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no lian li til monday

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i think the led is 0603
maybe i should do that today
ups has the day off?
w t f

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all native californians can drive with their knees
i found mine
mines neat
its not gay looking, but it has an annoying blue led sniper target
i wanna change to red and drop the current

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cuz no one else knows wtf an hd44780 is

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guess so
ok i have to go to sleep
i need a girl who is like my best friend but who isnt my best friend
so like i can have and destroy a relationship with her, but still have a best friend
she doesnt glow
she is kinda translucent tho
i dont remember alot of things from that eras, heh
heheh neat

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ur doing it wrong
i was supposed to go to sleep
but then jenny came over
and i was gonna tell her to go home after awhile
but then there was a gunshot outide, so i said she could stay as long as she wanted =\
i missed my lian li case delivery
=( =( =(
09:36 <@KK-P226> A growing number of community members are seeking to reform Muslim personal laws, chief among them the custom of triple talaq, which permits
Muslim husbands to divorce by saying "I divorce you" three times.

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do it in asm
its less lines than your c
ha, k
.org 0; ser r16; out ddra,r16; out ddrb,r16; out ddrc,r16; out porta,r16; out portb,r16; out portc,r16; rjmp 0;
^.include "m164p-def.inc";
yes it loop it makes sure its not executing junk left in the rom

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im do mrtube board all day timorrow

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and sadly, if im doing my job right, i think he gets to can one or two of the guys on the floor, out of maybe 10
even with the cnc, most of their work is custom handmade shit
assembly and finish
its pretty neat i seen them build up maybe 3 or 4 sets of cabinets since i been there
heh, its custom finish commercial shit, so all sorts of random laminates and colors
like i walk in today and theres like 3 or 4 giant lime green boxes sitting on the floor

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they dont speak english
it can get interesting
so yeah, whats in the cad files from years ago isnt what theyre doing on the floor
guy has stereotypic ass backwards shop
if osha walks in, im out of a job
you think guys making $8/hr care about osha?
the compressed air squirter breaks, so they just take the adapter out of the base and use that
now, kinda seams harmless, but osha will bust you for that shit
because you dont have a regulating nozzle
the work safety people
ha yeah i just realized you guys prob dont have to deal with that
so there seems to be alot of little shit like that
like if people were paid more and actually spoke english, itd prob not be the case
get what you pay for
im prob highest paid guy on the floor and in 5 months ill prob be double their pay

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because ive pretty much shown them like 10 ways their last guy as a fucking failure
*was a
he signed the pay contract for $15/hr
with 1/hr raise every month
until $20/hr
so thats 5 months in, i get medical benefits around the same time
basically, i know the cad/cam shit way better than his last guy
and ill actually go down on the floor and get dirty helping run the machine and doing scheduled maintenance
which it needs, the last fucker didnt do shit
browse alot of web, download alot of juarez i know works but he failed to install
i installed solidworks
and ive been converting the designs from the original guy, bernando, into stuff i can use for quickly laying out sheets in alphacam
he was quite the acad pimp, busting 3d mockup drawings in 2d
as is i waste 2/3 of my day turning a design from the floor into a cam ready design

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oh ha
i think its normally fiberglass?
i hope they wash boards off good before sending them to us fuck
every other step is like 'and then you use this scary chemical...'
dude im in cali
not so small
my apartment has a cancer sign
black mold or asbestos
i need to buy better speakers for work
so i think ive pretty much scored this job for good

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you should try clear acrylic spray
well, hopefully
depends on the paint
cuz when its dry enough to wipe, some paints will have a skin and itll peel when you peel away the mask material on the pads
but yeah that could work
the bStop and tStop laters in eagle, you would just cut those edges
yeah thats smart
could get messy but i think that could work
i need food
or would could just cut mask material
and glue it on however
no im saying just cut the final mask material
and glue that on

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dx^: well youre not supposed to fuckup the vias while soldering!
but yeah, nearly impossible
but yeah, i need a fucking car
my current payload capacity is maybe 2ft sqr
well, no really half that
so to have good healthy food everyday, id have to go shopping everyday
wtf am i, fucking supermarket junkie? no
oh hmm
im not sure what you mean
yeh get that part
oh like a stencil
then coat the rest?

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she drops like $300 at once, prob 1/3 on produce, which we cant possibly eat, and goes bad after a week
so we have tons of food, but its all fake
for what?
1V constant?
just use a smps ic
you need a lower than normal vref
pwm into low pass filter
ha, should be like 2 or 3 large fets
you need a resistor or inductor
capacitor by itself isnt a filter
did you put the series led?
when that board left my house it was electrically tested
how old
how old is your smart card

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and my credit isnt horrible its just not great, mostly because i havent done shit
its not like im buying a $30K car, id be helping them get some old trade-in off the lot
anyway, it beats dropping 3K on a clean, maintained 17 year old accord
those cars are fucking solid, you still see tons of them, mostly 200K+ cars
like really i give fuck all about my credit, id really just like to get around so i can be a normal person again
like i cant shop for my own food, and unfortunately my mom is retarded at shopping
but really if i dont get a car soon i will die of horrible food in a box

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noop i was just using a demo i think
i was gonna say we should find some engineering warez chan
but i think the next logical step after is that we are that
but fuck that i dont have time
dx^: awesome
that sucks
i slept like last 5 hours
and im still tired
fuck the bus
o, im calling my brother
he told my sister he would cosign on a car
+ he knows honda dealer guy
so best case scenario, im thinking somehow i walk away from this with a last gen prelude
because theyll prob have like, one, and the older ones are maybe $6.5K vaslue
yeah but hes got buddy there and that does

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