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um, hes been opped
and hes banned me and others thru the bots
its bullshit

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interest in our product and our service

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Hi ,
Thanks for your interesting our product and our service.
<3 ms yang
she says send bom, i get assembly quote

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might buy one of those soonish

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i hooked it up to my sisters eee
little pink thing was bumpin

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tals gainclone works \o/
also the big sub box we found in the trash that i rewired
kinda like those
2 of them in a ported box

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its gotta be badass
miniso, f33r

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okokok tomorrow
$3 chip, 60V boost
look how much feedback it has
input, output, and fet current
and its natsemi

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then when i get them, i can lace the leds, and the fuses and diodes, and solder them in
prob 20min per panel if i haul ass
er, 26 soic8

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i gotta pimp my wordpress
sigh, lame
k, nite
timecop: k getting quote for assembly
ya, 260 leds, 26 0805, 26 1206, 12 soic8, 2 fuses, 1 diodes, 3 faston tabs
2 diodes even
i told them im probably going to want just SMT soldered, based on price

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variable resistance
based on voltage
they blow open at a set voltage
theyre prob really diodes
oh actually no those are called something else
yeah they make zeners for spike/surge protection
and another device thats kinda like a MOV but its more like two zeners inverted in series

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dx^: yes, just put white leds in it
im gonna use those boards for cnc lighting
with china white long throw LEDs
10deg 10000mcd shit
dunno link me to datasheet

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mrtube: bottom half ob board complete
except for rail status LEDs

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i should ask about assembly

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timecop: $70 tooling, $8/unit
pretty neat
thats with tons of drills too

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pizza is here
hello senior tube
your pcb is nearing completion
moved the fuses
pizza here bbl

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eagle doesnt really, it moves shit around more like a cad app does lines
diptrace is better at that foolio
but thats where it fails too
figure out how to turn off the pin/pad/trace alignment AI
shit is out thinking itself half the time
okay you can grab a trace and push it and in diptrace, it would move the node between two trace senments
or move the trace segments and alter the connecting traces (if you clicked in the middle of the trace segment)
so shoving is like 2 or three actions in eagle, in diptrace its just like, grab, move

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thats etch
thats not milles
no idea
senior tubes pcb almost has The Look
i dont remember doing that shit
is like a psychotrope med blackout
i remember moments of 'WTF this will fail' and 'im gonna be emailing this back to him like FU'
hahah @ vias under the chip
diptrace does trace shoving

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so my buddy (sisters exbf) is trippin
because i designed what he would have to pay $600 for
and its maybe $150 worth of stuff
leds, fuses, pcb fastons, diodes, vregs, chip passives, pcb, silicone gaskets, screws, nuts, acrylic or polycarbonate plates
i hope =(
and its always better in cali

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next president has no chance
like, we need to fix foreign policy, now
economy is fucked for 5-20 years
we have to fix education and infrastructure
like our shit is falling apart, thats so fucking lame
and if you dont fix public education, america is over in 20 years

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timecop: not yet i just started 30min ago
its like 8a in china
omg just put it on the fucking http or something
after pizza ima blow up chinas msn
i have two diff orders
they need orders
how can this fail

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timecop: what time does chinapcb get to work

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submitting growleds pcb to chinapcb for quote

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heh, so 3w of 600mcd/100deg leds are working
i wonder what 25W or 1000mcd/20deg leds will do

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yeah dx your zc thing needs a fuse
cuz stu was like, dx gonna kill himself with the mains!
and im like, hahah ya rly, ohno
the soic are 317 vregs
with 1 resistor, current sources
theyre $.24 is you buy 100, $.16 if you buy 250

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dx^: wanna see LED array?
say yes say yes
omg ninjas
forearm to the dome

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yay its done
er, amost

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depends how big
if its some tiny little stepper or smps you prob be fine

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led panel worked out perfect
26*10 led strings on two rails, every string with a TL317 and a current set 1206 resistor and a .1uF cap
also two fuses and two bigass diodes
and male .250 pcb fastons, yay
like direct from gio?
thats bad, heh
oh thats not so bad, use diodes
or fat fets with diodes inside
whats the board have to do?

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okay well im doing one all soic under the transformer
with fastons and shit
and prob badass sample avr for no reason
10K sample led throb data tables
oh hmm
was it a .012 one?
i do those with scsi or ide cables
no more .007 boards on the taig, just .010 and up
thats too much bullshit, even with ninja cutters
oh i think he means for switching a solenoid
and im never sure what those solid state relays are

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yeah but a series diode after is good over overkill?
like, cost is whatever its for 25+ 100mA 317 vregs
i have fuses already, big 3AG things
reverse spike protection
oh hmm
okay i just have to add heatsink copper under soic
then im pretty sure its done
i didnt do a schema =\
oh i have to add 0.1uF for all the tl317

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dx^: no =\
dx^: im going to order faston (spade) pcb connectors, and i have to make libs for the little transformer
you want me to redo that side of the board?
i can send you the connectors im ordering a bunch soon
the zc avr board
that way youre not trying to solder wires onto unmasked boards
i would do .1 with like .05" isolation or something
the calc is prob for a 30C temp rise or something =\
rab: do you think series diodes and reverse diodes after a fuse is overkill?
instead of just fat reverse diodes
is lowpower 317 regulators
im pretty sure rev voltage makes them pot

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i really hate oval pads in eagle
like, hai ya i can do that with a short segment of fat trace anyway, assholes, WHAT IF I WANTED IT THE OTHER WAY YA NOW WHAT
almost done with 260 led array

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eggsalad: d00t

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