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for $1000, buy computer, save up for real car
that doesnt mean anything to me timecop
woaw, nowai
honda = best company in the world
non evil fureal.
dude fuck prius
that shit is ugly
a civic is a good car
its not great, but it cheap and safe and not slow and good gas mileage
also it defines what ALL economy cars will look like 4 years from now
japan is sad like that, i guess

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timecop: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/bestworst.shtml
damn it framed the link
well anyway
my shit does about the same as a prius, better at highway
but fuck that
ima get an accord, like 30mpg highway

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and race car suspension
and the knowledge the the obsoleted version of your cars frame won lemans
dude cmon
you drive rice
youre gonna buy a civic
thats like known the world over as the american car that pwned european sport racing

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timecop, do you know how much that weighs?
that doesnt come with an engine
you can do pretty much anything you want
they test them with 400hp and 250hp engines, for performance
becuase it is, after all, a shelby daytona, born again hard
put a 120hp engine in it
and its be the sexiest fuel economic car in the world
like, prob around what i get in my car
with 6pt roll cage, 5 pt seat belt

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timecop: http://www.factoryfive.com/photogalleries/champcoupe/G2.jpg
timecop: http://www.factoryfive.com/photogalleries/champcoupe/G-2.jpg
fureal interior.

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net got all fuckey
i guess that + 250hp V8 is still under 5sec 0-60 and way under $20K to build
comes with 6pt roll cage and 5pt harnesses
i bet an airbag mod would be easy

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i hate that
yeah thats pretty l337
yeah i wanna play more
the cost of transformers is a BOM fuck

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like i dont care about tin leads, but its basically first sign that shit will be gone completely in 2 or 3 years
cuz like everyone gotta stop making the lead shit at some point
cuz its a waste of an assembly line
yes but big companies much sooner, im guessing like now
its a waste of an assembly line
i wanna play with a rectified mains SMPS
1MHz+ switching, little transformer
i should design with that in mind
a buck SMPS for mains and a boost smps for car power
switching is like last 20 years i think

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w/ a chevy v8
and pretend GM never turned shelby down
they got an original shelby engineer to redesign it, modern
the originals were so custom none of the parts were interchangeable, heh
there was only like 6 or 8, tho, i think
yeah i want to quote tonight
and then tomorrow go over docs and schema
eyeball board really good
ill prob put on my eeepc and do it on the bus
i finished my book so i just sit there now like 'wat do i do'
i dont think so
the other boards are very small
you wanted black mask white silk? yes?
and 2oz
if it ends up being to much, you can drop the colored mask
oh, ok neat
yeah i think rohs is more
dude theyre more $$$ now, lots of parts
non ROHS
because theyre starting to not make them

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they sold it to the public
and it was a mid engine, rear drive layout
true sport, uncompromised
911 is an economic decision, and its stubborness
old ferrari are ugly
i dont think so until the late 60s
well, yeah thats hot
but the engine doesnt go on the outside
of course
all of those cars are horrible
without esception
the worse economy car now could prob pwn a vintage car on a track
so its mostly a matter of tradition and styling =)
they were all race cars tho
regardless, 550 was better than a 356
in every respect
yes im pretty sure
it was a race car, tube Al chassis
i wouldnt mind building a kit version with a modern engine
tho really...
and you may like this...
if i had money for a recreation car, id build up one of those

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i dont like 911s
glorified bug, frog car
im a 914/944/928 fan
also 550 spyder
and many of their race cars
itll beat a 911 with the same engine
and thats a pretty established fact, in autocross
and all 914 could beat a chevy craprice on a race track
917 was a race car
917/10 and 917/30 are the best race cars ever proced
killed Can-Am because they never lost
thats the 924 you are thinking?
those are cheap, inline 4, BUT
they have transaxles, and perfect 50/50 distribution
so yeah, maybe not so crappy afterall, i do believe they took them racing
thats a 911 precursor
and also a glorified bug
front engine front drive was driven by economic forced
so was rear engoine, rear drive
its a poor choice for a race or sport car
that wasnt their flagship

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i like all their stuff tho, not just their cars
oh wait right you can go backwards
timecop: ha
quads are more likely to use the full range
so its likely youll be using it when you need it
as opposed to a car, which are usually loafing around at low to mid revs
in which case its almost unfair to just say 500hp
when the user will never see that unless they redline it
yeah toque is neat
then you can choose gears, instead of being forced to a band of rpm
no i like 280z and porsche 914 and first gen rx7
i like junkers
and 76 celica fastbacks
and old CVCC civics
mrtube: =D
timecop: in LA itd be $2000
$1500 to $3000
depending on quality
things are a bit inflated here =)
which 928?
thats one of my fav ever cars
i think like, 84 or 87 was best years
has a dinky spoiler, and more engine/suspension

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the civic or that?
i wouldnt mine like an 01 accord
yeah which is even with its hp?
timecop: stfu that is one sext ass
you know what rpm the torque?
the 2K thing on my honda is what makes me go wtf
timecop: the ass man, the fucking rear end
they made the sedans that year with pink backup lights
i think because they wanted to sell more coupes
i dont want a gay spoiler
ignore that
you need to know hp at the torque peak
i hate when people fuckup their hondas =(
factory rice, #1

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dude a truck in the city is lame
i hated driving my friend avalanche
i loved driving his scion
fuck that, city is home
anything you have we have\
within 45min drive, likely
we have towns
in the santa monica mountains
plenty of towns like that
yes, we also have trees =)
but the valley has alot of trees for a city
the the diff in look from the view spots
valley = green, grey trim, LA = grey, some palm trees
we get bears in the city where i grew up
like running around in the streets
we have coyotoes and cougars too
remember those boulder mountains i showed you?
dont try and act like LA dont have wilderness
and technically all of cali is LA suburb
dude we have cougars and bears
when they are gnawing on your face, you tell them they dont excist
or they are semi domesticated, or something
we jacked their home
theyre pissed
timecop: get a civic or an accord hybrid
fuck 1st gen shit
this a car, not a laptop

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rear ended, etc
well, half of those arent their fault
how is getting tboned, not in an intersection, their fault?
anyway, they fine, and the car rebuilt fine
a truck is a waste of gas
and space
waste of space, gas, and time
no i dont need that
you shit would mean extra time parking in the city
because its 3ft longer than my shit
well my friend got his shit totaled
twice, and fixed it
and we drove cross country at 90mph overloaded
totaled, twice, and fixed it
they rebuilt it
and it was fine
unitbody ++
unibody = light,
thats ugly
i hate hunchback aero look
cheap is the same as light
because its about how much metal you used
its between 90F and 115F
for weeks
i made a manifold for my ac
it dumps out right next to me
all my weed has names now
cuz im getting from shops
Trainwreck, fere
i just want a civic

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well obviously
my honda is 1700lbs
90 in a 50hp motor at 2K rpm actually is tough to beat
thats not a normal small car torque curve at all
yeah but mine has armor
on mine?
factory or dying
its 50mpg factory
way more
honda do their shit from pretty thick metal stampings
makes american ecnomy look like a deathtrap
um it is
it is safer
in a high speed colision if you car didnt disintegrate, you died
you dont survive deleration like that
i have one
50mph is slow
and you would be considered lucky
and not having the seatbel;t prob saved you
your boby flying around absorbed impact
compared to 80mph, yes
and my friends have rolled japanese cars off freeways
been tboned
head on crashed shit

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no, trust, theyre better at making motors and cars than anyone
hahaha insanity
well, toyota is as good really
i might if i can get them to float me the credit
it would be my bro pulling a friends strings for me
mines prob like 500 =\
my car is quit, not fast
i didnt have a fart pipe
i had 2" straight pipe
it was cheaper than a muffler, and the engine is only 1.5L
my car got 35mpg, dying, at 180K miles, tho
talk shit about that, i dare you
and i think it made it run hotter which killed it
dunno tho
it was abused
my car has insane low rpm torque for what it is
like 50hp@5000rpm, 90lb/ft@2000rpm
yeah i dont care your shit is big and heavy
notice the diff and the torque rpm
like you could not stall that car
prob not as much torque

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my dad used to do fake smog checks for people cuz he knew a guy
one job hed do was an 80s ferrari mondial cabiolet
because the owner would get drunk, and burn his heads running nitroud while driving canyons
then get it rebuilt, do it again
so yeah, car wouldnt smog
its junk
any benz under $4K =)
plus expensive to own
like that
but not in an accident
thast one prob was
timecop: omg thats the first sane car thing youve said, ever
hondas are the best cars in the world

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see the last one?
imagine if theres was 5 boilder like that kinda dropped on top of each other
like, for some shit you would have to lift the atv
well, you dont have to climb mostly
theyre being dweebs
you can just climb on top of one and run around on them, jump from one to another
and theres alot of tails, but yeah sometime you gotta sneak thru cracks or pull yourself over weird shit
like, quad would be cool to get places because theres lots of tails, but deeper in theres places youd have to get off and walk
heh, we went hiking at santa susana yesterday
that, no, not for that
i could easily accomplish what i want with a $200 minibike
but those would be neat for desert and forest trails and shit
but this shit here is like broken ocean bottom
its not always so linear, heh
whats that
no quads
waverunner things are pretty neat
too much heat

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i dont wanna have to go over the hill, honestly
depends on the car
but theres too much right here
recycler.com has better classifieds than craigslist anyway
criagslist is n0b, recycler been doing this shit since i was born, at least
yes its northeast of simi im pretty sure
er northwest
north of thousand oaks, west of simi

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thats kinda cool
how is your trip going?
i think its done i mostly just have to doublecheck everything now
thats good
i might get a honda this week or next week
junker accord or something
ya i know i just saying i need one
bus sucks, its taking 4 hours from me every day
also my bro knows a honda dealer
so i might use the money as down payment on a civic lease
orange county is far
look in los angeles/san fernando valley craigslist!
i wouldnt mind stuff like that
but its be kinda useless on some terrain i hike, and im not sure they allow them
id just be using it to get cool places dont need a good one
like, where i hike its mostly sandstone boulders
quad would have to be able to fly to get around some shit
mrtube: sec

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thats faaaar
wow i had one of those
this is a 1976 nissan 280z has a straight v6 turbo
theres prob 20 local hondas and acuras i can look at
you dont use that block tho
you get a block from a 280zx
and put it in the 280z or 240z
mostly same engine but i guess the cylinder walls are thicker
i wouldnt want a turbo either
those are really, really good NA engines
because the straight 6 thing

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im a lawyer
Areas of Law Practiced
Real Property, Real Estate Transactions, Boundary Line Disputes, Easements, Litigation, Divorce / Custody / Modifications, Business Organization, Landlord Tenant Disputes, F.E.D. Actions, Construction Law, Estate Planning
theyre just the buddy networks that won
when i started seeing myspace at fucking big label concerts i was like w t f
and im generally pissed about seeing it on almost every academic computer terminal ive seen in the last two years
myspace and facebook are AOL for the big net

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a rufus phone.
oh fuck
i didnt even realize
poor bloggers\
bill and teds
not rly funny as much as historical, so yes

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are you designing it yourself or having it done?
oh thats cool youre not trying to do contracting yourself
thats just sounds like a fucked up thing to have to do
my dad i guess failed at that shit in the 70s or something, im like duh that guy isnt organized at all
thats neat, thats the stuff youll see all the time
you still wanna live in an apartment while youre doing the work?

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but yeah shops are $800-$1200
apartments are like $1000-$1400
for what i wiould want
thats okay place to live and land is a big deal
hehe, little hangar
she would be hard to live with
im going to buy a honda this week and do all the maintenance on it
then ill be totally broke
well, no so much
but im going to start buying computer parts, cuz this workstation is toast
then ill be totally broke
my bro is friends with a honda dealer
so i wanna see if i can get them to do me a lease on a nice honda
and use the $2k or whatever on down payment
so pay more every month
save a bit on interest too
i might get a truck
used toyota or nissan light truck
8 months = not very long time

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i think when boss gets back from vacation in a week, i can have a few of the designs organized sanely, with pretty mechanical drawings
he signed the contract for $15/hr
with a $1/hr raise every month
until im at $20 in 5 months
thats my friends birthday
like my best friend who had to move away =(
thats neat
oh nice
thats a good job
twingy: i might be moving out into a shop
cuz is cheaper, and apartments dont have 3 phase power
most of them are like big cinderblock boxes with a garage door
and a little office box in the corner
i dunno now
but if i had space itd be nice to convert a big CNC or just buy an old CNC
well, convert big manual machine to CNC

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isnt that a NES chip?
twingy: did i do a bugzilla for custom lead-in and lead-out code?
thats prob pretty easy to impliment
ok ill do that
yeah no problem
the stuff youre doing no is pretty significant
CAM software at work is not so bad
alphacam, hurts to do cad on, but i do dxf inport for most geometry right now

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mrtube is like at parents and there is long story and truck is a little broken
but he has email and paypal
i think its done
i fixed pours so the SMT caps have thermals, made the pour isolation consistent, cleared the space around the fastone for his super big connectors
the crossovers stomp down onto the pcb

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3 dots are like, mode status indicators
like w/ a silk screen on a masked clear faceplate, i bet
i hate the heat
makes me wanna take naps
thats what my cat is doing, lucky

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which doesnt come with three phase power of an office box
and its not like the residential apartments in the area have the best track record as far as materials safety, anyway
i have ones like that
DIP size
for generation 2 digital vap
i hate the heat

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or bubble pack style, haha
man one day kids will laugh at our IC packaging =(
im going to get a hoopty this week
first i have to go renew my license after work
thats gonna suck =\
macegr: i check, 600-1000 sqft shops with garage door and little office are like $800-$1200 in some areas
so yeah, its cheaper to get a shop than a studio apartment

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bin2dig is neat
i got them on ebay tho, and theyre $20 each normally
i got two for $16 and bit of shipping
metal can transistors are cute
the to92 size ones
forget the name
i think im done with both mrtube boards now
im gonna send for quote
plastic tray?

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why are you making my numbers change colors
no it sounds emo
yeh google knows
why do you have them or what
like tons or 5?
analog delay is sexy tho
you should put them in static baggies under your pillow and try to dream up some application
serial matrix or something?
i have dot matrix led char displays
i got them to light up, havent done shit with them
its like bombs in zelda
i am saving them
but it seems dumb to just never use them i mean i can get more

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