morning
well, ill be home friday morning
omg drama
i was locked out with all my shit and phone charger inside
for like 6 hours

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