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which part?
i did i thought you did that
i did the conctrast pot

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oh weird
ya prob waiting for some specific reset state
oh cool
that doesnt sound as annoying as i thought
man yesterdays bbq giving me heartburn i think
i think this means im old or some shit
i have a better idea
a microcontroller and fets

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neat english teacher gonna proofread rev2 resume
i should write her letter right now
oh neat
my friend has that
play nes and snes on his ds, besides ds games
yeah emu hax0rs got at it a long time ago
noise/emi, probably

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think so
heheh ty
oh the box?

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timecop_: beep
timecop_: drc checks out except your edge connector stuff, net connectivity and schema consistent check ok
timecop_: bitch are you asleep wake up mofo

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all i gotta do is connect up grounds and timecop expresscard failboard is finished

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macegr: i guess so

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and you can do pitney bowes thru paypal now, with the paypal adress
thats basically like, print out label, tape to package, drop in box
yeah for international you still have to wait in line
do the adress label, the little customs declaration
the automated thing is only for domestic
you have to write it out on the label and on the little declaration thinger
timecop_: okay i just have to connect topside power sections on the bottom
and figure out the ground issue
then its done

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you can get little stamps, like maybe 1.5x1.0"
they only ask for a zip
i always just print out the address and clear tape to envelope, read from that for the zip, and get the little stamps (they have a bigass sticket i guess you can write the address on)
the little stamps just say postage amount and have a dot matrix data square
um, you go in, drop shit on scale, slide in your card, press a few buttons, wait for sticker, attach to envelope and drop in box
compared to waiting in line and having to deal with some human being
its automated as fuck

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you dont see the ancient phone?
timecop_: shit is like 80% done
haha j00 lose

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im not sure you can do pcb inductors big enough
but maybe
yeah that works
okay but im sticking with .02" single sided
and buffing
and acrylic coat or something, dunno
i can file the edges down real quick, the fiber wont be an issue
dude whatever your bl0g is so personal you wont even shot it to us

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im going to make business cards on FR4
heh, i could machine pockets and embed an 0603 led and tactile switch flush
like at the edge, business card + small light
i should get .02 FR4 just for that
fuck the leds and shit
get single sided copper clad .02 and just engrave my shit on one side
yeah thats pretty easy with .06
but thats almost like promotional stuff more than a contact card
heh, get some polishing dremel bits, do cnc passes and make them super shiny

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omg u r coming home?
wtf you have parents?

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april is a long long time!
i gotta pay for a year with my shithost
just $31
but only 16MB script mem
php jezus cries
make a test fixture
how about i make it and you pay me $900
itll be that good
man i dont wanna pay shithost
okay i know i will pay shithost
but i will host darkertech someplace else, and eventually migrate
maybe, insertion force might be a bitch
ha make a giant zif

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ha neat holder
thats common on production drills
theres channels in the drills to get fluid to the tips
yeah dunno
is what i was thinking
heh wtf

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i hate that shit
yeah so you can break that shit and flip it, basically
but it cant be great for toolholders, especially spring collets
naw they make normal drills like that too
endmills, pretty much everything
yeah those are pilot drills with countersinka
that sucks =(
yeah theyre called center drills too
i have .012" bits
i broke a .005" endmill
i still have a .020
(because i havent used it)

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set a reserve
if you do ebay right, sniping doesnt even matter, snipers will lose to a normal bidder
dumb people will push bids above buy it now prices
its silly
ccfl_man: less flash, more distance, tripod
fureal tripod is like $15

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i think thats what he does with all his time
i set my snipes to 5sec before end time
youre supposed to bid what you want to pay

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it turns out to be milla jovovich in a suit with slicked back hair?

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you > upload photos
then you have to join group if you havent
then organize on the top bar
and its got a funky drag n drop ui
haha sweet is that what you get for $24/yr?

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its kinda like a hole with drywall and some shelves
there was a nice mohagony table, but i ruined that with my hakko
dude robert down is hometown, #1, my junkie.
since like weird science and back to school
hes like scott weiland, random LA people will have stories about them on drugs
my mom is april 19th, im the 23rd, exgf is 26th, i think the feruchi girl's was the 29th

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no macegr
i dont even know how to do the flickr group
will you post pics of your TVs?
and 1700s phones?
heheh awesome
yeah fuck all those guys i hate them
ha, i really kicked someone out of my house because he called irc like 10 guys with no jobs that i was wasting my life on
happy bday
you can have my flat pliers and miniplug jumpers
yeah cant find them they prob in your office or something, dunno

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im going to make a 5 element VU thinger
haha i bet he feels stupid now that you explain it like that
sell 5pak deal
and then
prob not, if theres a vreg into like 9V rail
on your board?
i havent started
thats basically tonights adventure
haha wtf family NO
thats like maybe the 3rd time in years hes mentioned such things
i bet his wife is a cocker spaniel and his kids are like, goldfish

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macegr: check make or #electronics flickr
how is it a blog it doesnt have words
like 100Hz is fast enough to fade smooth
maybe with line drivers
ha nice

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macegr: editing pics
my gimp is crashing

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ok fine lemme smoke
i gotta find the cam and cam wart and tripod
im gonna wire up my old linkwitz riley xover board (big thing, DIP, .4" pitch .25W resistors, 1% polypropylene epoxy drop caps)
and run it biamp until i get another power amp IC

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macegr: i finished wiring up/soldering the speakers together
pics later

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no idea

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okay instead of a gain knob, im going to do a clip indicator
less panel space and money, shit already has a volume knob
pots are the devil
>$2 for the cheapest usable dual pot
rail to rail amp, some resistors, and led, is like $1.50 maybe

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i should try eagle 5 out

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oh, maybe need some level conversion =)
i had a serial gen, dunno what happened to it

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they just drew circles on the dimension layer
anyway i can just throw some vertical lines onto the doc layer and pull points from that
i can find other shit to do =)
its fine i can just check the diamater of the circle and grab the centers
timing is prob fucked up
or wiring or your vref for the current setup is wrong

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dx^: via situation solved (i gotta double check but should be)
im doing yours first i gotta figure out ttmustangs drill holes
hey its not even noon yet

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i know i read
haha something i couldnt do in like 4 mine of fucking with dicktrace just took 2sec in eagle

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what does that have to do with it
i only use standard machine screw sizes
ttmustang: okay your eth part doesnt have drills
it just has circles drawn on the dimension layer
and i remembered when i checked, none of that shit looked laid out symmetric anyway
(shit eagle parts)
man why cant anything be easy
oh right because no one wants to make decent fucking libs

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10:09 < CCFL_Man> now my only hurdle is i need longer screws
you either gotta buy 100, or smaller qty of nicer screws, prob end up being $2-4 either way
that sucks
they never have exactly what i want

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well, $7.50
like 6.75 if i buy 25
pots ruin everything

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sexy ganged pots are really expensive
$10 in pots!

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what did he get banned for?
cmon gimme more juice, what was he bitching about
'i have that, it costs $172986
aaaw, hahaha

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haha @ alps.com front page title blurb
no someone else got that award this week

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oh and the miniplug connectors, eat $1 of profit
oh and some dip switches
and $.10 DC barrel jack (with dipsw to select between battery and wart input)(stk500 uses same jack, heh)

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minus pots and passives, BOM is like $6.50 in qty 10 for cs r2 headphone amp
that includes a panasonic 9V battery
think i can do kits for $20 or $25 retail pretty easy
pots suck

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anyway test the resistance of the solenoid
and dmm the adapter when you apply it to the solenoid
you might be pulling to much current and dropping out the adapter voltage
volt meter
well, digital multi-meter
spark just means you pulling a decent amount of current
naw it prob wont blow up
but coils have a way of breaking shit thats connected to them

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i found a $1.80 amp, $1.50 in 10 qty, 20nV/sqrt(Hz)
inductive kickback, probably
please to further define location and situation in which spike occured
pretty sweet
wait you see a spark?

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