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everyone, sadly

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my phone is better than iphone
mine has buttons, flips

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i dont do fills anymore that shit takes forever
bathroom almost clean
hehe if you look in the pcb-gcode docs, he doesnt even think anyone uses the fill files
just bump up the isolation

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its hard to adjust pots in ltspice

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huh, weird
kinda ugly curve

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almost done with the crossover schematic

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but yeah i would add RC low pass filters to the design, after the amps before the adc, if you dont need it you can always jumper the resistor out
my thermocouple was kinda wrapped around a coil switching mains so maybe was just very bad situation
tho yeah i was using like 1 to 10Hz filters and kevtris suggested under 5Hz i think

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yeh, heh
mouser does not stock
or they just fail at websearch, who knows
yeah thats just +1 very cheap resistors and like a dc cap

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im prob good i just wanna make a few more vaporizers with it
maybe digikey and AD are mad at each other
i gave myself a pretty okay haircut just now
yeah i was wondering if that was not okay
those are neat because they have gain preset for 10mv/C output up to 30V i think
and if you do negative voltage rails, itll do negative temps
yeah i just licked that
they have 8K of those

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damn theyre old and that much?
you can just get a linear out thermocouple amp for that
i made tiny boards with just AD597 and like a resistor and cap and was pulling accurate readings off it
yeah, thats the K type one (i checked)
i hope that thing is neat
well, they have 3K for now

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yeah parallel amps isnt bad just might get pricey
but switching with relays isnt relay that cheap, and switching with fets might be trickier
ha, *really that cheap
okay its fucking cold i need to hack one of those to92 thermal sensors onto my ac power switch
that increases the value of my a/c tremendously!
but at the same time completely destroys resale
i guess i could logic fet across the switch for the power
with tiny wire
i think ima have to clean up that corner of the room and bust out the screwdriver
i guess i could like, just turn it off when it gets cold

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use 1206 or 0805? or is this like a TH kinda project
oh its 1 to 8
thats like, cheapest resistors in the world: ok
chip resistors but im wrong =\
cuz normal amp the chip passives fit across the feedback on dips perfect
and layout with big shit is kinda like, hmmm, because its like pin 2 to 3 ort pin 6 to 3
you can switch the inputs
you prob wanna filter and oversample the adc, cuz thermocouples can get noisy
you have mains going thru coils probably, in the relays at least

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ttmustang: k def looks more sane then the relay temp module spaghetti thing
tho yeah that schematic was kinda cool in a very colorful sorta way

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stick on an adc port with a filtered supply
8 of them would fit on the adc port of an avr
ive yet to see how stripped back i can make it, i wont own it yet

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are you gonna do like parallel thermocouple amps or switch with fet mux or relays or what?

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someone once said to me like 'wow youre so careful that everything fits!'
like, thats everything, wtf

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i checked theyre flat stamped, but they have alot of solder on them, so kinda gives them shiny rounded look

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not on the epoxy dip
im pretty sure its machines pins
catalog is awesome for finding equivs or non standard packages
also you can knock a mufucker out with it
if someone break in
huh weird
mine looked all pretty in the bag i was sure they had those machine pin head style pins
oooooh, nice
they are just heavilly tinned
i wasnt going from pdf i was remembering them from thru baggie view

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yeh you caught that
im looking in 4300 like YES BUT WTF DOES THE X MEAN
its prob glass epoxy potted
the platic box ones
the dipped ones are sexy tho!
Superior package integrity
get the 4600
epoxy dip is sexy
(i have those)

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not when you start wanting to move files around and reuse things
tho learning the console stuff helps
oh it worked?
im glad i found that
im sure they changed their licensing now, so they prob wont even care so much about older versions maybe hope soon
rab: you can do it in console
really quick
if you know the exact names
yeah its weird the useless eagle help file with the console commands eventually becomes useful
its still not great tho
maybe the german docs are better
theres a few tutorials that are really really good, but i always lose the best one
i think its a university thing
not right now offhand i havent done them in weeks
other than remove
which is just remove blah.sym
or .dev or .pac i think
X and R

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no rab, then what if we ONLY wanted things EXACTLY named what we typed
never, really
but i mean, its eagle, so
i mean in 5 years itll prob make sense, i dunno
you have to enable libs in the control panel
green dots, i usually do use none and go thru and check ref-packages and the ones i want to use
blackmoon sticks all the useless ones in a directory
but that would take a long, long time
ref-packages is jus a big dump of all the footprints
im assuming cadsoft 1st party footprint
but who knows those lazy fucks i bet they never made their own libs
once you know how its kinda quick
interface sucks
really bad

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i have a symbol for bussed resistors
you have to learn to make symbols anyway, heh
eagle has the alt grid thing so most stuff is pretty easy
he have the circuit?
i dont i make my own
i have a lib with basic stuff then i make a lib for the project
and then i usually import project libs into the basic lib when im done
yeah eagle search is all h4x0r
you think its broken, but no, rly its better than you
ttmustang: so youre doing a board to replace his spaghetti diagram?

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finishing tubes schema
make it
i dont use any libs
i make my own from datasheet drawings or dimensions from my calipers
resistor array, resistor pack
you dont wanna use a symbol lib, because everyone does pinouts diff
because theres like 100 diff types in many sizes
you can do gated symbol
but yeah i do that, because theyre usually bussed or something
but for straight thru resistors you could just use resistors as gates in a device

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i think ima have to hijack its power button

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poor sandi is stuck in chico with all the furiously white people
like, department gave a huge speach about how they wouldnt fully fund anyone
sandi did a proposal she didnt wanna do for a latin artist to come and mentioned coming from los angeles, chico was a big culture shock
and they got all weird and fully funded her
they were like, NO! rly?
haha 'speach'
i think i need to h4x a thermostat into my a/c

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no cmon the dump truck is eating!
ok serious shit if you were an art grad student, you could turn that in as work
like they had a fucking monitor setup in the gallery with some flash animated shit
i was very unimpressed
they dug it alot tho
some of them are from iowa and possibly have limited interweb exposure
okay so its puking? id like to thing its all happening in reverse
okay some of the best work was this styraphone cup someone made of glass
looked perfect, they stuck it on a pedastool ith something else so it just looks like trash to the side
cuz white cup, white pedastool, they had to point it out
i dont care i dont do that kind of art stuff is kinda meh

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it used to just drink running water from my hand
i have to remember to put a series diode on the pwrled output because its after the fuses

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my cat only drinks from freshly poured cup, now

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