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rab: liquid tin is scary
ph = <1 !

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open the destination lib
go to control panel, select the package you want to copy, right click
copy to lib

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it will happen.

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and he just wires signal and ground backwards because he was in a rush =\
shit works fine
im going to eat more baked ninja pasta
then finish u the amp routing
these, yes?
jezus fuck they have alot

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its like $20 worth of shit
that + some cheap parts is the same thing
i got the amp mostly figured out
then we should def take a day or three just to look it over
its pretty simple tho
these amps are usually just non problematic
my buddies is the only one i know of didnt work

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its an SCR
its expensive =(

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but yeah new cars do around 25mpg
guess what 20 years ago new cars do around 25mg
no i mean average all cars
and its prob around there
because theyre hondas
acura = honda
yeah but not using it like a vette
they do not get 28mpg track testing that shit
i dunno i see old rich ass people go nuts at every green light
holding first way past the intersection =)
ya rly
5spd and intelligence = win
are you trying to say your traffic is bad?
you do know where i live, yes?
dude fuck that
thats like downtown LA at 3p
but 24/7
manhatten is
um, we have LAPD
and we pay more taxes to the county than any other region
we fuckin are LA

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LIGHT truck!
anyway, thinking old cars dont get good mileage is silly
damn fool replace that
okay and my shit got 35mpg dying
also my shit was $400 and i got maybe 10K miles from it =)
it had a plywood engine mount
and concrete all over the interior carpet
and some questionable hacks
not really, no
you can maintain a work truck fine
um, hello honda with no power on a freeway
yeah but this was about mpg
you lose at that
way hard
so out of context =)
yeah fuck that

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2/3 down
mpg, city/hwy
honda wins.
they tested it, it was really close in the real world
people post numbers like that on mpg whore websites
because they test in optimal conditions
EPA has quidelines i think
they usually average around the city spec mpg
tho yeah, if you know you engines sweet spot, and its all flat for 100mi
and the air is really cold
and dry
and you shit is tuned tight
yeah i bet you can do as good or better than spec
i got 35mpg on a dying engine
i love that car
180K, abused
its dead now
head siezed
dude hondas and toyotas do 300K all the time
you change the oil, they go as long as you dont run into anything
fuck that i need to go places cheap
and i bet toyota trucks get closer to 30mpg unloaded =)
the older light trucks

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good luck finding parts for a delorean
crx hf
cvcc engine
1650 lbs factory
i got 35mpg, dying engine at 180K miles
tested by R&T or C&D, i believe
mrtube: 1650 lbs, 90ft lbs, 60hp
it happened, ya rly
with 4 cylinders even
and geo metro got 50mpg in 1990
wtf geo metro is shit
my car did that 4 years earlier
with a real engine
and a real body
not some tin can death shit
i got mad steel up in my quarter panels
at high speed, belted into an SUV is death shit
blunt force trauma, byebye
my friends have survived several accidents in import things
ha they rolled the scion off the freeway and were fine
they must have been on some shit wtf

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the civic?
doesnt look bad, all those years kinda have burnt thru clearcoat
well obviously at the smashed accord
theyre nice cars, good mpg
my 1986 = 50mpg
small cars are like 1000lbs heavier now
also not a bad hoopty
hondas and toyotas are best cars here
city eats everything else in like 5 years
fuck that
they have excellent resale tho
new doesnt exist fool

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dude cant spel
thats my fav year
the fucked up the headlights after that, too tall and slanty
hahaha @ some damage

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hmm, particular girl drama ends
i really like the workers and the cnc machine at the job, see whats up with pay on monday
and i got my porsche 917-10 model, someone in #cars gonna build it and put whatever i want on it, i guess he can print decals
mr tube boards almost done
i think thats it
i wont even be friends with that girl after what she said to me
and its sandi
sandy is my mom =(
well, ive not had the greatest luck with them
but yeah some people just dont give a fuck, works out for them, heheh

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if i have another scope i can redo the dso section
i cant have no scope, thats worse than having no car

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its not digital sampling really
like its analog, and then it samples the trace data im pretty sure
its like one of the last 70s analog style teks, so it has DSO and rs232 interface
which im afraid of, because i tried using it once with this random adapter cable i had
made the scope go nuts, even analog was fucked
so i was gonna get china scope as backup
or an old tds like stu has
but yeah fuckit you have one you dont want

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timecop: network at work is down, no work i can do anyway
wifi, hahaha
status on leftover chinese DSO?
you have that tek now, yes?
do you use both or willing to sell?
what do you mean tried
how much?
and shipping estimate cuz i have no idea
25MHz bandwidth or 25mhz sampling?
oh thats fine dude
its for like 50MHz max shit
i can do the math for the attenuation =)
i just need a backup for my analog/dso tek
the dso is gonna fail hard one day, i can feel it
dunno think of a price and lemme know so i can think about it

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