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timecop: status of popcorn hour

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LA is 34d up im prety sure
my room doesnt even have a window
thats why i had to build a miniwall in my sliding door to mount an AC
i might get a second AC and stack them
im in the valley, like 40mi north, so 34 im pretty sure
but i might just machine my own water blocks
and use a honda CBR radiator with some 120mm fans
older ones are skinnier, dont taper like that
im pretty sure this pc is fucked because of heat waves, shit is unstable as fuck at rated speeds
wasnt like that when i built it
mobo says voltages are fine, none of the caps are bust up

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well, maybe not even save i guess, just get both
i think i need water cooling
like its kinda normal for home computers to overheat here, but fuck that im supposed to have a ninja pc or something
dude 100F+ ambient in the summer
even with the a/c on sometimes
not outside, in my room
outside is like 115F
this aint alaska
my friend in WA doesnt even run any case fans, just leaves his window open a bit =(
in .jp?
i bet away from the coast
wow how far down are you guys...
oh, haha
youre like same latitude as cali
wow you guys are us after breaking off into the ocean
pacific ring of fire #1
but i KNOW you have central AC
no shit?

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try resistors foolio
its prob not that much leakage, you can maybe just put 100R to 1K resistors between the i2c bus and the failinputs on the module
when is on, it *should* be pretty hi-z
so the resistor dont pull current, so dont drop voltage
youre boards are def making me less paranoid about high speed digital routing, heh
i gotta go to work i guess
ima get a junker honda, like $1500 max
and then save for computer

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ha, adolescent flashbacks
damn all my old people music is on the usbhd
all i got local is drum n bass sets
haha my boss walking in and i had some drum n bass on
hes like WHATS THAT

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kinneson style:
should i buy yesnoyesnoyesno?
thats is not so much rly i expected like 50% more $

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time it
what size and how many?
$10 for 2x2 isnt bad
neat, 18

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see it sucks tho
i really like queen size bed
but wtf at the size of a queen size bed
im mean the only time this shit is useless is when im sleeping
useful useful useful
*used* to be dyslexic my ass
i would totally have enough space for all my shit AND to work, without my bed
i might have to bust a macegr
but yeah fuck a little bed
always hanging half off, cant sex0rz, and trying to sleep after the sex0rz is just silly
i need one of those bookshelf beds like in '30s PI movies

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i would be okay without the bed
i might toss the bed, matrress is horrible
so i think job money gets blocked out like:
car, computer, matress
in that order
i think i want mem foam
someone told me the isolated springs were not so great
its one of the reasons jenny loves evan
i dont blame her even sitting on that thing is pretty awesome

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i think Disc World, its called
have you read that?
someone gave me the first one and i read a bunch before i got distracted
but when gibson rewrote johnny mnemonic for the movie, it ended up alot like that
kids getting net sickness
3d net, more metaverse than matrix
dude $300K buys you like 1 bedroom urban house here
not even the fucking suburbs
thats neat
i would rather have land than a nice house
im pretty sure im just going to move into a shop
find something with a little office cube
yeah but youd need to buy land in LA for that to work
and you cant afford that, no one can
this rooom is like 15x15

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status of shriftbright dancer and or shiftbrite clock
because its so cliche reading original material would just be like re-reading parts of snowcrash?
dude i live here
all of cyberpunk is a parody
gibson did a better universe, donaldson is just a better writer
tho sadly his cartoony cliche is more similar to our reality than i think gibsons dark/empty reality is
i have to read idoru and all tomorrows parties tho
because i read virtual light
and didnt know it was part of those
he tricked me, see
gibson isnt a writer hes a prophet
blueprint for jungle drum n bass is in the chapter when they meet the space rastas

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honda = best motor company in the world
prelude = best honda
rsx = prelude killer
because why would you buy the worse acura instead of the best honda
because they stopped making it thats why
haha, with smog here they wouldnt even notice
be like a bit of extra humidity
yeah man thats not low rain clouds over the freeway, heh
i still have sawdust in my hair probably
i dont get that on this side of the apartment

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no car maybe next month
either fix mine or get a new one
prob early 90s integra, civic or accord
maybe a toyota
if i had a garage i think i prob could have fixed mine
but i wont do major work on it all open in a parking lot like that
im okay @ cars, but im not a mechanic
like i can do it right itll just take me longer than i expected
are the trucks fords too?
you have a fastback G1 stangs?
oh neat @ 48
my uncle had a couple of those i think
hes a mechanic, also postal worker
i has a 1.5L honda!
50mpg but it doesnt go anywhere anymore =(
im tempted to drop like $2500+ to get a motor installed at a rebuild shop
yeah tall trucks cant see me if im right next to them
cuz my roof is significantly lower than their windows =(
i think maybe only the preludes are worse in that respect

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if you still want me to reverse that controller board, i might have time this weekend
i believe i traced it out enough to see the pot was off the rectified AC input
would blowout most digital pots, maybe all
i have remember the board, i think it was just a triac or scr driver
im like 3 pages from finishing snowcrash
i cant believe i wont be able to read anymore about it
good shit
cuz ill be done with it =(
bus sucks but at least i have time to read
i should read idoru and all tomorrows parties next

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because you need to learn volts rms/dc/pk/pp conversion
yeah, most likely a mains SMPS
at 90V thats 4A
anyway, cant help you a ton, ive never built one
blackmoons knows alot about this shit and has a bit of experience with switching psu off mains
what youre building is kinda similar to parts of a PC psu
if you wanna do a rectified mains SMPS
i actually want to do one soon but my schedule is a bitch fucked at the moment

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i think its normally done isolated
and then power is transformer thru a very small high frequency transformer
*power is transfered
you would tie one side of the transformer to ground
ha, he doesnt need a CNC driver
get a 60VAC transformer
do a bridge rectifier, and fet the output
= $$$$ but its simple and it works every time

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well, thats the general idea
thats not your issue tho
didnt even know they made flash stuff heh
that flash, right
yeah right there with you
they took their weirdo parametric search
and somehow made it more useless
120vac * 1.414 - 2 * Vf
assuming a bridge
which is gonna be a bit weird
as your circuit will be dropped to below ground

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you dont wanna use an scr unless its a 120VAC motor
they will not work for you application, if im remembering correctly
theyre AC devices, they reset at zero cross, it will not work for switching DC

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i would prob just use diodes and TVS to eat inductive kickback
hard part is the smps controller
i dunno ho to do that from experience =)

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but yeah, it would be, by definition, a start
cowbar is usually a fault protection circuit

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you want 200?
they only have 67

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dont use linear off mains
no reason it wouldnt work, its just gonna make an insane amount of heat
how much current?

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are you wanting to do a rectified mains SMPS?
tho yes, thats a start
youll also need caps, and a switcher controller
well, simpleast way, but considerable expensive, transformer to rectified 90V
and pwm that thru a fet into your motor
the alternative is a mains DC buck smps
and then a fet or fets to pwn the motors
the kamikaze way is to do a variable SMPS with 90V max off the 350V+ DC rail

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you guys know about this?
my swede cyberputz buddy was going on about it
im currently trolling because:
a) its a phone
b) linux on embedded makes bithacker jezus cry
c) because i <3 teh griff0r (he taught me half of all of linux)
i think it was only like 90F today
didnt have that spicy food in your skin feeling

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i bet its humid there

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when i cam home, my pc was sitting at a login screen
i have it set to reset at 65C cpu =(

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why are you asking timecop about mains power shit?
are you suicidal?
man guy running my cnc machine before me was a tard
so i go to change tool 3, which is so dull i can prob safely lick it with my tongue...
since theres not enough downtime right now to properly index all the tooling...
i was just gonna take a length measurement, and match the new tool when mounting in the tool holder
they use tool 3 for 90% of cutting, .375" upcut/downcut router bit
anyway, its mounted too deep
the flutes go into the spring collet
so to do a length match swap out, i ould have to do it wrong
which i dont want to do
however if bossguy says do it tomorrow, i will, after letting him know its retarded to fuckup your collets for no reason
i wonder how hot it got in my room

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i think lunch is almost over
except its not lunch because that happens at 10a here
i mean damn if he wanted to be on the bot that bad he could have asked
they have a school bell here so i know when to go back to work
it just happened!

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