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did you refuse it?

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if you want 10 itll be like $170
you can get like 3 for 33
there was some catch to that
maybe wasnt min order
dx^: they quote you a tooling charge and a unit cost
like proper people
so yeah, common prices for boards ive gotten quoted:
$170/$7, $80/$3, $150/$4
so you see it would never really make sense to just get one
okay i gotta go to bed
and then wake up and do the job thing

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yeh, thats good be a weird scene
my guess is fake more than anything else
well, im sure there is opposite
DC is supposed to have wicked backlash culture, alot of very hard music comes from there
can you get an ID?
oh maybe you knocked a via
you ready to give up and get it fabbed?
in my experience, once you get the chip to post a good ID, then you can run code on it
unless you blew out ports or something drastic, heh
rite, who knows
take your pic, theres about 60 potential failpoints on the board
check for bridges or disco'd pins
have you throw it at the wall yet?
you maybe broke some vias when you did that
no but sometimes the release gets you sane enough to make a better effort
have you done ourpcb quotes yet?
try, its fun
itll be like $140, i bet

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im too city, that place would drive me nuts
the only urban environment i felt kinda out of my element was manhatten
brooklyn reminded my of home in the valley, very suburban, more calm than the central urban area
but fucking manhatten was like downtown LA at 2pm, but 24/7
and stacked
and undeground
and smelly like mildew
o, are you russian?
one of my friends who moved away grew up in russia, i think moscow
oh neat
my mom too, for a few months
those shes been legal alien since she was 3, heh
well, its like the cities um...
prsonality isnt really the right word
anyway, every city has it, its weird
like, LA: put on your face and walk
dont look people in the eyes, DO NOT LOOK VICTIMIZABLE
but generally people keep to themselves, so were self centered, shallow, etc etc

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very spread out, mostly busses but supplemented by a subway
not to me anymore, im kinda ruined as far as cities =\
i think um, houston is a spread out with a big freeway system
maybe austin, i think houston, tho
besides that, geographically speaking, all other cities seem small to me =\
well here is weird because people dont mean downtown and LAS proper when they say LA
*LA proper
like, its continuous developed urban area for 100mi across
few gaps cuz of bigass mountains
i drove thro phili at 90mph
we actually stopped in st louis
did you know that the arch doesnt go over the river?
both ends of the arc are on one side at the top of some steps
we were like w t f, felt way misled
we only stopped in st louis and albequerqe
ive been to hawaii

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and spend the rest on fluids and brakes and similar
oh the old ones?
we didnt have underground, we had street cars
like san francisco
we have subways now
the subway now is pretty decent
my only complaint is it closes at midnight
so i cant use it to see shows in hollywood
you can get down there, but they youre stuck till like 5A
and bars and clubs close at 2a
GM dismantled the street cars, and LA basically has shit pub transportation
er, *had
like, we just had MTA busses, but back then they were RTD
rapid transit district, but thats like rubbing it in because theyre very slow
anyway, since about 8 years ago they been redoing pub transportation
so now we have high speed busses on the streets, other high speed busses on dedicated roads, long distance commuter trains, and subways
it was awesome, and very cheap
the MTA built a $1B office building or something ridiculous like that, and now were bankrupt
i can get from here to downtown LA in 45min
during rush, sometimes thats a 3 hour drive
montreal is similar to LA

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i dont wanna do a buddy of a friend deal, tho
so itll be like close to $3K probably, for a car i paid less than $500 for
but its 50mpg, from factory in 1986
yeah im good at that
im pretty okay and getting a feel for car mechanicals driving for a few minutes
thats why im prob going to get an accord
theyre hardly ever riced
compared to civics
if i shop up and it has stupid exhaust, im just leaving
naw, anything non stock is a mistake
factory rice is perfect, honda and toyota do very good jobs
even nissan most the time
well, for the era im looking at, $2K is good
oh, i mean for used shit
ill take anything they have on the honda lot
dealer i can take the car back
but yeah, private party used, i want a stock car, and i want it clean
so really, i should save like $500 more
try and talk someone to below $2K on an 5spd accord

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yeah, small local things usually are
well, ill keep it in mind, tho
yeah i was thinking of a rental
since nothing goes direct
enterprise has no mileage charge
me and my sister are always like yayayayayay about that
i wanted to go to chicago like end of summer, but who knows now
i need a car like now or bus is gonna make me homicidal or something
and then computer would be sane, this shit is so ready to die
likely an early 90s accord, civic, or integra
yeah imports are going up
about $500 more in the under $3K range
since a couple years ago
oh yeh
i might get a newer honda, leased or something
my bro knows a honda dealer and says he will cosign
like around $2K
i was gonna save longer but i need something now
but yeah maybe i can use that for down payment for something old they have on the lot
anything honda
i might just get a rebuilt engine for my honda

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i want to go to chicago, just because i havent been
i hear good things about the pizza and mexican
so maybe i can hop over on a cheap flight if i do that
thick crust is a hard sell
good NYC style crust is my fav, but honestly ok NYC style crust is pretty easy, very common
good thick crust is some rare shit
`nico: pretty much as long as it covers the ticket there
cuz i wanted to see that city anyway, being able to do some CNC shit while im there would just be icing on travel cake
no i mean from chicago
which im pretty sure it will cover
city or country, i dont care
im easily impressed by the weather and seasonal biology
oh, neat
its not worth it in cali, because of southwest
its prob like a local greyhound ticket, those are cheap
you guys have an airport?

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does it diameter compensate?
pcb-gcode diameter compendsates, and i set it for about 50% overlap, .02 isolation
if its a real nc controller is rs274
if its not rs274 it can go fuck itself, because none of the other machine will play with it
oh, sad
not rs232
rs274 is the specification for CNC control programs
gerbers are a subset, rs274-d or rs274-x
wow neat
i want to spend time in PA
i heard alot about it because my dad grew up there
but i dont talk with him anymore and i think all his family there is pissed at him
possibly i can arrange a vacation

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yeah see fuck hard work, that means 'not consistent' and 'needs electrical testing'
my shit will do .008 all day, no bridges, no need to test because of that
but yeah alignment during flip is a bitch
with a 60deg conical cutter
with a 60deg conical cutter
.005 tips, best luck with the tri-faced pyramid cutters
carbide, i wont buy anything else
sure the one i did ttmustangs and dx's boards with are still good
did a bunch of the curiously strong hasteboards with the same tool
i broke one, but because i had accidentally left the feed override at 200%
and even then it lasted like 20min
10K spindle, around 10IPM feed
what were you using to generate the code?

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i dunno, never done that
not photo, tried toner transfer
fuck that art project shit
and really the problem is alignment
might be just as hard to do with photoetch
im gonna go to sleep i think
i hate the bus

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`nico: .008 space/trace milled circuit board
ghettoboard hell

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they didnt try, they did
it was LA
a few places still have streetcar tracks
i think it was GM, they wanted to dismantle it so people would use cars to get around
is what who framed roger rabit is about =)

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los angeles

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city is like 20mi across here
i take the bus across the valley, takes two hours =\
certain things here
but it takes two hours on the bus to get to work
itd take 15min to get home in a car
118 to 405 to 101 to home

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`nico: ha
whatever i drive an 86 honda rex
your car is huge and useless for city stuff

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supply vs demand

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really, i want a 5spd 91 accord
is like $3K for nice ones, $2K for ok ones
integras, same era, similar
i think its B engines
integra and accord
civic were still D for a gen or two after
i have a D, but it have CVCC head and carb, eheheh
i bet resale has shot up on late 70s civics

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bus sucks
just a few more weeks, tho
then im going to score a hoopie and dump maybe $500 on maintenance
new brakes/fluids/tires
im not sure if youre supposed to get timing done on EFI hondas
but that too if it needs it i guess
none of your boards failed or what?
its all in the ecu, tho, no?
you guys do assembly?
so base timing is mechanical and then realtime adjustment is ecu, i guess
anyway, fuckit, ill even get a civic, instead of an accord or integra
just have to make sure theres no aftermarket rice on it
which is difficult, shopping 18 year old civics

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macegr: we need that
o, i have to call the indoor shooting range
they have a deal for yearly membership, $150 for free booth time and gun rental
so i guess you just pay for ammo

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dx^: yeh im pretty amazed too!
hehe, so i finally got a chance to flycut the spoilboard and set mny own set of tooling offsets
so i send a program down to my operator guy, he runs the shit with the new machine data
like, you can see the cuts in the spoilboard, but you cant feel them
mufuckin dead on perfect
i dunno if the last guy was using his eyeballs or what

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