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just get a cheapo pay per minute phone there
prepaid bullshit
thats why, its not liek youre going to be making 1000 phone calls with it
7/11 sells that shit for almost nothing here

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im not trying to buy that companies art projects
and then you prob just set the remote one to an externally accessible addy:port

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yeah im pretty sure you can do that, if not direct you can do it thru ssh or something similar
you could have diff ssh script functions with different shit to run after login, with an auto logout, and like handle local files and cleanup and whatever
get a rl phone
well you phone was prob $300, and it doesnt do it
my phone was free, and it doesnt do it
who you think got the better value?
haha i hope your joking
its another little wannabe computer device
like those text phones, or palms, or just ridiculous small computers
its like casio watch calculators

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what do you mean?
does the server run httpd w/ php
oh, yeah then i dunno
php is how i seen it done usually, theres prob some *sql console h4x to do remote stuff
its a ton of input/output formatting shit too
see if you can set it up to listen on a port
normal you set host to localhost addy, so maybe you just need to set that to external or and a real port
who knows, but id guess going straight to the db thru its own interface (if it exists) is prob faster than getting an httpd involved

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i wanna buy noni juice
because its called noni juice
those things are dirty
i think bimbo is a mexican bread company

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my eee is 4GB =D
Asus Eee PC
tiny laptop
i have a baby thinkpad black one, my sister has a white w/ pin trim one
i need more gigamegs of ram
especially at work
ok im about to spend like $150 on 100-200 days of vitamins and supplements
dx would be so proud
FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders over $100
FREE BaseBall Cap

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oh the pending econimic collapse thats really happening already that no one wants to talk about?
whatever because thats the best way to take out the world
infrastructure still intact, almost completely
and that wont kill everyone

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baja fresh taquitos are very good

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naw dude
tweekers are everywhere
that problem didnt start in the urban centers
guy in congress said tweek took out a whole rural town in his district
indiana guy, i think
like 1000 people tweeking, feer

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thats not good
But Rosser downplayed talk in the community that the girls' murder had something to do with a methamphetamine problem in the area.
"It's not a drug haven down there, and I don't have any reason to believe it was," he said. "But you never know, somebody could have stopped to shoot up on dope or something. You just never know."
see his form of retardation is thinking logically when it comes to the workings of a tweeker mind
yeah when you explained before i read the story i almost went 'tweakers suck'
because thats the only realistic explanation
but a bad tweaker will shoot too little girls just to have something to do

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macegr: i havent touched my stk500 since i started tube project
but yeah i saw my shifty array yesterday and felt lame
ttmustang: what is the application of the pot?
mrtube: oh hai, i did schema for the preamper thing
er, xover thing, whatever
i just did like 3 hours on busses to pick up some books and go home
cuz guy who was supposed to come in and discuss the cnc with me said he couldnt be there till 7p
so boss was like fuck that
and called me up but i was already on my way, practically there
but yeah i read thru the machine manual and alot of the CAM software manuals
think i can prob go in there and get some shit running tomorrow
i havent had a cig since yesterday

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what was today?
i gotta go like now

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timecop: go back to your lcr meter page
it has a pic of pcb
maybe for the lcd tuner thing with the tiny chipamp, you should do small caps in a row like that with the switchers on the other side
so its kinda like an EMI reflector
theyre not grounded so i dont think they will eat emi, but you can make it go the other way
i thought that was pretty neat how they did their psu with a little smt cap wall

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but in mr clops design, there are none
i will inform mr tube and ask him to ask mr clops wai
i has seen this is schemas before, im like what is the reason for this to be

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where is senior tube
fuck i think i have a cavity
time to go to the dentist
okay cowclops added a resistor for input bias current compensation on the input buffer
but its voltage follower, so hes actually introducing error, not cancelling it
and theeen
on the output amps, he runs them at diff gain
the inverting amp is unity, the non inverting is Av=2
because he just used 10K
thats prob why he needed the pot
so yeah
those amps have feedback resistance, unlike the buffer
and DO want input bias current compensation resistors

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ccfl_man: watch that, and then blame tekrad for bush, kthx

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okay for new pcb fixture, someone showed me these wafer vises, or something, theyre vacuum blocks
what i saw was a disc with holes radiating in 6 rows from center
but like fuck that
dude no its harbor freight it only works to like strip smt
the low setting is prob like 600F
and itll break
you can go back and get a new one no problem
because its harbor freight

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hrmm, early 80s, i wonder if its already computer designed
fuckit i want it for my wall anyway
haha i had that
the ceramic insulator shattered
maybe the orange ones are better than the red ones

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all i remember is halfway thru i was sure i was gonna email it back like 'fu tc, fuck china tech writers'
and then like two hours later it was done i was like no wai it cant fit
i dunno how the fuck they hand drafted this shit without DRC and connection checks
if my tek DSO ever bricks ima try and use it straight analog, heatgun the dips off and hang that board on my wall
shit it edge to edge DIP, like the width of the tek and maybe 18" back

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pirat shit
08:23 <@renesis> pirat shit
iunno man, its timecop
he got the direct line to the china pirat pipe
okay i need supplies
water, bacon/egg/cheese on sesame bagel, and sticks of cancer
sounds like a plan
haha half asleep past midnight

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wtf is the big thing in the middle?
or its just sitting there

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