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well, at worse they runaway and hit the clamp diode
and you can always just leave that shit out
i will triple check before doing final submission to chinapcb
because i redrew it

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ill zip those and eagle files and email so you can fuck with a board
i guess the libs too
yeah sure
the servos are kinda hmm but its kinda a neat circuit
theyre just integrators
like, it keeps track of the total offset, and feeds back compensation into the feedback or firtual ground node
thats why theyre wired up diff

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mrtube: pics soon

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hmm k i need sleep

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mrtube: did you want the .1" pin header and the RCA jacks?

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mrtube: pot libs and rca libs done

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3rd part eagle lib editor, PLS
its a kinda fucky half complete UI

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okay lemme do pot libs and do you have a digikey link for the connectors you want?
make sure they actually have them
the rca
okay so those, pots
caps for mutes
and then route signal power and ground around that
get some quotes, adjust pcb, get more quotes, etc, buy

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because theres space and its going onto output pins
big glass like the mains ones
haha or ceramic
i saw these sexy slow blow fuses
haha i can put a fuse tester off in a corner, heheh
\yeah i dont think its fits =(
have you seen it since the vregs and the fuses and protection diodes?
oh and all the LM3886 are on .125" grid from the center pins
dunno if i mentioned yet
like for holes on your block
so even primitive fabrication methods can be used =D
also theyre matched on both sides

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mrtube: you want them in the same spot?
like for dual rca cables
well, maybe i can do both
no not rlyt
kinda puts the cables on top of the speaker out
i have to make dx a new board with those fastones
and a non fail transformer lib
he had big giant holes
oh and i fused the 15V rails

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get vertical
fuck knows
i guess some way to fix them down for wave soldering

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spade connectors
well, yeah its overkill but you can just crimp on wires
you can pic them out ill do libs and put them on
cuz yeah molex connector means like 100 things to me =\
ooh, those
so you want .1" pin headers?
yeah its .1" pitch
thats fine
how big is the wire from the preamps?

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mrtube: how do you want inputs?
the inputs are gonna have grounds
you can tie shields into those
rca jacks is weird
pinout not so standard
but you you just need a place to ground the shield, with coax stuff
its not rf so expensive interconnects not so much an issue
the audio isnt gonna leak out like microwave signals
i can do it all with male fastons
and you just buy small gage .250 female connectors for the wires
becaise thos connectors are cheap as fuck, you can put them on either side, and if you want, you can just wire into those holes
two holes per connect
its in the first email i think

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sounds exciting
bend at the knees
haha they get in the way it sucks

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meh, those 500VA ones are amazing for the $$$
also they usually test transformers at ambient
yeah my shit dont light up
ill have to do something with this irssi config at some point
yeah thats not bad actually
haha @ R2
i know, its far
thats kinda the only one
i can believe that shit passed drc like nothing

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you misread or hea talking about amp dissipation + amp output
AB is 50%
its rms
fuck that
gainclones get about 60% effiency
call it 50, output is an rms value, so double the output
and thats amp dissipation
ha ya rly
how hot were they at load =)
transformer rating is based on voltage dropout or temp rise or both
audio signals are usually less than sines in power for a given peak
but fuck that

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i was in zombie autopilot mode the last two hours
i remember starting and finishing i dont remember doing it
and i wasnt stoned
no rly i have had evil until earlier this evening
er, havent
i was just like half asleep
didnt wanna have to do it today =\
yeah i prob do more of my pcb shit past midnight
to be selected i can just do .250 fastons for everything or we can do some other connector
haha nowai
pics foo
i promise i wont paste to lordpil
mrtube: theres no kinda space restriction, so anything you want
mrtube: also when i send you files you can pick out spots for test points if you want those
no not at all
thats pushing it
at 250W youre at that toroids limit

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sealed, ceramic-metallic resistive element, 10%
yeah i wanna use those for stuff i think
timecop: dork
03:52 <@timecop> lol encoder.
switch encoders or just 1PXT switches
okay so ill lib that shit and throw it on the board
then add mute caps
but really nothing is hard after last night
timecops asians fucked up an edge connector
so my expresscard layout from before was useless so i had to do again
and it didnt fit but at the end it all fit and i have no idea how the fuck it happened

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will pwn intel.
fuck it even does divx
CPU Clock Frequency: 400 MHz @ 1.0V +/- 5%
sam7 is prob wat like $3 at 10K?
theres prob gonna be GHz microcontrollers in a few years
mrtube: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=3362P-203LF-ND

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this will be the point in history when the whole world was really run by a company called SmallFlacid
wtf is r64
dsp controller or some shit?
arm9 might as well be dsp
under $10?
like for 1000 or what?
thats pretty good
how much external bullshit do they need?
nuh uh
just like PLL stuff and maybe some reset bullshit?
atmel is going to pwn intel one day
their shit is just so good
it can do external DMA?

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we should make front companies
and convince maxim were going to buy 10K chips
to get tham to make shit exactly like we want
then we sample it
then when they stop making them and prices dropout, we buy them
timecop: wake up i has a plan
haha 12 years
who knows why
they decided they needed quantum gates
timecop: fake company to get maxim to manufacture custom chips we can sample

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no i know for the tcxo thinger
okay so like $4?
i want uno, quanto es?
thats cheating!
neat clock, tho
thats so mean
that is very fair
you need a nothing uC to control it
fuck anything with enough pins and i2c
compare regs or something?
time of day, neat
it would need to wakeup every day
to check data flag, anyway
dude its maxim
wait a year theyll have it

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it is 330 in your timezone
omg wai do you need so much sleep!
what kinda display?
ha goofy
i have these 4digit 7segs
little tiny green ones
maybe can do a little driver for it
or 11-segs
ive never coded those before
my trimpot is sexy, no?
oh, easy
damn, rly
how much is super xtals?

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i should organize my passives and finish the shifty VU

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maybe 25 30V or whatever
fuckit ill even put fuses
and the male .250 pcb fastons

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macegr: neat
so sisters buddy came over and looked at evil tomato clone under 3W of LED
he was like WTF
heh, i guess the LED/dirt clone is doing way better than hydro/CFL clones
hes actually doing aeroponics right now
you basically suspend the roots and mist the with nutrients
but yeah hes totally down to go halfies on a 25W test array with 500 5mm led
ima test an LDO based current sink
if it works, im gonna do like sot223 vreg in current mode and 1210 current set resistors
do like 10 led strings
two rails, with series diodes and reverse diodes on the inputs
red rail blue rail

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i found it
yeah insane
i did a 16 cycle dac out mainloop, a 17 cycle loop, 18-19 cycle, 20-23 cycle, 24-25 cycle
above 25 cycle is timer int based

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ha neat if i ever get stupid enough to get a bar code tatoo, i will do dip switches instead

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okay i guess i collect all my diff sine project pics
post pics and code
i wonder if i have the timed loop dac shovel code...
when they do wetwires and skull flash, i want to have megaman music playing direct neural injection style like ALL the time
and external dipswitches so i can change to streamed drum n bass
dipswitches for retro style

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;loadFINE phase accumulator incriment
irc in the code, tsk
the adsr shit is flowcharted
.macro handle_gainenv
line 164

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yeah but i expected answers, now i gotta do research
yeah sam7 c was kinda creepy
like, c is really literal at that level
well this is kinda the plan
i wanted to learn from the bottom up
hehe yeh
teh juice
fuck i kinda scare me

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i could just post the adsr shit maybe
my shit wasnt even filtered =)
not that his is...
i have dds and sram shovel code i think
fuck fuck
solidworks is trying to start an avr asm file
wanna see some ren asm?

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also evil tomatos like leds
theres no buffer?
driven by what?
haha should i post my shit on make flickr?
i prob still have the code
what im just posting pics
i wont even post all the pics

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like, no way in normal use the main caps will bleed before the post vreg caps
but who knows, maybe rail gets shorted during assembly and testing
i bet thats what happened to the vregs on my other pcb
see you should always listen to kevtris when hes like, put the diodes here, and here

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okay i guess thats what those wtf sim diode opamps are for
macegr: possibly consider opamp sim-diodes for low amplitude response on the VU things
schottky maybe kill off the last few dots on a 6V rail
vu dots
thats maybe way to overkill/h4x
im shop for pots and finish mrtubeclones
i found 600V 30A DO247 diodes for like $1.60
for reverse voltage protection and across the vregs

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yeah i feel like if i came up on a cougar and i wasnt running...
and i didnt have a gun (dead cougar, fuckit)
maybe 50/50 you can just get the cougar to leave you alone
wtf timecop
16MB, 11sec
bitch i dont care about tv
guys intense face is funny
do you think thats the guy from the crow?
i do but hes the guy from that warped ricci movie

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shit was louder outside, in the dark, in the middle of the forest, than inside the car with a stereo on
all bugs
all kinds =(
yes lots of that
that fucked me up
like you gotta be standung under a light with a white shirt at midnight for that kinda shit to happen here
yeah dont go trail hiking at night with a white shirt
no not funny =(
june bugs are dumb
those shit have zero navigation
bugs would kill you
if they were big enough
wouldnt think twice
you can reason with a cat
even a bear
snakes not really so much, but a little bit
bug dunno wtf youre talking about

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like i think michigan and illinois might be okay
florida swamp areas was not okay
yeah eagle lib editor ui is total shit
i waste time on irc avoiding that more than any other single thing, im pretty sure
oh so you guys have alot of water and trees i guess
crazy nasa'
yeah def water and trees
dude on the east coast
outside of the city, like western NY state
i stopped the little scion to pee
turned car off, got out

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but yeah when he was going more nuts, he was always talking about getting that guy whoever on some cnc yahoo group or some shit
i think the triac dimmer speed control guy
haha that was when his project deadline went from 6 months to one month to 3 days and he was like 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WONT BE FINISHED'
like, ya hello, reality, sry
that part of the country is so odd to me
like what would happen to me there?
i would just shrivel up and disintegrate?
i dont think that place has enough carbon monoxide or something to support me
i could smell the nothing during winter in washington, there was so much edge to it, it felt toxic like cillantro
man i just typoed that seeyantro
maybe there is enough factories in wisconsin i would be okay

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thats really pisses me off, control coders should be above average
mach and emc seem coded well, but most other machinist people code is horrible
its feels like half finished, like they got it working and went OKAY EVERYBODY STOP, DONT TOUCH IT
turbocad and microtech cnc sim both kinda feel like that
er, turbocnc
turbocad is actually a half decent acad clone
whats his name?
is he goofy or normal?
i think so
haha when macegr was here i would have known
he took all the shit so serious
like i think this channel was like his ammunition for forum and mail list trolling
er, greycz
haha funne because its like, word-letter-letter

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full wave rectifier with an output filter
oh nice
prob the smps
what freq do those run?
yeah its maybe the smps duty changing with load
dude no
you cant talk shit
you havent used it i can talk shit
that was prob the best part of geda too
that shit wont be usable for years
thats if they do everything right
i seen them bitching about lib naming and shit on dev lists
emc is awesome
but like, you fuck up control code, you destroy parts, tools, and machines
pcb-gcode is fail, btw
youd have to be able to read gcode to know, tho
or spot differences in feed rates in about .02" of travel

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i need to reorganize my flickr
they trolled me with the 3 set max thing
i felt so defeated
not there
wtf is picasa
thru shifty_rectifier04.png
i think
yeah thats with the three diff cap values
yes timecop that is some analog shit

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i think its on my flickr
or i just stuck it in .com/images
oh i should maybe do the samus aron toner etch this weekend
my gimp wont print
wtf is up with that
yeah, if youre selling to audio people, they wont like a very reactive input
do a switch maybe
use 32R and 1W is prob overkill
and you want it on a switch probably
standard audio load is like 10K+
so itll work for headphone amps but it might put alot of output amps for line outs into thermal shutdown mode
or just kill them
yeah why the fuck dont they make dual trimmers more
you prob have to get fucked up expensive gang pots
and then they prob have shit matching anyway
tho audio pots arent always great either

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ha thats how i feel about toner transfer!
yeah thats dumb
make a toy or something
make a stu flasher
i seriously spent like a year fucking with eagle before i actually knew wtf half the shit did
like, ive seen people review eagle and say it wont do multiple selection copies
which means theyre reviewing an app they dont even know what all the tool buttons do
did you use rail to rails or bipolar supply?
or did the offset just kinda float where it wanted
well yes active filters filter excellent
yeah thats kinda what sim did
to about 1K maybe
did you try my circuit?
the VU one i did that you soldered the vias on

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mrtube: the whole songs?
schema and pcb are two apps
diptrace is a suite
7.80 MB (8,187,416 bytes)
libs are 25MB
eagle is a suite
well, yes in many ways

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because i realize i waste a ton of fucking time switching layers
i wish you could autoroute by net
and undo it, without restoring a backup
ha no
takes years, diptrace is serious slow at alot of simple things
no ive said what its shit at and what its good at
its def got a more intuitive UI
but eagles makes sense, if youve done console cad
it can be fast
you just have to understand the stupid workflow for the tools
it wouldnt be if you could autoroute by net
and its useless is alot of programs
um, spectra, i think it is?
standalone autorouter thing
i had EWB with that but never tried it
autorouting by selected net would be the shit
oh wtf
naw thats features
maybe not in windows, on a cad app, thats a feature
cad apps have notoriously h4x ui
yeah that would be nice
but yeah, alot cad/cam/eda just doesnt care
UI are usually hand rolled shit
ewb and diptrace are exceptions
and ewb more than diptrace i think
sucks it uses multisim for capture

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dude i dunno wtf i did to timecops board to make all that shit fit
im assuming you have to get tyhe parts out of that box thing, heh
well, if youre counting by hour, i got like $50/hr last night
and all i know is that the whole time i KNEW it wasnt gonna work
and then it was done wtf
okay you kept bottom pretty clear
good luck with that TH cap, heh
i wish eagle had a layers UI like acad
its customizable but it kinda fails at color mixing or something
the ui
super functional dropdown menu

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how do other movie sites survive with the imdb thing?
oh duh, very large flash ads taking up 3/4 of my monitor
they put the fucking monkeys in the cast first
oh it was helen hunt
wow, helen hunt vs ally sheedy
hmm, i guess winner depends on era
im biased, i totally wanna hunt to die in the deathmatch

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girl deo comes in flavors, not scents, its weird
what is that
oh haha
look she got little droog trolls too
instead of getting dressed in the morning, those dudes get painted
ever seen um...
coke bottle from the sky, what was it
synopsis coke bottle sky african
the gods must be crazy
was ally sheedy in project X?
this page says no

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i think he means his eth board
and some of it
but then i had to find my sma diodes, which i found
but now i have to go thru all the passives and sort them
so really i have to clean up the house
theres like a missing logical bridge there but yeah, i gotta clean up
sisters stuff is here now so everything like clutter on top of my already unmanagable clutter
this is definitely an organizational crisis
like the shotch tape and header jumper array diffused shifty array is now buried under magazines and girl junk and more of my junk
er, not enough backspace
her deoderant is spring pear flavor

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what is that?
macegr: my sister is reading you
should i tell her youre not a bot?
like flavor chips
eggsalad: she still says what
eggsalad: sister says wtf youre slow

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eggsalad: my sister is reading you
eggsalad: my sister says what

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omg potluck
my bong is like brand new clean
breast meat?
egg and italian seasoned breadcrumbs is The Way
k i gotta smoke with my sister bbl
i should prob water the evil tomato plant

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if you draw it i can maybe make you a die
i wanna see if i can get good pics or mech drawings of crimper dies
crimpers are fucked up, im not trying to pay $500 to squash some pins
im out of rock salt
world is end

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yeah it does that
macegr: hook around the pcb or the cable?
haha its like my 12mm pot hax idea?
haha theyre called 'clinchers'
im not sure why thats so funny to me but it is!

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hai sup, im back and forth, kinda aound
actually right now i have controlled substance tar all over my hands
i should deal with that bbl
weird why did digikey link excite me that much =\
macegr: thats neat
not yet
i will be if i could get off the irc to clean my stem
bowl is already brand new looking
im sick of my high potency weed tasting like tar =(
you can remember?
most people cant remember
if i stop for a few weeks, i cant remember what weed did that made me like it
but then yeah when i smoke, it becomes clear again
its like Lawry's Life Seasoning
macegr: how does it go onto the pcb?
the socket pins are smt or something?
ttmustang: i dont get 'high'
i get 'there'
when im 'there' im know to stay for years

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like all amps on one edge
not your design but for another one
i might do it diff, tho
like, dual buffers, one inverting, and then 4 identical non inverting amps
dunno, rather do the inversion at signal levels and then use matched amps
yeah no problem
its a good cad/eda app
total shit UI
kk laters

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wow nice
ill see if i can finish the board up tonoght for a quote tomorrow
no ones told china what weekends are yet
quote will have a tooling price and a per unit price
youll prob want more, heh
throw two in a 2U rack and thats some badass shit
monoblocks are like badass++
thats when you know someone not fucking around, heh
okay this is ass when my family ordered thai i wasnt hungry
now i am
i might rework the design

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nice standoffs
mrtube: i got .5" past the bottom standoff?
looks like it, kinda close
the board
its about that much, i can cut it down if i have too
oh sweet
man my sense of proportion in pics is all fucked
yeah those are tall!
theyll fit ok?
throw some kapton or vinyl tape over the terminals
i dunno, in case someone knees the back panel or something
def sexy looking
i love holding big caps, theyre so dense!

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that lib is fucked up the circles for the mount holes arent even symmetrical =)
isnt it a resistor?
hmm, thought so, i checked the board
meh, sorry
mrtube: neat pics

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oh shit
i have some like that
10,000uF i think
15,000uF, nm they like 2" wide and sodacan tall
haha itll be fine
oh sweet
okay i have to go pickup takeout thai bbl

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they were 2.5", no?
or 63mm i guess, something like that

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just blogger
which is timecops lordpil.com logger
haha i kb'ed it and timecop got butthurt
oh fuck i knew i forgot something
i hauled ass to the bank to try and beat my overdraft charge
that shit is $35 now wtf
no see because i havent really had weed for days =(
hard to get work done

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i has mad SLAs and also offline medical ups (more SLA! unless i fix it) and a blown powered monitor biamp, and my friends failclones

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