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digikey BOM for a panel is $50
260 leds, 52 pnp, 54 0805, fuses, tvs, rev diodes, connectors
in qty two
so maybe $20 for PCB
very short run

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hmm yeah
i dont go down past one inch above the end
but ive had the pcb fixture jacked in there forever
so yeah i can def go lower

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hahaha @ cutting the slide
my fixtures clears it by almost nothing
scares me
twingy: what did you end up making the table from?
i just remember mdf box and papertowel spacer
i guess maybe drilled mdf

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well, kinda
i have a sam7s256 header board

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shes says you look high or drunk
dx^: links to before after pics

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dx^: she says she has black cherry hair do you think thats hot
and do you have money
other half jewish
she says um
she says she doesnt like redheads
i dont think i was supposed to say that
you canceled pics so she says fu
she says carrot top = gross

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eggsalad: my sister likes carls jr
eggsalad: what
eggsalad: my sister has thunder thighs
(my sister wrote that)
rab: my sister thought you were the bot\]
hehe neat
dx^: she says no pics

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so everything works, and then you just pray the server chroots/jails work
AI that grow up on irc will be the most ruthless computers on the planet
yeah rly
is there a CoS trolling this month?
i got time

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i thought it was sysbin
chown root:root; chmod 700; pray to voodoos
only prob i can see is some dickhead rolling a distro package that used it
theyre usually setup pretty open

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wow that guy is really fucking good
wtf is up with youtube now
since they added shit to the player, it totally bogs down my firefox

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its like dude has lookahead
like everything looked done with the same amount of effort, he didnt seem challenged by any one part
haha yeah i cant do close to that
i dont even pick my bass, everytime and try and practive by the end im using my fingers and fingernail backs
i fucked that shit up i think
i basically have to drop the bass off with $80 before the guitar tech talks shit at me for how fucked up it is (i got it used and its a mexican fender)
(im not saying i didnt treat it like total shit over the years, but yeah didnt start off awesome really)
but it looks sexy and sounds good thru fuzz and thats whats important
is like only modern fender with slanty hips

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oh wow at the beginning his picking seems kinda pussy and soft
but yeah haha that guys really good
hes just reall smooth for being that fast and precise
haha wow
okay this is like seeing REALLY good F1 drivers drive
like they never look busy or rushed
my fingers cant deal with that
like since i had a bass, and i mostly play with my friends carvin (long neck, bridge is high in the body towards the neck)
normal guitars feel like those kid toy guitars
haha no i cant even play bass consistent
yeah im still on 1st guy
oh haha '
this is def as cool as the guy doing while my guitar gently weeps on the ukalele
yeah it really is like watching a hakinnen/schumacher level driver race

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oh nice
working well?
heheh, yeah little machines are so awesome like that
ourpcb(msn): send
okay shipping is $48 again so i bet thats some sort of flat minimum
you live in the middle?
oh, yeh you guys gettin beat up
death heat season hasnt started here yet
i have a jbass, i need to get it setup

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nothing, on msn with chinapcb, waiting for a quote
i either need a new computer or need to waste money on 2GB of DDR1 mem
actually really i should do that
because maybe thats whats wrong with this box
k, msn guy says engineer guy is doing tubes board now
i love these people they are so polite!

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fuck osx
fucking bsd with the worst *nix wm ever
id rather use ratpoison or evilwm
and fuck that mighty mouse bullshit
jezus fuck that thing is total art project bullshit

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why is msn installing shit
wtf i just failed login 3 times and they locked my acct

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based on specs
and they sold, and got good reviews, apperently
more parts kills it
its literally an excersize in minimalism
gaincard didnt even have the feedback R on the board
they soldered them directly across the chip, deadbug
nice, heh
theyre huge
old chipamps
my technics amp is 90s, im sure
its chipamp is prob like 3" wide and 1.5" tall
yeah, big package is good for dissipation
spread out the heat on the heatsink

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LM3886 are better than legendary
thats kinda standard
toroid transformer, high speed diodes, small psu board cap
then main DC ripple filters right at the chip, per natsemi spec
crossover noise
i guess, in the psu
its a non issue
people who build gainclones tend to be minimalist
so its like, less parts, but REALLY good parts
yeah but the amps have amazing PSRR
thats basically why theyre amazing
so like, ripple doesnt matter so much
well, its the voltage drop
why they use diff rails
theyll do 4R with 35V rails
theyll just get hot as fuck, over test conditions
likely trip the SPiKE protection shit
yeah but their shit is tested, im pretty sure
whole point of having a chipamp with amazing psrr is less ripple filtering for decent output specs

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im sure old ginas wera out after 20 or 30 min too
if not much quicker
i bet they are very soft!
20 kinda when it starts =\
stupid mexican/creole/theif exexgf was too little, she was like 15min max without goo
mrtube: they used 10uF
LM3886 datasheet schematic uses 100uF
its just timing, really
LM3875 doesnt even have a mute, and i couldnt get tals amp to pop after i fixed it
the original
3875 (8R), 3876 (8R + mute), 3886 (4R + mute) and LM4780 (dual 3886)
the original gaincard was an LM3875, and its legend status

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and the personal lube stuff they sell for girls is way to thin
well, they only get so wet
eventually they kinda dry out, dont matter how gooey they started out
also some girls are super sensitive to latex
also they break less when stuff is slippery
you should try polyurethane condoms, theyre not so stretchy, pretty strong, break less, kinda neat
not important
ill look for the general overture app note
prob says something
the BR and PA lists mention them...
29K, 1M
wonder what the 1M is for
maybe pulldown/drain
ccfl_man: so what?

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so that cap shouldnt even hit 3V
i really, really <3 natsemi
10V FC, you can get up to 2200uF
6.3V FC is up to 2700uF
these are for the 10mm diameter cans
so yeah, you have alot of options for that
mrtube: noticve they fdont specify mute circuits in the BPA-200 doc
hehe, and the BPA-200 partlist doesnt include it at all that im seeing
ky is too much like actual jelly

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as is its prob under a second
because youre not filling the cap with -35V
just -2.4V about
also because in parallel, the cap will fill 4x as fast
yeah but you want to make sure it totally unmutes
ill calc for like 1 or 2 mA into each chip
when im doing values ill check the chart see what kinda current it really needs
you can only change the resistor so much, but the cap you can pretty much throw anything on
and actually
since you dont need a 50V cap, you get get much, much higher values
because the circuit clamps it
prob fine with more than 5V
1K*.01 is...
at 10mA, which is more than were using
so the intenal 1K doesnt really add shit to the Vf of the two diodes and the Vbe of the mute transistor

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you have to break a 2.4V threashold
but its current that activates it, theres a transistor base involved
i dont use caps on my gainclones
how exciting
mrtube: the cap controls the time until the 2.4V threashold is broken
then it gets clamped there
and the gainclones pull current, the cap kinda doesnt do anything after startup
bigger cap
theres like 4 or 5 diff caps in that size format and voltage
FC caps
attenuates based on current
it needs like 500uA i think, i usually do about 5mA
theyre spec'ed in a chart to 10mA
itd need to be a very big cap i think
i can do another cap footprint in parallel
i picked that size because it includes what natsemi specs, also bigger caps

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i fucked up, they know have a really nice leather welding jacket and a mask with like 3 or 4 lenses
oh fuck and my mil jungle boots
oh fuck and my 3M respirator
i told him id get hella bored just on MIG
the 2 hours i snuck in on TIG was prob some of the most amazing shit i seen in my life
also i guess graduation ceremony was yesterday
it turns the metal into liquid in seconds
with oxy-fuel, it took longer and youd heat up everything
its current based really

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no idea
polycabonate is prob better
but if it fumes, you die or something
straight glass
im pretty sure copper can stick
but now you need like $500 in diamond tooling to drill and etch
i can check
whats the old one?
i thought old one was 1192
yeah thats the old one
they tell you about bridge amps, and why theyll burn the chips
then tell you about paralle, how you dont get extra power but it unloads the chips
so BA-100 and PA-100
and then they explains how the best way is bridge-parallel, because it runs them at spec
i guess Paralle Amp (PA) and Bridged Amp (BA)
welding is fun
im gonna go to the school shop today see if they already stole my gear
im pretty sure they do the bbq last tuesday

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Finish HAL(no lead free)
non ROHS is default
he wants blue, happening now
ill ask how much less for green when i get a reply
where you seeing this
ooh, sec
maybe its like diffuse clear or something
i should ask
i have unclad boards from expresspcb
i like the finish alot
no, theyre .06 FR4 tho
im sure with .02 itd be almost translucent

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why isreal?
oh haha
yeah its 8a in china
def get a quote today, ill bother them on msn in a little bit if i get nothing
yeah i will drop an email if youre not here
or actually i can forward you the quote
no i dont think so
unless you ask
ha nice
ill check its listed in the quotes...

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macegr: batchpcb works well for you?
ive thought about using it
likely way faster than china
oh damn they take that long?
i thought they had a local place
tooling costs from ourpcb is like $40-$160
$160 was for a full 400x600mm panel
and unit cost for that was around $10 i think
this is uncut panels, tho
i should do expresspcb miniboard quote just to see how competitive
i should deadbug a pnp current source led string
yeah because i had a panel laid out with multiple designs
so it wasnt just a matrix cut

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the quotes are cool tho, they tell you tooling and unit so if you want more or less, you have general cost idea
im prob gonna get a couple of your boards, too
the only prob ive had with getting quotes was when my shit was too hard for them to cutout
and they didnt wanna tell me
susan didnt say, john was hella informative, and quick with quotes
but then he forgot to tell susan i didnt need vscore
so she sat on the quote for like 14 hours before going 'too hard to cut! layout like this'

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well, lower gain maybe
bvut it pushes them harder because theyre doing more current, bigger voltage drop
just get a transformer thatll rectify to like 27V
18VAC does it, i think
then itll be per spec, work fine
so yeah, get both out boards ordered, go on short vacation, come back, deal with boards, find job/get car
its 10 days lead time and likely few days shipping, should be back before then
sandis parents are gonna be there the weekend after
so neither of us really wants to deal with that
when i do the order
you can just throw me order money + payment, if thats cool with you
pretty sure theyll ship both in one
i did the quote for qty 8

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gov decided to give my disability back
want to get a job tho, theyre prob gonna keep trying to gank it from me
likely have to see a dr and act somewhat awkward
well if i get a decent job i wont need it
i wanna work for a couple years before going back to school
do a class or two a term, so i dont spend $300/unit on gen ed classes
usually maybe an hour
once it took them 14 hours to get back to me
was kinda a fucked up unique situation tho
oh, haha no
ive gotten them in like 20min before, if im talking to the tech on msn
im pretty sure they feed it to a program that counts holes and figures out board size and then pops out a price for the options you put in
no probably not

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im gonna try and hookup a job at a place trying to open a resteraunt in hollywood
like, pc terminals at every table, internet and i believe ordering, hooked into some server for the servers
but theyre late opening, supposed to be late may
if i dont get that and start next week im prob gonna go hang out in chico now that sandi out of school and just working mornings
and maybe WA to visit friend
havent seen turdis in like 2 years =(
oh youre doing that for work?
i thought you were just helping someone put them up on their own house
ha wtf at 14' by himself
thats pretty hardcore

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damn youre doing 80s hours?
you getting OT?
time and a half is cool compared to whatever normal is
is it contract or youre working for someone?
id ask for more when you finish
yeah you should ask for more after this job if they dont wanna do it now
yeh, read from yesterday, sounds like alot of work

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i wonder if there is super underground lucha libre in LA
everyone maybe too busy playing soccer
hmm, maybe the shinguards are actually for fighting

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like, one man A-team movies
i had a big archive with like tons of 2600roms
think i lost it tho
rab: neat
ha, scary!
you cant fake most that shit!
dude climbs on a dudes back who is standing on 3rd rope turnbuckles...
then jumps off elbow first into a dude
i love it when they miss the flying attacks
dude rolling around the ring holding his elbow or knee crying, eheheheh
also they have those crazy combo attacks makes anything american look silly
almost makes university wrestling look silly
well, sillier

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i had a 7800 and like 100x 2600 games
games were my brothers, they all work with the 7800
thats like when games were really games
rab: turdis says normal subs are like totally fucked, machine genned or something
he has custom ones, maybe bit of desync
he says theyre that horrible
ill prob have the other subs if you want those
neat, says itll be done in like 3 hours
seperate sub files
mplayer will just load them if theyre in the same dir
VLC likely too, i dunno about anything else
turdis does fansubs for bad mexican movies, heheh
hes done a bunch of el santo movies
the masked mexican wrestler dude

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i have to calc that
its prob gonna be like around 5K
think this computer is close to being toast
it actually bluescreened with a mem error the other day
haha nice
you use it as an rs232 terminal or something?
there was an old pc like that at school for loading programs into the CNC machine
$50K machine, $50 computer
sounds fun
hehe nice

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yeah, shorter now

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no but close enough
and its pretty much done except for the LEDs and i maybe wanna move the ground bridge the ended up right under the output resistor
k thank you for reminding about the blue
i think it might be $50 extra in tooling cost, ive asked before
might be confusing some other options, tho
yeah ill see what they say
im going to ask about getting a deal on two orders, too
they have yellow silk too i think
white is default
theyll prob two tone it if you pay and have two diff silk files =)
i dont really like yellow silk
i wanna do black and red mask and white silk for darkertech stuff
im gonna try and get the schema values done tonight, and ill fix that polar 0805 lib and add the leds

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double digit seeds, nice
lemme throw chinapcb the board see what they quote it at

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god is cool with 2a?
<3 the moral xtians
okay so ive come to the conclusion that even most political minded people see the term 'conservative' as a moral term
which means 'liberal' is now 'hedonist'
this is so fucked up i wish i could be a republican but republicans ruined themselves
torrentz.com search chocolate, hit the one with [thai]
looks like alot of trackers, 1mo old

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(we drove in like 4A, fucking manhatten still going like it was 2p in downtown LA)
people bumping music at full, beer bottles flying thru the air, tons of people walking around
i hope LA changes drinking to 4A so we have functional night economy
they were talking about it, even MADD was into it, more time for people to sober up before being forced to go home

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dude 1:25 into that youtube, when she does her little bruce lee scream, <3
hehe, i build tolerance to those drinks
when i drove cross country, i think i tried all of them
(i cant sleep in moving car rly, was 40 hours)
tho it was probably fear of killing my friends and ruining the little scion
the drinks seems to work for maybe 30min
and the whole time
so 40+ hours
two of us were ready at 10A
and we didnt end up leaving til like 2A next morning
'cmon, tabs of E and my girl were involved'
haha funny thing is we were trying to get the by midnight on a tue i think
for konkrete jungle, dnb party in a little NYC club
haha shit was on thursday

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15:35 <@Turdis> you just reminded me, you should watch chocolate, its sorta like ong bak, but with a cute autistic chick
oh fuck
the autistic girl IS the crazy thai fighting character
oh neat its same director as ongbak
yeh turdis is good at bad/fighting movies
next time i go up i think ima maybe burn out his cdr copying them

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city fucker steals town buddha so he has to thai box everyone to get it back
hmm not that no hits
tony jaa, crazy shit
rab: k rly wtf
that link kinda hurt me =(
chan has chun-li legs
he looks young in that

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and new indy movie
i dunno maybe i thought he was japanese
or from hong kong
okay sry bruceland, not sunnyland
yeah i avoid his movies usually
tho i respect his record for most scene takes ever
hmm, yes agree
but like he got big in the mid 90s here and all those ones are kinda meh
like 90min of acrobat stunts, but all super hollywood chroegraphed
theres a thai actor whos nuts like him, but most of the stunts look unfakable
like, omg that dude just ran over the top of a moving car
mrtube: hai
ima ask turdis
ang bok?
or something, he was in that movie

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hes the tech
like all his quotes had susan yang as the signing authority
susan teh bossgirl
i wonder if she does those flip jumps off walls
so i have moneys again i think im going to go on vacation next week
then come back and do job hunting
chico 2008 part 2, phere
maybe WA, i havent seen abe in like two years
hmm, i dunno
oh its new chan stuff?
hes such a dork!
in .jp he is like everyones official older brother or something
i need to see ironman still

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maybe setup and unit based cost, prob not so bad because you need alot
i think susan yang has a crush on me!
haha broken english is so easy to interpret favorably
someone made a chun li comment i cant remember what about
turdis did, hmm
that kinda like susan!
i think is all the same guy

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(the logic symbol looks like a cup on its side)
okay i should label mrtube board schema today
and get quote for the almost final board

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Mathew Lee
8800 NW 114th Circle
Oklahoma City, OK 73162
stupid trackback clicker ran into desk debris
timecop: you use irssi for win with the puttycyg shit?
how do i get it to use a config
fuck this right click paste bullshit
that shit belongs on middle click
irssi for win is hax, uses a puttycyg terminal, but it wont retain my setting because it doesnt seem to be using a profile
i can prob point it at once in the startup bat file
i know i always do, its set compromise by default =(
compromise = no one happy
the term pops up my registry profile when i try and change settings
but its not starting up using one
haha funny

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i think abort was specifically for when the proc his program rom with an invadlid opcode

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oh, no its the outline not the soic
er not the pin dot

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smt on the backside
also soldering isnt the slow part, lacing 260 LEDs will be =(
i need to redesign it
the LM317 current regs are neat, but expensive and to inefficient
a low dropout/reference LDO is 2x the cost
so im going back to PNP current sources, with beefy reverse and surge protection, fuses
1/3 cost, like 3x more efficient
my soic pin1 dot is on a wrong layer

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thats kinda a hack to point it at FIQ, tho
would make sense for inconsistent startup
little lab stations or what?
haha i dont use light or magnification =
i need to get or make a lamp
twingy: you see the biggy led array board?
im going to use them for CNC lighting besides plants
thats on two rails tho, so i want to do wide focus and narrow focus white leds

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maybe i can make one tho
this is old shit
this was on of the things greycz says i ripped him off for
eventho i paid for the boards
figure that out
thats one of the bad opcode exception states, no?
where is your abort exception vector pointed?

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tekrad: i found them
30 of them, but theyre on 3 strips so i have to vscore or cut them out
can do that today, ill message paypal info when im done and theyre ready
the wire holes are...
haha, good down to 8awg

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ill see if i can find a handful, i know i have them
just dunno what box i stuck them in, pretty sure theyre in the one marked semiconductors, heh
k, bbl

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its actually whatever you wanna call it, its the one not labeled
right in front of the triac
theres a sliver of speaker cable you can see
clear/peach insulation
no mount holes
aside from the to220
lemme find them first
i have to go thru all my shit anyway today
i just have one right now
5V works
its just an led
i have the buffer in emitter follower mode, because im a weirdo i guess
yeah theyre neat
pretty much any opto
its a diode device, so only like 1V drop or so
not much
well, at 20A itll be like 20W
but relative to your load power, not much
you use a ZC detector and modulate mains cycles
alternatively, you just use a long timer, and switch multiple cycles
like, do a 20 cycle time period and modulate whole cycles

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still looking...
triac hidden by the heatsink, its to220 tho
input is VCC/GND/EN
yeah middle pin

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that plus...
you drive the opto and the little opto triac triggers the big triac
i have some small boards with the opto and power triac and a NPN opto led driver
thats a dimmer part, a triac
you can just leave it on tho
yeah, dx been using them, i tried them out on a few things
my monster 500W vap uses one
hmm, yeah sec
actually my vap prob vap mod uses one
id have to check, not sure where theyre at
but yeah, if i have them, i can do that
neat i found one
iunno, $10 shipped
sec i just have to look for pics, brb

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gotta eat and clean up and finish binning all my shit
get a first quote on mrtubes board
put 120VAC on the coil, switch flips?
hmm, yeah triac or similar i guess
like the little boards i made dx uses
haha least someone uses them
hmm, just make sure its okay for + and - swings
like, quandrant spec
just look on digikey
o, because some will only trigger on one quandrant
like, positive trigger and positive mains voltage swing
dead low side
anyway, you get an optotriac
and drive the led in that
and the the triac in the opto triggers the big power triac
on both quandrant, very simple, not so much $
you you can do a relay too
like a small relay with 120VAC contact rating, and drive that
yeah sec

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