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neat, interview confirmed tomorrow at noon
i gotta go to sleep =\

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damn my best friends tits got huge
they def were not like that the last time i got to play with them
no its been like...
hmm maybe 4 years or 6 or something, dunno

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yay girlbuddy #1 coming over \o/

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5p at jamba juice on monday, ph33r
omg shes never had jamba juice
I guess I could try the Jamba Juice thing--I've never actually had one (is that possible?).
no is not wtf
i <3 them

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18:30 < DX^> renesis: You like old Beastie Boys?
hells yeh
18:31 < mrMister_> Jews acting black. there is something very strange about that.
but theyre from brooklyn
like, hiphop isnt really a black thing, its an urban kid thing
and they were punk first, hiphop was kinda a joke that6 madonna liked =)

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ima etch that onto FR4
samus aran > *

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im doing tech support for n00b
how to open a file

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okay guys
ima go my first art pcb
samus aran on FR4

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cmon you wouldnt fuck that?
samus stuck in a TMNT scene

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we spent like 20min trying to figure out which of 4 blocks was better for the nipple dot
metroid and samus aran is prob one of my biggest influences as far as awesome female characteristics
if you got power armor and fight space pirates, im into it
haha, i knew a girl in h igh school like perm grounded
she bought a nes to play, when i was hiding at her house once, i beat metroid in like 30min with the justin bailey ------ ----- code
she was impressed, both by my skill and the fact that samus was a chick in a bathing suit
(just in bailey, i guess bailey is slang for bathing suit in some language)
samus aran > daisy || peach
samus aran > link > luigi > mario
i remember that

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mother brain bitch running it all and you gotta get thru metroids and pirates and fucked up planet creates to kill the minibosses and power your shit up to get to ms brain
sec doorbell
okay yeah
in the manual all you know is youre a bounty hunter
power armor, arm cannon, and energy generators built into your shoulder pods
and you can morph into a ball and drop bombs
its says samus aran
nintendo was fucking with you
when you beat the game in reasonable time
and it was by far the hardest game of that early era, totally completely non linear
like, youd find out that samus aran was a girl
if you beat it in under 3 hours, her whole power suit would fade and she would be kicking it in a swimsuit
basically yeah, as much as can happen in a 1st party nintendo game
like, when youre a kid, and youve been to hell and back and so lost into forever tunnels with this character
well, its pretty hardcore when you find out its a fucking girl
blackmoon: nipple block pixel
we made logos for armored core
where we took the schoolgirl chick
and pixel edited her shirt off

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hahah at gnaa kids
hahah thats so bad!
i show people as a matter of gaging social commentary
and youre something even lower
naw dude you dont know
you insulting the minibosses is you looking sad and disconnected
serious, its one of the best live shows ever
punk 8bit, feel it.
quick sucking
weakass troll
go yank it to memories of your mom snatch
thats why you cant relate to girls
see check it out right
all you know when youre reading the manual is like, mufucking space pirates
planet with energy sucks

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but we are also in afghanistan
i think its difficult to immigrate to new zealand
yeah fuckit just blow the cannons towards moscow if you get chilly
haha i think M1A1s have fully automatic loaders
its over
people lose
our only option is what congress is doing, and thats tryinbg to hardball the saudis
we did that in the 70s and they cut us off
but were sellin them jets and missiles in a few months, i guess
so congress is like, start pumpin out oil now
or you dont get defence gear
ya know? wtf man
california uber alles
stfu freediver
you are not intelligent
you cannot contribute
fucking meathead go die you are double plus sad

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well its intentions
we didnt mean to do it
well look
if it gets to that, bush, condoleeze, cheney, and rumsfeld have to die
its treason
they literally get the death penalty
bush and the neocons will join think tanks and big corp board of directors
and thats it
they did it, it worked
they have legislation that lets corps bend international laws
they have legal mercanary armies
they have a fight to the death with the only other empire left (muslims and americans killed the russians together, there can only be one, etc)
30 year plan
they win
ya rly
dude if mccain wins, we will invade iran
and that is the indisputable end of modern america
i hope you can speak russian and/or chinese
canada, costa rica, thailand, new zealand
afghanistan ended the USSR
iraq is our afghanistan

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wake up the family with assault weapons and flash lights
try and find any weapons
if they find one AK47, thats their legal right
but two, thats illegal, and off to the clink they go as an enemy combatant
thats all we do
they prob just plant weapons when they splash people accidentally
raids are prob how they score the drop weapons to use later
yeah well thats about how casual it is
ccfl_man: when i die
i mean how sad is that but thats about whats its looking like, current behaviour considered
dude a 'checkpoint' is a desert camo humvee
with desert camo soldiers
in the desert
so people dont see them
because yeah, out camo works, go figure
so they approach the check point too fast
so we light em up
ya, happened
700K-1M dead
we are maybe 993,000 lives in debt
of course its not genocide
because we gave them democracy

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he says 'drop weapons' were standard, so much that they were stored in the armorys with the soldiers weapons, uncatalogged so they wouldnt be shown a checked out of the armory and checked into evidense
and that his M16 was manufactured in the 70s =(
no dude
when they kill innocent people
that dont have weapons
they drop an AK47 by them
take a pic
and report them as enemy combatant
take the AK47 home
dude our troops shake down blocks on iraqi informant tips
were like being pimped by local beefs
but thats what we do now
we bust into houses
dump out all their shit

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omg pissed off troops in congress reading iraq experiences
its was more fucked up like this than quoted in articles =\
there was a sniper/scout who look like he was either gonna break down and cry or start yelling or both
he has a hummer with plastic doors, his commanders had spotless fully armored humvees, cuz they hardly ever left the base
hes like, their armored humvees are spotless, our standard humvees drip with the blood of our brothers and sisters
then he ended with a story about another scout who was taken off suicide watch so he could see his family, so he wouldnt have to tell tham
blew his brains out in the shower a month later

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is alcohol good for burns?
besides hurting really, really bad
Walgreens Apothecary Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Citrus
dude thats prob testerdays numbers
First aid to help prevent the risk of infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
okay so pouring alc onto my baindaids wasnt stupid, just painful

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damn 3 band-aids long
damn i should put bandaid forearm pads on my other armrest contact patch
wake up in the morning ant tape my arms up with trainers tape before hitting the kbd
they fail at make up banking systems
*made up
yeah fureal
this is 8 trillion, zimbabwe
here go buy some carrots

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omg my bbq burn turned into 2nd degree blister and fell apart in the shower
oo, right on the armrest contact patch, shitty
mufucking band-aid, aaaw cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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macegr: omg code is spinning
status led: pulsing
linear saw pulse, very caveman
i dunno if its working its sending blank sram =\
loading default cache with $ffffffff, ph33r

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so monday i can do jamba juice and frys

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sweet, there is multiple jamba juices by school

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oh wow not at school she is buying me coffee or whatever i drink wherever i want
i should be like, this bar, tequila.
i think there is jamba juice

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I'm not pleased about Pomona. Not pleased at all. But I'm ready to let it go.
haha teach0r <3 me
i thought she was gonna beat me up =(
baby oil works
for steel?
naw fuck that do it on a latch
er, lathe

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helicopter = serious business.
they dropped the X15 from a plane
yeah i guess thats just a mach 15 rocket assisted glider
travellar: did they land on the replacement?
thatd be a bad day for the power company
ok good thats like too tragic
gotta spread the misery

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ha ok last night
but thats all airworlf was =)
ha pwned

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okay so it doubled in price or i didnt get mine from there
$84 is cheapest from ultimark
which is relatively expensive
er $48
er ultimarc
all this stuff is cheaper from china and jp
but if youre already buying one of his modules and paying shipping, its kinda okay for one or two parts
otherwise kinda stupid to buy from jp/china thru britland
sometimes those asian websites are hard to figure out =(

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kevtris or blackmoon might know
mame cabs arent cost effectives
theyre peoples pets
its like a visionary thing, iunno, people into it bad
but yeah, its just a computer, some MDF or plywood, some plastic strips to finish the edges (if you got one of those channel routers for the real shit, you the pimp)
buttons and switches are surprisingly cheap
and yeah you can do it with a uC and an external usb buffer
a buttin is like $1-2 and the joysticks are like $5-$20
and the classic style balltop i like is usually about $5
omg $21 no way =(

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man fuck thats gonna be $60 in switches
and like $10 in balltop joysticks
i might do it honycomb layout
for max density
with gaps
white and black, like 3 or 4 octaves
but yeah maybe i could just do 3x2 rectangle thats mappable off the joystick
and split the dense buttons into two octaves above that and one or two below
trackballs are expensive i think

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ok no rly sry cuz i know you drove the chips to my house that time but really wtf gimme xmega
also, was that dds thing a product or what?
was just a project writeup?
im like, hey i did that + stuff
and its still not done =(
okay shittiest thing about signal gens on stk500
you cant play SHIT with 8 notes, just naturals or with flats
like, i made a little adrs synther
and like i could play anything cuz i was missing notes =(
so yeah i need to buy a ton of switches and make a control pad
and eventually the arcade button pad, because i dunno everyone my age has arcade fighting game skills

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qfp is neat
qfp is the last of the leaded IC =(
and it fetches from peripheral and stores in ram, maybe its own pointer and limit regs
or wat?
meh, put it on a timer
just fire em all and let priority sort itself
did they prioritized the interrupt vectors?
or are they still a hardcoded table
if they havent done that, they can still make megas significantly more mega
haha @ reti; nop; reti; nop; rjmp; rjmp; vector tables =\ =\
oh nice
like steps, direction, or what?
man fuck joe cotrell

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yeah so a peripheral, whoich locks your output pins
and then this totally an fpga project
someone needs to do a tinyfpga
we need email atmel like ATTINYFPGA NAOW RAWRARRARAR
oh its dma?
sam7 has dma shit
yeah its mem transport channels, pretty sweet\
just setup the regs and allocate shit
possible do some anticlobber code
yeah but fpga aren $3
also theyre huge
someone needs to make like an soic20 fpga
tqfp64 i think
for the s64/s256
<3 soic

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ill paste the macro
my asm files have solidworks assembly file icons =(
i think because you need the rjmp
which is two cycles
rol is one
also new way is only one input variable
and since its always using one reg
i dont even think using a full port unmasked is faster
yeah because ldi/out is two cycles
so cbi/sbi arent really compromises and it makes shit way more portable

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yeah its unrolled and uncalled
i did bit tests and sbrs already
well, bit tests with sbrs
i think rol is one cycle

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okay i dont think it can go faster
without resorting to crazed h4x
oh man i didnt stick this avrstudio on tab replace w/ space
well, you need to bit test somehow
and yes it did i pasted your lines into avrstudio!
//_ 11:15 < macegr> so....rotate, branch if set or branch if clear, set or unset the data pin, set the clock pin and unset the clock pin
i think you changed your way
but anyway its a cycle faster than the skip and maybe a word or two of flash less

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who is totally radd, fatigo, and bossk
why are they sharing the venue omg
oh anime?
oh hai
you saw pic?
so now we have proofs, or something

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also your way saved a cycle, with cbi/sbi io
and i dropped to using a single shiftycache buffer reg, and register for shiftbright count, instead of sram

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macegr: omg you see pic of makerbooth?
from sandi
also i have job intewrbiew today or tomorrow

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