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only three are ground disconnects
almost time to get all artistic on this mufucker

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10 ratwires, 5 are mutes i have ti jumper out before hitting VEE
5 are unknown, fere
4 unknown
wow if thats the only ground plane disconnects, thats pretty awesome

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removable panel pls

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under 10 ratwires left
oh haha then i get to add rail monitor leds
timecop: find me china rack units

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panasonic NHG 11.5mm: .45
.25-.44 in single qty

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most precision features will fit inside an inch
fuck feet
this aint #architecture
we know how you shop for parts, youre the biggest juden
remember they dont want me, officially =)
they got some good food tho
and they can throw a party yo
well, kinda

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inches mutherfucker
werent you from texas once or some shit
timecop, what base is engineering
main metric units, electronics parts value, what
cmon, we use multiples of what
our whole engineering scame is 10^what
stfu and just say 1000
inches is base 1000
mm isnt
cm isnt
no it is fool
no im formally trained in precision fabrication
its 750mils
inches, thousands, and millions
no one uses 1/7
142.857 mils

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coil height: .44"
fuse holder height: .43"
see the smps wants to be in the panel

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hmm wait then you cant control the rails
electronics is so complicated
okay i redesign with bjt current sources and test jumpers on the strings, original original idea
but with rev protections and soldermask this time
then build smps and see what kinda total efficiency i can get
so i know how much transformer i really need

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that way the voltage converters are tuned for a panel
else people will have to like tune a psu for a panel type
thats bad for people
haha, i told old friend about plant leds just now hes like, wait we will talk later
hes jewish, kinda
so maybe can split initial costs 3 ways

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also neat
okay im considering onboard smps
because i have a ton of space in the current layout
then like, power supply is a transformer, bridge, cap
and im maybe going back to bjt or bjt/mos sources
cuz more efficient for the least money
even if the layout is uglier

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ima have to math all this shit out
meh, back to tube board

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probably enough
way less
because the voltage upconversion
its just 13*.02A

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fuses are .4" high or something
.1s surge = 100A+

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that shouldnt be $10
check out the package in the datasheet
1800s diode, heh

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so i get transformers from all
2 smps, 2 coils, 2 caps, 2 diodes, 2 pots

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5 transistors, pnp under .01
between 100 and 800mA
it has a spice model
like 1/3 the cost
1V dropout

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im sure this happens everyday all around the world
i did
man your short term memory is fucked up timecop
whats that
is that the 750mV one?
vs $8
i need 26 per panel

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neat but they say they gonna run out, just 1000
man copper is fucked
thats the real reason to build efficient
but yeah $30 max for a psu
life sucks

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looks like $15 for a transformer for one panel

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22:28 <@renesis> 12.5W, $100 BOM for a whole panel
acrylic front and back, silicone gaskets
maybe .75" thick when done
so $80 for electronics including board, $20 in acrylic, silicone, hardware
this is all prototype costs, qty 2
still a psu to deal with
copper and ferrite is a bitch!
itll need like 30V and 50V rails
red and blue leds

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BOM is maybe $80, boards and parts, at $20/board
12.5W, $100 BOM for a whole panel
competition is $170 for 6W and $600 for 90W dissipation and who knows what output
so yes i think so
the led panel

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bassdrive dj's reming me of muppets
i can see like their whole heads pivoting with a ftxed jaw and shit

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i cant find the dropout voltage
i guess im supposed to figure it out from the schema? (3*Vbe+ some saturation, i guess)
it makes everything make sense kinda

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this is like .750mV with features, maybe
what i designed it with

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rab: http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail?name=SC4211SCT-ND
oh i pasted already
250mV dropout
.5V reference
.75VC total dissipation
the .5V ref in my app is better
because i put a resistor across is to control current
its like, vreg version of mathless led
but its short circuit and thermal protected and lower parts count and feedback controlled, etc etc
my BJT one dropped out at like 1V
i bet the mos one will do Vbe of the reference Vbe
but yeah, at best the bjt/mos/2R driver is .6V min drop

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naw she cute you can prob wank 10min before and still be good
then youll be like more whatever
hmm fuck
rab: $1
soic8, tho
naw youll jinx it your neck is still fail
maybe it will heal tomorrow
hahaha @ american gladiator
i hear the music =\ =\

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and maybe a test jumper at the end of every string
this is so neat i cant believe leds actually work so well
too much shit, doing something wrong
1000uH choke, nice

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wow he jacked my bjt source mod idea
cool, it works
100K for Q1 current, ballsy
less than 150nA (2nA typical)
its still input voltage dependent
current mode smps would be neat but thats fucked up for every string
so i think im going to make per rail smps
smps chip with external fet
with pots to set voltage

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rab: do you know if they make LDO with low reference voltages?
like .5V or less i guess
im using them as current regs
shit works, but its got way high dropout so low efficiency unless i use them with 20leds or some shit
hmm, i will hack the gibson and see if i can find one
the 317 are .40 in single qty tho
yeah im like, 40GB mostly empty on my gigabeat
which is still dead
i just listen to radio for a long time

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above led sum Vf, below dropout voltage, you get a few mA
then around dropout you get set current, bit low
get it warm and its pretty good, 20-21mA for couple days

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im get quotes for no mask
my dad did that
hes all like super genius pharmacology guy
also nuts, did lots of drugs
like, all of them except lsd
you will find out!
so i think it works like...

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is she smart too?
she looks maybe goofy/smart cute
k like sex0r her and then marry her so she can support you when you are deep into your h4x

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11.5 KTwinkies

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soic8 = new fav package
they make alot of sot223 type shit in soic9
also the C/W was like better than the other smt packages

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okay no more pcb until cleaned up
i fucking just lost a huge spool of solder
how the fuck do you look a fist size spool of solder
clutter, debris
i have everything in a toolbox
i just used it
to solder someones little RC microcar toy
$5 china shit, jesus fuck was like 100awg holding it together
its by the prototype led string
i gotta clean up and take picks and do some not blogging
its been like a month
sony will do more fucked up shit in their headphones
its like 0.5mm coax
people are like 'hey fix these' im like 'hahahaha'

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yeah thats how i caught the bad vias
that looked okay from almost every angle

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i got gatorades
dx^: ur failboard is sent
'youre lucky my ass wasnt kidding when i said id electrically test it
tropical-mango gatorade = better than the real thing

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ffvii style
i should make a machine that heats, folds and hammers steel
with like cutters and polishers
i wonder if they have those already in mexico
paco samurai swords gotta come from someplace
okay im going to go mail your shits

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mutes will all have switch outputs, you can jumper or hardwire them
standard carbon steel is cheap
not much more than general purpose aluminum
i want to buy a little block to to try and machine it

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stainless foil + balsa
he prob just mean, 200lbs of welded steel
stainless rings and plastic cylinders maybe
and fuckit id use nylong rings or something
its pob just some shit cooking grade stainless
some things gotta be shoved around a bit
i have to add 2p headers for led and mutes

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sometimes people dont understand content
dont you get in alot of trouble
punching students cuz they deserve it
uploading teh pic
ima buy a new bowl too
bongs are in metric
it sucks its like bikes

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for the kits
and have like filters recipes
in what
thats last step
or what you do when you cant think anymore to do real work and need rest but need to work
bullshit like details
like, technical functional details matter, font size is like, so stfu
ctrl-a courier 10pt, stfu
fuckit man select all arial 10pt

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thats like $70 tooling, $40 shipped, $8 unit cost
for 10 units i think its like $200
and im prob gonna get them unmasked and unsilked
for cooling and cost
no thats the ourpcb quote
its $70 in kingbright leds from digikey
fuck china
then its 2 fuses, two diode
because i want name LEDs
because i dont want to have to QA 10K leds
quality assurance, part inspection
ima gonna get chinese ones for my cnc lights
some >100 deg lights and some <20def lights, white
i can do it for others
if i sell them im going to do diff light options
also theyd make badass spotlights
with 10deg leds
i might sell like 4 packs of parts
if i do the curiously strong shit
because people will want diff crossover and eq frequencies

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omg yeah going naow
mrtube: is like almost done
i send pics but i have to go to usps with dx's thing or he will die
prototypes are supposed to fail
i need to take pics of my led string dead bug prototype
you have to cludge two ground planes
they need a mode in eagle for non thru hole plate
just put your dmm into continuity mode youll find it
yeah really
i need to dump like 20 bug/features into GCAM bugzilla
it cant do negative shit really
which is a problem
mrtube: sec
i know

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im sick of this 1945 computer shit

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they prob just gotta be like 'ya that justin timerlake billboard with the smoke and the audio spectrum trails and the white suit hes like, maybe gonna moonwalk, i photoshopped that'
btw that guy knows really good places to eat
man this sucks, i need a new compy
i go to route a gnded ratwire and like the highlighting the gnd objects takes maybe 2sec of pause

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no its some calpoly pomona ee club presidents personal site
but yeah maybe she did pron sites in the late 90s, it has the look
autocad is neat
thats the only one i dont group into 'common office productivity and media editing applications'
sandis got some friends are like photoshop ninjas

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i have an invitation to an ieee banquet at pomona
if i upload the jpg then everyone can be invited
she is spamming me

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really the only cool security besides random small club types are the yellow shirt guys
that were at maker faire, they do all the big weekend festivals and raver massives here
like, at audiotistic 2000 when everyone they oversold to actually showed up (like 100K+ people, wtf)
by 1A the security had just kinda given up and joined the party or found a place to kickit and rest
and thats when shows went until past 6A
sheriff were roaming in little groups surround by a bubble of nocrowd, prob afraid

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union station DC?
fuck those guys

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should be pretty useful for more than just plants
like 260x 10deg china white led is prob a pretty badass spotlight
but yeah, think it was <$120 for two panels, 25W output easy for a pair
competition is $170 retail for like 6W output
and $600 retail for 90W total dissipation, unknown output
and the complaint with the UFO ($600) is that the light doesnt go far enough
my prototype shit is like 16deg and 20deg leds, shouldnt be a big problem
okay back to finishing tube board and resumes
oh i didnt see it its like camo

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i have to connect into the heatsink with pins 6, 7, and either redo the silk or just say fuck silk
soic pin one marked by a via, kathode is square pin, fuses dont matter, and its pretty obvious how the diodes go
i wonder how much cheaper without mask
prob better for cooling
i think i wanna do poured silicon castings for the gaskets, and polycarbonate or acrylic front and back panels
3 holes for the faston .250 connects, with some sort of slotted grommet thing slides between the board and the back panel around the fastons
so it should be pretty water resistant
if i end up selling this shit, im prob gonna have diff options based off the same boards

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no schema. sunday morning, connect the dots
i dead bugged 10 3mm leds, a TH resistor and a SOT223 LM317
for a string prototype
been on for a couple days
$70 tooling, $8 unit, $40 fedex
im maybe getting 8 or something
2 pin leds and non-rudy/ska LED layout made it really pretty
9 always looked most agressive to me
it has like, a head
and a mouth
so yeah that always confused me, 7 8 9

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11:40 <@d0gZpAw> MrPockets: dunno.. if you get a nitrous backfire, a weak manifold might save your other components from damage.
er, mispaste, stupid tracball
macegr: sweet
macegr: did you see my led arraything?
ima tweak and maybe order today
260 leds in 10 led strings with TL317 based current sources
on two rails
i want to use some for CNC lighting, too
do a rail of white spot leds and a rail of white wide leds
someone is going halfies with me

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timecop: omg your money finally showed up
grow led string deadbug prototype still functional

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