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time you dont like anything
maybe scatpr0n
time is some other guy in a lunixswede chan

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hey have any of you guys used this google calendar shit?
oh hmm this is pretty awesome

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didnt someone here already proofread my resume
besides twingy
its the same shit without the pomona acceptance + speaker cad writeup

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play with the trigger options
youre just seeing the end of your packets?
i want a tds

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f that i wanna do 0x01a4
deny that is my default setting
k fix
you did it wrong

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i dont really want an aar
yeah thats why
birtdate and birth minute
21:44 <@renesis> _--_-__-__

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whatever i dont give a fuck im not mexican or jewish
might as well be gov bar code
macegr: okay if i get dipswitch tatoo how should they be set?
yeah im not sure
naw dude thats just your data buffer
running out of drive space warning, expendable
i can do 10b
pretty neat

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yeah i knew the non middle ones
mines Manual
because its mexican, right?
no because they wanted to name me after Emanual
but he wasnt dead yet
jew thing
yeah actually
thats what you prought back from the show?
Cute DAK amputee girl under rehab
yeeah its good i use my middle initial on everything
dont even know how to spell it

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just keep chewing and smile and wave next time
so i should prob bring my resume this time
oh ill post those pics tonight
email me your email adress
goddamn rly i dont need it i have an english teacher proof my resume
shes gotten jobs im pretty sure
whats the pl
say say!
ok fine dont

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a wallwart?
wtf wai is your wart blinking
everyone in america call it wallwarts
actually everyone calls them wallwarts except you
mufucker its like in technical documentation, get over it
why the fuck does your chinawart have a ready led
like infiniti/2 smps output ramp time or what?
see sometimes a transformer diode and cap is better

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yeah but you can prob do that with way less
pc are neat like that
connect the dots, la la lala
blackmoon: wai
windows xp is good?
i dont think anyone here does SL
kevtris left more than a year ago
gone, i dont mind so much
its called download accelerator plus WTF DUH
what does wallbrick do

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usb shit will fuckup when mem is low or bad
im having odd game startup errors and weird mouse clicker issues
and my system dont run to spec
mines a kinda new trackball thing
im going to just buy a $10 logitech scrolly optical
hhaha, nooo!
but yeah kinda
i think the io controllers are diff
about init
like some dont care
so like if you got a mouse dont really give a shit and a pc dont really give a shit, prob works perfect
haha big drive?
ttmustang: did that work out for you?
hardware os software?
i ran softraid for like 2 years i think
i just had a backed up raidtab, and i could pullup my raid arrays from any kernel with md inside or as module
controllers prob arent that great at 24 drives
shit can only go so fast, gotta be a bottleneck somewhere

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ive thought about getting city electrical grid job
i guess they low on techs and engineers
bunch of old fucks like 'FUCK YOU ID LIKE TO RETIRE NOW CMON'
but like not alot of people kno how to run high power distribution, and everyone getting into digital or low power RF/uwaves
its prob like talking to a carnie crossed with a fireman
jezus fuck
see thats not safe
thats can really hurt someone
theyre usually thick ass leather, i think?
like welders gear
yeah that gets wet that aint stopping shit
well yeah except massive short durection heat events
i forgot to go back to welding class and get my shit =(
i have a mem fuckup i think

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and actually i was gonna finish these boards and then go hang out with pussy for a week
but then 2nd interview thing happened
now if im lucky i get to go up for 3 or 4 days
and if he asks me to start right away, i get nothing
well, except $20+/hr
thats pretty neat if i get it, i only interviews at one place so far
and theres two other places i have high chance of scoring work if this doesnt work out
one is metal machining, but its very high end, so maybe its not super dangerous
i dont want to work in a normal production shop =\
and the other one would just be pc tech and simple electronics work
so basically i prob just gotta show u p to the interview with my resume to get that
thats like the slot tech manager or something?
oh fuck
dude that shits scary
im sure, alot of it is gov work, too

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besides thats its been acting pretty good lately
i made jennyfur go home so i could finish mrtube schema
i know that my best friend/13 year crush
haha, no its not like that
her bf is ok and they living together im not trying to give her an anxiety breakdown
we watched chocolate
rab: haha default subs are horrible
we kinda figured out what was going on
hehe we hung out like an hour after i said i had work to finish up
its not like i threw her off my balcony

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dip is awesome for deadbug
if i can do it with a breadboard, i can do it without a breadboard with a few drops of solder
im prob gonna do some acrylic with it soon
whats that
it needs zero coordinate offset
yes so if i want i can put zero in the middle of my stock
and maybe one or two other things

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their deal got diff now everything is 72% off

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by some ush neiah
haha serving size 6 tablets
500 tablets for $10

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dx^: link to best ppride multivits

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omg no
wtf at the feet
look at the foot in the back wtf is that plastic
no i noticed the drilled mesh first
then the fucking leds fans
so i mean already i gota be replacing shit

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logig fet is better from a PIC
or at least a darlington
you should carry a jar of spiders on you
for emergencies

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does you dcc work?
youll find out
looked like it

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this online virus scanner thing is totally horrible
stupid narcs, failure bandwidth has turned me away
im going to get some foods
here i can send to you you can virus scan

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i never looked very hard
oh you know what
i think i just found it

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its the flux
its just normal radioshit flux paste, itll come off with alcohol

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i should add pmos rail switches

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i think it doesnt
matter which direction you twist the wirepair
either way the fields are opposing
i think BOM is gonna be like $60 with the integrated switchers
because now i only need one input fuse/tvs/diode thing
and 2 connectors

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we havent ruined this eggsalads brainfile yet, heh
eggsalad: OMEGA-3 FISH OIL 1200 mg. Softgels (200 Softgels)#013328
Magnesium100 mg 25%
Chromium100 mcg 83%
dx^: so youre saying thats not enough

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thats kinda the point
thats more gangsta gangsta rap than hiphop in general
theres less crack in hiphop, in general
this is truth!
dude theres that southern rap PCP bass
that shit is kinda cool
i can prob switch those at audio freq
thatll vibrate

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yeah like Fry's
do they have Fry's in BC?
no they have food
checkout line twists thru this tunnel of impulse buy devices and candy and soda and chips
but they also have music, movies, dvds, consumer electronics, pc parts, laptops, electronic parts, test and prototype gear, stupid toys, etc
haha neat
yeah neat
haha yeah
the coil is in there nice tho, lots of standoff from the edges

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i dont think hell grow anymore hes like 10
ok fureal i need food bai

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my cat digs sunlight
maybe he needs leds too

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im hungry
okay check it out
ima go to donut shop and get TWO bagels
okay or maybe no

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i love how SMASHED is property in the info dialog in eagle

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my shit is underclocked 3200+ underclocked to 2500+ socket a
er, *grammar
ha @ dabble
wow nice

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mrtube: board is pretty much done, doing schema
mrtube: and then ill do big long digikey part list
thai boxing shit, chocalate
is on torrents

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