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o wow
micro commercial components is is chatsworth

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okay from now on none of my eagle footprints will have values
because rly, wai

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technology. f ya.
no u
okay two hours before sleepytime
time to make some libs
sometimes life is difficult

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timecop_: ru home yet
probably not
its likely family myth, nontruth
but i have almond shaped eyes and eyelids kinda asian style
is maybe just central american native stuff, but there was asians in cali since this place was america, at least
timecop_: neat
that vids funny

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job is not so bad
i figured out toolpaths in alphacam today
hopefully tomorrow i get my hands on the cnc manual and see whats up with the tool rack and offsets
heh, they guy he has running the NC computer and doing setup cant speak english
i guess the old tech taught him

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