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o now i gotta do like three versions, sigh

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tekrad: ha wow
so yeah
this sketch isnt underdefined
its overdefined, its wrong

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wow nice

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what like broke it?
or wat
ive killed carbide drills leaning over the shield and flipping around the two ended wrench
you hear it, cute noise
i believe timecop too, and not particularly, no
id rather fuck with FPGA if i need that kinda speed on something
proc logic seems a waste of cycles
like mechanical clocks?
no idea
alot of fucked up tiny parts

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dont remember
im trying to remember if i killed one
ha @ wikipedia
under failure modes they have what makes them fail
not what they do when they fail
prob fucked up
and triac circuits should be easy to get UL approved, with opto buffer
a lot of those datasheets have UL stamps

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the only value you would change is the led resistor for lower voltage
yeah on the low side
ha that was my digivap driver
i wanna do next one all on one board
it would prob be better to drive the led in saturation for 3.3V and lower
if youre redoing the circuit
make sure ntrl isnt on the hot side, wont work
i dont think itll hurt it tho

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G82 is modal, and you prob wanna use G81 anyway because you dont need the P word
its like a dwell
you just erase the G82
and itll work
remove the P word and change to G81
just XY
all G80 series parameters are modal
so you do G81 X Y Z R F
yeah then yours is messed up different
i just have a macro in my text editor
that fixes the line and another that eats the G82
well i bitched hard
so they prob changed something
its fucking lame if they just did it the standard way it would work

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before or after fills?
and how much overlap do you do?
i think im using 50% diameter
oh thats not so bad
yeah but what is the stepover
diameter just handles first cut offset
oh ok
i do like .030 i think
in pcb gcode?
it also ignored your Z plunge parameter
unless they fixed it
it plunges at XY feedrate, pisses me off
type whem in what by hand?
have you checked the output?
weird yours is fucked up a different way
anyway, you dont need to add those

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series resistors i guess
the load should be hiZ so series resistors wont matter so much
maybe affects max transfer speeds, depending on input capacitances
well, definitely does, but maybe not enough it messes with your application
and itll work while you debug code

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danm i gotta go to bed all soon and shit
fucked up
if your code fucks up you risc burning out a port
if one pin is output high and connected to a pin thats output low

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not sure if you can directly, id have to read up on it
i always confuse the serial comm stuff details
timedong probably knows

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tekrad: k reload i fixed it
and yeh that circuit could be better
that was like an homage to Vbe followers or something
yeh, just gotta deal with bus contention
you cazn either use hardware tristates or synchronize the two avrs ports so they dont fuck each other

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tekrad: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/optotriac_schema.jpg
oh damn
i forgot the arrow on the fucking npn

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tekrad: scanning schema
scanner fucking up
scanner reset, scanning happening
wow at 200dpi it makes an ugly sound

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with like click dials and mechanical ringers or what?

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ooh, yeah lemme do that
fuck leadless
where my pencil at

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tube joined just to tell me he wants to go with the new xovers
instead of sleeping on it

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theyre always priced dumb on release
its like thew birthright of a video card
yeah $500 is fucked up
oh neat

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but yeah theres one LPS and two HPF filter poles on my amp already
so maybe you can use that
i wouldnt mind
i <3 planes
i wouldnt even mind dying, shit aint my fault i dont gotta feel bad
i love it when they hard bank for approach at some airports!

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i was gonna set them way wide, just kinda tank the crossover output signals
its pretty easy to setup tha bandpass with only like .5db or less loss
yeah i was gonna put a LPF pole at like 4K or 10K or something, on the low channel
but yeah just that circuit is capable of single pole xover duty
yeah audio is kinda fucked like that

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which, the input poles?
so like its got a bandpass input, with a extra HPF if you wanna lower the input cap before the pot

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well yeah
seems reasonable
well, the 10" wont wanna drive to 3K
just because its 10"
then i have the built into the amps already
i can add an active poles
okay which is what you did
the tweeter i bet i can do with the amp circuit i have
because i have an ac coupling cap
and the a dual RC bandpass after that and the attenuator
so thats 2 poles if you use a smaller cap on the ac coupling
yeah i saw

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fuck the last two octaves!
have you tried a matched 24db/oct LR xover?
the amps have attenuators on both channels, tho those are prob going on the xover board
how come you cant use it
theres passives or what?
theyre just ridiculously inductive with very high Fs, what?
woofer is -3db lp roloff?
at 6KHz

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i have a preamp circuit that sims awesome, with bass and treble controls
its like mr elliots but with his extra shit for ease of adjustability cropped out
his circuit is a simplified version of a ton circuit named after some guy

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thats two phase lines on the bottom, heh
see all the way on the right you can see the blue peeking thru!
they invert completely
so the tweeter amp is actually one cycle behind the woofer amp
kinda, not really
cuz theyre doing diff frequencies
oh yeah
it is like 180 off

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then its not rly linkwitz riley =(
yeah but it doesnt do the matched gain!
matched phase but yeah!
its not doing magical linkwitz riley things
you almost cant see it with matched linkwitz riley
because it overlaps, heh
found one

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oh hai
the input impedance is whatever you want it to be, its buffered
and the unbuffered amp is pretty HiZ input, is standard transistor input opamp
theres 10uF on the board before the attenuator pots
1210, he can jump it if he wants it direct coupled
then after that theres a 2 cap 2 resistor bandpass
oh thats pretty good
prob dont need the 2.2K on the buffer input
tweeter amp was inverting or something?

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yeah, well at least before 8
is like hour and a half trip to sylmar
he knows i live across the valley and bus it for now, thats when he mentioned the hours thing
just two busses, they run pretty often
and a few blocks walking but i can bring my bike so that takes like 2min
bike + bus is faster than a car here, alot of situations
(at some point in the last 5 years LA pub transport actually got functional, is pretty trippy)

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i got jobthing \o/
haha i didnt even have to bust out my resume he just stuck me in a room with autocad and a horrible underdefined drawing to copy
comes back like 10min later like 'o, this is easy for you isnt it.'
i start tomorrow, its not fulltime tho just as much work as they have, he usually said they run the machine enough like couple days a week to keep them in parts thru the week
yeah, hours are neat too
'we come in at 7, but basically you can make your own hours as long as the work gets done'
poor sandi, i was gonna hang out with her this week

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leaving for 2nd interview in 30min
im wearing my really nice black tshirt

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tekrad: hehe lemme know how the stuff got thru the mail
it prob gets there today

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