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mrtube: hai

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looks goods

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elaborate k

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all airtight with clear tape, it fumps the cold air between me and the pc

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yeah its very strong
im pretty amazed how thin the metal in alot of folded sheet chassis are
yeah alot of stuff is done with stamped out strips of metal welded to panels and bottoms
like, beams welded to the bottom for strength, maybe a transformer
then stuff to deal with mounting diff boards for diff user electromechanical heights
like pots are often lower than switches
yeah i seen that
screws thru a beam for supper and transformer feet
i made a header for my ac
with a long maxim box and a normal medium size box

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if i could get chassis with removable panels making amps and analog shit would be easy
id need like a $400 sheet metal brake to make decent ones
for the pan/box ones with diff size finger things?
or i could spotweld sheets onto small pieces of angle steel
like long strips with short legs
then i can do it with just a spot welder and a fixture to hold everything
stamped/bent/welded sheet is about a pro manufacturing as you can get
as few pieces as you can get away with
like, sides, back, top, all bent with tabs for spot welding
a thicker bottom screwed or welded on, then welded or screwed on 19" panel
thats kinda standard

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throwing trash away take priority over trolling stu for the rest of his life
not as interesting or rewarding
i did find my circle temlate
im thinking about adding limit and touchoff switches to my taig
timecop: know any china chassis distributors?
these people selling 1U rack units for $80 gotta be getting their shit someplace
i think tube boss might know
i will strongarm him with no leverage i can think off
i bet tube boss does know

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hes like avrfreak, he can get along with me for like two days, than he forgets and goes into asshole mode
iunno, dx prob does
dx is in #electronicstech, i think
01:02 -!- avrFreak2 [~1@dsl-dynamic-209-50-28-27.inebraska.com]
01:02 -!- ircname : Jacque Keller
still around
hell show up in #nop sometimes
ask some retarded question like, how did you not learn that a year ago

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so yeah maybe wanna use 100K for the pullup, thats 50uA w/ 100K, drops 5V
im just kinda using assumed current transfer spec, tho
yeah i can go back and play more if i want
hahaha pics!
ac-130h: actually only 2 or 3 more idents on remote shells
but i mean if i wanted to get inside that bad i could use someshells with a fake identd
fuck i prob have hundreds of vhosts
kinda busy right now
stu cant deal with me being around
because stu has to resort to making shit up to talk shit about me
where as i can just sit there and talk shit about him based on commonly known stu facts

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thats a good idea
like, theres a spec for current transfer
im guessing between like 200 and 1000 ratio
so 20mA will become like 50uA or whatever, you just have to make sure the resistor you choose will drop more voltage than AVR voltage
fed the transfered current
yeah you can use one of those to put all that on like half the pins
100000*.00005 = 5

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ic5 is an array of resistors?
180R, yeh
yeah that looks ok
i would put external pullups
on the optoisolators
so you dont have to worry about killing them fucking up on port setup
is not neccessary tho
i have a 2x4' section of my room to clean
then i hit the shelves and closet and trash all sorts of shit
make an ebay pile
thats fine
it was 400R for 10mA, so that would be like 20mA, those optos were good until 50mA i think
oh you mean for external pullusd?
for those 1K-10K is probably good

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ha damn
k my room is like mostly picked up
i have generated three bags of trash so far
ha no
about half is packing material
1/4 is papers i get in the mail that are useless

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i need a car
also a decent pay history wouldnt hurt
so yeah fuck this guy $10/hr
dude $38/hr you can buy health insurance
itll be maybe a days worth of work for really, really good insurance
okay save it up, i dunno thats good pay

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woodshop, 10x5' router CNC
doing CAD/CAM, other guy mostly does setup, but its a spoilboard vacuum table so setup if put the sheet on the table hit green button
yeah i dont want to work in a production metal shop
scary stories, im like fuck that
but yeah boss is trying to fuck me for pay
i think because he just wants top end paying as little as possible
no its still not completely resolved
he went from to $10 to saying 12-13 to 14
im going to ask for $16 with raise schedule to $20
or just pay me $18, his old guys rates
shit is a 2 hour commute
yeah its only like 90F here

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i have to email that shell provider be like HAI PLS2RST MY PW
that bot is in cruise mode for months
rab: he is being busy at school
his new project peoples are slackers
he should prob be soaking it in fluxgoo
also there is a secret cludge he needs to make for it to work right
eagle needs a no thp mode
yeh, ground plane is split
zzzz_: just for mrtube, today
and if you mean the job, yes i have that
but theyre dumbasses thing their internet is down
really its just their wifi, im going in tomorrow to talk about pay

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rab: so is my apartment, and silicone rubber, and oh yeah everything else
the msds was not a happy thing
was almost like 'if you are reading this, its already too late'
im thinking maybe
well that youre still alive after years and years is a good sign
hopefully it is somethining non important or redundant
no i think he was probably a dickhead before he was messed up

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i have so much junk
okay whatever i cant ebay im gonna toss

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i wish i had a catapult to the dumpster
then itd be easy to keep my room clean
well, not rly
itd be more like a latreral tube, heh
like i can see it from here
but to get to it i have to go across apartment, across landing, down stairs with a silly 180 in the middle, across courtyard, thru gate, down pathway, past leaky gas meters, then there is dumpter
im thinking i have to do this several time
from my balcony, it is only 15' jump, past gas meters, at dumpster

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wait the spi inputs on the module thing are fucking up the other spi thing?
eeprom thing i guess
yeah whatever fuckey serial thing
that sucks
ima clean my fucking room and trash half my broken junk for parts supply
im need space, fuck

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did you test the expresscard shit?

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timecop blogging for the gnaa
pfft i get schematics and turn them into pcb i dunno wtf you do with them im not even allowed to say
sisters cat is mean
tho i would vote gnaa_kids.jpg as pic of the decade, i think
ive started some pretty deep sociological discussions with that pic

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yeah im not sure if he means my job rant or some task he has to complete
GNAA blogging is prob really hard work
oh and their system is still down
should i go in and pickup my paycheck and hit reset on their wireless router for them?

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