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dx^: \o/
i got those

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remember i said i was going to electrically test it?
yeah well i did
and caught a bunch of perfect looking fail vias
i may have tested the whole board, i tested most of it, the failvias were very localized
yes very
theyll fall thru
heheh, its fabrication is a small miracle
thats basically my machines practical limit, and it isnt so practical

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okay yeah
eagle thinks the parport thru hole plate is briging the grounds
i know its like cut in half
i told you
two top ground vias
i can see it, i know where i failed
i ran partport grounds to the forward plane
because of the thru hole plate issue
but thats why it didnt catch the disconnection
and yes make jumper
i meant to tell you but you werent around
you were prob playng evercrack
yes, this is good
and this failure was predicted
i knew when i sent it

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your avr grounds are aplit
i can see it
the two on top
test those planes i bet they are disconnected
i told you
it blew up at you?
what input voltage?
and what are they regulating too
its prob overspec but whatever
wtf is sucking 1.3A?
oh thats the wart you have on it

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is the tiny dot top left?
also there is maybe a triangle close to it
im wrong thats right i wasnt thinking mirrored, cuz its on the bottom
did you cludge the ground yet?
you just have to connected two huge pour areas and its fixed
you know the ground vias?
on the parport
touch the ones on the end with continuity tester
theyre not common
move one in one via at a time until you get a connection
and you just found the break
eagle said it was done and i didnt check hard enough
homebrew boards are frustrating
it might affect everything

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schema or footprints or what?
oh right its completely stubby
its not like i ever totally knew what was going on with that board
put the dmm on the pins
yeah i know i routed it
it the top of the Atmel logo pointing at the top of the pcb?
i think thats wrong
look at the board in eagle
top right, pin one
o, top left
man pcb design is no good for dyslexia

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on the programmer?
timecop did that
from the chip?
chip getting warm?
usually if you fail hard at wiring up the rail, itll get warm, heh
yeah thats your dmm or something

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dx^: you get junk back when you try and read the chip id
do you have a good dmm?
check continuity between isp header and programming pins?
i think ima get that one
and buy some good fans
lower speed
and you get a good id back?
oh damn
no id means its not working

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blue and green is the outputs, cyan and red is after the first active filter amps, and purple is after the input buffer
linkwitz-riley in freq domain = erotic
and phase is pretty damn sexy, too, for being reality

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im going to buy a case and a psu
thats like the only parts i can put into a new pc
i redid the linkwitz riley routing this morning
and have sim files for new design
yeh, now its just normal, heh
ill take a pic, sec

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it should, unless you changed the fuses
make sure isp speed is below 1MHz

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im not sure friendly with sandi is gonna work, w/ or w/o bumping fuzzies =[

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and like EVERY time she thinks i blew her off
if she would have said hey wait, blahblahblahblh
i would have talked to her about that shit, because it was important
in fact most of the time i go 'im kinda busy, whats up?'
but yeah, sometimes im doing shit is more important than talking on the phone with people
like making sure machine or heat source doesnt eat my face or something
ok laters

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i mean really, everyone ive talked to agrees with me
saying 'im busy' at the beginning of a convo is the polite thing to do
as opposed to getting 3 or 10min in and then just cutting someone off, maybe before they said what they needed to
needing to go to sleep
because i had to wake up at 5a
but yeah she does this:
oh, ok bye [click]
so me im like, neat everything is ok
then like 4 days or a week later i realize she hasnt called, and without fail, shell be miffed

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the pot comes off the power rail and i think wiper ends up at a 3 pin IC
is that a mains or pulse transformer?
does it have bones?
oh nice
i hate the bones
i like my slab of lighter texture protien wastefull trimmed of fat and loose meat
then i usually fillet them half thick so they cook nice and even, quickly
yeah such a rush, last time
i cant believe im still talking to sandi
all she has to do is say sorry and agree to try and not be such a stupidgirl about the phone
and wed be fine

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i need to figure out what proc/chipset/gpu to go with
everything else pretty easy
what are those?
pwm controller?
oh yeah thats good price
what kind of input?
nono i mean for the speed control
control input
oh so maybe just analog
if they were nice they put a decent filter, you can maybe pwm it =)
a controller like his or a pot for user input?
the board looked like a scr or triac RC dimmer circuit
like a dimmer
im not sure but i traced enough of it, im pretty sure

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no 10A @ 90V is like 1000W dissipated, assuming a very efficient smps regulator

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i have like maybe $2k for a car right now, but i have to sort my license renewal, i think i waited too long to do it normal
psu resolution stuff usually works out much better than the small stuff
also if its a rectified mains SMPS thing, i prob got no problem doing that, i wanted to do that project for myself anyway
have to start researching pc hardware for a build in like 1 or 2 months
1000W, nice

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you have my email, yes?
send details there, and i dont think i can do anything until next week, earliest
i wont get shit done this weekend im pretty sure, prob gonna sleep alot
i need a car =\
this bus shit eats to much time an energy

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am now
i went and fixed some ms word/norton antivir conflict for my bosses secretary
nice lady, she from seattle, so is neat we have stuff to talk about
but yeah, she showed me her absinthe collection
like, yeh i knit and watch Absolutely Fabulous, oh i also do one of the hardest hallucinogens people sometimes come back from

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