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yeah if i had 1.5x the money id think about a volvo
heh, i know a guy has a turbo one, he takes it to the track sometimes
i dont want a used up punker volvo =(
i wonder how much the 840 turbos are
i think it was 840
mid 90s, shit did 0-60mph in like 6.5s or something
it was burning like half the 'sport' cars of the era
im thinking more, just because its that one

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tekrad: im going to try and get to post office on way home from work
prob be there like thursday
k i have to go to work bai =(
stupid bus
i think ima wait till i have like $4k around next month, then buy a $2000 accord and year of insurance and spend the rest on fluids/brakes/fixing/tires
those cars are awesome, i think i see more of those running and maintained than any other early 90s car
yeah but civics are all abused and/or riced =(
that old, just about
like, the civics after that gen are still around
but late 80s/early 90s all starting to die
im prob gonna look for civics, integras (almost same car) and accords

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i put a .039 drill in and dropped it into a .040 hole to do setup, verified on a hole other side of the board
like, drill and mill bottom, reset Z for positive instead of negative corrdinates
put the spindle at a known hole location, and then use that to clamp the board
like, slide in, line up, drop drill into a hole and spin to check for contact, adjust and reset zero if needed
verify, then do top mill and edge route
if i take my time, it works pretty good
if i actually remember what direction i approached zero from when i set the first side reference, i can approach from the same side when doing the reverse side
and you cut potential backlash error in half
like backlash will be between 0 and 4 mils, as opposed to between 4 and 8 mils

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yeh that is weird
the .032 is dull, if you look close, theyre not really in a straight line on the top (the bottom during the drill pass)
the 2mm pitch holes
maybe like .004 of wobble, heh

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had to dopper scrubby the fuck out of it to deburr the slivers between the traces
*copper scrubby

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tekrad: scanning board

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