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twingy: sup
im working on a few pcbs, heh
life is pretty fun right now

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yeah maybe cooked the flux residue on
want to rework it and send to china?

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first r2 design: Death of Cmoy Headphone Amp
of course this is an internal name
im not trying to go to jail for terrorist threats
i done that
buy box headers
get a bag from mr sure

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oh no why
today i begin curiously strong again

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then fuck that, she didnt mention
i just said i would decide and get back to them
cuz i guess aint shit happens on the weekend
so yeah, i either call to tell them to hold it or give them one more chance
because sometim4es they deliver late
ill call tomorrow and get in touch with the local hub and ask them to ask the driver
they dont do that 'officially', but theyll ask the driver if you get someone cool at the hub
sometimes they dont get my packages here till like 9p

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wonder if ups is open on saturdays for pickup
i want my lian li
i should start having shit shipped to work
okay cool im calling
yeah they like it when you pickup
more time for driver to wackoff
ups phone girl said they dont do it on weekends
i can pick up on monday
or i can change delivery adress, but earliest i can get it then is tuesday
dammit i want my lian li

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and neat, thats what i guess
naw its cool, when its sent
tank mill
the body castings for those things are huge, heh
i got my topbrite LEDs, woo
i got like 100 6x4" double sided .06 FR4 for like $50 shipped, i think it was

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iunno, $30
and ill cover shipping
hehe its prob $.84
yeah i have to look if i even have one sided
its not prob if i have to do it double tho, thats a quick board
yeh its not big deal, i have like 70 double sided plates left
i think i have one or two single sided blanks somewhere
neat this creditor gonna let me pay $85 on a $170 debt

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file still kills gcam
G04 PowerPCB (Build Number [400.168]) generated Gerber (RS-274-X) file*
maybe that its using G04 as comments
no idea
tekrad: you want me to just redo it in eagle?
i can prob pull the pitch and row gap from the gerber viewer

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tekrad: k new files look sane in the gerber view

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