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i gotta redo my led board real quick
then we can dump all the boards on china for a quote and beg for a deal
im hungry

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almost no current is happening except 10mA or whatever for the clip led
and thats only when youre clipping
i need a gerber editor
but yeah shit like connector spacing and vreg placement and signal paths we can adjust when were checking it

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couple people in #cars want me to do simple gainclone amps for them
i think ima do an active bass/treble eq
yeah i have to move the power entry ones a bit
yeah no problem
theyll be little so ill prob get a bunch made
im still trying to figure out what to do for chassis
theyre pretty open to anything
i has alot of 1" acrylic and a decent size plate of 1/4" Al for abortive first generation of curiously strong
heh, the eq is gonna be directly lifted from that, so i have parts already to test
its a neat circuit
mr elliot simplified a standard version of it, than added another amp to make it more adjustable
so my version is his simplified version without the extra amps for adjusting the range of gain
sims very, very nicely
ac-130u: hai
but its a buffer amp and and a filter network that maybs 7 parts per channel
not really neccessary

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mrtube: see email?
im do the rca thing when im actually woken up
then i just have to rearrange the input sections on the amp board, and its functionally done
few things ill prob wanna adjust
yeah pretty much
i have the LR xover board to do, but its very similar

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just need to do the new rca lib and stick on there

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you cant like focus it out tho?
so its more like normal light radiation
a notbeam

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i want local tho
cuz its kinda hot
i dont wanna go to too many places looking
yeah i need that
i wanna bud my evil tomato plant
3W of leds and its growing steady im like wtf, no
if i didnt top it its prob be like 14" by now =\ =\ \
okay thats kinda nuts
can you diffuse laser into light?

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oooo, pics
she has a cute chin
dx^: did you attemp to solder on the failboard yet?
yeah you dont even see the curve switchback on the X axis
boob x axis
heheh neat
yeh, happens
dx^: where do i buy a timer thing?
for mains outlet
i know theyre like $10, somewhere
oh best buy, hmmm
also maybe office depot?

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it wants me to login
you fail
direct link to jpg, pls

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