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no im saying thats what led to MMO
there was multipler stuff that was like level/area based

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now every game is doom
this is like as fucked up to me as now ever resteraunt is taco bell
i mean this is kinda where i am with games right now
like, high speed physics based sim is really the only shit im into, as far as reality based gaming
blackmoon: i think it ends up being MMO
the multipler adventure platformers and similar with level based multipler seems kinda fail

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$20 says 3 is the last
and bethesda is out of business within 2 years after release
dude its the same game
upgrade the 3d libs
throw on some new skins
develop a 'story'
which is like, 'reasons to be stuck here killing everyone all by yourself'
sometimes with powerups
but often just bigger guns
when it was 2d is was some abracted shit
it was too silly to really be violence
new shit is just lame
well coop games is just like, kill everyone in teams
actuall i dont mind some of it, because they play paintball games
and i like paintball
but rly, its not 1000 games
its like 3 types of games with 1000 reskins
like, first perso deathmatch, first person teams, first person mil/merc sim
its cheap sim
really, i thought doom was ass
everyone was all getting super excited im like, um you guys are lame i has a snes

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or maybe i can still get that job there, i can vandalize bethesda like every weekend

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way more games
ps2 is basically like, the most games, by a huge stretch
and if you donty care about such things, theyre free
yeah ps2 has gems, quite a few
hell ive probly forgetten more fun games than i remember (i remember alot)
tons of retro stuff and updates of older games
but yeah really if youre not into FPS or fighting games, state of gaming is total fucking ass
fallout3 better be pimp
i will go to bethesda and vandalize their building if they fuck this up
oh i could totally visit twingy while im there

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but yeah, if only for the katamari ball games, you should score him a ps2
i know girls who never play video games who are likes junkies for those games
ico and shadows of the collossus might be too hard for him, but small children can be surprising
have you seen shadows of the collossus?
its like, best ps2 graphics, totally open roaming environment, and you basically just climb and defeat huge monsters
like 16 miniboss battles
okay yeah probably not for him
heheh i did that shit in like 2 days, maybe 20 hours
wii is supposed to be awesome for kids
nintendo very cool about that

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gta3 san adreas was fun because you could carjack a blue CRX and play in renesis mode
i would just steal my car and drive around
i woulnt even play it
but yeah i cant think of many popular games that done involve running around and shooting people
haha yeah, he prob dont need extra strife
my russian friends are awesome because nothing phases them
at the same time, they have totally 'middle class' upbringing
they used to wander the streets along as young children
i guess deviant pedo shit was like nonexistant in russia
get a ps2 and chip it
and download him game isos
more games than anything else modern, so theres bound to be alot of shit
katamari ball games, ico and that one game i love
oh shadows of the collossus i think
heheh k
wii prob great for him
but ps2 is like easy way to have like 100 games for free that he can play without nightmares or mind corruptions

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`nico: i play gtr2 with #cars people when im not stuck on some electronics or cnc obsession
best racing sim ever, makes GT series look silly
well you can prob build something decent for like $300
minus monitor and bullshit
for games
like, i play games on a underclocked socket a 3200+ with 1GB
you cant even get something with that little power if you tried, now
fallout3 in the fall
and gtr2 is $15 but you need least an $80 wheel to make it fun
and thats pretty much all i know
yeah fallout2 is a bit much
but racing is prob okay
my exexgf turned on all the driving aids and was lapping complex courses fine
everything else is like, FPS, blow it up =\
they stopped making 'games' years ago
timecop linked to some awesome pc platformer shit, 2.5D puzzle shit
but i think it might have just been a concept demo

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wait is that try?
or just professor shit
because yeah like, as far as 3d positioning, you can do it all qwith pythagorems and creativity
anjd a pencil and a ruler
this is electronics
not electrical
did you see the movie tron?
was there wasnt alot of butt cracks and mains wiring going on

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21:04 < DX^> renesis: I'll mail you some crutons if you solder vias
omg fureal?

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pam that shit, use nonstick pan, whatever
crack and egg into pan, pour like a quart cup of water in
cover, and you basically fry the bottom and steam the white/yolk
theres like this 30sec period of awesome
its pretty much steam until yolk is cooked to taste
the shit i saw online made me wanna puke
yeah kinda weird
but not really
if you steam long enough, its like a flat hard boiled egg
my friend wants me to buy him a hdd
usb with no external power, because he has a timecoded disk setup

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i do my eggs basted
dont google it, the popular recipe is like heart attack champion shit
hyalf a stick of butter wtf?
i use like a tablespoon
i need to get some monitor headphones again
tablespoon of butter or whatever oil floats your boat

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sounds like a worn in production tool
yeah thats not bad for a big machine or just something less precision

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i dont really like fish
i need to like dissapear for a day
and just clean and organize
lots of fish doesnt really taste like fish
swordfish and rockfish taste okay
yeah that fishy aftertastes tastes like spoiled meat to me
`awesome eee totally fits between my kb and my monitor

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i love me some flat sausage on bisquits
fuck a muffin
gimme that bisquit
haha shed do it to
shed beat up all your girlfriends, tho
until you gave up
i hate it when my money is in paypal limbo
i dont think so
i think i know a black guy
from a stoner chan
but it might be a joke
i always joke with him like hes not really black
dx^: no i transfered to my bank acct
they go thru the fed reserve or some bullshit
one of their cusr serv reps explained it to me one time when i called like WTF HOW MANY DAYS?

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they cook better when you fillet them to 1/2 thickness
fuck thick meat
yeah its almost like tofu, very inert
oh burgers are diff
hell naw
we make em like mini meatloafs
you can burn them on the outside if you want, still juice as fuck like 2mm in
that stuff is coated in some non stick powder
fat doesnt matter because i rinse the fuck out of it
depends, we do alot of italian sausage for pastra sauce tho
my sister does this sauce with italian sausage and cloves

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probably, im going pcb with it
remember the tools are pretty small tho, its not like youre gonna be machining with a 1/2" cutter sticking out 6" from the spindle
*doing pcb
dx called her?
hahaha talking dirty to the karat
trim them, then fillet them, then your options are limitless
freeze flat for easy defrosting

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the valley used to be so cool before everything bought everything else and moved away

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dude when i was a kid they built this awesome filtration plant in the valley
and we thought it was for drinking water
later we find out it just sucks up FUCKE UP ground water, and then feeds it back thru the city sprinklers
our shit is so fucked up, we filter it and put it back in hopes one day the bad shit will be dilluted enough it wont be scary
go lockheed
okay yeah and boeing and northrup and rockwell and prat n whittney and GM etc etc etc

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hey for a cross dressing junkie, that guys pretty cool
i once burned it with my vaporizer
explaining that was weird
no i was just working nekkid
and i went to pee
and i pulled it out with the hand that was holding the vap whip
sometimes i dont even get into the shower
after an hour i just walk over and turn it off and try again later
no actually im almost abusive with showers
twice a day just cuz its fun
yeah when i didnt do as much electronic or nc work or reading i used to take 3 or 4 sometimes
we have nice water pressure and heat
all of LA i think
i go other places its fucked up
yeah but we jack water from the whole western US

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yeah i bookmarked i wanna read the whole thing
hahaha nice
dx^: did i tell you english teacher wants to see me?
like on monday to sign the letter i wrote for her
its her alaborate plan to get a job and my phone number
shes is like a mashup between lori petty and an even more girly perry farrel
she is more geeker chic than gorgeous and hot
tank girl, the guy from janes addiction/porno for pyros
lori petty is tank girl
also the girl from free willy
she was also a non in some 80s crimefighting priest and nun series
thats neat
she has hair like...
you just have sores herpes happen at your lips and peehole =(

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but yeah the bearings were only $15 each i think, for highest quality certified bearings, i thought theyd be like 2x as much
that was like double shielded too, im pretty sure
yeah thermite epoxy dots would sell i bet
make tiny boards to piggyback data storage IC and asics
how do you do that?
i need like a 20-50K motor =\
oh no shit
ooo, interesting
yeah def not for the cnc but maybe fun to do
i want to build some kinda little pointless motor
seems to be a machinist thing to do
kevtris: im prob gonna do a motor direct coupled to a shaft
or like 1:2 or 1:3 geared
but direct coupled with the motor in a slightly flexible mounting

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hehehe probe fucked
reza_: yes very ultimate
we were making jokes about the like a month ago
thermite under an epoxy dot, heheh
what happens if you pu 14V on a hdd spindle motor?
er, put 24V
no i mean directly
fuck the driver
aw sad
id have to like beef up the driver to fry the bearings correct
thats not cool at all
yeah prob integrated switches
yeah for sure
def a class of god bearings
i want to buy some 63Krpm spindles for a projects soon =D
try and do a 50K spindle for 1/8" shank
abec-7, ph33r
kevtris: mostly i just want a satisfying noise
it doesnt have to literally blow up or sieze

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done it
does his have ADSR?
mine has ADSR with log gain
damn you a lucky bitch
well fuck you because maybe i have ice
mine was wavetab based
and i think like 32bit or 24bit freq accuracy
dds, samples is the easy part because theyre fixed length for all frequencies
they induct
macegr: yeah thats a hack
hes limited because he only uses half of the pointer
its a finesse hack
but my shit was more dynamic and almost as fast
also my shit has ADSR =)
see where he sticks his wavetabs?

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yeah thats what my macros do
shiftybit reg,bit
32 times, then shiftylatch it
then repeat
for the data
exit shiftyword call, load new shifty values from sram, do again
yeah seems like a bitch
cuz you gotta use special syntax so it allocates regs and you dont clobber
anyway ima go set timers up and do something with shifty status led
get a nice mac throb
you mean literally calling functions that are inserted in the linker
yeah some of that is involved in the same7 init stuff
yeah its just pointer adress manipulation, pretty much
doing shit on sam7 kinda blew me away, how literal C is at this level

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